: Do I deserve Bronze
You have an average of neutral feeding some games and monstering some others. Your gold income is typically less than 400 GPM per game (gold per minute). Focus towers objectives and less feeding and no you dont deserve bronze since there are plenty of silvers who act just as poor as bronze anyway.
: Zed and Yasuo are confusing to play Verus
Ive had some good success beating the shitt out of zed as graves,
: Oh, you're a forum troll, that explains a lot.
If that's the best come back you got. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Nice level 7 account. Afraid of posting on your main so people can see your Badge of Shame?
I don't have it anymore, climbed out of gold a long time ago. Keep working at it with your 100% loss ratio. Get a better comeback too loser.
Mojihito666 (EUNE)
: Instead of advices like they used too be "Get better" , "Carry Harder" now you get "Find Some Friends"
Let me put it this way, Riot doesnt give two shits about boosting. Meaning Faker goes on some shitter's account and boosts them from Bronze V 0 LP to challenger. They really dont. So people will climb out of their ranks no matter what. What this does do, is gives people of honest elo, a chance to work together to counter all the shit and crap they have in bronze and silver. Because those matches truly aren't balanced for noobs. Why can't you solo queue folks just pair up with some folks and climb too? Its not that hard. Find friends, league is a team game. Denying people to pair with more than 2 people in a queue is just stupid.
: If they improve the grade system I'd be all for grades effecting LP gain and loss. Will it take the edge off of "elo hell"? No. People who believe in "elo hell" will believe in it anyway. It's a mindset that allows them to blame a number of things other than themselves, not an actual problem with ranked queue. That's not to say there are no problems with ranked, it's just that "elo hell" is it's own monster.
To address the fact that Elo hell is a mindset. Elo hell does exist. There is a huge number of smurfs out there, and as OP indicated there is no differentiation in in game performance, just win/loss ratio against what MMR composition. I made a post earlier, every plat+ I know has a smurf, multiple smurfs. Smurfs place silver to gold usually. I smurf, I am plat, plat and gold. I play 5-6 games a day, other smurfs play more, few play less. Plat+ makes up 10% of the league base 10 players in a game. Only takes 1 plat to = 10% of that game Those are two reasons elo hell, does in fact exist. It takes a skill level of much higher than just silver or gold, to carry someone out of bronze. I rarely see someone escape bronze and sit in silver, they go straight to gold +
: Bring Back Solo Queue
: Hows this even allowed?
Jihn is a very popular ban in Korea telling you he is certainly OP. But he has his weakness, assassins and no true escape.
: Cait? That crit would have been on minions that your passive gains a 150% AD bonus scaling + inf edge
yeah cait is around there somwhere, it was 2300 headshots with {{item:3085}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3033}}
: It's mostly because of the Dynamic Queue match-making system. A while ago, the Diamond players were force to play in their smurfs. Either in low Gold or low Platinium, because of the horrendous queue time. The cycle is people finally reached Diamond, never able to play, and they would go to their smurfs.
Dyanmic Queue aside, I really agree with the queue times, even today. I have 3 smurfs, plat II, plat V, and Gold V. So far Ive been able to get to Plat fastest in 30 games from unranked. Ive landed in silver and gold with my placements and just gone up from there. A month ago when I was leveling up silver, I realized how many smurfs there are out there. Not even boosters, just smurfs. And while alot of people hate on bronze and silvers and blame them, almost 1/2 games has a smurf in it.
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Meep Man (NA)
: Why Isn't Solo Lane Blitzcrank a Thing?
I did that, once, in a normals game at about silver elo. Didnt work. AD blitzcrank has worked for me later in the game (pre triforce "nerf/buff") {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3022}} . I tried AP blitz crank in one of those weekend promotional games, "one for all" {{item:3027}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3020}} . The ult was pretty strong and so was the grab but his E was just cc, and so was the attack speed. In general blitz is best used as utlility. He isnt really ranged because once he grabs you, punches you, ults you, he needs to kill you or he will die. If he doesnt manage to grab you/misses his hook, he is screwed. As a support bot, he is quite strong if decent at landing grabs because in bot lane separation between the ADC and the support is key.
: @Riot Is it possible to get D-? AFK Master Yi connected back for merely 2 minutes and got B-. Weird.
: I might have exaggerated. But it's way less than it used too. Maybe 30-40
does it have to be normals vs bots? 30-40 is certainly much lower, it used to take 100 games.
: It only takes like 20 games to get to level 30 now. So
Is that true? I tried leveling up this account and it took me like 10+ games to get to level 7.
: I feel like that's worse in silver. I was placed into silver last season and bronze this season, and my experience this season (although still toxic) is far less toxic than it was last season.
I have experienced similar situations as you. Silver IV to bronze III typically does not mean much of a difference in mechanics, skills, objective taking etc at all. Usually the guys good enough to solo carry bronze/low silver games will go to at least gold. Early silver is quite toxic because its a bunch of guys who may have just escaped or climbed out of bronze and think they are all of a sudden their own superstar, their ego takes over, and they tilt, etc. The second elo I have experienced high levels of toxicity, stupidity is plat. Besides CS and some better lane mechanics, you will witness early plat as almost the exact situation as silver.
awdaf (NA)
: I want a Bronze account, just to see what's going on in that place
As you know silver means almost nothing and you likely experienced the same bad plays you witness in bronze. The only part missing is probably extreme trolls and intentional feeders who run down mid 40 times.
: League takes time, dedication, and some natural ability to be good at. Most people lack the drive to be dedicated to climbing and just kind of play mindlessly when they play. On a side note, League hardly seems worth taking seriously now that the main mode is built around playing with friends and not driving yourself to become individually skilled. Though this doesn't apply to me since I would have no interest in playing ranked either way.
I can agree with what you say, but playing with friends or casually still doesnt excuse absolute idiotic behavior. There are some mistaken builds like the finish {{item:3085}} then go for {{item:3031}} when typically {{item:1038}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3031}} is a better option. There are other scenarios where someone might be losing lane and they keep building damage vs some resistance. In these particular scenarios, they player is bad, which is still not excusable but better than the total idiots who just play dumbshit. Like I saw a level 1 jinx who was disconnected from the game for 15 minutes just rush in and try to kill a level 10 graves........ The scenarios described above. These things are just idiotic. Another important thing to remember is map awareness. It says something about the individuals attention span and precision when they have poor map awareness. There are some things that take practice, like cs'ing, mechanics, fighting, split pushing, but its not hard to look at the damn map every few seconds, and it certainly isnt hard to ping MIA when your lane opponent is MIA, and poses no threat to you, and you have nothing else to worry about. These kinds of mistakes, are not excusable.
: It's a complicated game, so it's definitely right to say that some people just aren't really good at competitive. Anyone can play though, it's simple when you want to have fun.
This is a team game, and it simply wont work if someone sucks.
: I cringe at that thought of you being a coach and your best advise to your student is, "some people just not cut out for this game"
the fact of the matter is its true. Luckily youve been able to get carried to gold 3 seasons in a row, but some of the bronzes there truly lack the intelligence to climb and make common sense decisions. Its just how the world is.
: Eh, their mmr will drop eventually. I see no reason to keep them from playing as long as their behavior is up to par.
it will drop but they are really the reason many people get stuck in bronze and silver, because bronze and silver account for 60% of the population of league and u have tons and tons and tons of shitters in both elos.
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Rain NT (NA)
: I used to suck to, if you still suck at level 30, something is wrong, this game just not cut out for them.
: For competitive? Yeah. For fun? Any non-toxic person should be able to play just fine.
Basically what the guy below me said, but additionally some of the plays people make represent narrow intelligence.
: Most of the people just maybe started playing the game in 2015 and are still learning
I started practically 2016. Christmas of 2015, and I am diamond already, never played a MOBA game before. Some decisions people make are just too bad.
: tell me more about these "birds" coach
I cringe at your failed insult. Knowing the diff between raptor/birds will not win you the game. Perhaps if you could get past this, you might not be stuck in Gold for three seasons in a row.
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: Did anyone read this? Cus I didn't LOL
I skimmed it, looks like OP is trying to write a sad love story but the fundamental point I grabbed is correct. Riot bans the people who tell someone else they are bad but does nothing about the bad players who are just total shit. I personally think the Nazi rule of a new rank system called Uninstall Divisions 1-5 should be implemented below bronze. if someone reaches Uninstall 5 the game uninstalls.
: You realize that garen has high base damages, his passive let's him deal true damage to the marked target and his ult us an execute, so garen should be able to if you let him jump on your adc
I do, garen is certainly a strong champion in certain scenarios, not all.
: Do you mean - the ADC ate full combo from Garen + ult? He can't oneshot anyone with tank items.
A full combo garen with black cleaver can .
: I had a game on a smurf recently where the Garen and Yi fed the Volibear bot. Holy snot. That was terrifying. I thought I was going to lose a bot game XD
it can honestly happen. The only true advantage people have in 1 v 5 bots is the bots dont rotate or split push very well. But their mechanics are quite decent. They tend to group alot too
I Q (NA)
: I can't even understand you now, must be a troll
No youre just trying to half ass your way and not actually do what you said you can do.
I Q (NA)
: Lmao I knew you would do this, so here. http://i.imgur.com/dUxv5GR.png At what point did I lie though? You said that bots were challenging and I proved they weren't for a silver player. While I am here backing it up with facts, you are here insulting and making up lies. Also if you think they are skilled at skillshots, watch my replay on replay.gg, at first I couldn't 1v1 so I played safe and then engaged after I poked down with my Q, while dodging skillshots. If you find this entertaining then honestly, you should go into ranked. It isn't uncommon seeing people say "This game is easy, it's just I get trash teams!", just as you say "This game is easy! If only I could face bots I would get a better KDA!" Also, I just checked for the first time. Why are you saying silver isn't challenging when you have only been playing bot games?!?!? You have shit scores in bot games and it is sad. (Your scores are shit for bot games, not in general.)
You realize setting up that screen after I called you a liar doesnt change the fact you played with begginner bot adcs. How many lies are you going yo tell to try to cover your ass? I dont play bot games this is just a forum account.
: Mid lane intermediate bots are equal if not better than most bronze and silvers at laning lol
I Q (NA)
: They weren't beginner though. Also you can't use intro bots on custom... Show me where it says "beginner" on my match history? Because it doesn't, all of the bots were on intermediate. I pick ADCs because they are the most mechanically intensive for me to face, all of their damage at once is a little more difficult to handle, then diving in killing 2 carries then moving onto tanks. Also, bots are horrid at skillshots so picking bots that rely on autoing is better.
My mistake, beginner bots. Same thing pretty much. You can use moba sites to indicate you used beginner bots. You picked adcs because they are easy. Yasuo is an assasin and his job is to destroy the adc. With the windwall and the block, and how squishy adcs are. All adcs are a joke for yasuo, garbage elo or high elo. Intermediet bots are very skilled at skillshots. But keep on lying to cover up your shortcommings. Its entertaining really.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sub HeroCro,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TFjEX2Td,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-08-14T16:29:46.988+0000) > > Riot doesnt endorse smurfing? > > Oh really they dont? > > > Dynamic Q exactly does that your logic is unwelcome here!!!
Why? Because he is correct? Because he is. Smurfs will eventually place into silver gold or plat. Plat less likely. Most of the diamond friends I have place into silver and usually gold. I believe plat and up accounts for 10% of the league community. In bronze silver and gold games there are 10 players. 10 % of that is 1. It takes only one player to mess up the game as a smurf. I am a diamond player and I am running at 95% win rate in silver and 80% in gold. Its not fair to the silvers and golds. Anyhow its alllowed so I smurf. Saves queue times
: Come on everyone... This guy is on a second account named "Trump 2016". Is the bait even that good?
Bait or not, the person above is clearly a low elo liar who is trying to compensate poor performance with lies.
I Q (NA)
: 4 other people? It was 3, you are liar, also I just proved you wrong http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2265829552/230336915
You used intro bots and made a team comp of adcs. You didnt prove anyone wrong. If anything you proved me right, youre a liar
I Q (NA)
: http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2265829552/230336915 What is this? I did it? The same time, more kills and the SAME DEATHS? BTW I didn't proc GA once. But I mean hey, I am a liar right? That custom game before was a yasuo battle between my friend and I, to see who was a better yasuo. I won, double his kills, quad his KDA. Don't provoke a Yasuo and Ekko 2 trick. If you want me to do it with Ekko, I can get 100/0, since he is WAYYYYY better then my yasuo.
Jesus christ youll do anything to try to make yourself look like you can do it. First we agreed intermediet bots. You took begginer bots. Second youre not a yasuo ekko trick. Youre a silver 5 piece of junk. Who is trying to lie their way to make it seem like they can 1 v 5 bots. Also, if youre going to pretend , atleast make a reasonable team comp. 5 adcs lol what a fuckin joke
Leu07 (NA)
: Katarina pentakill be like
Katarina is a very weak champion. Easily countered in lane, and tremendously loses to tanks. Cc absolutely destroys her. If katarina gets fed, its someone on your team's fault.
I Q (NA)
: Ok gimme a hour and I will come out with a better KDA. Also over-exaggerating doesn't equal lying
"I'm in silver and I can 1v5 bots without dying the entire match" Dies twice Plays with 4 other people. Your nose is growing pinocchio. This isnt exaggurating. Youre just a liar trying to compensate for your inadqeucies
I Q (NA)
: If you want I can go into another game, get the same KDA alone. Honestly, where do you think we were getting all the kills? I literally sat outside the spawn and as they walked out I one shotted them. Also saying "kiddo" makes you look more like a child then the one you are insulting. Don't call me a retard when you can not type correctly, "count , or youre a retard" If you think I am the one who looks retarded, then why am I the one with upvotes while you are negative?
You can go ahead and try. Lets see you actually do it. Until you do youre just a low elo liar. Youre getting upvotes because you along with a bunch of other resistant low elo'ers cant accept being bad . Not because youre right. If you cant get meaning behind saying "you either cant count, or youre a retard" you are probably the latter. There are just too many symptoms indicating so
: Same here. It is super easy to exploit the intermediate bots mechanics. They get kited for no reason. In his attempt to sound superior, he wound up looking very foolish.
: Kled is trash.
Agreed the only good thing about him is hes able to grab u with what ever the bear trap thign is every few sec. besides that hes garbo
I Q (NA)
: I'm in silver and I can 1v5 bots without dying the entire match, where as in game I have to play with the team and use them to an extent. Even if I am carrying I use my {{champion:89}} to tank and dish out CC, while I use my 0/12 {{champion:67}} to bait the enemy {{champion:107}} so I can one shot him. My most recent game as one of my main champions in bots I went 52/3 against 5 intermediate bots, if I could do that every game in ranked I wouldn't be in silver. It more sounds like a brag or insult then it does you being honest.
Its not a brag or insult, carrying a 1 v 5 later in the game is easy, try to 1 v 5 bots prior to level 6-7
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: I had a game recently where my ADC dealt less damage than the supports on both teams. The tilt.
I believe you man. I personally find silver to be the shittiest elo because you have people of gold skill level and people who lucked out of bronze in the same match.
Shadòw (EUW)
: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=729214
Aha, I like the idea man, the only difference here is the uninstall part. Even though it may be considered "bm" to tell someone to uninstall, the way some of these people play, is so damn toxic (not talking about their language), to this game.
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