: Patch 6.11 notes
Nerf Azir and nerf his core item in the same patch. Brilliant.
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: Champion Reveal: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
Will we ever see a sexy female champ again? How about make them slightly feminine. I honestly wouldn't think this is a female from the picture if you didn't tell me she was.
logged in to upvote that. there is a special place in hell for teemo mains
: Retiring Dominion
Make URF a permanent game mode to replace it. Thanks!!
: Queue up in new champion select this week!
5 man solo queue. Thats actually a team. Why must I play against a team if I am actually a solo player?
: Patch 6.1 notes
Thanks for making Ammumu's and Lulu's abilities affected by tenacity. Too bad there isn't much we can do to get tenacity with the current masteries and items. Just throwin this out there, but can you make buff mercs back to original form so I can have some form of counter play before getting blown up because of a single stun?
: Azir autos
Faiths (NA)
: Azir Auto Attack bug
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: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
Awesome. New champ. Love it. Can you please fix Azir. All this talk about Jhin's 4th attack, I just want my favorite champ to have all of his soldier's auto attacks to actually occur when they should.
: As a Garen main, I think you don't quite understand. A tank should be able to wreck a squishy opponent. Why? Because most tanks are bringing swords to gun fights! If I can get close enough to take down a squishy hero, there is no reward if my damage is so low, that the squishy types can ignore me. This is what happened so many times before the juggernaught patch. As Garen, I have no CC, just a couple second silence. There is no slow, or stun. No knock-up. If Garen manages to tank through the high damage available, he should have the possibility of being rewarded with enough damage to matter. And if I manage to surprise an opponent, then no mercy. The opponent needs to learn to not get caught out. The difficulty level of playing Garen is not in figuring the right buttons to push when, it is finding the right balance of armor, mgc res, health, speed (or I never get into a fight at all), and damage for the team comp being faced. Get just one aspect out of balance, and you're going to suck the whole match, in at least one way.
: State of the Season: Preseason Progress
Nerf Frost Queen. The active is just too strong. Mid laners are running it.
: Azir autos
Yea I agree. Less AA bugs is essentially a buff. In this particular patch Im noticing that you'll hear the AA but you wont see the soldier animation and wont do any damage. Frustrating but I will give credit where its due. Azir is less buggy in this patch and if they fix this he will be just fine.
: Azir still having bugs...
: Azir Soldiers not attacking right away
I get the same. This is my main champ and its really affecting the game.
: [Gameplay] Azir auto attack bug (been around forever pls fix)
Yea Im getting this too quite a bit. I main Azir and it really affects my last hitting and harass.
: Massive Azir Wall bug
logged in to upvote this since I lost baron and pretty much the game because of this bug. please fix Riot.
: Patch 5.12 notes
Runeglaive seems like its going to make Nidalee go from ridiculous to ludicrous. IMO Nid is already one of the strongest junglers. She will be permabanned.
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: need 3 pool party. normal draft
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: pool party team up. normal draft. need 3
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: Need one more for pool party normals!
Herebius (NA)
: Need People For Pool Party
: I'm actually really disappointed that that's the most that Riot is willing to do to solve the mark/dash snowball problem in ARAM. The change to the snowball will help, but the format is still going to be broken. With the snowball, Riot has taken a balanced, interesting, and surprisingly nuanced format and turned it into a freaking gimmicky snowball fight. Please, Riot, get rid of that stupid mark/dash snowball!
Yea they reduced the damage but thats not the problem with it. Im not saying they need to remove it but the cooldown is way too short. There is no risk in spamming the ability. ARAM is completely ruined at the moment.
: Patch 5.9 Notes
Say what you want, I like ARAM and its ruined atm. The problem with Mark is not the damage, its the 20 sec (or 10 sec if you dash) cooldown. ARAM has been horrible since this came into the game. Increase cooldown to 60 seconds and its not so OP. Right now its a mandatory summoner to take.
: Patch 5.5 notes
That's a Nidalee nerf...right? Sorry its just a little confusing, and almost looks better now.
: Don't buy it, a better {{champion:62}} skin will come soon.
Whatever. This is the best Wukong skin. Look at his giant Monkey Pecker!! Don't tell me thats not what it is. Its got the right shape and everything.


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