: same thing happened to me. what i did was repair client, then it shows the (reconnect or quit) mode for a split second. u have to spam that quit butto before it disappears and hope u get it in time
This worked for me. I went to task manager to make sure any league was shut down. Then that popped up.
: Epilepsy Causing Skin
They should make an epileptic skin overlay system you can download that makes all other characters (in the epileptics client) base skin/model/effects. That way non epileptics can still get really cool skins with cool vibtant effects and the games future isn't hindered by "well the ultimate skin doesn't have it" because as processors and graphics get better, so can the skins and effects.
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: It is much easier to see now. :p But I agree on the above point with the empty spaces. I'll try to fix this up a bit.
If i could offer a suggestion. Use hieroglyphics. maybe a couple of different sections. circle around amumu in middle then a bigger circle with hieroglyphics then another circle section with more hieroglyphics and each section spinning in the opposite direction for the duration. Searching "hieroglyph circle"in google shows the concept. It has gods in some sections and put hieroglyphs in the others almost like the puzzle. Own that shurima lore.
: New House Mission Finishers Trigger Epilepsy
I think the fact that RIOT has intentions of getting this figured out is something to be happy about. The people with photosensitive epilepsy playing league are roughly (per statistics) 30,000 out of 100,000,000. It did not make fiscal sense to not launch the product this time, because no matter what this will be the framework for future events, and needs to get tested. Upon release of the next version the toggle will most likely be added. The amount of work that went into this had to cost a lot of money, and to straight up not release it would be a big financial hit as well. Just realize RIOT does not OWE anyone anything. This is a free to play game and these effects are a part of it. There are people in the world who cant walk, run, swim, or breath on their own. Get over it, get some fresh air, get some of the salt out of your system and get ready to hit the fields of justice in a couple weeks when the event is over. Riot if you are reading you should let people freeze their accounts if anyone is in decay range in Ranked until the event is over, per support ticket, for the people that are really unable to play due to a medical reason.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 12
Any comment about the Warwick buffs? Pretty excited about that one!{{champion:19}} {{sticker:sg-jinx}}


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