: Ways to climb out of bronze?
* Don't play when salty, that never goes well. Tilt is an awful thing to play around, but really, don't play ranked when you're upset, go have some fun in ARAM, or give Dominoes its last farewell. just have fun, play some norms practice, and get back into a winning groove where you feel confident, not cocky, and are in a good mood. * Remember this is a team game, and you don't know what will set a person off, sure are there times when its unavoidable and they're going to troll anyways... yeah. but if you're nice and compliment people and are impressed by how well they've mastered what you just watched. they feel better, and are inclined to help you more. Think of it as a trust building exorcise. You're not going to want to be around a person who is constantly insulting you, and making you feel bad, you don't even want to help them generally. But if you can encourage them and they're nice to you. Everyone has everything to gain. * Practice in norms. get mechanics down, cs over kills (don't tunnel and chase when your back line is getting Shrek'd), position in team fights/position outside of team fights, when to poke when farming, should I roam/follow or push lane (depends on who you're playing and where you stand in the current game, and if you can actually make a difference), practice, practice, practice. (ask anyone in higher elos, and even professionals and what not. You're always going to need to practice. This goes for anything you want to master/be good at), learn what calls to make and when to make them. Little things like this, can actually add up, and if you can get some of these down, you can start to get teammates to follow in with what would be the best decision at that point in time. * Some champs are currently stronger than others yeah, but nothing will ever beat out a person who knows exactly what they're doing with whom they're playing. So don't rush into a ranked queue hoping to go first time Heimer JG. * Don't just know what you're champ does. Know what the enemies champ does. I could be a first time J4 top into a Riven. and I know her shield dash cs, I know her Q combo with AA when she is on top of you, and from a distance, I know her stun time and CD, how much ad she has currently, her cs, how close she is to leveling (more game situation), but know what she does, and her standard positioning, and try to learn the players pattern with her in few small side skirmish if you feel you can come out on top. if you do make the mistake of not playing someone you're used to, try to play around what you do know about their champion. Counters are a nice thing yeah, but individual skill and knowledge trumps all. * ping everything. your lane backs, ping mia, your lane wards, ping caution, enemy JG near your lane, ping danger, and if they're going into their JG/another person's lane its okay to spam them with pings. * vision is important always. ward your lane like a Christmas tree if when you can, ward the enemy JG, ward your JG, Just place wards and try to know where the enemy might be at. Try to politely encourage your team to upgrade trinkets, at least in bronze few people actually make notice of how important vision is. Personally I like to try and encourage a 2 sweeper, 2 far sights, and 1 yellow. Try to get your team to have at least 3-4 pinks out, if not everyone. the control of vision and whats going on really does help set up your teams overall positioning. * Remember it's a game, and try to have fun with it. if you're behind and getting stomped, ask for help, if you don't get any, it's okay to roam if you're able. a double kill bot can go a long, long, long way towards that V. * a lot of this game is just small simple stuff, but it goes a long way, and I know it can seem tedious, but it works in the long run. I know there is a lot i missed and didn't really dive into good detail about, but I'm sure you can forgive me since it is 8 A.M. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}I know this is a dry read, but its a bit of helpful information that isn't too overbearing I feel. just simple stuff keep adding onto what you know, and have fun with it.
: In the game of League, the mindset of an individual who says "I'm going to fight my opponent no matter what, not even if I will lose to them" IS the mindset of an underpowered feeder. There's a reason why the OP used Mumen Rider, instead of generic anime character who says "I will never give up!" Mumen Rider is the characterization of an underpowered individual who picks fights that they know they will lose. Every feeder has that mindset, in some way.
You're free to look at it that way, but you also have to look at the circumstances. The player may be slightly behind, but that doesn't mean they want to feed. it doesn't mean they're charging in blindly. And Mumen doesn't charge in picking fights, Mumen knew he didn't stand a chance against The Deep SeaKing, and he knew there wasn't a whole lot he could do. But still he did his best, to keep all those innocent people alive. To buy time for someone who could come and help. And if to you is someone who is unworthy of being on your team. then I welcome them every game, because I don't care if I win every time, as long as you try your best, and be the best Mumen Rider, never give up, and play your heart out. That doesn't make someone a feeder, just because he lost the fight, he won his team a tactical advantage, and I'm saddened you refuse to see that, instead of worshiping the true winner.
: Except Mumen Rider would have died had it not been for Saitama. Is Saitama in League? No. "Mumen Rider" players are feeders. There is no Saitama to save them.
Anyone can be a Mumen Rider, it doesn't matter who. it's a mind set, not a person who is under powered and feeding. The point of the post is that it doesn't matter who it is issuing the challenge, just that they're doing the best that they can with what they have. They may not win. but they're going to put up a final stand. Doesn't always mean you fed that game.
: Do champions still run in random directions? (Sorry, I don't really play any fearing champions) Personally, I feel like fears should act like reverse charms and just slow them directly away from the caster, or at least directly away from where the fear originated so someone could fear and then run in front of the feared target with their higher movespeed without the target dynamically avoiding them during the cc.
> [{quoted}](name=Cheeseyoger,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=V30GrL5T,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-11T02:10:30.377+0000) > > Do champions still run in random directions? (Sorry, I don't really play any fearing champions) > > Personally, I feel like fears should act like reverse charms and just slow them directly away from the caster, or at least directly away from where the fear originated so someone could fear and then run in front of the feared target with their higher movespeed without the target dynamically avoiding them during the cc. Yeah if someone fears you, you're just gonna slowly walk away from them. idk how it works right now with all the cc changes when a fear is layered on top of something else. but I know if say Galio ulted, and then fiddle feared someone, he managed to cancel Galio's taunt, and then bam fear takes priority and you can in fact walk out of the Galio ult once the 4 year time period is up.
: I disagree with his stun. People are just not aware how much better his E is now days. The delay stinks. We all want instants but LoL is moving way from instant CC imo and require skill to set it up. If my memory is correct, his old he would allow people to use their abilities and go through it and still hit him or party members. His new E prevents divers. Put him with a Janna, no one can dive the team besides Vi.
> [{quoted}](name=Proxyminers,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WY43gwk0,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-08-11T02:27:45.064+0000) > > I disagree with his stun. People are just not aware how much better his E is now days. > The delay stinks. We all want instants but LoL is moving way from instant CC imo and require skill to set it up. > If my memory is correct, his old he would allow people to use their abilities and go through it and still hit him or party members. His new E prevents divers. > Put him with a Janna, no one can dive the team besides Vi. The problem (at least for me anyways) is the massive delay(s) on him. He is incredibly strong and boring in just his play style. Its a challenge, and I mean a real challenge to get someone with it. Really the biggest issue I have with his stun is just the fact that the delay is long enough that most anyone with adequate reaction time can either get on top of you regardless, or just get out unscathed. I know it's only what .5-.75 seconds with cast animation, but lets be real. This is a game where reaction and decision making is glorified, and yields great results. Give anyone 700 wins, which typically results in about 1400-1500 games played. I think it's safe to say that they've had some practice against some of the more instant forms of cc. How many times have you flashed onto someone and without a beat missed, they counter with a flash of their own? opening an option for counter play is a good and very needed thing. I understand and willingly accept that. But does he need at least some QOL tweaks to his only "real" form of self peel? Yes. Yes he does. Is it nice that targets stop immediately, hell yeah. but can he effectively protect himself with this before getting blown up? maybe, depends on who the champ he is facing ect, ect... Maybe making it a toggle, where the longer it has to charge the longer the stun to the full duration as it is now. Or something like that, but as it stands now, I've seen more little Vei's blown up before they even get to fully counter play with their bust, short of blowing their ult. But I'm not going to touch his W simply because I think that is fine as it is, with the amount of burst/wave clear it provides it does its job. The main issue is timing that up with his stun delay and it's just a hassle at most times with your two real forms of protection come at a cost where they more than likely won't do their job.
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: Is Quinn's kit (or her thematic design) really conductive to an adc role
I can get behind that, though tbh, I personally view her as a more fun version of Vayne, with maybe not harder mechanics, but requires more decision making. Because she has a nice bit of synergy with her kit, it also opens the door to, as you've already stated, offensive, and defensive uses in her play style. She can be a very strong bot lane counter pick for that very reason for someone like {{champion:119}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:429}} in a short term trade, She can deny cs with ease, get quick vision for someone warding, get caught out by a zenith blade/Cait netting away to safety cast that vault (hopefully during casting animation) and hope for the best. Her bot lane position isn't so much because she is a true adc, but more that she is a decent counter pick to a lot of in meta champs right now. I know this reply kinda detoured away from is she is an adc in design or not, but well the answer is kind of a yes and no. She is, but at the same time Quinn shines in multiple roles thanks to her synergy is really all, which changes her overall position making her something more than an adc. She is simply an adc designed to shine in duels, while making sure she can keep herself safe. all in all her kit actually flows quite nicely with her identity.
: Veigar Underrated Mid
Vei, isn't underrated. His burst his highly respected and feared come late game. He's laughed at for his horribly long stun delay. He just isn't a hot pick right now, because other do his job either better, or with a lot more safety thrown in.
: Players that don't vote on surrender count downs.
Now I know for myself that if i'm going to start a /ff then I do it after a morale crushing team fight, just to ensure that ya know... it goes through. But I've been in multiple situations where the game can go either way, and to be honest I don't really have any idea if I want to surrender or not. and yet, before the game deciding team fight happens, the vote is thrown up by someone. And well at that point in time, I'm still in between. because if the fight ends up being dragged out, we may have a chance, we may blow the cc on the right person for once. Or not not. So yeah, all in all, I feel like it should count it as a no, because not every vote comes at the right time to give up every game.
: Veigar Stun Quick Activation
I can actually get behind this idea.
: I'm a Diamond player that knows everything about League! AMA about Gameplay and Balance!
I've been hearing/reading a lot about how the new GP has lost his ability to top almost completely. Whats your take on his new position in the game, and where do you think he would be best?
: I'm not sure I understand where you are coming from on this. It's not a competition with your team to see who can steal the kills. All the people you listed are supports and junglers, who for the most part should be trying to give the kills to the laners. (You don't HAVE to, but it is preferable.) So especially on champs like those you be expected to have plenty of assists and less kills. If you are playing ADC then you are expected to get the kills because you need the money to buy the more expensive items in your build. An ADC with 1/7/30 is getting carried. A Braum with 1/7/30 is doing the carrying. You are saying people are telling you a score of 4/7/25 is real bad, but it's fine. Now, If you really mean something more like 4/10/12 then I could understand why they might think you are being as useful as you could be. So, it's probably not a lack of appreciation for assists maybe more a lack of patience for slightly sub-par play, or just no patience at all for not perfect play. I'm not saying you are just bad, but I find it easier to believe that is more the case than that you are going 4/7/25 most games and always being harassed about it.
I apologize if I made anything come across the wrong way, but I get where you're coming from, and I do own up to it, if I have a bad game I have a bad game, it happens to the best of us. But this wasn't meant to come across as a "Give me all the kills cuz reasons." type of post, nor was it meant to reflect me personally. I just mean that say you're playing a {{champion:89}} {{champion:67}} bot lane. Not that uncommon to see. And so on Vayne's mark, or maybe someone stepped out too much, leo starts an easy win fight/trade. Vayne ends up with a kill, or maybe forces a back, and then gets ahead in lane. Vayne starts to snowball, and the game is over before anyone knows it, and Vayne ends up going like 12/4/6. thats a fine game, took some towers, decent cs. While the Leona will go something like 2/8/15. Roamed a bit, tried to save some people from dying, sometimes it can't be helped but none the less had a good game overall and went home with the V. At least this is in my experience, but those last number columns don't exist to some people, and I've been, and seen other get flamed for that 2/8 alone, as a no real damage, utility tank role. those are the guys who seem to be called out more than anyone else in this regard. And when its talked about, they're either ignored or straight up told they didn't do anything all game, and someone like that Vayne was putting in all the work. Which I understand it's one thing to turn around a losing fight, but its another thing to be the one physically forcing the enemy team's adc out of it, and then proceeding to draw the heat from 1-2 other damage dealers. Allotting time for your damage dealers to clean up. But I guess the like the idea I'm trying to point at is, why won't people really give the right credit to where its due? It's one thing to ward up and watch for ganks. It's another to keep the {{champion:107}} from jumping out of a bush onto the squishies, ya know?
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: No it isnt. Adc role is not stressfull at all, or hard at all. Adc is a rangedd champion which can safely farm from range and most of them have escapes. Adc also gets a support which protects his useless ass until he gets farmed enough todo something. Adc role is notas stressfull as jungler or support. Hell i can even say that adc is the easiest and least stressfull than any other.
Exactly. Yes adc does have its fair share of mechanics involved, but at the end of the day, they're being literally babysat for the first 25 minutes, until they can put on some big boy pants. I mean let's be honest here, an adc doesn't have to go through the stress of keeping someone alive while, at the same time, keeping constant vision (in and out of lane usually), knowing when it's okay to go in for a safe poke, having to bait the pull, sensing when their damage potential wants to fight (which can just go down to communication skills.) Keep constant updates on jungler positioning, and dragon control (which is also apart of their junglers job too). Also a support is mostly responsible for zoning the hell out of their counter lane. I don't know how many times I've had to ask a support, "I'm guessing you don't understand just how much power you hold just by being closer to the front lines." And nobody here can deny that as an adc when {{champion:12}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:89}} or any other bane of bot lane starts to stroll on up near you, you back off fast. Which is where ya know, your support comes in, because it's their job to note either: A) you can go in for a trade/fight and maybe come out on top if they can land their kit. B) do everything in their power to prevent an ally from dying. tl:dr adc do have stuff to take care of too, but its the supports job to take care of the adc and lay out the golden brick road for them.

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