: Patch 6.20 notes
what's going on with these, champion jewel tokens? i haven't logged in, in a hot minute....
: League returns to PAX East
Can pax sivir come out to play? Please? ???
: Link to Amazon and unlock FREE Starter Bundle!
: The 2016 ranked season kicks off soon
so you're placing us lower than what we deserve? wonderful
: i bought exiled morgana and, no mystery skin. did i do something wrong?
i see what i've done now. gdi.
: Look out! It’s Snowdown!
i bought exiled morgana and, no mystery skin. did i do something wrong?
: Champion update: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer
Still waiting for taric,among other things. ..{{item:3151}}
: Patch 5.22 notes
: No it's not all luck. Harassing, raging trolls get worse in Platinum rank. The difference is people actually think they are good.
The ragers think they're good? Yeah they do, and everyone else on every game suck it long and hard. Lol. Good strategy there.
: 2015 ranked season is ending!
It really is all luck. There's no winning most games because of harassing goobers. Before the game even starts. ...{{champion:32}}
: November sales schedule
The sales are. ........meh
: One For All will soon return to the workshop
What I'd really like to know is why we didn't do a Halloween thing this year. I'm disappointed, for real.
: Be Victorious
I swear to god if that's sivir I'm gonna rage. I love her and have every skin but I can't stand ranked play
: Champion Reveal: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
JamDubs (NA)
: I wanna draw some more champions
I'd love to see a goth Janna.
: /ALL Chat | Are All Fizz Mains Jerks?
My mains are both sivir and Janna. I love them so much. Sivir needs a chroma pack. Bandit sivir...please riot????
: Refer-a-Friend retires in thirty days
I haven't gotten my Warwick or my ip yet, let's discuss that.{{item:3901}}
Rioter Comments
: Champion Reveal: Tahm Kench, the River King
Kog does have a daddy{{item:3073}}
: Aram poolparty!
: looking for pool party aram
VR6 (NA)
: Looking for ARAM pool party
: {{champion:34}} And I was like DINOSAURS. {{champion:31}} I still don't get it. {{champion:34}} I was drunk. {{champion:58}} Well anyway so how did we become prehistoric creatures anyway oh no. {{champion:31}} What is it? {{champion:58}} Jurassic Kog' Maw {{champion:31}} Crap. {{champion:96}} Well look who's here the backstabbing sack of flesh. {{champion:31}} Kog please I didn't mean to break your heart I just- {{champion:96}} Save it you made your choice leaving me for a naked ice chicken and a walking purse that looks the same just older. {{champion:34}} I'm not that naked. {{champion:58}} And I'm not old... wait... how long did Shurima last? {{champion:31}} Kog I just wanted you to understand. {{champion:96}} Understand! Leaving me at the museum, well guess what I found someone else. {{champion:31}} What, WHO! {{champion:75}} Me. {{champion:58}} My brother wait how. {{champion:96}} He came from the new Egyptian exhibit, love at first sit and treats me better than you. {{champion:31}} Pfft if that was a challenge. {{champion:34}} This is starting to sound like a bad romance story. {{champion:75}} Another thing Kog'Maw will you marry me? {{champion:96}}{{champion:31}} {{champion:58}} (GASP). Find out Kog' Maws decision on the next episode of Love at the Museum. {{champion:34}} Hah it is a bad romance story
I fucking lost it at naked ice chicken Lmao
Gulbrand (NA)
: Need some people to play with!
Imain Janna if anyone needs a support. Add me! {{champion:40}}
: Updated Summoner’s Rift nears open beta!
My toaster would like to thank you. Hopefully after December i can retire this piece.
: Order of the Lotus Karma unleashes her inner flame
I've been so waiting for a new karma skin. :D
Titanius (NA)
: Like the upcoming Yasuo skin? Yeah, me too.
wait, there's a new yasuo skin?


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