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: When Gangplank spies an easy Kill to "secure" with his Cannon Barrage
Is that treasure planet? *Begins to look for a way to upvote twice*
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Statikk (NA)
: Next Class Update - the Assassins
Riot I really hope that you can make a big change to {{champion:38}}. I have read and watched videos about how overpowered he was with his silence, but now he just feels very neutral/underpowered. He's still a very strong champion but when you put it next to {{champion:90}} or any other assassin, he just gets destroy in seconds. I was thinking that a new passive would be really nice, something that doesn't bring that idea he should be ban 90% of the time, but also makes the player enjoy his game style. Something that makes you think that if you control and play the champion perfectly, you would be at the same level as {{champion:90}} and even defeat him fair and square.
: Free Boards signatures for anyone who wants one :) (ROUND 2!)
How do you make these? Photoshop? Illustration? ID?
Veilix (NA)
: Having played this game since its creation. Alpha and Beta testing. Along with right now. #LET IT GO. Unless you have reason to be banned via reports, you have nothing to worry about. Just play and practice. Communicate with the team only when it pertains to the game itself, when it comes to toxic people. That is my recommendation for you. I do however suggest you play a few AI rounds when you play a new champion, that way you can learn how your skills interact with minions / champions / terrain. All that aside, Ill reiterate for you. Ignore these toxic players. Think about it, for what are they going to report you for? Literally nothing! (unless you are a liar and are toxic right back at them, which I don't think is true) Are you being a TARD playing the new champions in ranked? No. Are you feeding so badly it looks intentional? No. Just keep playing, Riot is doing their "best" to combat the trolls. In reality it will never be "fixed" thanks to the ever changing tide of reasons. I hope this helps you. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} V~
Thankyo so much, its small things like this that help me : ) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: {{champion:101}} And you think I'm a comic book like villain who lets you assemble the _"Desert Avengers"_ before attacking you?
I can see {{champion:101}} meeting Taliyah before {{champion:268}} , convincing her to join his side. _(As Taliyah gets closer to the giant disc, she's suddenly throw back from an unknown object. As she tries to stand up from the sand, she see two figure in front of her. One appears to be some type of a crocodile, while the other like human shape with blue light around it and floating over the sand)_ **Taliyah:** Who are you people? _(The crocodile figure makes a step and begans to talk)_ {{champion:58}}: I am Renekton, the butcher of the sands. And this right here, is the mighty Xerath, the magus ascendant. Together we have come to destroy Azir and it's leagcy!!! **Taliyah:** Wait, you say 'destroy Azir'? {{champion:58}}: Yes, and if you think you can stop us, you are dead wrong. _(Renekton began to run where she stood and starts to to raise his weapon up high. Taliyah takes her a few seconds to register what was happening before dodging his attack)_ **Taliyah:** Wait! I don't want to fight you, I want to fight Azir to- {{champion:58}}: Silence, now prepare to suffe- _(Just as he was about to strike once more, a blue light appears out of nowhere between them. Both suddenly looks the source of the light just to see Xerath coming to them)_ {{champion:101}}: Renekton Stop!!! {{champion:58}}: Eh? _(Xerath begans to move closer to Taliyah)_ {{champion:101}}: You say you want to fight Azir too? Why? _(Still in shock of seeing the body of Xerath, she takes a few breath before replying)_ **Taliyah:** Because he's going to enslave my family, the only people I have in my life. _(Xerath takes a few seconds to see the tray of rocks where Taliyah was before being knock-out. The spiral columns appear to come out from her power, meaning that she have power over the rocks. Suddenly there was laugh coming from him, in only lasted a few seconds before staring back to her)_ {{champion:101}}: Lets make a deal, help me too not only destroy Azir, but also take back the Sun Disc, and in return I will promise you the safety of your family. Deal? _(Taliyah was unsure if she could trust him, but with time running out. she need all the help she can have if she wanted to save her family)_ **Taliyah:** Deal.
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: I had to log in to tell you that your comment makes me want to puke! Thanks! :D
Haters gonna hate {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
darkdill (NA)
: Fiery Leona Artwork
*heavy breathing intensified * {{item:3151}}
: A Demacian Champion see's Shyvana like this for the first time
I going to regret writing this... {{champion:3}} Hey, weren't your skin blue? {{champion:102}} Who are you again?
: Champion Insights: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer
Seriously, with this artwork and lore behind it, why isn't there an anime about this already?


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