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: I really hate the Nexus Deathmatch event during the 18 min mark of NB. I think it needs some more looking into since on multiple occasions my team could be very much ahead until that specific event where all of a sudden it flips over and we end up losing. Its like all the hard fighting during the whole match didnt matter at all. I get that its supposed to be super fast paced and everything but having a sudden win condition of that kind is really annoying and unsatisfiying. Dont get me wrong its oke for the other team to have a winning shot every now and then but when a match is mostly one sided or the other team and all of a sudden the nexus event comes out and literally becomes a 50/50 shot for the win, makes it super unfun. I honestly would want NB games to be at least 20 mins or so.....
> [{quoted}](name=ChocolateNoir,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=um11pi0N,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2018-12-11T04:36:46.021+0000) > > I really hate the Nexus Deathmatch event during the 18 min mark of NB. I think it needs some more looking into since on multiple occasions my team could be very much ahead until that specific event where all of a sudden it flips over and we end up losing. Its like all the hard fighting during the whole match didnt matter at all. I get that its supposed to be super fast paced and everything but having a sudden win condition of that kind is really annoying and unsatisfiying. Dont get me wrong its oke for the other team to have a winning shot every now and then but when a match is mostly one sided or the other team and all of a sudden the nexus event comes out and literally becomes a 50/50 shot for the win, makes it super unfun. I honestly would want NB games to be at least 20 mins or so..... 1. That's MarioKart for you, which means . . . 1.5. That's incentive to win earlier or risk losing in that coinflip situation. If you're on the other team, it gives you something to fight for instead of ff@9 every time you lose the first minigame.
: Odyssey: Extraction
I am so excited to take my 674,000 points worth of Sona experience and crank the volume up to 11 in this game mode. I cannot wait to jam this a ton, with perfect tempo!!!
: ADCs - What Support Do You Like Laning With Most?
I just want to say thank you to everyone who commented here. I really enjoy learning and getting better at this game, and its this sort of discussion and constructive feedback (and memes, yes those too) that help people shape their play and improve it. Thanks for the input, and feel free to check my Twitch stream out ( to see my work-in-progress continue. Thanks again!
: Can't stand stubborn players who refuses to surrender when the enemy team's seriously ahead
> I'm tired & I'm allowing you to continue playing in the meantime. And this is the actual problem. Playing a team game is a shared experience. The game is not about you as an individual, but about all TEN (not just five) players on the map. You picked your champions, the rules are set, and you play the game. If you don't like the rules, including how early surrender works, then do not play. Go do something else. But if you are making the choice to play this game, it has rules, these are them, and please follow them respectfully. Or don't play. Do something else instead.
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k3rr3k (NA)
: It's Not Ranked So It Doesn't Matter Mentality
I use Normal games as an opportunity to try new things. Maybe it's a new champion or a new build, but I think it is important that while yes, we don't want intentional feeding, we need to be careful of what "inting" actually is and that there is space to play the game casually, without the expectation of always playing a "meta" champion. 1. Playing badly is not inting. It's just playing badly. 2. Creating a suboptimal build, or a different build than you would have done it, is also not inting. 3. Playing a champion you don't like, yep, still not inting. You need to get beyond these surface-level symptoms and get into the core behavior of the player. Are they ignoring team requests for help? Are they verbally abusive? Are they actually just walking up and dying without any rhyme or reason? Okay, you probably have a strong case that they are in fact intentionally throwing the game. But apart from these areas, I think you'll find yourself having a difficult time making that case and meanwhile, be very frustrated that Normal players are treating the non-ladder game as a non-ladder game.
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: ARURF done and not one game with Ornn.....
I have gotten to play Ornn once total, so I am right there with both of you. I was disappointed by some of the censorship (Sona), some of the non-censorship (Kayle) in ARURF, and then to not include Ornn in the queue just seemed like a waste.
: Cannot wait for the new star guardians. :-) Please consider Star Guardian Sona! :-) {{champion:37}}
Sona deserves a skin that is truly elegant - even DJ Sona is a bit clunky in it's visual. I'd like to see visuals that justify the pricepoint, not just the music element.
: Karthus Ult is so useless
But on URF he is a God...
: Made it to Honor Level 3.
First off, congratulations! I got my Honor Level 3 last night, and it was both a surprise and a joy - my stream went a little nuts when it appeared while I grabbed another beer. It doesn't surprise me that it is based both on behavior and time-release; they don't want people scaling too rapidly, and they want to reward consistent positive behavior. Having two "axis" to base this aspect on makes sense from a behavior management standpoint. I am 100% a fan of how Riot is approaching this, for all the reasons. The carrots are tasty and the stick is happening more consistently to actually bad people, not bad games.
: Is It Time to "Rework" the Tiers for Ranked Play?
One of the biggest challenges to Ranked Play is that what you experience from day to day is not entirely conducive to how exactly Elo/MMR actually function. These measurement systems are encapsulating a host of external variables on top of the skill level of the player, and each variable forces that many more games to be played to average out what an appropriate ranking is. However, how we FEEL during those rating swings, how we perceive a progression or regression and how we react to it, that's the challenging part. A solution to this could be to establish some sort of ratings "floor," which rewards a player through consistent play by not threatening elevator-style drops in ranking. The US Chess Federation uses this - the elo floor is 200-300 points below the player's highest achieved rating. In terms of what that would mean in League, my guess would be that upon reaching Gold V as an example, your rating would not fall below let's say Silver II. Is that a ton of incentive? Maybe, maybe not. But thinking about Bronze for example, if you hit Bronze I, not dropping below Bronze III feels at least somewhat fair. Hit Silver III? You won't drop back into Bronze. There would now be a checkpoint at a mid-tier ranking. I'm sure this idea has been discussed before, but revisiting it feels appropriate here. Food for thought!
: > [{quoted}](name=MrHaZeYo,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=rYriV5mu,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-07-24T08:52:24.327+0000) > > I guess I'm a C9 Fanboy but Jensen at 4? and Jensen getting shat on by Keane? I guess we didn't watch the same games, think he died what once in the 2nd two games vs Dig. Jensen job is to hold down mid and draw attention, and he does a fine job of doing it. > > Idk how you can rank C9 behind Dig after they beat them (twice this split). When I say Keane shat on him I'm talking about game 1. Jensen was nonexistent save for the first roam top on Ssumday, Keane was able to out perform him so hard in game 1 and neutralized his roams. And about me wanting Jensen to not be mid until 30min. This was Bjergs problem when he first came to TSM, he needs to step up and dominate the rest of the map. He can be THE best mid laner in NA and be on par with guys like Crown Pawn and even draw respect from Faker if he did this. I WANT to see Jensen be the roaming map conrolling beast he was is spring, I want people to argue of Bjerg or Jensen is better, but this style he's showing now is only good for a domestic showing. He can be legit MVP and be the best player in NA, but he isn't showing it
This isn't being a fanboy. Anyone with two eyes can see Jensen way better than four. The stat book certainly has him better than four. In other words, the author is a few cents short of a dollar.
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: [NA] [Gold-Diamond] Deyvil Academy ~ Looking for Support!
Can you tell us a bit more about Deyvil Academy? Is this a "main" team or a feeder team to a higher level team? Was this a different team/team name that has competed before and reformed, or is this a brand new team to competitive play? Thanks!
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: > [{quoted}](name=TurnDaBeatAround,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=jG3g7NeN,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-20T16:30:54.666+0000) > > Simply put, Cloud 9 has the easiest schedule of the top teams heading into the final three weeks. If there was a time for this team to tighten its gameplay and tighten its roster, its now. Here is the remainder of their schedule: > > vs. Phoenix 1 > vs. Dignitas > vs. Team Liquid > vs. ~~Retirement~~FlyQuest > vs. Team Envy > vs. Echo Fox > Combined Record: 27-45 > > If Cloud 9 goes at least 5-1, they finish the split at 12-6 or 11-7 which was good for a #3 seed last split. If they come away with a 3-seed after the performances we saw this past week, that would be impressive given the hole they have dug themselves into. Depending on how the rest of the split plays out, a C9-DIG quarterfinal round favors C9 heavily, and then they are probably looking at semis against CLG. A road and path exist, but plenty of split can shift this projection around. > > I have hammered on this theme week in and out with substantial criticism, but my two basic stances have not changed. > > 1. Team consistency starts with solidifying Top lane. Impact needs to be the permanent second chair, supporting Ray and perhaps coaching Ray in how to play early game more successfully, but Ray needs to be "the guy" in top lane. This is the only way you can free Contractz up to truly jungle, which is the only way Bot lane can pressure with jungle pressure parity. > > 2. Reapered needs to work harder and get over himself. The melodramatic video shot a few weeks ago of him lamenting Impact's performance left a very bitter taste in my mouth - it was attention drawing and unprofessional to the rest of the team. He needs to shelve his emotions and coach this team the way it needs to be coached to deliver results, or he needs to not be coaching. If this team someone manages a lower than 4th place finish this split, he needs to be fired. > > As always, I appreciate the feedback and comments on here. Please consider following my Support stream for a positive, energetic, and fun time together on the Rift! The problem is they are three games back of the top 3. But that may not be enough. IMT is 2-0 vs C9. They win the tie breaker. CLG is also 2-0 against c9 so they win that tie breaker. TSM went 1-1 vs C9 but the next tie breaker after that is record of total games (as opposed to matches) and TSM currently leads. So they're likely to get a Tie breaker vs C9 too. So in effect, to get third, C9 is going to have to gain 4 games on one of those teams with 6 to play. And they don't play any of them so they can't hand them a loss themselves. You suggested 5-1. Well that means someone is going to have to go 1-5. CLG has 4 games left against the same teams on C9's schedule, P1, Dig, NV, and Fox. The two harder games are IMT and TSM. IMT has 5 games left against those teams. Flyquest, Dig, Liquid, P1, and NV. The remaining more difficult game is against CLG TSM also have 5 games against those teams. Flyquest, Dig, Fox, P1, and NV. The remaining more difficult game is against CLG NV and Dig have hard schedules left and are both only one game ahead of C9. Those are the two it is very realistic to catch. There is a chance to catch one of the top 3, but they're going to have to falter.
Oh without a doubt, and nice job on the deeper digging here. Last season had a much closer gap in that 3rd-6th window at this point than last season. Even when I criticize Reapered, I set the bar at 4th for that reason - it's more likely that in reality, that's where they land. You can also look at it as that any one of those teams faltering is a low %, but you only need one to falter. Of the three, CLG feels like the weak link, but I guess we'll see these next three weeks. But if C9 can't even climb there, if they are finishing 5th or 6th, then the Cloud 9 organization has some real soul searching to do.
: What video are you talking about with Reapered/Impact ? I agree with pretty much everything you said and your points, C9 they do, they need to establish who's the Batman/Robin in top lane first( I don't mind subbing out players for rest etc, but when a coach doesn't know who's the star/starter after multiple subbing outs - it becomes a problem. If a player is messing up - you sub them out for 1-2 games, after that time you sub them back into the lineup and in this case Impact( a player that carried C9 through the regular split/playoffs/Worlds groups/QT, if they keep messing up you gotta keep with them around 80-90% of the games. If a coach keeps subbing out a player from a known rotation it hurts everyone and C9 are realizing what 1 sub can do to chemistry. If that player keeps on the decline - the following off-season you release that certain player - plain but simple. Everyone on C9 needs to pretty much step up, in 5 games last week Smoothie had 8 kills and Sneaky had 11 in a 0-2 week, Jensen was fine as far as on "paper" but in game sucked, I don't care if a player gets 100 kills and 0 deaths but still loses - they still LOST. I don't care if Jensen thinks he's the best mid in NA(Bjergsen) he's constantly around that 3-5th in % dmg among mid-laners and same goes for DPM among them too. More so for the other C9 members to carry the load and start producing. Sneaky has been in the LCS for 9 splits now and his lane phase is still mediocre, very rare do I see him actually win lane, he's consistent but just not in the lane phase/ it's the carry meta now and his overall "support/adc/poke" is really limiting his talent, he needs to either watch videos, be more aggressive or C9 just needs to have a lane swap considering if most of the C9 lanes can't really win their lanes, what's the point in doing standard lanes........... 500 gold for first tower - WHO CARES at this point C9 are 6-6 and have losing lanes if not all losing lanes because again, Jensen is great but he's kinda become like Froggen where people realize outside of lane phase he does nothing. With Jensen being the new Froggen it seems, Cloud 9 actually looks like what EF were in the past. They get early objectives 1st-2nd in dragons and first tower within 15 mins but seem to not know what to do after, add that to their mediocre lane phase at times and you have a team that "could" be bounced either out of Playoffs or not even make it to Playoffs. - Great post BTW !
Here is the video - it is the "State of the Team" address by Reapered, came out beginning of June and uploaded by C9 a couple of weeks ago.
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Azca33 (NA)
: What happened to C9?
When an entire team is struggling, you look to the person responsible for pulling the team together. And this is the press release we should see immediately after the end of this split: "Coach Reapered is relieved of his team responsibilities effective immediately and is no longer part of the Cloud 9 organization. We thank him for his service and wish him all the best in his future endeavors." followed closely by: "Impact is relieved of his team responsibilities effective immediately and is no longer part of the Cloud 9 organization. We thank him for his service and wish him all the best in his future endeavors." Only then will the hostage situation be over. Only then will the cloud hanging over Cloud 9 be lifted. I love this team - I despise this coaching mess.
: "How do you get so many tilt-proof honors"?
Smoke weed every day? Light it up like Brand #blaze420 Every time I sit to play, I actually go through a bit of a "mantra" to get my head in the right place. I will do my best to help my team win. I will make mistakes and learn from them. I remember that I am playing for the season, and One play or one game does not define me as a player. Every game is an opportunity to improve. Let's go have some fun and win some games!
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: Going to echo others comments. Ray has had good games and bad games. Impact has had good games and bad games. So who to start? The veteran player with a world championship who is having some of his worst play in years, or the inconsistent newer player who nobody knows what his upper limit is, and if he is even capable of consistently high level play? It's not as simple as you claim. Furthermore, not just their top laners, but Contractz and their bot duo had rocky starts to the split as well.
I did not claim it was simple. But I do claim and stand by that decisiveness IS simple - it's a value and a principle of leadership. As General Patton once said _"A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan executed at some indefinite time in the future."_ My thesis is that the position of indecisiveness is miring this team's performance; the panacea to this is a clear decision. They brought Ray on for a reason, and so either they need to commit to that decision, or they need to commit to Impact. I think capturing Impact's potential is akin to catching a falling knife, hence my position on a plan of action. People on a team need, and I mean NEED the confidence of the other member's of that team to do their best work. That situation is not one that inspires that confidence - all parties involved, from Impact and Ray to the other team members, deserve more respect than this situation allows. And again, I am going back to Reapered on this as being chiefly responsible for this mess - he needs to show decisive leadership or he might as well hang up his coaching career. 6-4 and 3-3 with this caliber of talent is not an acceptable level of performance.
: Who's the worst champ to get in ARAM?
Nocturne for the Laughs Out Loud losses on ARAM
: C9 Top Lane Turbulence
We can go back and forth on Ray vs Impact, but is there agreement that the "split time" is hurting Cloud 9's ability for everyone else to play consistently?
: NA > EU
As a Cloud 9 fan, I was really disappointed to see once again inconsistency in top lane, which I blame coaching entirely for in continuing to hang on to Impact when they really need to commit 100% to Ray. That said, I was VERY pleased to see Phoenix 1 start to build synergy - they made a great move in picking up MikeYeung, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they are committing 100% to him, no split time BS like we are seeing in the C9 top lane. If there's anything CLG has demonstrated in its approach, its that there is a difference between making a necessary change because the talent isn't there, and committing to building a franchise by recognizing you have the pieces, and those pieces just need time to work together.
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Buffy432 (NA)
: Frustrated With Instant Feedback System
We tolerate way too many "one-off" offenses in the community. Saying things like this is NEVER an acceptable reaction, and Riot could do much more to assertively promote a friendlier community. I love the new honor system approach - honey over vinegar is a good way of reinforcing great behavior. But that has to be matched not only with a stronger "line" for inappropriate conduct, but communication with those who are affected when consequences occur on a more consistent basis. It's that balance and trust that gives credibility to what Riot I do believe is actively trying to combat.
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Ravine19 (NA)
: Honor System
I think this is a great question! I'd also like to know where all the key fragments are, because I used to get things . . . for playing . . . and now I don't, even though I get honored nearly every game. Kinda frustrating to get excited for a new system, only to have things taken away from you.
: Patch 7.12 notes
The arcade version of Soul Calibur had a sweet team vs. team effect where you battled in different regions, with real-time global stats for your team's control of different parts. I'd love to see some sort of campaign/world mode with different maps incorporated in the experience.
: Petition For Riot To Allow Us To Toggle Different Announcer Voices
It'd be awesome to see them commission some "cult famous" actors/actresses for voice overs. Some ideas to wet the appetite: - Patrick Stewart - Jonathan Frakes - John Cleese - Sarah Michelle Gellar - Jenna-Louise Coleman - Claudia Christian - Nathan Fillion - Christopher Lambert - Danny Trejo - Steve Buscemi - Samuel L. Jackson - Kurt Russell - The Rock
: 2017 NA LCS Promotion Tournament
When you post times, can you please include a time zone reference? Makes it real rough to plan life around League when I don't know what part of the globe to be referencing...
: Anyone who disagrees and downvotes why don't you continue the discussion as to why this isn't the best solution? Nah you can't actually think of anything better but for some reason you would rather downvote.
Because this isn't Sugar Rush. And I posted a solution to the timing issue.
: Spring Split: 10 bans in pro-play
I am a tremendous fan of this change, and hope the wrinkles get ironed out sooner over later for ranked play. Currently there are 16 selections at 30 seconds a piece, for a maximum pregame time of 8 minutes. If they were to reduce the selection window for each selection by 5 seconds, the increase in maximum time for selection would be 20 seconds total. Another approach could be to scaffold the time by making all champion selection timers 20 seconds and all ban timers 30 seconds. Again, you get to the same +20 seconds mark, which for a much more effective picks and bans phase seems entirely reasonable. Even over the course of ten games of play, you're talking just above 3 minutes of additional time in pregame.


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