: An idea for balancing Kha Zix's stealth
There was a discussion about this on NALCS Lounge over a month ago. They basically said that, while this would be a more balanced solution, it would also lead to a lot of confusion, since you're having both types of invisibility in one ability.
: C9 Worlds
No matter how C9 does, they're the best performing NA team. But they still might drop out in groups.
: How much money do game developers think people will spend on their one game?
You're a piece of shit dev if you have a base game that has large amounts of DLC. If you want to make a game that lasts over time, make it free and have ways of paying for more shit, I think League is actually a really fair example of this. Honestly, I'm not even that against DLC on full price games, Nintendo especially has done it really well, the games are of value before the DLC and the DLC isn't completed by the game's release (Day 1 DLC is absolute trash). I won't necessarily blame the devs, I'm sure many of them just want to make a good game and are forced to be more profitable by publishers. Still, you can make games in the modern era without forcing out every cent they can.
: did you even watch the fucking match? Yes twitch alone was the entire reason IMT lost or would have most likely if not for some errors on rekkles including that stupid flash on tali into IMTs team.
"The fed ADC would have been the reason the team won the game" Well duh. Who else is going to carry, the 1/6 Cho'Gath? The whole point of Twitch is to do tons of damage, so he's gonna be the reason you win or lose if you rely on him as your main damage source.
: All these sheep complaining about twitch. Let me offer this as a rebuttal. There is a reason fnatic gave up 2 inhib turrets and 2 inhibs for free. Twitch's ulti was down and he's very weak without it. Yes he's strong, but stop acting like he is 1v5'ing.
Yeah, Twitch is squishy and 100% ult-reliant. I feel like people see Twitch free-hitting with an entire enemy team standing in a line at the start of a fight and assume he's broken because xd health go down.
: I would suggest getting something that's not thornmail on urgot, and see if that works. Maybe a bit of damage, other than mallet, and occasionally cleaver/maw. Last I checked, Urgot was rather damagey, and benefited form cd. I would suggest getting cleaver, all the time, as quick as possible. if you are getting hit a bit, pull a Righteous Glory, for the mana, more cd, and some defenses. Mallet seems good, so maybe get that next. This turns u into a much more healthy tank (700 from mallet, 400 from cleaver, 400 from glory, 1500 total), with only three items. You can then choose boots (armor, mr, speed...) and your other two items according to whether ur stomping, or getting stomped by physical/magical damage. also randuin's omen would be good when u jump in/flip somebody, then slow them, and do the shotgun circle around them. TL:DR Thornmail isn't super hot on urgot, get more health/damage/cd.
To add onto this match history scan, Corki does magic damage. Don't build armor and expect that to do anything to him. Adaptive Helm is the best defensive item against him, but a Maw or Visage will work if you need it.
CLG ear (NA)
: New Game Mode Idea: MIRROR MATCH
That sounds fun until you realize that the team lineups would probably be mirrored and one player probably will have far more experience than the other, making it really hard to win early on. Mirror matches are fun as tests of skill, but only if both sides have similar experience with the champ. Otherwise you're just going to have miserable lanes early on and then eventually one person is going to carry the game.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Waluigi needs his own game.
Waluigi is actually the worst. No.
Jkrexx (EUW)
: Are Riot OK with the ADC Relic Shield meta?
It's not really an issue, it's basically a gold gen version of Doran's Shield, you wouldn't pick the item and still be strong in lane compared to Doran's users.
tman3000 (NA)
This is "Snakes Don't Wear Boots" all over again.
CLG ear (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TurquoiseYoshi,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JlaoOisf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-26T21:40:21.162+0000) > > I mean, there's no real reason why she'd need to be straight, either. If you're going to use it for unfunny jokes, at least it's being used. idk I would've rather it not come up altogether than her sexuality being the impetus for shitty jokes no one laughs at.
> [{quoted}](name=CLG ear,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JlaoOisf,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-09-26T21:44:46.436+0000) > > idk I would've rather it not come up altogether than her sexuality being the impetus for shitty jokes no one laughs at. I mean, if the entire movie is shitty jokes no one laughs at, try whatever the hell you want.
CLG ear (NA)
: A problem I had with the Ghostbusters Remake
I mean, there's no real reason why she'd need to be straight, either. If you're going to use it for unfunny jokes, at least it's being used.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: Disappointed about Evelynn's rework.
: TSM got the easiest group this year
Either AuSol bugs, time zone issues even though they've been in Korea for weeks, tiebreakers that always go against TSM even though they could theoretically go against anyone, or that WE and FW are actually really strong teams from really strong regions and their underwhelming bracket performances are just coincidence.
ljt117 (NA)
: if riot is willing to give garen some buffs, why not just change his ult into physical damage?
Why? The ability doesn't scale with AD or AP currently, so you're just getting base damage + execute damage out of it whether it's magic or physical damage. And having more mixed damage is probably better, most people wouldn't expect a magic damage nuke on them if they're stacking armor against a Garen. Honestly, a better buff would just be to have it do true damage always, although that would take away from the villain mechanic.
: i am 80% sure that DIG will not make it. The team is prolly going to split. Sumday goes back to korea. Adrian looks like he is going back to college. So i mean DIG prolly for sure wont make it. 2nd TL is terrible if theyre in they will just get kicked out because of the being a bottom feeder team for too long rule that the league has implemented.So they should look to sell their spot create a better roster and see if they can come back during an expansion period or something
Unlikely, the team has had decent performance, a well-known brand, and backing from the 76ers. If they split from League after buying two orgs and spending the money to build a team like this, it would be a really questionable choice.
: Many ADCs rush {{item:3031}} No mages rush {{item:3089}}, IE's closest AP equivalent.
That's a really awkward argument. ADCs are based around scaling into the late game. A lot of ADCs rush BF Sword for the raw AD, and then either finish IE or build their first Zeal item. The thing is, until they reach 2 items, they're going to be pretty much useless whether they have IE or not. Having just an IE is pretty much useless, but there's no better AD item to rush early on to get an early power spike while still getting stats that work later. Mages, on the other hand, have Morellonomicon. 100 AP, 20% CDR, and mana. Basically everything a mage needs early on. They don't have crit to build early to scale for later. Building a first item Death Cap is complete idiocy. The item is fantastic as a 4th/5th major item. You can pretty much double your AP late-game with the 120 AP and the 35% extra AP overall. As a first item, you're missing out on CDR and mana just to get an expensive item that scales later into the game when you get more items. If ADCs had an item as efficient as Morello, where they get everything they need (probably AD, AS, and crit) early on, to get essentially a one-item spike, they would probably build it. But they don't, so they build items that will be useful later into the game when they will be useful. TL;DR Do you really want an ADC item that is as efficient early as Morellonomicon? Because I don't think you understand why Death Cap isn't rushed.
Penns (EUW)
: I was more talking about casters than adcs tho. Technically 1% crit is 1% AD, so with their 270 AD, 70-80% crit gives them around 200+ extra AD, not even counting the "AD increase" from IE. Deathcap is the only item that really gives you a lot of ap at this point, before that AD casters will probably have more AD than you have AP with items like {{item:1400}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3156}} ...
Morellonomicon, the item that pretty much every mage buys and is of equal price or cheaper than all the items listed except the jungle item, gives 100 AP. That raw AP beats the raw AD of any AD item. Stacked RoA and Luden's also give 100 AP, and very few AD items give more than the 70-80 AP that most mage items have. AD casters absolutely lose to AP casters in terms of raw stats totals, which is why they typically end up with higher scalings.
: LoL's present and future
Ospraey (NA)
: This Worlds Will have Low Viewer numbers
In the west, yes, they will be lower. In China, it will be absolutely enormous, and I think the Chinese market easily makes up for the lost NA market.
Penns (EUW)
: im more concerned about all of them having like 60-80 AP blue doesnt give ap anymore, items got nerfed like zhonyas from 100, in season 5 120, to 70, no one builds Rabadons yet 100% ap scaling is "a lot" for ap champs while an auto attack is 100% ad scaling lel
I mean, ADCs build like, 2-3 items with decent AD. IE/ER has 70. Then there's two AS/Crit items with 0 AD, plus boots as well. LDR/Mortal have 50, and now you have one item left. GA is 40, Maw is 50, Scimitar is 65. Average is about 50 more AD from a last item. Overall that's 170, plus about 100 from level 18 base stats/runes/masteries. Overall, 270. If you tried to stack the highest AD items in the game and don't buy boots, you'd get about 500 from IE/ER/BT/Death's Dance/Scimitar/Ghostblade, which is a shitty build but is around the most you could even try to stack. A mage build can hit that value typically hit that 270 value in 3-4 items (depending on how much AP you're stacking). Morello gives 100. Every other mage item that isn't Luden's, Death Cap, or ROA starts with 70-80 AP. Averaging it at 75, you're getting 250 at 3 items. Useless boots make 4, Void Staff probably makes 5 at 330 AP, and Death Cap puts that over 600, without accounting for runes or masteries. So a fairly standard mage build averages over 600 AP at full build, while ADC builds typically hit around 270. So yes, there is a fantastic reason why 100% AP scalings are a lot. AD and AP really cannot be compared in terms of stats to damage, because there are so many variables within them. ADCs have faster attacks and crit, APs have more AoE and CC, and both have wide varieties of damage sources between champions in the class, from Cassio who rapid-fire attacks like an ADC, to Corki who spellcasts like a mage.
: Worlds Tokens?
You can probably get 120 free if you do the missions daily.
: They usually end up with 4 or 5 items under 3k if you count boots.
Which sounds bad until you realize that the same is true of every class in the game.
Carreau (NA)
: Maokai or Gragas
Honestly, you can pick either of them. They're very similar. In terms of being different, Mao'Kai is easier due to W, Gragas is better at jungling and has more lane pressure due to his Q being fairly large. If you want to do well early, I would recommend Gragas. If you want to have a better and easier teamfight at the expense of any early pressure, pick Mao'Kai.
: If League was balanced, banning wouldn't need to be a thing
At low elos, bans are mostly pointless because anyone can beat anyone else with any champ, it's 100% skill-based. It's still fun to have though so whatever.
: Any good Movies Out there?
no good movies don't exist
Brascus (NA)
: 4 supports and 1 ADC new meta
No tanks, one damage source, and nothing but shields. Against an actually good teamfight, they would fall apart. It's a funny video, but not something to base actual balance decisions off of. When Shen Ardent Censor jungle is winning games, you know that they're not playing a very high level of opponent.
Krafir (NA)
: The truth about the game we "hate and love"
: Just won $310 on the only lottery ticket I've ever bought. AMA.
CLG ear (NA)
: im goin to walmart
Some cold medicine, if you don't mind. I'm dying over here.
5050BS (NA)
: This is why the meta has consisted of about 20 champs at all times. They dont really change just who is on top of that 20 stack. Anyone NOT in that stack means you will fall in ELO.
No it doesn't. There's a guy who got to Diamond 3 by spamming Xerath jungle. The main factor in ranked climbing is skill, if you're bad, then you won't climb. You pretty much have to get into the top .1% of players before your champion actually starts mattering in climbing elo.
Ahris (NA)
: Why Does ADC's have the Best Late Game?
Statistically, it's because they deal DPS, which is the best type of damage late, when everyone is tankier and front lines are more important. Balance-wise, it's because they're incredibly squishy. As a class, their difficulty is not in doing damage but in staying alive. Doing damage is easy, as long as you stay in range. Staying alive takes careful movements and good use of items/summs to not die while still staying in range to deal damage.
: I can't read that nonsense.
> [{quoted}](name=VirginRivenMain,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Nbqc5MrP,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-09-14T00:08:31.945+0000) > > I can't read that nonsense. Clapless: Arena of Valor will kill League of Legends
CIocks (NA)
: it lists first blood and kill streaks as features sign me the fuck up
> [{quoted}](name=Clock Codes,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Nbqc5MrP,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-09-14T00:10:56.413+0000) > > it lists first blood and kill streaks as features > > sign me the fuck up I'VE NEVER PLAYED A GAME LIKE THAT BEFORE IT'S AN ALL-NEW FEATURE OF THE WORLD OF GAMING
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Khristophoros,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VqQee7Nz,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2017-09-13T18:10:03.599+0000) > > Other botlane strategies I've seen focus on winning early game so if those are considered reliable enough to play against support + ADC that would mean they win so often and shut down the ADC so consistently that those strategies become dominant. In that scenario would you ever want to play ADC? > > If this scenario is achieved by nerfing ADCs it would be especially hard to find any viable niche for an ADC because they're already not favored in any other position. While I think this may be true, keep in mind, there is nothing that says the ADC here has to go bot lane to the 2v2. Which is, I think, where the meta could become interesting in the future here.
To be fair, who would go in other lanes? I mean, Quinn, Graves, and Corki already go other roles, but none are really the physical DPS that's usually expected out of an ADC. Most ADCs just don't have the lane presence to exist out of a 2v2, especially if they're going for a late-game DPS build (crit) and not a mid-game build (Lethality).
Hells (NA)
: Imagine if it was Fnatic in Group A. It would be 2015 MSI all over again. As much as i don't want C9 to be in Group C, I would love to see the 2015 MSI match-ups again.
That would also be identical to the Quarterfinals of S5 Worlds. AHQ/SKT and EDG/FNC
Unvictus (NA)
: Hurricane and shiv give any adc all the wave clear they need. Not to mention some have good waveclear in their kit as it is. And let's not act like no adc's have utility or cc. Oh, and you can't forget that adc's have a whole role dedicated to protecting them, especially with items like ardent censor.
Hold up, I think we need to make a note here. Sure, some ADCs have decent waveclear. Hurricane and Shiv are good, although it's no Viktor laser, Xerath Q, or Anivia ult. Range is often the biggest issue, although RFC/Shiv usually circumvents that. Certain ADCs (mostly Sivir) get extra waveclear, but that's pretty much it for in-kit waveclear. But utility? Ashe has a fair amount of utility, in terms of ult, slows, and vision. Kalista has some similar utility to Ashe but weaker, the Boards' holy messiah of balance Jhin has a bit of utility, Sivir has ult on top of her waveclear, and a few other ADCs have a little CC, mostly defensive with a high CD or ults. But mages are very different. Orianna has a shield and a very important AoE CC ult. Lissandra has CC on basically her entire kit. Vel'Koz has CC on most of his kit. Anivia, Fiddlesticks, Taliyah, Lux; all have utility/CC of sorts on much of their kit. Even the less utility-prone mages have CC on their basic abilities, like Syndra, Cassio, TF, Ahri, Ryze, Veigar, and pretty much everybody else. You can't act like no ADCs have utility or CC, but you also can't equate mage CC/utility to ADC CC/utility. Mages have better utility. Marksmen have better DPS. Both classes offer different things to the late-game.
: There's going to be a Nintendo Direct this September 13th
I'm so fucking ready. Predictions: More Odyssey worlds Some rando 3rd party ports Something new and crazie from Nintendo I dunno probably some M+R DLC announcements Some other shit Eat my shorts
Nymzo (NA)
: You are right but then it's not a support meta, it's a ''protect the adc'' meta like the one that we are currently are. When someone says ''assassin meta'', ''adc meta'' or ''tank meta'', it's usually because you can see a lot of champions of this class in every match, so much so there's like 3 of them in one team.
Well then you have to question what a support is and what a support meta means. Graves and Quinn aren't really marksmen in the sense that they are bot laners and late-game hypercarries with long-range DPS, but they're still marksmen and are mentioned in references to marksmen metas. Swain, Orianna, and Zyra are very different champs and are usually played in different roles, but they all count as mages. Shen and Galio top aren't supports in the sense that they stand next to an ADC all game, but they still support and protect a main carry of the team as their main use. A support meta will probably always be a protect the carry meta, since supports, by nature, try to assist their carries. It's not like you're going to see a team of Lulu, Ivern, Karma, Tahm Kench, and Rakan, because that comp is just running around initiating and shielding for each other without actually doing damage.
: I don't get why mages have so many health items?
I think it's mostly because mage items are somewhat difficult to make interesting stats-wise. AD stats have AD, AS, crit, lifesteal, Lethality/armor pen, and maybe on-hit damage if you count it. AP stats are AP, magic pen... and mana if you count it? For a few of those (Liandry's, Rylai's, Protobelt), they probably just have HP tacked on because having more AP or CDR would be overkill, and manaless champions buy them so mana would be not great. It would be nice if we had more AP stats so that different APs could itemize differently for different situations. ADs can go full AS like Kog, or full crit like Xayah, or full lifesteal like Kalista. Right now, all that matters for mages is how much AP, HP, and mana you eventually want. I'm not saying that AP items are weak, because I think they're still pretty decent, but they're boring as hell and you typically buy the same build every game no matter what mage you play.
Nymzo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TurquoiseYoshi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MpIrfcdw,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-09-11T19:51:53.095+0000) > > The whole point of a support meta is to buff up a single person, because that is what supports are made to do. Correction: enchanters, Thresh and Blitz definately don't buff anyone. > with something like a **warden** top, Lulu/Karma mid, and an enchanter support A warden? Since it's a support meta, we are talking about {{champion:12}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:223}} right? I can see only Tahm Kench been somewhat viable but I doubt it if he faces a good Riven or Renekton
Shen? Mao'Kai? Galio? Poppy? Warden top laners definitely exist. They're not standard supports (although all of them technically could be supports), but they're still Wardens based around protecting and/or peeling for a single carry.
Nymzo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=PhantomGG,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MpIrfcdw,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-11T14:51:44.036+0000) > > the support meta, I have yet to see that. We are talking about having at least 3 supports on the same thing like other metas right? Unless you are talking about a juggermaw comp.
The whole point of a support meta is to buff up a single person, because that is what supports are made to do. In that sense, a juggermaw comp, with something like a warden top, Lulu/Karma mid, and an enchanter support, can definitely be part of a support meta.
: black market brawlers had nice alternatives!
I feel like this should be obvious, but the BMB items were insanely broken and should not be taken as a serious balance possibility. I like the idea of more Lost Chapter items but definitely don't look at BMB for ideas.
KilljoyX (NA)
: When do worlds capsules start?
Probably when Worlds starts. The draw show is on the 12th, and the play-in starts on the 23rd, so somewhere between those dates.
Rioter Comments
: I hate to say it, but yes... Iv already said a few times that ADCs have better wave clear than AP champs. My example was the time it takes my E, Q skillshots on Ziggs to travel to a wave, a marksman has crit cleared it with {{item:3085}} or {{item:3087}} . I mean should they have great single target DPS, and AoE wave clear that mages cant keep up with and cost them mana? Kinda silly right? {{item:3085}} is part of why mages are suffering. Why bring AP wave clear when they cant keep up with the ADC?
Okay, don't mention that mages have way longer range on their waveclear. That's not an important piece of context.
: Are we really considering Twitch's tiny True damage DoT "True damage", as one of the reasons he might be too powerful? Really? Something that with 6 stacks fully, does 30 damage? Saying you reset the duration a couple times, you might amass 60 damage over the course of how long? That said, I've said it once, I'll say it again, Twitch does not have the kill time of an assassin unless Fed. Unlike assassins, he has no innate mobility, his only escape being what he uses to start fights in which he needs to get a kill to spiral off with. You wanna fight him better? Don't stack directly behind each other, or close like you would Annie. Tanks should be using red Trinkets, and you should be pinking your jungle exits. If they're going to engage on you, sacrifice the tank if need be, but get him CC'd. Fighters who can get on Twitch and stun the fucker can do the job, but only if they can get on top (which i know is a challenge). Forcing him to change his direction to deal with a new threat saves your team damage. If you can, just disengage, and now he's down an ult. Always be watching to see if you can see Twitch. If you can't, he's likely on his way already, as he's pretty much like Evelynn in that regard.
Something kinda mentioned, but Twitch is also super useless without his ult. If he doesn't have ult, he doesn't do damage. His Q sounds great until you realize that unless he has ult, he's running into kill range as a squishy ADC with basically no damage.
Arduno (NA)
: People say we all hook up in the dream world
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