: Riot, Death Sentence lacks clarity and is a bad game experience for those on the opposite end.
> [{quoted}](name=Water Breathing,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3pgIfHd9,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-12T21:05:34.694+0000) > >**Every ability with a cast time longer than .25s faces the direction of their ability during said cast time.** {{champion:245}}
: Which line? I can't remember. I always liked "Let me demonstrate 'Hammer Diplomacy'".
_Summoner uses /joke command_ {{champion:78}} "Jokes? I don't know any jokes." It's similar to Vayne's, but not quite. Still has that sense of seriousness, though.
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: This seems really cool, but pretty dangerous too simply given how much power that is. Of course, tuning could be adjusted as needed, and Kha'Zix isn't really the powerhouse currently that he's been in the past, so maybe that's not even such a big deal. I can definitely see why it's a compelling idea, but I wonder if moving toward a charge direction would have similar snowball problems as Akali R. That said, you're not suggesting more charges on kill/assist, and maybe that's where most of Akali's R abuse cases have historically come from. But yeah, really interesting... Is someone could enlighten me as a non-Kha'Zix main, would this dramatically change the dynamic of how he evolves his skills? Does evolving R feel worthless at the moment? One of the issues I know has always existed on Kha'Zix is that the strengths of his evolutions, and thus the order in which players might rank them, can get jumbled around quite a bit whenever they're tweaked.
I encourage anything that buffs AP Kha'Zix. {{champion:121}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3100}}
: Why is Rylai's not built on every AP right now?
Sometimes it's entirely unnecessary and mana/sustain is more important. {{item:3027}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:13}}
Proelium (NA)
: All in all I think they made a far LESS aggressive champion that relies far MORE on the enemy being stupid. I don't like that.
You mean how fencing and dueling should be? I don't see how "attack and stick onto a target until it dies, as I have no escapes" was thematic.
: Tahm get damage by building health
He can, just get life steal. {{champion:2}}
Meddler (NA)
: I believe those are the changes for 5.14, though I don't have the patch notes to hand at the moment so there might be something small I'm forgetting. While there are only a few lines of change there I do think we'll see some substantial improvement in Elise's performance. The stun increase in particular is a pretty substantial buff, increasing stun duration by 60% for the majority of the game (Elise, even with the current E rank ups, still tends to max E last, so has rank one E until level 14).
I have to ask, with the change of spiderling damage from physical to magic, does that mean Elise's spiderlings will no longer damage structures? Also +5% AP on spiderling damage is a huge buff, that's +25% AP on a Spider Form Q late game when Elise has 5 spiderlings on her, coupled with spiderlings doing magic damage now, I question if Elise will be too strong maxing W>E>Q and melting people.
: Is Vladimir a vampire?
You can be assured that Vlad is _definitely not_ a vampire. http://i.imgur.com/Q0TKVnB.png
: Tell me Riot what is actually wrong with allowing 5 bans?
Less bans encourages Riot to balance outlier champions, and restricts players less on what champs they can play. More bans encourages removing your entire team comp's counters, and lock-out tactics at high skill level where everyone knows each other.
Rebonack (NA)
: Why don't you like Dominion?
: Why is Rylai's getting a 40% slow to AOE skills?
So {{champion:28}} can make people cry.
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Meddler (NA)
: In this set of changes, which aren't necessarily final yet, the damage on auto attacks isn't changing. The 5/10/15/20 +.15 AP number you're looking at there is the heal per auto attack, not the new damage value (we're considering shifting the healing from the W to the R). The post Rappel bonus is then a multiplier to the 10-40 damage, boosting that to 20-80 and the heal (which is half the bonus damage) to 10-40.
The tooltip definitely needs to be reworded to be less confusing, as currently Rappel (Spider E) says: * "_After descending, Elise's personal spider attacks have their **bonuses** increased by 40/55/70/85/100% for 5 seconds_" While her Spider Form (R) says: * "_Elise deals (10/20/30/40 +.30 AP) bonus Magic Damage per attack **and** heals herself for half that amount._" The way this is worded would mean at max Rappel rank, Elise would do twice as much magic damage, but *also* her healing would no longer be half of her magic damage, but instead 100% of it, as 50% doubled is 100%. That would mean Elise would heal by (20/40/60/80 +.60 AP) per attack if the tooltip were true. It also is vague enough to make me ask "Does that apply to _any_ bonuses I have on my attacks while in Spider Form, like {{item:3115}}?" Maybe Rappel's tooltip could be reworded to just say something like this: * "_After descending, **Spider Form**'s bonus magic damage is increased by 40/55/70/85/100% for 5 seconds_" ?
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: {{item:3710}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3267}} I'm sorry Rammus, but that just isn't going to happen today
: Caitlyn's Auto Animation Suggestion
Omega Squad Teemo's a good example of this, I think. He holds his weapon ready for a short while after each attack.
: NA Server Roadmap Update: South Bridge pt. 2 & ISP Peering
The server centralization worries me as I play on the NA server from Australia, because my online friends that play League are all in the U.S.. I hope the game won't become unplayable... (I usually have around 190 ping)
: Um, why? If you don't want when they have, don't take it and they'll then roll. If you prefer what they have then do so, and they can use their reroll so everybody is happy. If they just roll without trying to get a preferred champ someone else has, they might end up with something you won't trade for now and they still don't want. Ask them if they're rerolling instead of making assumptions.
I don't think I was concise enough in the original post, I meant when someone silently offers to trade, it almost always means they'd like the champ you currently have. Whenever someone wants to give away their champion and reroll they don't just throw trade requests at people, they ask in chat if anyone wants their champion before they reroll.
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: That new Irelia skin splash!
Judging by the angle of the water Irelia is actually hovering above the surface on her stomach, if she was standing vertical it would be impossible to see her reflection at this angle. The splash would make more sense if we are actually looking at Irelia from underwater, but the flower on the left shows we aren't.
: Even if it doesn't go through the same multiplier, it will only make her double auto / spell auto poke better. Her sustained damage won't increase all that much becuase it only does 20% of bonus ad per second, which with 50 bonus ad is only 10 bonus damage per second, which is less than recurve bow passive provides.
It depends if the first tick of damage from Wicked Hatchet's passive is applied on every crit, giving Ashe +20%(?) bonus AD damage on each auto. If that is so, does it also apply when Ashe uses Ranger's Focus at 5 stacks? EDIT: Ah, it seems it doesn't do either of those things, nevermind!
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: > [{quoted}](name=Turret49,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NqY67Gsd,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-13T21:39:20.046+0000) > > Remember her ult can scale up to a whopping 5 seconds, why isn't Ashe rewarded for running all the way there and engaging? 3.5 seconds, and you're apparently not familiar with using Teleport to follow ECA.
Fixed in the main post, it was a mistake on my part, thanks. I know there are ways to get to the target almost instantly, the point I'm trying to make is that Frost Shots and ECA together as is feels wonky and unthematic. (Is the stunned enemy not meant to be frozen?)
sp441 (NA)
: ...Dude, you're already an ADC with the ability to both initiate from long range, as well as having one of the most powerful stuns in the game, I think that's enough.
Except ult bursting is a defining part of playing Ashe and one of her strengths. It's still there but only at close range, which doesn't make sense to me. I'd rather Ashe not personally benefit more from ulting at close ranges, as her ult is designed for long range.
: Ashe's stun only scales up to 3.5 seconds, and that's if you land it from 2400 range (approximately 2.2 full screens away). If you can reach someone from 2400 range away in 3.5 seconds as an immobile adc you either used teleport or took a lantern, and either way the stun would have worn off or almost worn off by the time you arrived.
Ah, 3.5? My mistake. So you're saying Ashe shouldn't be rewarded for making it there in time? Late game movespeed is nothing to scoff at, and Enchanted Crystal Arrow isn't exactly a fast projectile.
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: Some Evelynn update ideas! (my art)
I love these fan designs that are more beastly than stripperific, and do neat stuff with her colour scheme. The big claws are great. Wings don't really make sense on Evelynn for me (I don't really imagine her floating around the place), especially if they have to replace her tassels. (Edit: Just realized you actually removed the wings and put in the tassels, the order of things in the OP is a bit confusing!) Have you already seen Cleankid's take on an Evelynn VU? What you did with her upper arms reminds me of it.
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: Ooh! The purple is a cool idea o_o! What other colors would you bundle in the pack?
I'd have a chroma colour that makes him match closer to the other Mecha skins, like Mecha Aatrox's blue armor. Evolving R would turn him colourful red and orange to fit the other skins' colour changes.
: You mean like Zed? If it's a bug then it hasn't been fixed for the longest time
Bug or not, it wasn't until the latest patch that it appeared on Garen.
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Sukishoo (NA)
: Dat Teemo Login
The theme reminds me of Unreal Tournament, pretty sweet.
Khalibus (NA)
: New Ultra Rapid Fire Predictions
Teemo can make good use of his passive due to more available situations to stealth, W passively makes him faster than most champions, E doesn't need mana and does magic damage over time, unaffected by cooldown or crits. I'm not sure how effective Teemo's damage over time would be if he went tanky enough to avoid initial burst damage, however he doesn't have to worry about mana and cooldowns as much as other champs. Edit: Also, I think burst Evelynn with furor boots would be really effective. Edit 2: Also also, Quinn does decent damage with Harrier alone, I think she'll be fine in this mode.
: Lore Wise: Who is the strongest Human in Runeterra?
{{champion:86}} Can lift the entire planet with one arm, no contest.
: Kayle: Fun and Healthy?
Kayle's probably my favourite champion to support with, I don't have an issue with her range as I see her W as less of a heal and more of a repositioning/initiation tool, it's easy to go in, harass and move out again while the enemy's slowed. As support Kayle you only use E when you need it, and usually build enough CDR that it can stay up indefinitely anyway. Going tanky support with kayle (with {{item:3092}}) gives you a lot of utility, and the enemy team is unsure who to focus as you have % armor and mr reduction to spread around. I don't really see the point in the Q change, it just looks like more removal of targeted abilities for the sake of removing them, which I'm tired of seeing. I don't want to see it turn into a slowing version of a morgana Q. Also, Kayle's E has a downtime early on for a reason, you're saying you're worried about her being too hard to engage on and that she needs to buy CDR, but then you bring up the idea of it being a toggle and mana intensive?
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: The new AP Shiv is BRILLIANT
This item sounds like it will be crazy on TF. {{champion:4}}
: Who is Evelynn?
Maybe she is an agent for the Shadow Isles, sneaking around Valoran and sowing fear as people come across random, mysterious bloody murders, almost always men. That doesn't actually say *who* she is, however.
Konidias (NA)
: I just love all these no mana cost champs who can right click target and press R to delete upwards of 80% HP without any skill whatsoever. Always fun to lane against a Katarina or Fiora as a squishier champ. All they have to do is get within range and press R... there is no strategy involved at all. The thing that annoys me the most is they all run on "energy"... while you have to run back and buy mana pots for sustain in lane, they can just buy more health pots or even flasks because god forbid they actually need to manage their skill usage.
: Can we change the Bladed Armor Mastery to Magic Damage since Monsters have no MR?
The physical damage had great synergy with Spirit of the Elder Lizard, but alas... {{champion:32}}
: Blue skin, metal gloves and boots, her stomach area was entirely covered and a completely different cannon design
Don't forget her blue eyes, different ears, her curly hair (new hair is spikey), and her bag of cannon balls.
: Nemesis Draft Q&A coming 2/17
{{champion:115}} sees {{champion:18}} as a gremlin confirmed?
: Why remove what little counterplay Rek'Sai has?, let's look for a second the champions who can EVEN silence her: {{champion:31}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:90}} Most of those have almost no escape tools aside from their silence (Maybe Cho has his huge knockup, but hitting a mobile champion with it is an awful experience, and well, fiddles fear) so giving Rek'Sai this little weakness on targets she would otherwise find extremely easy to jump on is really fair. I mean, silence has always been a tool for counterinitiation, so screwing up Rek'Sais initiation with it is just fair.
Rek'Sai may be mobile, but her dash is very predictable and slow. All those champs you mentioned (except Garen) have more than one form of CC, and can just lay it down on wherever Rek'Sai is going and pull their full combo on her. You don't need silence to do that, and that's not what this discussion is about. I don't know if this interaction with silence on Rek'Sai is intentional, but being silenced while burrowed feels very wrong and unintuitive as you can't attack at all, when the purpose of silence is to stop actives from being used, not neutralize the enemy entirely.
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DMC75001 (NA)
: @Riot, Something about this Tristana Art...
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