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: hhmmm, gold 3 against 700+ lp challengers seems fair?
I would say its fair considering it was 2 diamonds, a challenger, master on ur team... and they had 2 challengers 2 golds...
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: Has anyone gotten this before...?
2 days now still no reply from support team.
: A 2 week ban without a reform card means that it was probably the result of a manual review. That typically means that its gameplay(trolling) related not chat related. I looked through your game history a little and didn't see anything that really stood out. If there is nothing troll related that you have done then you should submit a support ticket and ask for more information.
thanks for the info. appreciate ur help.
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: You're not placed yet, so I'd say finish placements before you try to reconsider your strategy. However, you do seem to be jungling more often than not? My best advice for that would be to focus on bot lane and focus on objectives. The new changes to how towers work (the first tower bonus gold, the lack of shielding on bot turret etc) make it a better place to gank than top or mid. Maybe as Lee, start in your bot lane, gank top and level 3 to try to snowball your top laner and then hit bot often and hard. The enemy jungler may go top to try to undo the damage you did earlier and that will allow you to take dragons or bot turret. Once you do that, you can play it by ear and try to show up where you're needed.
Thank you for the tips, I appreciate your comments :)
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Rivuo (NA)
: Funny how OP made a thread complaining about people complaining.
I see suggestions, not complaining. You must be really confused between the two.
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Chaos689 (NA)
: premades... waht'd you expect?
I did not expect anything less, but that does not justify what they did. And they will go unpunished if they only receive 1 report. So I am hoping a moderator would do something or at least have their accounts tagged for this behaviour.
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