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Akrid415 (NA)
: Why does no one complain about Ahri?
> Why does no one complain about Ahri? Its mostly because she is one of the more better designed and balanced mid laner in the game. She doesnt have any, if not, little, infuriating mechanics built into her kit that makes her unfun to play against. Compare her kit to the likes of Akali, Gnar, Fiora, Aatrox, and others within a certain degree. However the reason as to why her winrate is so high isnt because she's all that strong but moreso because a lot of champions are extremely weak currently. The champions that could answer her has been constantly nerfed to no longer be an answer.
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: Guinsoos is a broken item
So what makes it a broken item again? You just said nothing but buzzwords that can be applied to any other item. So again, what makes it broken? Is it because it's the only thing making some on-hit champs like Vayne or Jax actually usable? It's already been nerfed to hell and back so what if you get rid of the phantom hit, what do you think is going to happen to champs that needed it? The only top tier champ that even builds rageblade is Vayne. No one else that is currently meta builds it and yet you want to punish everybody else because of 1 champion. There are an extreme list of issues going on and Rageblade is no where near being the top.
: Current Stormrazor will never work no matter how you buff it
While it may make sense, it will never EVER be a viable pick due to the reasons you already stated and another reason is how weak the energized effects actually are across all the items. Stattik Shiv has been nerfed into oblivion a long time ago when they removed the bonus damage on minions. Thus making RFC a more desirable choice but not purely because of the effect per say but because there's no other viable options if you're not a champ that can use Hurricane effectively. So I wouldnt say Stormrazer is bad because of it being actually bad but because of how weak the other energized effects are. A quick and simple solution would be to revert Stormrazer to it's previous iteration because of how it works now it will never be looked at fondly. Its like buying item that boosts your bonus armor and MR by x% but you have practically none to begin with.
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Áery (NA)
: Support items should just get a massive overhaul at this point
Instead of nerfing support items again, why not instead buff the Dorans items? Or introduce new starter items like an AD version of Dark Seal? Having alternative strats is completely fine and experimenting/theory crafting to find them is one of the main reasons why people love this game. The reason why Klepto Spellthief top seems to oppressive is because of the consequence of nerfing everything. This strat isnt the cause but of a symptom of their balance decisions. Why not revert the Dorans Shield nerf? Or allow us to buy health pots along with Corruption Potion?
: LS Rants About How Midlane is now the Worst Lane and will become slaves to serve ADCs
Champions like Lissandra being meta is not because Lissandra is overpowered or even great, it's because everyone else around her kept getting nerfed into the ground. To the point like LS pointed out that the champs that are supposed to keep her in check, cant. Liss being meta is of a consequence of everything else. Same thing that happened with Sion and a more obvious example, Oldtrox. With almost everyone taking his damage comment out of context, let me try put it in a better perspective. Mages who is supposed to have high damage/burst or ones that could be considered to be assassins can no longer do their jobs effectively. The said damage output from Assassin Mages (Ahri) are now on the same level as a Utility Mage (Liss). Thus, why pick Ahri over Lissandra when both have the same damage output but Liss offering much more? While yes, there is too much damage in the game. However the issue is a lot more complex than a lot of people realize. The distribution of the damage is too far spread across the board rather than being isolated to champions who are designed to deal high damage. Thats why we have tanks that can deal as much damage as fighters or in rare cases, assassins. When you look at it as a whole, everyone's damage output is between grade B to A, rather than D to S. The consequence to that is the decrease of champion diversity where it starts to feel that everyone plays the same. For comparison, champions like Malphite has the same assassination potential as a Khazix . The only thing I dont agree with LS is his tier list but thats just more of the difference between of our definitions of the tiers. Where he would tier a champ based on how they perform in the current meta whereas with me I would tier a champ based on their overall effectiveness. For example, LS would grade Urgot **S+** and Sion **S** whereas I would grade them both as **A**. I still consider Urgot and Sion being top tier but not because of how powerful they actually are like a S grade would imply _but because how weak everyone else has gotten_.
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: I think Shyvana needs more buffs...
Wow again a whole bunch of nothing! Why not at the very least nerf her E's AP ratio and move it's power to Q as it's by far the weakest skill in the game. As a reminder, originally her lvl1 Q was... * 80%AD then * 40%AD now * 20%AD Now some might say its purely for onhit effects and because of Press the Attack, however while it may be a decent rune on her, it is not the end all be all. What if she's needs to shred tanks better with Conq or better sustain with like Grasp? Thats just with her Q mind you. She's also been hit very hard on her W making her clearspeed even slower. The butcher of her passive is obvious. As of now, she it literally a worse version of Vi in every single way. If they want to make her actually relevant with simple buffs then I think they should make her attacks on marked enemies from Flame Breath heal her for the amount dealt. Or at least some form of sustain from hitting marked enemies. ============================**OH AND THIS IS IMPORTANT**==================== Her main core item for the jungle, {{item:1416}} Bloodrazor {{item:1419}} , it's passive %hp dmg, **_does not apply lifesteal_**. I always thought this was extremely dumb and unreasonable and is one of the major factors that is not only holding Shyvana back but other champs like Kindred as well.
: Riot: "We're having Akali keep her shroud as it makes her very unique."
I will forever say that if they were to just move her healing from her dash to another skill then she would be balanced, if not it would be a gigantic step towards it. But yeah the disarm is absolutely unnecessary. Might as well keep bonus damage to shields since it hasnt been relevant after the Locket nerf, even more so after nerfing Janna. Now we have a lot of newer champs like Akali, Aatrox, and Irelia with with a ton of sustain that is directly tied to their damage, aka several Vlads with CC and mobility.
: Fear of Tank Metas vs What We Have Now
The people are complaining because rather than addressing the actual issue at hand, they hit everything else around it. Its like someone who is wanting to sell their house so they cut their neighbor's yard to increase their value, but neglect to ever cut his own yard. This is how they balance their game. For example, rather than reworking {{champion:112}} Viktor's {{champion:112}} shield from his Q which was making him unpunishable, they kept nerfing it's damage over and over again. The result was that it "buffed" champs that didnt have an issue with him in the first place while the one's he was keeping down is unchanged. This applies to the whole direction of the "Meta". When Tanks were meta it was because not because of their defenses or utility, it was due to their high damage output. When they did actually nerf tanks, they not only hit their damage but they also hit their defense. Making them weaker in all areas instead of one. Making tanks less tankier made the rise of assassins. With ADCs, instead of only reworking/nerfed IE which was the main cause of many of the past's issues, they nerfed every crit item across the board absolutely gutting ADCs into non existence. The result was making champs like Oldtrox top tier as the champs that were keeping him in check were destroyed. They of course revert the crit nerfs and now I actually think ADCs are in a healthy state. There's some minor adjustments that can be done but it's currently in its best state it ever has been. But now in this Meta's current state? I dont know what to call it. Overdesigned Meta? Overloaded? Because all of the best champs are the worst to play against due to their overloaded kits. Galio, Akali, Fiora, Newtrox, Kaisa, Irelia, all who makes champs like Garen look like they require more skill.
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: Zac Should be Reverted. Riot Please Read!
I have more of an issue with his Q than his Ult personally. It requires a lot more effort than the payoff it gives. Give his old Q back then I would be fine.
: To be fair, this is in line with Riot’s general balancing paradigms. Riot believes (and the win rates of those champs seem to back Riot up on this) that these three champs aren’t necessarily overpowered so much as incredibly obnoxious to deal with. As such, Riot’s chosen to nerf their survivability and safety while keeping the mechanics that make them good (Akali and Leblanc’s burst, Irelia’s mobility) untouched. Essentially, the problem is not that the champs are too strong, but rather that the champs don’t have enough windows of vulnerability to exploit.
When regarding to their winrate together with how they function it gets extremely complicated since there is an immense amount of factors that can skew their actual performance. So tying in winrate hardly means anything unless the said winrate is in the extremes. >As such, Riot’s chosen to nerf their survivability and safety while keeping the mechanics that make them good (Akali and Leblanc’s burst, Irelia’s mobility) untouched. Essentially, the problem is not that the champs are too strong, but rather that the champs don’t have enough windows of vulnerability to exploit. > I think you should reword that statement since they didnt actually touch their survivability. They did if you want to be literal about it but in practicality these touches means nothing to them since it's not their core. Irelia's sustain is still insane as long as it's a part of her Q and Akali will still do what she does. Im going to include Viktor into this list as well because its the same for him. {{champion:112}} Siphon Power (Q) Cooldown increased from 8/7/6/5/4 to **9/8/7/6/5** Damage lowered from 60/80/100/120/140 to **50/65/80/95/110** Like the above, these changes means literally nothing when he will still shield for 150+ on a 3 second cooldown right after Iceborn. As a whole he has better shielding than Nautilus especially during lane phase. He will still see dominance in the top lane with little to no competition. Not because of his damage but purely because of how his shields scale.
dramenbejs (EUNE)
: Reason why this game is getting worse and worse
>childish new champions, > Dont know if I would say theres a correlation there >tons of mobility > Been like that for a long time now. I dont feel Tencent is the cause. >making this game way too dynamic > You're misusing the word. It became more binary in the grand scheme of things. As a game being dynamic implies it holds a lot of decision making and variety which it currently does not in this state. >asians love dynamic, colorful, childish, epileptic stuff. (the more sh1t is going on the screen the better) > Nah, everybody loves that in general as it attracts more of a casual audience. The casual audience will flock to a product that has a better form than one that has a better function. Just look at every western AAA releases the past couple years for an example. > **FYI League owner is now Tencent, chinesse leech that gradually sucks all the best out of our beloved, old but gold League that americans have invented.** > If I could reverse engineer and host a private server then I would do so in a heartbeat.
: The Camille nerf missed the mark really hard.
You're absolutely right. Cam is what Zac can do with his E maxed, but right out of the gate.
Malak (NA)
: Tweet from MapleNectar - List of Nerfs for 8.24!
Dont know why people are championing these changes when its literally a whole lot of nothing except for Leblanc pre7. Why keep focusing on Viktor's Q dmg when the core problem revolves around his shield? He's still going to be seeing a lot of dominance in the top lane but sure, lets just ignore his 150+ shields on a 3 second CD after Iceborn on top of a MS buff.
: Opinions on PBE nerfs for Akali, Irelia and LeBlanc?
Its a whole lot of nothing. Again hitting everything but the actual issue. Akali can still damage champs with almost no repercussions under the shroud due to her absurd short timeframe after attacking. Irelia still does what she does with no changes to her efficiency. She still has her immense sustain that is combined with her waveclear. Leblanc is probably impacted the most before level 7. At lvl7 and getting the needed items it becomes redundant.
Moody P (NA)
: Nasus gets buffed way too hard way too often to continue to suck - Small rework?
I wouldnt say Nasus needs any form of a rework but the reason for his performance I will argue on would actually be his rune choices. A lot of the runes I say that he desperately needs are all over the place. Thus gating him from reaching his full potential. If I were to get to choose without being forced into investing the rest into a path then it would look a lot like this. Conqueror Approach Velocity Second Wind Transcendence Nimbus Cloak Ravenous Hunter And note that none of my preferred runes are in the same row for the lack of better words. Each of them are in different rows but not on the same path. Anyhow what im trying to get at is that the runes I say he needs inorder to thrive doesnt allow him to synergies with the rest of the path. Sacrificing a rune hurts more to Nasus than it does to another typical champion.
cabbysb (NA)
: There is hardly any strategy in this game anymore
I honestly blame the community for a good portion as to League's current state. For many years people like myself has been trying to warn others the path they are taking. That where they are going is a very slippery slope. However the few that was trying to warn them were either shunned or ignored. Riot has been listening alright but they're listening to people who are the loudest rather than the well reasoned. Through every well reasoned post there are 100s of others yelling about some minuscule flavor of the week trend. Its always the short term visions that gets favored and not the long term. So only now after several years, the general population are now experiencing what I and a few others have warned about. Almost to the T. * More and more champs coming out with overloaded kits that are almost impossible to balance without changing how they function * Mechanical skill aka muh outplays being favored over decision making and team composition * Less item diversity excluding ADCs * Balance changes to champs that only revolves around everything but the actual issue (Top lane "tank" Viktor being the most obvious atm but thats another topic) * Preferring to "shake up the meta" forcefully rather than naturally through proper balance * Streamlined decisions over personal choice ect ect Im not even trying to toot my own horn because I find no joy in doing this. Everybody got what they wanted in early S8 when they finally nerfed ADCs but via practically deleting them from the game. That was the last straw for me as I no longer hold have any faith in them. From that, more and more people i've been seeing is following suit.
: This "League of Dark Harvest" meta is just like the "League of Thunderlords" but worse.
Yeah it is sad to say that DH puts Thunderlords to shame. It wasnt even like Thunderlords was exactly hard to balance since most champs that were "abusing" it in my eyes were DoT champs that could proc it in an instant like Morgana. So as a response, instead of adding some sort of tick cooldown for DoT, they just remove it completely with Electrocute. Even during Thunderlords' time, it had competition with other runes that also somewhat equal in strength. Courage of Colossus will be forever missed and will forever say it was greatly undervalued. As for DH itself, what was the point in remaking it to it's current state? To the point that it practically negates the existence of Electrocute in every way. Did they want to make Thresh's soul collection passive as a keystone originally? What purpose does Elec serves now when DH exists? Its Wanting More DMG or Wanting More DMG+. Not only that but you would also have to consider how much DH actually hurts the Sorcery path as well since it makes it less appealing.
: That's just how it is, man. They can't make all 137 champions have truly unique strengths because they need to have these defined classes to balance their items. And what we end up with is champions who are at the top of their respective classes, leaving others in the dust. Unfortunately we also can't have champions that are too similar in their ability sets, or they lack individuality and bans mean nothing. So what you're asking, that an AA based fighter be shoved higher up in her class, is going to land on deaf ears. The fact is, she doesn't do her job the best. And she isn't supposed to.
Im not asking for Shyvana to do her job the best per say, but to have actual strengths with weaknesses balancing her out. She is supposed to be a tanky on-hit champ from looking at her kit, but her numbers combined with the needed items doesnt support that. If you compare that to someone like Warwick or Vi with a somewhat similar kit and playstyle, you would see Shyvana not doing anything better than them. And by anything I mean just that, anything. And even though Warwick and Vi functions similarly, they both can do something better over the over. Both can fulfill a niche that the other doesnt provide. Shyv doesnt fulfill any niche and thats my main gripe. Most of all is that there is nothing stopping them from experimenting since they have PBE and thousands upon thousands willing to give feedback and suggestions.
: To Riot Games : What about doing your job like your predecessors ?
I would rather say the main reason why champs being OP as they are is because of circumstance. Meaning that they are where they at is because everybody got nerfed to the ground to the point where they no longer feel good to play. When you look at seasons past and compare champions with their past versions, you can clearly see they are no where near as strong as they were before. Kassadin and Leblanc for example, their season 3 selves would absolutely destroy their current iterations. The way the game is today is completely derived from nerfing everybody instead of buffing those who have been underperforming. Not saying there isnt any champs that needs a touch of nerf but more often than not the said nerfs almost always hit the wrong places. Gnar being a literal gatekeeper of top lane for many years? Nerf everything except the one that makes him unbearable which would be his %max HP proc.
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: Not a Viktor player but please nerf the right thing
Lol you actually expect them to hit something thats actually the problem? Nah just hit his Q base by 20 at max rank. Yeah like that was the main problem. Not the 150-200 shield on a 3.2 CD w/ everything Iceborn provides at lvl9. His offensive capabilities is fine but its the fact how well he can synergies with tank items. Whats happening is the same thing thats going on with balancing Gnar. Instead of taking away and replacing his %max HP dmg passive, they hit everything else around it to the point where its a lot easier and favorable to deal with his Mega form than his Mini form. Im willing to bet if you just take away his Mega form entirely then he would be a top tier adc.
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: Reminder that Sejuani's current pick and win rates are the lowest they've ever been
Well the core issue she suffers currently is her kit being obnoxiously loaded. I still have no idea why Sej ever needed a rework in the first place since it had strengths and weakness which could always be fined tuned through numbers. Now, Sej along with other champs with overloaded kits like Galio, Fiora, and Gnar, balancing them via numbers is impossible because again, its not their numbers but their kits as a whole. Either they are blatantly OP or just downright bad.
: Repeat after me...
Boneplating was never OP by itself. It was OP when in combination with 2nd Wind. So instead of moving Bone or Wind to share the same row, they replaced Bone in favor of Shield Bash. Solving nothing but replacing it with another problem. Wouldn't be more appropriate to have Shield Bash in Domination instead? If anything, Shield Bash's effect should either be on an item or as a champion's passive.
: Why not remove the tree system altogether? More than half of the roster don't synergize with MOST of the provided tools. Without creating a substantially large margin of additional runes and masteries, champions will be left out regardless of adding a few additional keystones. Prior to the keystones and implementing of this system, there was a greater variety and champions didn't feel ass-raped into performing in a very specific role in a very specific lane. Add massively increased choices, or ditch the system entirely. And stop tacking on damage in EVERY single choice that we make. Be a little more creative? Why the hell is Aftershock, a tank keystone, doing damage instead of providing additional utility? Furthermore, why does the other option for tanks, grasp, do additional damage injunction with getting to be a little bit more tanky (useless after mid game btw) and sustain? And why does offense outclass defense so severely? Listen, If I have Aftershock with {{champion:33}} with {{item:3075}} {{item:3068}} I shouldn't be just immediately shredded because it's lategame. Offensive keystones are superior in the early, mid and late game - why not make keystones centered around making sure tanks don't drop off of the face of the planet because of how much time has passed in the game?
> why not make keystones centered around making sure tanks don't drop off of the face of the planet because of how much time has passed in the game? We did when we still had the 2016 Mastery system. Stoneborn Pact and Courage of the Colossus were pretty great and by far my favorite. If it were up to me I would just bring back the old Resolve tree in general. >Offensive keystones are superior in the early, mid and late game Conqueror is the biggest issue right now due to absolutely negating any defensive items. Although just taking out Conq wont fix anything because they would just hurt fighters more than it helps tanks. Only solution besides nerfing Conq I can think of would be to buff defensive itemization as majority of them are absolutely terrible.
: Somehow 10 bans doesn't seem like nearly enough anymore
> [{quoted}](name=PopcornBunni,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Tc9eaAwc,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-10-13T02:03:34.178+0000) > > The game has so much shit that's unenjoyable cancer > >Jhin, Jax, Kayn, k6, Lucian, Yi, SION, Talon, Urgot El oh el at you for thinking these are cancer. Normally I would agree with you with the 10 bans things but for very different reasons. What world is this when Sion of all champs are considered cancer?
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: 20 bans next season please
Remember when back in season 3 when Kassadin and Leblanc (iirc) was absolutely overpowered? Fast forward to the present we have SEVERAL Kassadin tiers of champs to deal with almost all of which polarizes the game in a dramatic way. I also blame the new rune system since it adds in to the polarization. Youre a top lane melee against someone ranged? You MUST take Second Wind + Dorans Shield or else you're walking pile of gold.
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: Experiment: Community Patch Notes
{{champion:15}} **W - Ricochet ** Now applies spell effects as an Area of Effect ability Context "Now she can proc Aery, Comet, and all other runes and items that has it's effect activated by damaging enemy champions."
: Riot wants to make it easier to win stalled out games
This is the result of their philosophy of nerfing everything rather than buffing the ones who underperformed. Tanks are nerfed so they cant can live long enough to zone effectively Assassins are nerfed so they cant put carries in check Mages are nerfed so they cant poke, pick out fed ADCs, nor can they waveclear efficiently ADCs are now deleted so they cant kite nor do meaningful damage Bruisers are now OP because the ones who are supposed to keep them in check are nerfed into oblivion. Supports are overtly strong because they are the only ones who arent nerfed into hell and back. Of course there is always exceptions but remember the saying of Exceptions are not the Rule. Did crit items need to be nerfed? Sure. This far though? God no.
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: Considering how it bugs out, {{champion:82}}
Explain. Although im honestly not surprised since he is still ridden with bugs.
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Jbels (NA)
: How is Banner of Command being removed from the game before Ohmwrecker?
Banner is being taken out because it forces people to utilize a thing called map pressure and lane control. People dont like to think, they just want to bash their heads against the enemy over and over again. Perhaps if they didnt make mages almost useless or maybe just maybe, didnt keep nerfing towers then this whole Banner problem wouldnt be considered as the buzzword "toxic". But does Riot want to actually balance it? No, they would just rather take it away rather than keep tweaking it. Meanwhile Zzrot and Ohm is still around doing a whole lot of nothing. Nah lets take out Zephyr instead. Remember that little cool item? Sure back then it didnt see a lot of use but a lot of things changed so whats preventing them from even attempting to bring it back? Its not like they have thousands of players willing to beta test it for them but that implies they actually listen. Remember when people were screaming to not release insta kill Galio?
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Seen (NA)
: If zzrot was buffed again? Wouldn't the zzrot + banner combo be even more strong then.
Yes it would but then you would have to sacrifice your item space and utility that other items would've brought. If you were to rush the said two items then you would have nothing but armor and MR. No cooldowns or health. It would make map/lane control more important while bringing up different strategies and comps to the table. Of course it could always be more fine tuned. In a perfect world I would love to bring back that one pirate event when GP was reworked where you could upgrade your own minions. Never understood why it was taken out and never brought back.
: What's wrong with zzrot? It's an out-of-lane split pushing tool, basically. Drop it in a bush near turret while you go do something else, and the turret gets pushed in for you.
Well you already said it yourself. You have to set it practically near the turret for it at all be effective while making it very vulnerable at the same time. While with Banner you could just empower a cannon minion at base and go literally anywhere else while it does it's job. A more effective job at that too. Previously before Zzrot was nerfed, it had a gigantic range where the voidspawns could reach up to two towers in lane. That is what I would call "out-of-lane split pushing". Although im not denying it's overbearing strength however I also believed that just weakening the Empowered Voidspawns and gaining like 5 gold would be fine.
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: Why Nobody Likes Season 8 (Big Rant)
There are a lot of things I agree with however there are some that I highly dont. > Nerf Dorans Shield It's not the Shield is a problem within itself but the Resolve Runes that are extremely strong by themselves. Second Wind is a free Shield that scales and Boneplate negates small trades and pokes to the point you are will literally be doing negative damage due to Shield and Second Wind regen. Shield being a problem is a byproduct of the said two runes. Nerfing Shield isnt going to stop people from abusing the others. > Revert Ignite From your wording you're making it sound that ignite is a bad choice for supports as Exhaust should be taken instead. People including me would be more inclined to take Exhaust if it wasnt so heavily nerfed. Ignite is being taken because it does a better overall job. Whats better than a weakened champion? A dead one. If anything I would say to revert Exhaust but take away the resistance drain. > Tower Damage You're not wrong with Tower damage being extremely weak but perhaps increasing damage I think a slow would be a good substitute. My biggest issue is the inability of splitpushing as everyone gets Homeguards past 20min making it pointless. > Nerf Grasp Out of all the keystones, why Grasp? I never saw Grasp being an issue so I think this is more about the lack of keystone's that synergies with Jayce. > ADCs/Sivir and Ashe I fully believe the Sivir is the most balanced ADC in the game. Short range with long range skills and a spellshield to help against harassed. So I dont think Sivir is outdated by a long shot however the biggest problem she has is for god forsaken reason, her W doesnt proc spell effects. Meaning it does not synergies with Comet, Aery, and Ravenous Hunter for literally no reason because you would think they would be perfect for her. For Ashe, it's like they purposely gimped her the hardest. By not only being the easiest countered ADC in the game via Omen but also Thornmail due to how it interacts with her Flurry. Meaning she will be hit with Thornmail's passive 5 times per auto. Oh and the new IE acts independently from Ashe's crit passive because lol why not. Punishing her even more.
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