: @Riot... why?
I stopped what I was reading at Lee Sin. I'm guessing you don't read the patch notes. He was just pretty hard. You should check those out.
: Champion Spotlight: Gnar, the Missing Link
Can ANYONE tell me why he doesn't throw Barn the Sentient Barn?!?!?!?!?!
: I completely understand what you mean by picking counters, and I think that idea works just fine for ranked I suppose. But what if we consider applying that to the blind pick solo que? I'm sure everyone's had that "well, we lost" moment when they see the other teams top tier champ picks upon loading, and I believe this happens because of the lack of ability to 1v1 evenly. For example, let's say that you're spectating a bot lane that has a Lucian + Thresh vs Jinx + Blitz, who wins? It could be either because those champs are pretty evenly matched in terms of power and counter pick. Now lets say it's Lucian + Thresh vs Ashe + Soraka, who wins? Most likely Lucian + Thresh because of a problem with power balancing. It's quite possible for Thresh to kill Ashe and Soraka without Lucian even being there, but the same can't be said for Soraka in the same situation. Not only that, these huge power variations lead to Tiers within champ picks and often lead to the same counter picks, which is why we usually see the same champs being picked in ranked que. If all champs were balanced to the point where they could actually 1v1 during laning phase, it would be more exciting because there would be more variation in picks for all lanes in both solo/ranked queues. Not only that, it would "break the meta" and allow any champ to play any role. With the option to play any champ in any lane, against any champ in any lane, the game would ultimately come down to player skill levels, skill shots, team fighting, and items. There would be no such thing champ tiers or counter picking, you could just play your favorite champ wherever you wanted without having to feel like you picked the wrong champ. It's not like any of these changes would ever happen, but it's fun to imagine the possibility of Soraka one day chasing down Lucian haha. Thank you for speculating with me :)
It's funny that you brought up Ashe, as she is my most hated champion. I think she is completely worthless. That isn't to say that I haven't seen an Ashe completely dominate. Bringing up Soraka brings up more interesting points however. While that match up might lose bot lane for the team with Ashe and Soraka, her global heal will most likely win your other two lanes. I LOVE having her on my team. That heal gives your entire team more sustain than the other team is likely to have. The enemy having an OP Lucian simply means the jungle will have to help out that lane a lot more. But think of it like this. If all lanes were evenly matched, then in theory the Jungle would simply dominate in ganks during the laning phase. Then it would come down to which team has the most CC to win the 3v2 or 2v1 and would guarantee a LOT more successful ganks. That isn't to say that you don't have a good thought (you do), there is just so many more dynamics to consider. The more you play/watch/talk about/obsess over League, the more you will notice how much these seemingly small things have a huge effect on the overall game. Try to play more ranked and you'll see how completely different the game is from solo que. (and then you'll see how different it is in different levels of play)
: Who is the most balanced champ?
I feel like there are a few things that have an effect on balancing that probably aren't considered when people think about a champion being balanced. The first is counters. Certain champions need to counter others. This forces players to consider who they well be laning against and adjust accordingly. If all champions were able to 1v1 each other evenly, the laning phase would be drawn out and boring. The second thing that comes to mind is team composition and team coordinated skill. For example certain champions are picked and played differently in solo que than in ranked teams. For example, talon is a strong solo pick, but isn't picked as much in professional games due to how the enemy team well play against him. (Feel free to politely correct me if I'm wrong) different levels of play learn to use different champions to varying levels of effectiveness, and they have to balance champions to all levels of play. The third thing is items. While all players have access to the same items, how you build your champion depends on the situation, how they scale with a certain item, how powerful this scaling makes them, and how effectively a player can react to their opponents build. For example, a glass cannon vs a well rounded build. Balancing devs take these points and a LOT more into account when trying to balance a particular champion. I'm typing this on my phone so I may or may not add more later.
: Advice?
The first thing I can think of is wards. Wards wards wards. It may seem unrelated, but wards can keep a team mate who is behind alive amd safe from a gank, let them catch up in cs when behind while their lane opponent is gone, and help your carry pick up that occasional kill to get them back into the fight. The worst thing lower elo players do is refuse to ward. I attempt to get 30 wards per game. I don't always make it, but it makes a huge difference. Wards win games. The second is map awareness. If a laner doesn't call afk, throw out a ping. If you see the enemy jungle, throw out a ping. If you see a gank or the enemy run over one of your 30 wards throw out a ping. These two things will help out your team immensity regardless if your team notices it or not.
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: Pool Party Renekton
Wow that's amazing
: To be honest: shen is horrible at his job - without items, he really isn't that tanky. Someone like mundo/malphite out tank him so hard until he finishes a second item....by which time so did they, and they still out tank him. Come on, Shen, you supposed to be a flippin ninja. -.-
Sigh... I miss Shen. Ever since they gutted his ulti I never see him. RIP Chicken Mc Ninja.
Sugriok (NA)
: Why does Master Yi carry ranked games when not even fed?
Hahaha, this is a pretty funny joke. Master Yi is one of my main jungle champs, and I gotta say, if anything he needs a buff/rework. He is one of the easiest champions to counter in the game. Exhaust simply destroys him. Most jungle champions can 1v1 him NO PROBLEM for most of the game. {{champion:77}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:107}} will usually win a 1v1 if you're not EXTREMELY careful. Any champion with a silence will win a 1v1. Teams with CC will usually focus and destroy him since the nerf of AP YI (may he rest in peace). Master YI is a champion that is easy to pick up, but extremely difficult to master. If you don't believe that then you don't play him to a level as high as you think you are. Don't give me that "pure auto attack champ" crap either. I main Lee Sin in the jungle who takes massive amounts of skill to actually play. The Wuju Master has taken enough nerfs as it is. In case you haven't noticed, MOST champions can carry games if played right. I've seen {{champion:72}} carry games. I've seen {{champion:76}} carry games. I've seen {{champion:74}} carry games. I've seen {{champion:105}} carry a TON of games. I've seen {{champion:82}} carry games. I've seen {{champion:13}} carry games. I've seen {{champion:92}} carry more games than I care to remember. I've seen {{champion:236}} carry so many games that it left me cold and naked in the shower crying. I've seen {{champion:55}} 1v5 teams and carry toast. I've seen {{champion:10}} carry games. I've seen {{champion:30}} carry games FROM THE AFTER LIFE!!!! I've seen {{champion:37}} melt faces somehow. I rarely see Master Yi anymore because you can usually pick someone better. Bottom line, {{champion:11}} needs a nerf like {{champion:98}} needs his ultimate nerfed more, or {{champion:44}} needs to be more feminine, or {{champion:121}} needs less team fighting capability, or {{champion:34}} needs less movement speed, or {{champion:32}} needs to be more sad, or {{champion:79}} needs more booze, or {{champion:222}} needs another gun, or {{champion:96}} needs another meal, or {{champion:84}} needs a pink ward.
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
{{champion:11}} I have always wanted to see a pre peace of mind Master Yi. A skin that shows his rage after his home was destroyed. Maybe battle worn armor, his goggles missing, and blood on his sword. Emotes about his disgust and hatred towards the Noxian Amy would be phenomenal.
: Not everyone has a choice. Not everyone has Ethernet wired in their house or are not able to sit right next to their router. A lot of people just settle for wifi because it works most of the time.
I don't understand why you posted this, like you think I'm attacking people who game over WiFi. I understand that you can't always use a cable. I can't ALWAYS use a cable. That's why I said "I try". Some people do, however think there is no difference between the two, which is the reason for my comment. Haha. What's yours?
: RIOT!!!!! A terrible mistake has been made with Gnar. Please fix it before it is to late. D:
{{champion:157}} {{champion:105}} Against both... Wait for it... SHARKNADO!!!
: What do your mains say about you?
{{champion:11}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:222}}
: Honour points. Something we need.
I definitely agree with this. The old "statistically other players encounter toxic players as much as you do" excuse doesn't really cut it for me. It would also be nice if there was a personal play elo that would take into account YOUR gameplay, instead of just win loss.
: A small solution to high ping.
I try to never game over WiFi. An Ethernet connection has always been more reliable.
: It's unfair to match people who can buy runes vs. those who can't.
I kind of disagree with what people say about runes. Having runes gives a huge advantage early game. I notice it the most in the jungle, or while poking as adc. I don't agree with you that any runes less than tier 3 are a "noob trap". Tier 1 runes are extremely cheap and offer great stats per ip. Tier 2 are a complete waste in my opinion. If you can't get tier 3 runes yet, you should definitely have a full set of tier 1. Having any runes at all doesn't make up for bad playing. It's kind of hard to blame losses or bad plays on not having runes. That being said, if you don't have any runes at all, you are wrong. And if you CAN buy tier 3 runes, and you haven't, you are also wrong. So very wrong. Good luck dude.
Phreak (NA)
: It's a balance. In the beginning of 2014 we heavily nerfed First Blood gold, etc. In 2013, all kills were worth 300, FB always 400. We made kills before two minutes worth 280 or 180 (+100 for First Blood). We simply toned that back to 225 (325 with FB). So ultimately, it's about finding the right numbers. Directionally yeah we don't want a level 1 first blood to be GG. But we also want you to feel good about getting it.
Wow that was unexpected. Thanks for the reply man. I am happy to see that snowballing seems to be a lot better than it was a few years ago. I can't wait to see what future patches bring.
: Can someone please explain to me Riots "anti snowballing"?
I feel like the best thing they can do to help mellow out snowballing (just mellow out, because it would suck to get a ton of kills with no return) is to bring back/add more mid game items, and scale the gold to stats ratio better. Right now the meta is to rush two complete items, and this is because having one complete item is a better way to spend gold than having two mid game items. I know there are a few exceptions, but I'm looking more at the big picture.
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: How to make pregame lobbies better
It's good to so your comments. I'll make a poll for this when I get home tonight. I would be interested to see people's thoughts on the pros and cons to locking in.
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