Racks (EUNE)
: take your computer to a pc shop. us computer literate people need to rip you off for being computer illiterate.
> [{quoted}](name=Racks,realm=EUNE,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=bwtM21zR,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-05-20T15:08:34.812+0000) > > take your computer to a pc shop. us computer literate people need to rip you off for being computer illiterate. I don't think you read the two updates at the bottom of the post.
: > [{quoted}](name=Astrophel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iY9umAJ5,comment-id=000100000002,timestamp=2016-05-21T16:36:03.000+0000) > > Wait when is over-watch going to be released? Is it still early beta? ~~may 24th so in 3 days~~. It's may 23 at 7PM eastern time so 4PM pacfic I'm still deciding whether to blow 40$ on it or should i save for steam summer sale. Choices are tough ;_;
I don't think Overwatch will ever be on Steam. It's only on Blizzard's Battle.net client (for now at least). Don't know if it will, but for now it looks like it's only on Battle.net. But Blizzard does have sales from time to time. So you could probably pick it up then.
: > [{quoted}](name=TwinTon3,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=bwtM21zR,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-05-19T17:53:44.956+0000) > > I've tried rebooting before and that's where I sometimes get it to run properly. > > GPU stays at around, what, maybe 50 degrees? CPU stays at a nice 43. I use Speccy and CPU-Z to test it. > > My RAM doesn't normally go above 30% or 40%. It did jump to like 80% once last month when I was trying to install a game off Steam. But it sorted itself out. > > I also saw there was a new driver update online. Shame how my computer and Raptr kept saying I was up to date. >.> I installed and both custom and HA tutorial ran with 170+fps. Not sure if it's completely fixed but I'll keep testing. fyi cpu temp isn't the same thing as usage If you have a good cooling system it can run at 100% and remain cool If your cpu hits 100% usage then you are getting cpu-bound. Overheating can cause this by forcing the cpu to drop its clock speed but you can have other shit that causes your cpu to max out (fuck you windows update).
> [{quoted}](name=notFREEfood,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=bwtM21zR,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-20T00:46:32.434+0000) > > fyi cpu temp isn't the same thing as usage > > If you have a good cooling system it can run at 100% and remain cool > > If your cpu hits 100% usage then you are getting cpu-bound. Overheating can cause this by forcing the cpu to drop its clock speed but you can have other shit that causes your cpu to max out (fuck you windows update). I got it all fixed so no worries. I thought you were talking about temp so that was my bad. But yeah I wasn't hitting max usage on it at all. (God I know that feel so much.)
Wolfess (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shadowkirby14,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=XUrtLyIn,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-05-20T06:39:23.548+0000) > > Cheerleader Katarina (Noxus) > Cheerleader Lux (Demacia) > Cheerleader Janna (Piltover) > Cheerleader Jinx (Zaun) > Cheerleader Tristana (Bandle City) > Cheerleader Illaoi (Bilgewater) > Cheerleader Leona (Targon) > Cheerleader Anivia (Freljord) > Cheerleader Ahri (Ionia) > Cheerleader Taliyah (Shurima) > Cheerleader Elise (Shadow Isles) > Mascot Kog'Maw (The Void) > > The reason Evelynn isn't chosen because [I asked a Rioter if she will stay a Shadow Isles champion or not](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/mvHRM2Lm-evelynns-new-splash-art-is-absolutely-amazing?comment=000300050000). no syndra? but she'd get to smack people with pom-poms shame on you
I would throw my wallet at Riot if they made a Cheerleader skin for her.
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: ^ This clean your shit. Also an R7 360? Interesting choice.
> [{quoted}](name=Adolf Ghostler,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=bwtM21zR,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-05-19T03:41:29.987+0000) > > ^ This clean your shit. Also an R7 360? Interesting choice. Did a mass cleaning two weeks ago, but I'll be checking again. I mean, it was on sale for $90. Way better than the cheap generic graphic card that came with my pc.
Mr Borg (NA)
: Also try doing a fresh install of League. I've been having massive FPS issues, reinstalled it today, and it cleaned everything up.
> [{quoted}](name=The Real Locutus,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=bwtM21zR,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-05-19T03:37:52.529+0000) > > Also try doing a fresh install of League. I've been having massive FPS issues, reinstalled it today, and it cleaned everything up. Ooh, I haven't thought of that. I'll do that later. :)
CLG ear (NA)
: how long has it been since you cleaned ur GPU? dust can get in there and clog the fan, lowering performance.
> [{quoted}](name=CLG ear,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=bwtM21zR,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-19T03:21:27.293+0000) > > how long has it been since you cleaned ur GPU? dust can get in there and clog the fan, lowering performance. I did a mass cleaning about two weeks ago. Can dusters, wipes, cleaned all dust filters, uninstalled and reinstalled everything. The works. I'll check again though. I'd be shocked if it got dirty in such a short time.
: 1. I'm assuming you have rebooted your computer? (serious question - there are some GPU faults that require a reboot to clear) 2. Have you checked your GPU temp? 3. Have you checked your CPU usage? 4. Have you checked your RAM usage?
> [{quoted}](name=notFREEfood,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=bwtM21zR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-19T03:19:23.141+0000) > > 1. I'm assuming you have rebooted your computer? (serious question - there are some GPU faults that require a reboot to clear) > > 2. Have you checked your GPU temp? > > 3. Have you checked your CPU usage? > > 4. Have you checked your RAM usage? I've tried rebooting before and that's where I sometimes get it to run properly. GPU stays at around, what, maybe 50 degrees? CPU stays at a nice 43. I use Speccy and CPU-Z to test it. My RAM doesn't normally go above 30% or 40%. It did jump to like 80% once last month when I was trying to install a game off Steam. But it sorted itself out. I also saw there was a new driver update online. Shame how my computer and Raptr kept saying I was up to date. >.> I installed and both custom and HA tutorial ran with 170+fps. Not sure if it's completely fixed but I'll keep testing.
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: Here's 2 supports you should never disrespect.
I highly agree with Syndra as Supp. If you have a good ADC who knows what they're doing, you can easily dominate lane. Though if you're ADC isn't doing the job you can always jump in. ;D What sucks is that you don't have the %15 dmg on Q anymore. Sure the 17AP scaling is okay, but you still lack power. If they kept her 2sec slow on max W it would've been better. But it can do well to slow them down. Items I'm not as excited about as you are, especially since Mana regen was gutted. Though Grail of Harmony does wonders. And with FQC giving you extra slows, who wouldn't choose it? Plus Syndra has kiting abilities like crazy. Attack while moving? Yes please. The majority of what you said is true and gets my approval. Plus it's always fun to flash your R5 Mastery icon. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: That honestly looks way more like Korra than it does Taliyah.
Freljord Taliyah then. She just ran out of hair dye. ;D
borger (NA)
: Enemy killed their own teamate
It's the E. _"Knocks enemies and Dark Spheres back dealing 70/115/160/205/250 (+40% Ability Power) magic damage to them and any enemies they collide with"_ From my understanding, Rammus got hit by the E. Collided into Jax. Because Rammus was in the effects of Scatter the Weak, he caused damage to Jax.
: Why does she looks like she's feeling Jesus just right?
It was the only one I could find of her. I'm sure there's others though.
Ladrac (EUNE)
: Is just me...or the games in season 6 are unfun?
Matches feel really unfair to the team that has the better champs. But when you have good teammates and actually work together, you can win. I had a 70min match where we were being destroyed until mid-late game and completely turned it around. Though that's a little rare. Majority of the time everyone's worried about their own score and free chests that sometimes teamwork just isn't there. Or people are just bad/trolling. It's the rare matches like the 70min one that makes me still like League.
: When You Demecia Just Right
When you Taliyah just right. http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/089/886/6ed.jpg
Kuzja1 (NA)
: You last played Champion is your alarm clock
{{champion:203}} Lamb: "hums" Me: Not yet. Just a little longer. {{champion:203}} Lamb: "Your next treat dear Wolf." {{champion:203}} Wolf: "This will hurt--lots!" Me: Fine! {{champion:203}} Wolf: "This one is ready!" {{champion:203}} Lamb: "Shall we, dear Wolf?" {{champion:203}} Wolf: "I'll race you there!" Me: These two are always so act---IT'S 4AM!!
: @Meddler , What is your stance on Syndra and Vel'koz?
As someone who mains Syndra I feel it's still a nerf to her even after playing a few games. For a little context, here's how the changes affect her. For the purpose of everyone understanding, these are the settings that remain the same. * Custome Game Mode * 1v1 * Enemy Garen Bot on Beginner Mode * Exact same builds Pre-6.9 Patch: I could clear the game quite easily with at least 5/6 kills and finish in just under 22min. The whole time I was my normal bully self and harassed. Like a true Boss Mage. >:3 6.9 Patch: I could barely hold CS at the river. Majority of the time I was pushed under tower to farm. I have never been forced to farm under turret because of a Beginner Bot. And it kept going until the 30min mark. At that point I could finally push and do some slight harassing. The game ended at 46min with only 2 kills. Part of this was due to adjusting to the new items, but those first 10 minutes? That was a major blow to how I felt as a Syndra main. Now let's talk about the passive itself. Q - Sphere's last longer, but lose the %15 damage to champions. In both scenarios I maxed Q first. There is a **MASSIVE **difference in how useful that Max Q is now. Pre rework? You could see the enemy healthbar drop in chunks. With the new passive? It feels like nothing. Add in the new AP ratio, which does not equal the old passive at all until 3.5k AP, and Q is highly unsatisfying. W - Can grab multiple spheres. After playing for a while I see this as a buff. While that extra 2sec of slow was hugely helpful in securing kills, throwing **ALL SPHERES IN AN AREA **is by far one of the coolest things to happen. I love the new outline of how far you can throw. That should've been there from the beginning. E - Lower cooldowns, lower width at Max. This isn't that bad honestly. Partly a buff to this ability via cooldowns. The width at Max Rank is still pretty big, but the range took a huge beating. What do I mean? If you look at the range now, it's really short. How short? Going off the screen alone, as if you're looking at your monitor, the range only reaches maybe 2 inches. That's nothing compared to her old cone which was at least 4 or even 5 inches long. This means you have to be really precise on where you cast it. This also means melee champs have to get even **CLOSER** before you can push them away. This is not good for a squishy mage. I have plenty of recorded footage of pre rework Syndra and her range. So if need be I can throw up a comparison. R - ....What changed? I don't think anything changed on her Ult so...good. Gameplay wise, the early game is disasterous. I absolutely hate it, and I've never said anything bad about Syndra in the past. Mid game is bearable at best. Even with Chalice/Grail it feels like your Mana just drops really fast. And that's with me being careful. But, if games ever live past the 32min mark....holy shit. Syndra feels like a beast. sleeper OP without a doubt. So, if people can suck it up with the really bad early and mid game, and live to see late game, you will own. If you know what you're doing of course. Also, I just want to point out her winrate didn't really change.
Meep Man (NA)
: So basically, if these win rates don't change: **Needs Buffs** - Swain - Cassiopeia - Syndra - Vel'Koz - Master Yi - Jax - Kayle - Shyvana - Xin Zhao **Balanced, Maybe Extremely Small Tuning** - Veigar - Anivia - Ziggs - Kennen - Xerath - Zyra - Brand - Viktor - Warwick - Kindred (didn't use Devourer) - Fiora - Trundle - Zed **Probably Needs Nerfs** - Annie - Fiddlesticks - Malzahar I gotta say, for such a large rework, there isn't too many OP people. Of course, tons of UP people, but I would rather there be a small amount of OP and a decent amount of UP than a large amount of OP and a small amount of UP.
Agreed about those Syndra buffs. Her winrate wasn't really affected so that already should say something.
Aeszarck (NA)
: Syndra's winrate hasn't changed much, I don't think. I believe she was at about 46% pre-rework.
It was hovering around 44-46% around March 2016 when I last bothered to check. So the rework didn't really up her winrate.
: Something League human champion designs lack
Solice (EUW)
: Announcers and music packs
I honestly don't know why Riot hasn't done this. Especially since they have the voice files from Bilgewater. It would add some nice flare to games. If you're after unique announcer packs, there's plenty on the Youtubes. People have even taken the announcer packs from Dota and converted them to League's language. (yeah LoL uses an uncommon format.) I even made one because I didn't see it around. The instructions are pretty easy to follow too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-f5ovCR9r4
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: Taliyah - CHROMA PACK
It's kind of sad official chroma packs aren't made anymore. :\ I remember seeing somewhere that they were during a phase of development, hence why they haven't made one in quite a while. But they did say they'd like to revisit it someday. Honestly this would fit so well with her. Endless choice and possibilities with this. Love the black and white version.
: Patch Chat 6.9 - Playtesting the Mage Update
Please test out Syndra and tell us if you feel the rework is better or worse. I know the MYMU was aimed at the Big 6, but she seemed to get the shaft compared to everyone else.
Blainezy (NA)
: Yea, she will be on PBE tomorrow.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Taliyah: Homecoming
She will be my new main once Syndra is nerfed. Lookout world, I'm going full AP Toph. http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/7200000/toph-and-ty-lee-toph-bei-fong-and-ty-lee-7229214-720-480.jpg
: The Bird and the Branch
Given we're free to speculate on the new champ, I wanted to throw my two cents into the jar. Everything I'm going to list is from analyzing the teaser images as well as the story. _(Yes I have a lot of time on my hands.)_ TL;DR at the bottom. 1. She's going to have a three-hit type effect/spell/passive. The number 3 was pretty integrated into the story. And since it showed up more than once, this detail can't be overlooked. It's also a theme in her design. 3 coat tails. 3 rocks on each sleeve. There even looks like there's 3 stones covering each side of her breasts. 2. She's going to have some good CC. Not only did she use it to save people, she used it to take on the tavern guy. Although right now she isn't too pro with it, I can see the released version being more efficient. Same goes for what I said in #1. 3. She's going to be combo based. This is just speculation since Zenon confirmed that the pros will master the combos her kit might have. This means she could be a female version of {{champion:64}} . Zenon was in charge of Tahm Kench, Lucian, and Azir. All of which have some form of combo to their kits. 4. Her sleeve/wings are going to have the most animation since they seem to be controlled by her powers. Meaning they could be used in both normal attacks and spells. Or her sleeves could be a passive on one of her abilities. Notice how the end of her sleeves look like hands? When she puts a point into said ability, it could extend her auto-attack range similar to how {{champion:31}} throws thorns. 5. She's going to have knock-ups. Either on one of her abilities or on her Ult. Wherever it may be, knock-ups can almost be guaranteed. 6. Notice how the teaser image has Taliyah riding stone waves? Doesn't it look similar to {{champion:143}} 's E? This could go one of two ways. This could be a normal ability or her Ult. How? If it's a normal ability, it'll be a stone equivalent to Zyra's E with different effects. Such as a small knock-up/stun. If it's her Ult, it could be similar to {{champion:267}} 's Ult. Where it's a huge wave that goes over terrain and can swallow a lane. Now since she's riding it, it could make her untargetable. 7. Given everything listed above, I'm thinking she's going to be either a Top or a Jungler. I don't think she'll have heals. She seems to have more damage based abilities. A Jungler isn't too out of the question either. {{champion:203}} is a Marksmen that's a Jungler. Zenon has already made an ADC, Support, and Mid laner. So what's left is Top and Jungler. But he could stick to familiar ground and make her a Utility Support. No heals, but very good CC. She might even be a little tanky if what we see in the teaser is her Ult. Meaning she'll be flying right into the enemy. She'll need some armor/health to escape. Unless her Ult has a knock-up stun effect once it hits its target. These are all speculation and what I think is going to happen to her. Am I close? Who knows. Am I way off? Maybe. Taliyah is still in creation so she could become WAY different than what we see now. Hope you enjoyed my little analysis. :D TL;DR - 3-hit combo based Top/Junger. Gonna have some tankyness to her. Very good CC with stuns/knock-ups.
: did you design her?
Zenon is the designer. He confirmed it on reddit.
: The Bird and the Branch
New Taliyah players in a nutshell: "I can move rocks!" https://33.media.tumblr.com/29539868c736e56b263d76336a925aea/tumblr_mx721eg1wU1rknfqpo1_500.gif Meanwhile, the pros are all: "Combos for days." https://media.giphy.com/media/KPJGGe0qsTb8s/giphy.gif
: Her main damage source, Q, is getting nerfed at rank 5, and the fact that she can easily get all 7 balls into an ultimate with the changes means one of the most potentially bursty spells in the game will almost always be at max damage, meaning they will have to gut something else in her kit to make room for that damage.
This is exactly my concern. People are gonna abuse the Ult and Riot is gonna nerf her again. Then she'll be down in Q damage and Ult damage. Or like you said, somewhere else. I don't want my main to die. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
cino (NA)
: Riot, we'll still love you, you can admit you made a mistake
I very much approve of this. I'm sure something like what I'm about to say has been said, but it still holds true. Given that Riot has made bad choices for a good while, if they publically admitted their mistakes I have a feeling the community would be okay with it. What they should do is look at how Season 6 has been so horrible. Instead of constantly releasing new content, they should skip patch/rework in order to focus on just fixing everything that's broken. Doesn't everyone agree that Season 4 was pretty good? Possibly the most balanced? I know that's when I had the most fun. They should revert the game to Season 4 status, keep the changes that balanced those broken champs and it should be fun again. Right? I don't know. Just rambling now.
Mindoori (NA)
: Syndra Skin Idea
Upvoted to log in. This is exactly what I was imagining when I saw the Program skin line come out. Just take my heart already. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Low-Scope Mage Directions
Something I think you're overlooking with {{champion:134}} is that she will be broken. (I do not have a PBE account. HOWEVER, I do follow PBE updates and always look for Syndra related notes. Last I saw was on 4/21 so my info is current.) I'm still upset her Q damage is being nerfed even with the 0.75AP ratio. (230 base DMG for Max Rank + 225(the 0.75AP bonus of 300AP) = 455 Total DMG. The current Live Q can still output 471.5 Total DMG.) Not furious like in my thread, but still upset. What I am seeing, is that because of the extra 2 seconds on her Q, her Ult is going to be abused. A 5-ball Ult can do plenty to finish the job after a short combo. A 7-ball literally has a chance of one shoting a full health champ. That's not healthy. And because you're making her more easier to use for casuals, this Ult is going to be very unhappy. Her pick rate is going to go up. Maybe she'll be in LCS. After that, and with her Ult one shotting, Riot will see this and do something. Most likely nerf her Ult because too many people are complaining about it. So not only will her Q be nerfed, but so will her Ult. Thus leaving her in a worse condition than right now. Personally, if you just gave her back that %15 and buff up her Q, she would be fine. Obviously not as strong as when she was first released, but strong enough to not feel like wasted Mana. Her W, while the extra slow isn't mandatory, at least give her extra damage for using 2 orbs instead of one. Not just a wider hitbox. The E cooldown is much appreciated though making it narrow kind of hurts her teamfight ability.
: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/04/421-pbe-update.html > Syndra [REMEMBER: This champion currently has a larger set of MYMU changes on PBE.] Dark Sphere (Q) AP ratio increased to .75 from .7
I already did the math. It's still a nerf. It just needs less AP to break even. :c All the math is at the top of the post.
: Ik wat u mean. Yes ulting seems cooler, but i fear ult nerfs inbound even as she consumes bunch loads of mana. Then a patch or two dumpstered before buffs to Q or mana cost reduction. Still trying her though XD.
Definitely give her a try. I'm going Syndra Support lately and it's a blast. The enemy ADC doesn't see it coming. xD
Rundus1 (NA)
: Let me point something out real quick: The 15% damage on Q is only against CHAMPIONS. This is a 10% AP buff overall. It may do a tad less to champions but you get a buff to your non-champ damage. The slight slow loss from w should be amply compensated for by the ease with which the new w can set up her stun. Additionally, the ult damage for the higher quantity of spheres also suffices for the damage loss, with a potential yield of 9 spheres with her ult if she sets it up correctly with the w resetting her 3 lowest spheres. All these changes did was give her a little less poke, a lower skill floor, a higher skill cap, and more potential burst with a single ability. If you can manage the orbs well, you should be able to get the 9 orb ult off with 40% CDR, allowing 1620 + 180% AP. Seems like a nice little buff over the 6 ball 1080 + 120% AP ult she has now. She lost some DPS and and a slow for easier stuns and much more massive potential burst.
Okay hold on. Since when are you not fighting Champions? If you farm all game I guess you could overlook it. But have you seen League lately? Do you even Syndra bro? You're constantly fighting an enemy no matter what position you're in. Not to mention when the enemy tries to gank or 2v1 you. When are you not in team fights or trading DMG with another Champ? Especially a ranged one? The 15% bonus means a lot. The updated math for the 4/21 PBE update is at the top. Her W doesn't increase DMG at all. It widens the hitbox and only gives you DMG of 1 ball. Not 2. Players on the PBE can tell you that. A higher skill cap is what you have on live. With these changes she'll be dumbed down to the point where a newbie can easily create a 7-ball Ult. 7-ball Ult is hardcoded into the game and will always be 7. And this is where Riot will step in and nerf her Ult. Because so many people will be able to abuse the 7-ball Ult, they will gut the DMG. So not only will her Q be nerfed, so will her Ult. On live, it takes actual skill and pacing to create a 7-ball Ult. Which makes it satisfying to delete someone. 5-ball can get the job done if you know what you're doing. But giving that power to everyone who doesn't deserve it? Riot's pushing her to get nerfed again.
: I don't even care about the Q and W. I'm going to miss the E size increase because it's by far my favourite upgrade.
So very true. They're making the E more skill based. I will miss the wide range in teamfights. :c
: So all they need to do is increase Q's damage by 5 per rank nothing difficult and increase max ulti amount to 8. boom syndra buff.
If they did that it would be close to where her Q was originally before the first nerf way back when. 8-ball I'm not sure since it's hardcoded to only be 7 max.
: First, chill. Like, they're redoing all the items too, and this stuff hasn't even cleared PBE yet. Numbers tweaks are probably incoming. Also, 2 extra seconds of uptime on the balls sometimes means you get one more sphere on the ult, which is 240 damage. Which is like 7-8 times what you're losing on the Q cast. Sure, you don't always get one more ball, but even if you were to only get that extra ball 1 out of 7 times it would be worth the trade off.
I had to sleep in order to calm down. I'm passionate about Syndra to no joke. I have a small shrine hanging above my computer for crying out loud. But yeah, the 2 extra seconds sound good on paper. But it will make her Ult an absolutely truly One-hit-Kill. The spike in DMG from Ult is insane to where on live a 5 ball Ult can get the job done. That's generally after a QWQ combo which knocks enemy health to about half. A 7 ball Ult? That can literally delete someone at 8/10th health. Maybe even full health. Once Riot sees her Ult is broken, they're going to nerf it. So she'll be down in Q damage and Ult damage. That's just unfair. Plus she's the most Mana hungry champ in the game at early-mid game. With lack of Mana Regen it's going to be harder to stack. I doubt Riot even thought this through.
: As of 4/19 PBE, Syndra's MYMU is poised to make her worse and unhealthy
Please, for the love of all that is Holy, let Riot see your thread. As one Syndra main to another, I am dying because of these changes. My thread didn't get much traction, but yours is working. Top of the list. Let Riot see this so they know Syndra players are upset. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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Synvana (NA)
: Syndra is my favorite champions to play for a number of reasons. I agree her passive should become something more interactive and her ult could be replaced to be less of a "delete button" and more of "something cool with her spheres". However, the biggest aspect found missing from your analysis, and what I think really makes her fun and unique, is the fact that she can cast every spell while moving. This is what makes her skill cap so high, and what makes her feel like a versatile and somewhat mobile champion, despite her lack of any mobility. I pray that you don't remove this part of her kit, at least for her basic spells. (Side note: Why does her passive not have a line about this?)
SHHHHH! Don't say anything about casting while moving. Riot will think it's too OP and nerf her. Then she'll really be a sitting duck.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Low-Scope Mage Directions
As someone who loves {{champion:134}} and played her since my first day on the rift, I am both extremely excited and constantly worrying about the passive changes. Here's why: The good: * It's finally being reworked. At last she will have a passive that works with her instead of taking 10min or so before becoming active. * The possibilities of what Riot could do to take her Fantasy element to true epicness is off the charts. * In seriousness, the passive change can be a huge game changer. If it scales with her levels/skill levels it could make her a major competitor. The bad: * Let's be honest. Some of Riot's changes during the last few seasons have been less than good. Lately they've been on a roll--minus the MYMU item changes--so their record of 50/50 good/bad ideas are still a reason to worry. * There's a chance the new passive could be worse. What do I mean? Riot seems to favor the 3-hit passive. I don't see that a good fit unless it's something akin to a mini Thunderlord's. (yeah yeah, I know. but if masteries can give us a mini Zed ult, why not another lightning bolt? or why can't it be a small explosion of power at the targeted area? actually the second idea doesn't seem that bad since Syndra's always making small explosions anyways. I digress.) * What if it turns out to be a nerf? Say, the new passive could be helpful for a while...but then locks her out of reaching what she could be. Or worse, grant her more power but make her super slow? Or her skills need stupidly amount of mana? Riot's making flat mana a thing. So this concern isn't too out of the realm of possibilities. But why am I talking so much if I haven't come up with an idea myself? I have. I made a long post about changing her passive a good while back. The thread didn't get much traction, but it's decent ideas. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/tuvalfVf-about-the-syndra-passive-changeupdate Feel free to read if you'd like. TL;DR for the post I made: Give her abilities more power early on. Another suggestion that's been in my mind after I calmed down from overreacting to the MYMU item updates. What if they made her abilities scale with her Mana? What do I mean you say? Well if Riot makes flat Mana a thing, this could be a major buff. Make it so that the damage per ability increases by a % of her Mana. Then leave the extra bonuses only for max level. (width, slow, e.g.) Basically just adding extra damage that then combines with the perks of reaching max rank on a skill. That way it feels more rewarding for using abilities properly instead of just spamming them. Of course there needs to be a limit or else it could be broken. "Twin this sounds stupid. There's no way this would work." Does the new passive for Catalyst of Aeons sound stupid? Yes. Are we gonna have to get used to it? Yes. Syndra is already unique, and Riot thinks so too. All it takes is a small tweak to make her on par with this crazy mixed up game.
: Yep, it's I believe summoner showdown 3..
You are awesome! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
DropFill (NA)
: Am I the only one who doesn't like the new items and ap changes?
I'm not a fan either. It's a major nerf to all AP mid laners. Why they chose flat Mana and killed CDR is a mystery. Their "goal" was to help mages for the MYMU. Instead they just killed them all. All the changes hurt/cripple/kill any chance of being relevant. While all of it looks bad, it may still be possible to play AP mages. I'm saying "possible" because it'll almost guarantee we need to rework our builds. The new Hextech items look....okay and plausible. The new staff/scepter isn't that bad. I feel like it could a new core item. What also hit me was this is all on the PBE. Things are always changing on the PBE. So there's a good chance Rito is only doing this to get a community response. Then before the MYMU actually happens, they put back CDR and things they removed. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on Surrender@20 from now on.
: You know, her win rate in plat+ ranked would agree with you, but my in game experiences, and knowledge do not. I'm not sure if there's something I'm missing or not. But I did notice one interesting thing on champion.gg: Those with 75-125 games with her win ~55% of their Syndra games, and that number feels like my in game experience with her. She might not be a counterpick, but imo, that's not why she is worth picking. You don't pick her to counter enemy mid-laners, you pick her when you're mid and first pick, or otherwise don't know what you need. She is a jill-of-all-trades mage, she has decent range poke (that is actually far better than you think, it might not be as easy to land as a Lux E, or as damaging as a Veigar Q or W at 30+mins, but it is pretty spammable). Good burst with her ult (mediocre without it), good CC (decent sized AoE slow with great range, and the knockback on her E and stun via Q+E, which also has incredible range). All things considered, I see a versatile mage that takes skill to play effectively, my last game as her I demolished an Ahri mid (who is supposedly a counter-pick to Syndra; based on matchup win rate Ahri is the 2nd best pick into Syndra). What you're probably seeing on champion.gg is more a product of how player skill with her affects their success (you won't manage to do very much with her until you really learn how to play her well, but once you do, you will unlock considerable potential). People in NA where saying she was bad until OMG Cool destroyed with her against TSM (I think it was TSM) at All-Stars, after that a ton of people started to learn her (I knew she was very good back then before that event even happened). Fast-forward a while and riot nerfed her Q pretty hard because it was ridiculously oppressive to lane against at early levels (4 sec CD 70 base dmg (AoE too!) for 40 mana was nuts tbqh). I feel like people's perception of that nerf was very overblown (many considered her to be garage after that nerf; I knew better).
{{champion:134}} main here, (yes we do exist) just gonna slide in and give a little insight on this. All of this is true. Everything you said is 100% true for Syndra. Range, mobility, low damage after Q nerf, utility, everything. It's what makes her so hard to play...yet so very satisfying to master. Winrate wise, personally I'm hovering around a 52% win ratio atm. The biggest increase to that was all of S4, some of S5. Pre-season 6 is when I immediately noticed it was getting more difficult to play her. Not because she's weak, hell she's probably the most balanced champion in League, but because Rito started making mistakes in both balance and gameplay. That doesn't mean she isn't viable. It's just more tricky with all the meta shifts and broken af champions/items. Highly agree that Syndra is a burst champion that kind of fails when compared to {{champion:1}} and {{champion:45}}. Her Q damage is shameful. It really is. On top of that her entire kit is basically skill shots except her click-to-win Ult. But the CC and AoE more than makes up for it. Plus the Q+E stun combo is amazing in both team fights and keeping people off you when you need to run. Counterpick wise, yeah she isn't exactly prime choice. But if you know how to play her AND can read your opponent, you can genuinely hold your own ground. Like you said, I'm baffled how {{champion:103}} is a counterpick to {{champion:134}}. Honestly it should be the other way around. If you're keeping your distance and watch the enemy closely, you can dodge for days. Buy T1 boots? You're basically untouchable. Free win. Unless the enemy Jung decides to camp you. Which always happens if you play aggressive like I do. Yes, she is super mana hungry. This can be fixed with runes/masteries. RoA and Athene's are an amazing combo. Though Tear should be your second item just for mana then sold for Athene's when available. Pick up Ionian boots and the rest is just whatever you want to build. What does have me worried is that Syndra was almost in the Big 6 for the MYMU. Thankfully she fell out due to being "too much work". Seeing this news post I fear they might ruin her for good. It could either be the biggest hidden buff to her as a champion, or a devastating blow that takes her out of the game for good. I am praying it's the former. I would love to see her Passive tweaked. Because pre-level 9 there isn't one. Or even buff Q. Just random thoughts from someone who loves Syndra and played her since my first day of League. :3
: How i imagine Taric after his rework
What is this from? I've seen the gif before. Is it a youtube animation?
Kyillou (NA)
: That looks like that fat guy from Lilo and Stitch that always dropped his ice cream.
Kinetika (NA)
: People are like that for a number of reasons, but it helps to understand two major ones: 1. People are generally competitive and don't like to lose. 2. Games on the rift at low ELO still take nearly 40 min on average. That's a large time commitment for a losing endeavor, so it bothers people.
Completely agree with you on that. It sucks even more when you have a bad game where you perform badly, or get pitted against people that are more skilled than you. It continues when you have a losing streak too. Still, there's no excuse to take your rage out on other players. I have the mentality of: "Okay, I should've done this and this better. That person could've helped but I got killed anyways." I know everyone doesn't have that way of thinking so it's no big deal. Now if they're just playing bad and blaming others, you have no one to blame.
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