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how soon will it be fixed? i still cant find the option and want to send some to my friend for being a good godmom and babysitter, shes been a big help to me since i had my baby, id really like to gift them to her before someone else has the chance XD
: Riot Games Engineering: LoL vs. real-time internet
why not just have it right in the middle?
: ah i see, i always thought that was a cool idea, eager to see how it works out :)
im eager as well, especially because i want to try out a ranked game where i actually win =/ every ranked game ive played ive lost because of someone not being where they were supposed or i was just to slow to help while they went ham and got greedy, or i got greedy as well. i think this will help a lot because now im not going to be forced into a position like mid or top that im just no good at
: I think this is very straight forward and has a lot to offer. I believe this will let players be able to really focus on their strengths, and improve on their teamwork weaknesses. I'm mostly excited for this to come to ranked. This change overall is letting players share more information faster{{summoner:6}} in champ select, and having everybody get what they want. What more could I ask for? URF permanent...?
yeah thats true, but there still isnt a lot of time for bans, i hate when im banning because people take to long to pick, or i cant find the champs in time and then i get yelled at for it, so in the end someone who isnt fast enough to pick out the banned champ is still going to be at fault with something
: There are wayyy more support mains than people think. I actually think there's a solid balance between roles atm. Jungle might be the least populated. Mid-Silver player here
yes junglers are so hard to find! im main supp and adc, i can jungle if needed, but when in a game where you cant change after looking its really hard for me
iota (NA)
: So, Team Builder is basically Blind Pick now? And all us "fill" players are basically left to be indecisive in a corner.
i thought they just threw you into a role
: New champion select roundtable
id like more time for banning champs, not everyone can agree on them


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