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mkyner (NA)
: It's my first day - what was her old ult?
Basically she would become a melee champ with an AS boost and a lot of out of combat movespeed. Also, skystrike was an execute. I believe her champ spotlight is still her old kit.
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: You know that contradicting yourself and being inconsistent is an actual trait of sociopaths, right? Like how when Ted Bundy was questioned on whether or not he took drugs during his imprisonment, he was adamant that he was against drugs, then he just didn't take them but had no problem with them, then he said well okay maybe I've taken some drugs, etc. Jhin is either lying to hide his own sadism or he's delusional. That's not bad writing.
That's true I didn't think about that.
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: Hi Tygger7, thanks for the thoughts on Quinn. Quinn is a bit of an oddball, in that identifying what lane she belongs in isn't an easy task. However, being an adc and being played in a solo lane are not necessarily mutually exclusive, as we have seen from some other guys like Ezreal, Varus, and occasionally Corki being played in solo lanes. If the meta were ever to shift away from marksman in a duo lane, Quinn's value would probably be a lot higher, but that hasn't been the case for quite a long time, so it's hard to say with certainty if that's ever going to come back. It would probably be the safest thing for us to figure out what is unique and/or cool about Quinn and see how we can amplify that and make it something useful that teams care about having. If we could make "ranged carry that becomes melee carry" provide a different output that you wouldn't just get from another melee carry, then that would probably serve the character well. If we couldn't, we'd probably have to look to other facets of Quinn to emphasize as her cool and uniquely powerful thing(s).
Hey I thought I would reply to one of your older posts (also i can't respond to the pbe post, no pbe account). Overall I think the changes for Quinn are good, they remove some of the oppressiveness especially against melee characters, move her towards the premier solo lane adc, and offer her some additional strengths in exchange for her weaknesses. It also seems that the new kit removed the feast/famine success she has because of the assassination ability brought on by Valor's kit. I am looking forward to playing her new kit. My only hope is that I can still burst damage people, just in a more healthy manner.
Jungled (OCE)
: When is Pantheon gonna get his Baker skin?
actually if he's a baker the better spear would be a peel. (the thing bread/pizza makers use)
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: When will they bring back the REVIVE?!
Honestly I believe they removed revive because of Ekko. Given how long it takes to create champions (months to years) they probably thought Ekko would make it into the game eventually and saw a good opportunity to remove a factor that would imbalance him beyond any reasonable fixes.
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: Do try this at home: fresh ways to play your favorite champions
Assassin quinn. her kit is really well built for it (well valor's is anyways). just build full armor pen, with a blade, and pick a solo lane.
Phreak (NA)
: It's definitely an odd space. On the one hand, you're right: The number of unique champions played in top tier competitive play is dwindling slowly over time. The real question is "Why?" You could certainly force a wider variety. You could say "Okay, you can only play each champion once per month / once per series / if your opponents haven't played it either." Enforcing a wider variety of champions can be interesting because you'll see more of them played. You could have 20 bans. You'll definitely see different stuff played if you do that. Another question can be if just "Champion named Ezreal was picked" counts as one unique pick. What about Mid Ezreal vs. ADC Ezreal? What about Support Nautilus vs. Jungle? Kayle Top/Mid/Support? How about different builds? AP Amumu vs. Tank Amumu? You can track the specifics of "Champion named X was picked." Does that tell the whole story? Do you care if they were built differently? AP Mid vs. AD Bot Kog'Maw? I'd argue this counts as a "different" pick, but it's of course not tracked as that. Certainly, an edge case, but it's food for thought. On that line of reasoning, I think 2014 was a year full of flex picks. We saw Karma, Lulu, and a whole host of other mages go in various lanes. Would a better line of reasoning be, "How many Supports did we see this year? How many Mid Laners did we see this year?" Double-counting Jayce doesn't make for a very interesting comparison, but Annie might count. I think we saw more flex picks in 2014 than any other year. There were probably at least two dozen champions that were played in more than one role this year in professional play. The game has also become more homogenized. Up until halfway through Season One, many teams weren't running ADC+Support bottom lanes. Now it's considered commonplace. Not everyone knew Kassadin was crazy strong throughout 2013, Cloud9 least of which, but he defined the first half of 2014's Ban phase. Nowadays everyone's watching the Koreans and saying, "Ah, LeBlanc and Corki are contested. We should all learn them." The fact that all the top-tier players have a standard to look to and compel themselves to emulate shrinks our champion pools significantly. I specifically asked Cloud9's Hai about this at the beginning of 2014. He said they sat down, had a meeting, and told me (paraphrased), "We chose to drop our old playstyle. We should play like SKT. They won the world championship. Let's be like them" Well, SKT couldn't even qualify for Worlds the next year. I'm not certain that emulating a specific team or style of play in a constantly-evolving game is the right way to thrive. Cloud9 had, consecutively, their worst splits ever after making the decision, "Let's copy SKT." Throughout 2013 they made their own rules. Meteos made his own jungle style. Sneaky and LemonNation pulled in their own champion pools and style (Hello, Ashe/Zyra). Certainly, other factors than just "not innovating" led to teams taking more games off C9 than before; I'm just bringing up trends I see. I think the trend actually feeds on itself. Because everyone's compelled to learn specific champions because "better teams" do so, everyone shares similar champion pools. And because you can easily predict your opponent's champions, and magically you ALSO play those champions, it means you have heavily contested picks. I know they want Corki. Well I know how to play Corki! Let's first pick Corki. This repeats for every role, 2-3 champions deep. Some players branch out and have their own fun touches (Xerath players, Rengar players, Rumble players, Vayne players, etc.) but anything that sees a lot of success falls back into the old pattern of, "Oh this champion's successful, let's all learn it." In my opinion, almost every single champion in League of Legends can be that champion. The next Rengar is out there. The next Support Annie or Support Morgana is out there. People just arbitrarily started playing them and everyone decided it was a good idea. But people seem to glom onto them really, really hard, so the pools decrease. What's the way to fix that? Is it OK to "force open" the champion pools? Should we just track "# of Supports played" across seasons and trend that? What should change?
I agree that there should be more diversity in competitive play, but simple changes to series and the pick/ban phase are just bad for the game as a whole. Even something as simple as adding bans would have a huge impact on the accessibility of the game (Think champion restrictions for draft mode games and ranked), even though that would be the most reliable way to create diversity. Unfortunately, the best way to increase diversity is simply to balance the game, but with how much the game changes pre-season to pre-season its extremely hard to do so. What might be best is to decrease iteration time. The increase in the number of patches, especially during the LCS, would allow for more control over the balance of the game at higher levels and could provide a way to nip potentially bad gameplay situations in the bud. Personally I think that UOL (Unicorns of Love) will be the most interesting to watch over the coming years, as they already realize that X champion will work in X situation. That is, provided they don't fall into the trap playing what others do because its strong.
Sunfield (EUNE)
: I think you missed my point. This entrie post can be summarized with "I want free stuff"
I do understand that the post can be seen that way. I am more saying "I want stuff for others", I am way past wanting such forms of recognition. The point of the post is recognizing the hard work and commitment that young adults have in order to get their respective awards. Riot values the same things as those people and organizations that do offer recognition. Normally companies do not offer recognition. However, Riot is not an ordinary company, and all it would cost them is paper, ink, and postage.
Sunfield (EUNE)
: tl;dr I want free stuff
Yeah, it is long. Unfortunately there isn't a very good way to explain why if you haven't been through scouts without it being long.
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: Would a range indicator be possible for Viktor's laser cast range, akin to Urgot's Acid Hunter? I know that the laser isn't 'that' unique in it's functionality, but honestly trying to maximize laser range is a bitch when using smart-cast. Often times I'll overshoot the range, causing Viktor to try to move into range before casting. Particularly troublesome when you're trying to run away since the last thing you want to do is run towards them. Really the only thing I particularly dislike from Viktor, since dealing with the aforementioned issue just makes playing him a clunkier experience than it could be. I guess this could be said for other champions (eg Orianna), but personally I feel like Viktor has it much worse off.
I found that the best way to do this with smartcast is use his auto attack range indicator, as it is VERY close to all of his skills cast range.
: The Truer Evolution
Is his lasers cast mechanic going to change?
: The Truer Evolution
I would like to know the reason behind the change in his R, and if it will remain an aoe ult that cancels channels?
: Redesign Diana. BUT! With no numbers!
The purpose of this rework is to retain Diana's identity while also drawing some parallels to Leona. As the moon does not shine without the sun, scientifically speaking. Upon seeing Diana's character model her blade is the most prominent part, and her lore talks about her blade a bit as well. So, I sought to incorporate that into her new kit, making her a more auto attack focused champion as well as retain her assassination ability. Think Yasuo. Passive: unchanged, but now longer grants attack speed and auto attacks can consume moonlight to activate its damage Q: unchanged W: passive: consuming moonlight with auto attacks grants attack speed for a duration active: auto attacks deal bonus magic damage E: a targeted dash like her current ult but with slower dash speed and shorter range - if target is within a certain range Diana will dash behind it - consuming moonlight reduces cooldown. also consumes moonlight on enemies between her and her target R: marks an area with a moon applying moonlight to enemies within at a set interval. - when applying moonlight if they are already marked the previous mark will also be consumed and they will receive damage - if targets are marked with moonlight when cast the afflicted targets will be stunned for a short duration This rework will allow Diana to function much like a fighter being more auto attack based, but will also allow her to be an assassin due to the amount of damage she can do on auto attacking in her ultimate. Such a focus on her auto attacks will bring her more in line with her concept of using her blade as her main weapon. It will also allow for her assassinations to be responded to rather than being an instant burst. Yet, she will have the ability to respond to those attempts as well as her dash is now a main ability, and its utility when combined with her ulitmate will allow her to remain mobile enough to get her damage out. The stun (or perhaps) root incorporated into her ult will allow her easier access to the enemy backline at the start of a fight while the short duration will allow the enemies to react. This stun as well as the way she would cast her ult (similar to Leona's ult) would draw parallels between the two, while also separating their playstyles. Overall, this rework will allow her to function as both a fighter and assassin while giving her a healthy assassination style. It will also bring her iconic blade to the forefront of her playstyle, while also maintaining the mobility she currently has. As well as give her a more iconic ability that provides more evidence of her theme.
notvert (NA)
: Riot Games Summer Intern Q&A
how's the Santa Monica life?
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