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: No, it's really not
the only people that hate urf are bronze/unranked players who get nervous when people start attacking faster than theyre used to. you've been bronze for 5 years your opinion doesnt count
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"Instead of bringing back everyone's favorite gamemode, URF, we're gonna give you One For All, which you might play once and then never again! Don't worry though, URF will come back sometime this winter, but only with the champions that have our newest skins!" shit company
Broporo (NA)
: 2017 Ranked Rewards Help Desk
so if on the 22nd, i still have 7 days left of my 2 week ban, do i get the rewards?
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So i've been having a problem this last patch where once I'm in game, if I alt tab and tab back in, it takes up to 8 seconds for the screen to load. I've never had this problem before and I havn't changed anything on my computer that would affect this. I use fullscreen mode and idk why this is happening.

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