: "Whoa nice Azir ult on that choke point! Wait, there isn't an azir in this game!"
Oh gee, thanks for reminding me what the original purpose of Azir's ult is. >_>
: Still no Shen skin. #Hope is Lost.
#Got to get back.... #Back to the past...
Canastus (NA)
: No, instead they hijack my threads instead of making their own ones. You can't even begin to imagine what it's like to be a Cassmain these days.
I mean, you guys got a tail fix.
Ralanr (NA)
: You know something is up when she isn't even using her ult for the CC it provides...as has been my experience for with every goddamn Orianna I've fought recently.
Most Oris I see use it as a nuke. The CC is just a neat bonus.
Sciela (NA)
: 60% winrate, 5.33:1 KDA, rank 7. And that's over 40 games of JUST MID LANE. My champ wasn't the issue.
It is if you're denying your team damage. See Rakan is one of those win more and playmaker champs. But he doesn't output the damage on his own. If your team is composed of potatoes than all the set up in the world ain't gonna help you win.
: I automatically downvote any post that mentions "skirmishers" "wardens" "controllers" etc
Well then... It's a good thing nobody here takes your downvotes or your opinions about class names seriously huh?
: http://static.zerochan.net/Annie.%28League.of.Legends%29.full.1433570.jpg I'm biased
: Daily reminder that Karthus STILL does not proclaim his ult quote globally.
{{champion:16}} doesn't get one either. Can we get her in too?
Cloud273 (NA)
: So Gragas got turned into a tank because his poke and sustain were a problem...
Watch you continue to complain when someone makes {{champion:103}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3089}} work.
: > He's bad at sustain. :^) lol, who needs sustain when you outrange everyone
Lol good luck outranging a Xerath, Vel'koz, Lux or Ziggs.
tSSheila (EUW)
: It's okay to be gay
: My parents immigrated. I live in the US.
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: It is ONE post, and while it is massively upvoted it it certainly is not "most". More peope frequent the boards that THAT. Unless you want to tell me the total boards populations is 700 or so people.
Well... I do see familiar names every time i login... And posts rarely go over 700 upvotes...
: Oh, you'd be very surprised. I've got told IRL I'm a fake person because there's no way a girl can play video games and really like it/be decent at it. It's pretty funny/dumb but it happens.
What's with the Gold name? Just curious.
: What i wanna know is how everyone keeps finding out you and other people are girls? I've never told anyone in game that i'm a wombat, so it's never been an issue. It's hard to take complaints from "girl gamers" seriously because they have to TELL people they are female IN CHAT to get harassed for being a girl. I get it, blah blah i shouldn't have to hide my sex, blah blah it doesn't excuse bad behavior, blah blah. No one harasses me for being a wombat because they don't know i am... It's irreverent to the game so why would i mention it unless i was seeking attention from it?
Woah OMG You're a wombat? Australia ping's gotta be killer!
Sciela (NA)
: A very long time ago, I bought Heimer.
Welp all you have to do now is hope he can solo kill any ADC and you have your dream champ.
: That's because most Azirs are hot garbage, while also playing a champion that requires Master+ skill to even be considered playable
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: There are two situations where Azir has an advantage: 1. He has his ult up. 2. There are exactly zero minions around. Otherwise Yasuo trashes Azir period. And I'm saying that from my experience with this matchup back when Azir was actually strong. I have no idea how it would go now, since I literally haven't seen a single Azir in at least 4 months.
Well as said Azir now I can say it ain't easy. My damage early is pitiful enough for Yasuo to dash into my face and hurt me a lot. Also I have to be careful, becasue if I panic ult he can windwall my ult wall to stop my soldiers in their tracks, rendering them useless.
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: > that the most of board indeed finds him broken **CITATION ** **NEEDED.** It seems that all you do these days is shit on the boards while generalizing everyone on them.
Well, this massively upvoted post which calls for the essential permaban of both can certainly lead to some drawn conclusions. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/9mLTU56V-alright-heres-the-plan-blue-team-bans-yasuo-and-red-team-bans-lee-sin-every-game
: eh he still out ranged most mid laners and you can't get on top of him so not really.
Hey man let people think he's trash. I don't want to end up like Yasuo or Riven mains.
Ralanr (NA)
: Oh the price of perfection.
Ralanr (NA)
: Edgy antihero? I assume he'd be the troll in the back of the class that only exists to spout off one liners that piss people off. Like me, irl.
He is only promoted to edgy anti hero becuase he often has good advice layered beneath that salt.
: jhin dropped to 46% win rate and you still called him broken afterward for 1 month time for caitlyn to get the same treatment
Hmm. Needs a little more nerf. Jhin needs to be at a 44% winrate.
Ralanr (NA)
: You just love to get others riled up, don't you?
It's his hobby. If the boards was an anime Lincoln would be the edgy antihero that gets on peoples nerves but whose heart is in the right place.
: Zyra completely dominates bot lane
Easy way to get rid of plants is with a brushfire. Aka play Brand.
: i mean i can kinda see it for caitlyn, aatrox, azir and braum but not really the rest.
Hey man. Azir is a free lane now after the nerfs.
: ***
So... You split your post up into 3 just to say this then?
: Really now? Hes a ranged champion, with no projectiles, who plays from way outside yasuo's effective range, and has low cd abilities. The only reason a yasuo would be able to win this lane is because azir is trash right now, and requires a Hal 9000 to be able to play him
Well technically Yasuo's windwall can halt Azir's soldiers in their tracks if he is moving them with Q. Azir's ult soldiers will also stop upon contact with the windwall as if the wall was solid terrain.
: What are your thoughs on azir?
As a Mastery 6 Azir my thoughts can be summed up in one word. SHURIMA.
: Umm sir, Azir is a nightmare lane for yasuo
Yasuo has a 70% winrate against Azir. It ain't easy.
: Come here so I can lovingly kiss you. I've always wanted to make this post but never had the dedication, skill, or motivation to. I will proceed to quote this on every Yasuo hate thread there is. This was truly amazing. EDIT: oh boy the Yasuo whiners have reached the thread.
: dang u really activated my almonds with this post i feel them neurons firing off so mcuh now and my brain is growing big and pwoerfl
Just a little more and you can reach 120 IQ. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Yo ooo izzz yuasss u o maaaaeyne wefaz blehwaa GODDAMNIT SHITPOSTING IS HARD Anyway, well said, except Riven was a thing before Yasuo was, and she was definitely a successful melee carry (I think), and she hasn't been reworked, just some things taken out or buffed/nerfed. Also who the hell are you? Never seen your name before today. It's Malicious Metal backwards, but for some reason I don't think you're him (I don't know why though, maybe I've seen Malicious Metal, the actual one?) You wrote 'Rubick' at the end of the post, perhaps signing it? But you're not Janna/Sona x Rubick. I'm so mindfucked.
> But you're not Janna/Sona x Rubick. He is. He changed his name twice. It was a tragedy.
: I'm going to destroy the ENTIRE board with a single thread
_Whistles._ Wew lad, you were angry when you wrote this eh? I see your message and I have to say that I believe you. Just two days ago I beat a Yasuo in lane. With Azir. Anything's possible. You have my support.
: When you fail all on your own but try blaming other things
Replace Aliens with Support or Jungler and you got it.
: Nerf Brand's Ultimate
EZ nerf. Walk away from each other. Boom. Nerfed.
: The Elementalist Tales: Icefall
Loved it. Good read as always.
: Can I get a narrative writer to look at a short piece I wrote and tell me how it is?
: More stickers should be top priority! https://i.gyazo.com/40810b6b9479329987df48b1b7231afb.png
: Sticky this. Someone do it. If a stubborn jackass like me can learn something from this, anyone can. That aside, I would like to formally denounce myself for this. >Well, that pretty much wraps up my gripes. I know I'll get some flak for this, but whatever. I'm tired of trash like this littering the front boards when half the crap is incorrect or just plain misleading uninformed garbage. Downvote me if you wish, but this needs to stop. For which afterwards I will give some context as to what I was referring to since I suck at doing things right the first time. First, I regret the word choice and overall vitriol I exuded from that statement. And that post in general. Sometimes, like most people who have a knee-jerk reaction to something on the Boards, I made the fatal mistake of letting my anger and frustration dictate my words. I was so stubborn, in fact, that when I realized my strongest argument was a fluke halfway through, I simply deleted it from my post and went on. It was wrong, stupid, and I am not even going to try to apologize for doing that, since I fear the unknown nature of the response I'll get. All I will say is it was uncharacteristically short-sighted even for myself, and Tyrek did a good thing to call me out on it. Second, I will provide context as to why I said what I said (besides being a stress ball of steam). I misread a portion of the banning system's Q&A, thinking that the system automatically locked you out of banning a champion if the ENEMY team locked it in rather than YOUR team. When I saw the front-page posts complaining about 'repeated bans' I mistook this as a mass campaign led by ignorance, misleading people who did not have proper context. I was much bolder and brasher because I knew, in my mind, that I must correct the misconstrued information with an iron fist. However, when I realized I was wrong on that forefront, I continued on, losing all the factual facets of my post and looking like an opinionated jerk. Which I try my best to be the opposite of. I have no excuses for what I have done, and I deserved every downvote I received that day. >**You are not right all the time, and the other side has completely valid points that you need to consider.** I'm going to assume the adults are the ones who frequent the Boards for a minute here. And, seeing as how we are all adults here, it's very disconcerting to me that we, myself included, have to be reminded that there are always two sides to an argument. And we should not listen to Camille, who claims that they are "my side and the wrong side," but that there are two truths to most major issues. TyrekGoldenSpear, my good friend who kept a cool head in the heat of a divided Boards, I thank you for making this post immensely. And I agree that we should unite against the common enemies I have listed below: -Lag -Minion Block -Smite -Gragas' sentient chest hair -{{champion:17}} The Lord of Hell himself (Shows his true form in Doom Boots) -Promos -The enemy team's Shaco ______________ To wrap up this burrito of a post, I'm going to come full-circle and say that I was reminded by this post to step back and look at what I am doing, to review my stances, to address my opposition in a debate with respect even if I do not get it back, and to chill out. I feel I've been acting too angry on the Boards since the first time I vented at Riot a few months ago, and it is time for me to cut back and be a little more humane now. ######Except when it comes to Shenpai, for whom my unbridled fury will consume the world. Thank you, Tyrek. We needed this shining light of a post in this time of darkness.
> -Gragas' sentient chest hair Dang it Melle. Even when you write inspired pieces you manage to slip in nightmare fuel. Thanks a lot for the kind words though. It means a lot that you posted this.
: Can't believe we won this
Gj! Really earned that LP.
MrBreaktime (EUNE)
: That was very well written and I agree with you on the most part. Everyone has a point. There is only 1 thing I dont agree with though. We were PROMISED 10 bans. (This is the cold fact) The new system is way better then what we have now, but I still feel like RIOT made us wait for a long time to introduce the 10 ban system and they modified it without asking us the costumers. We did not get what was promised. I think this is the biggest reason people are pissed off. This new system is 5 ban per team and not the 10 ban system I wanted. (probably most of us expected and wanted)
In a very technical sense you did. Every player in each team of 5 gets a ban. 5 bans on team blue. 5 bans on team red. This is 10 bans. However it's pretty clear people just wanted today's system just extended to the entire group. I explain why I beleive they did this further in the thread. I agree with you as to why many people are angry right now.
: The Grand Meeting of Melledoneus (REALLY FREAKING LONG, BE WARNED)
This was a beautiful and hilarious read. Really makes me want to get off my rear and write again. Also, is this an extension of the MultiShen theory?
: #Hi Tyrek :D (:( Wasn't mentioned rip)
Trust me you're lucky you weren't mentioned in my sort-of rant. :P
: I though you were going to roast me on Jhin or something I repeat PermabannedGaren's question
Not to worry lol. If there is one thing I try to avoid it's to hold grudges. You definitely know how to call riot out on mistakes, and I'd hate if you stopped becuase we need balance. You are a decent if emotionally charged poster. Just means you're passionate.
: take this down immediately or im going to sue you for defamation
: >Master tier isn't the only teir in league. Master+ teir is not going to be the only balance bar for League. We don't all have time to grind up to Master tier just so that we can play every champion to it's fullest. League for the longest time was a casual game first, and we already have E-Sports balanced around high elo at around tournament time. To think that you, your buddies, and their smurfs get to dominate the balance in league alone is beyond pretentious and egotistical. I stopped reading here. Game should be, no it shouldn't, it must be balanced for high elo. Fuck E-Sports. Fuck Anything below Diamond. Make Garen viable at high elo, i dont care if it kick your ass, learn to play the game. Make Yi viable at high elo, It will stomp at bronze.. And? Learn to play against him cause if there is a bunch of people who could, you can too. And this applys to everything in the game.
I actually play Garen so I wouldn't mind this change. As for your assertions, please realize that Riot has more to think about than the competitive relatively few in high elo. They will make more money overall if they cater to the most people at a time. It's just economics.
: Sounds like you're trying really hard to make everyone love you, your argument lacks actual content, or the content is too dispersed to grasp properly.
I honestly can't objectively judge my own writing, so your assertion is noted. Additionally, I would rather try my best to write something than to half-bake it.
: The problem I have with people on both sides of the fence is purely in tone and reasoning. More often than not in my *personal* experience people who think Riot us some cartoon villian have a far more toxic, crude, rank shaming, name calling attitude than those who just enjoy the game. I myself agree with Riot on some things: 10 ban system Shyvana rework Garen being a toxic design As some examples. And disagree on others: Malzahar rework Matchmaking Autofill As some examples. But my tone was polite up until a few days ago and I don't bandwagon. I state ideas and philosophies not just rage and salt. If that means I am pro-Riot, because I am not toxic and don't say 'Lee nerfs!' In every post. Then maybe these 'Riot is out to get us, haven't done anything right since alpha dying company!' are a problem. Because I disagree with plenty Riot does, I merely address it in a mature, productive manner like my posts on Malzahar or League's state last season. And if not being paranoid, toxic or unreasonable about nerfs or buffs is pro-Riot then sure tag me as that. That is all I had to say. But I appreciate your post overall.
Yep exactly. As I have clarified in additional comments, I am not as interested in labeling people as I am making a more general point to being respectful to one another. To that end, I took a snapshot of the most popular threads on the topic and addressed those. You, Melle, Rubick, and xWaters were meant to be concrete contructs to abstract ideals such as supporting Riot or not. I admire the way you use logic and reason to argue, but my only desire was to ask that we take the other side into account. I know we all all more complex individuals, and my point was to make a stand against demonizing the other side . Btw i have a discord now in case your server has room for one more. I don't really RP however, so take that into consideration.
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