: No. There is such a thing as objective reality. If I say "nazis were evil", that's objective. If I say "this person is overweight", that is objective. If I say "this character design is bland and uncreative", that is objective.
You make yet another mistake by mistaking your opinion as if it was something objective. Sounds like something a child would do.
: Let's be honest guys.
You'd be surprised how many people would hate on this for "anime" and "edge". Wasn't aware edgy anime held the monopoly on the power struggle between a man and a living weapon market. Smh.
: Its because people have this maddening idea that angels at large can't be truly good without weakness. Everything has to have a shade of grey to make sure everything is edgy. I would even go as far as to say angels in fiction fall under at least one or more of three categories. 1.) Angels are weak compared to demons or any other force of evil and are easily slaughtered. 2.) Angels are easily corruptible and could quickly go from your greatest ally to your greatest enemy. 3.) Angels are morally bankrupt and/or unforgivingly strict, acting as a force that typically only has slightly better liking to humans than they would to demons. Dawnbringer Riven and Kayle falls under the 3rd category. Neither are weak or corruptible (as far as we know) but both are intentionally dark and edgy for the sake of making both good and evil agreeable. Granted, they are not as bad as they could be, but both would kill anything that poses a threat to the greater good." Diablo is worse for wear. The angels of Diablo fall under all three categories, in being they are easily corruptible, easily overwhelmed by the forces of hell and even voted on whenever or not to exterminate the humans, just missing extinction by 1 friggin vote, that being Tyrael's. Don't even get me started on MTG. Frankly, I'm tired of it.
Wow. This. Why can't we have powerful incorruptible sources of good? Too hard to write a conflict and story around? Well it should be taken as a challenge then.
: I don't like Riot's new approach to character design.....
Dude, you really need to get off your air of superiority in matters like this. Quite frankly you don't get to decide whether something is "uncreative" just becuase you don't like it. That kind of thinking is incredibly juvenile, just like the mentalities you supposedly spend your days bashing. Quite hypocritical.
ahmadrly (NA)
: Uh Why the hate for Kayn?
People like to hate on "edgy". Often without properly defining the term.
Swarovsko (EUW)
: I could be jumping to conlusions faster than I should and be every superficial about this champ but I still cannot see why anyone would play {{champion:91}} when champions like this exist.
What you (and many) fail to take into account is that Talon can still outroam the dude. Becuase his E has a cooldown Kayn will not be able to pass as many walls as quickly as Talon. Talon will always outroam at the cost of his terrain going on cooldown.
Bultz (NA)
: So we threw out Aatrox' lore?
Crewx (NA)
: Kayn/Raast brings a new Aatrox theory.
That is likely what happened, good thinking.
Ralanr (NA)
: So...I'm really not liking his E. It's a cool ability, but I really don't look forward to dealing with it. I don't see the counterplay to his ult. That's going to cause a lot of complaints. As for his lore, is he apart of the same order of shadows as Zed? Or did the box originally belong to his clan? If this turns out to be Zed's son, I swear to god he's basically pulling all the Mary Sue check marks.
Yeah, Kayn is part of Zed's ninja order. That's why his shadow assassin form has the ability to traverse shadows like Zed and stuff. The only reason Kayn doesn't fight like a ninja is because Scythes aren't a ninja weapon. He's gotta get creative. Plus I can bet that he was one of Zed's best ninja before he and the Darkin found each other.
Neddoreo (NA)
: Depends on when we expect the big abilities to come out. If there's a Malphite, you can bet that shield's going to be on my squishies the moment they sneeze in my direction. If they have a Fizz trying to sneak a shark around our frontline, though? I'll hold onto the shield until it'll actually save them. If they have both, the logic is a little fishier, but in the general case it's a pretty solid rule.
> **Fizz **trying to sneak a shark around our frontline, though? I'll hold onto the shield until it'll actually save them. If they have both, the logic is a little **fishier**, Don't know if you intended this or not, but I'll upvote anyway. Besides, I am not certain how everyone seemed to miss that the only serious part of my original comment was everything after "more seriously." But w/e.
: > [{quoted}](name=TyrekGoldenspear,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EEdiEvAV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-27T04:46:09.629+0000) > > I mean, if they are shielded, wouldn't they be at full health How does this make any sense
At the start of fights support hit their shield buttons. That's how it makes sense.
: Is Rek'Sai intended to not mark targets with shields?
I mean, if they are shielded, wouldn't they be at full health so an ult wouldn't kill anyway? More seriously, a similar bug happened with a recent champ, I forget who. It was fixed, so I have high hopes for Rek.
Ralanr (NA)
: He's plat. I should know. He's on my friends list.
He's on my friends list too. I was just too lazy to open up League to check.
: i've always been support main i might hate it post-taric rework but it's easy lp
: yeah, i'm only a support main too, what right do I have to complain about support items when they're broken and brainless to use
Better change your name to Big Support then if you're a support main now.
: https://68.media.tumblr.com/565bcfa08c82d15da91df1318d981623/tumblr_o5tx2fOGYu1vrjsyao1_500.gif
Wait you're leaving? D: Where are you headed?
Aeszarck (NA)
: Now show me a second person shooter.
A second person shooter would be to watch somebody else shooting up people. Basically an action film.
: I steal memes, and I refine them, League of Legends style
: You're a Mean One, Ms. Leona, Your stuns are too much, for real Your chain of CC sticks me so long it makes me want to squeal, Ms LEEOONA! You're a Foul One, Ms. Leona, with that sun-boosted sword and shiielld! You've esclipsed my hopes of winning this fight with your passive's zeal, Ms. LEOONA! (That's the best I can come up with, hope it gives you a giggle.)
Well it made me laugh, close enough. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Well, nobody's saying they should be replaced. Ideal scenario is seeing Melee vs Melee, Melee vs Range and Range vs Range bot lanes. There's always going to be the reliability of ranged late game DPS over a tankier, less reliable Melee carry.
I suppose. But then you run into the issue of having melees strong enough to lane against a range without fully dominating them the second they hit their powerspike. Currently one side will win hard over the other, and we need a way to bridge this gap if we hope to diversify botlane.
: Lucian, Varus and Corki are being played mid. Quinn is a top laner Graves and Kindred can Jungle.
Yeah well where are the rest of them gonna go? You can't possibly mention a few and expect the rest of them to go with the wind. You should get a high elo player to help you write better posts. Like Malicious Metal. :^)
kodraa (EUW)
: Huge delays on combo while ms is 53.
Um... I think you need to update your game. More seriously, that happens when you have lag.
: Everyday i use my 300 IQ to invent a new Botlane
I mean, if marksmen are pushed out of bot where will they go?
: When your ally pings for you to gank but you remember they didn't leash
That's my face whenever the enemy decides to dive us when I'm Leona.
: Azure Dancer when I cant even dance nor am I blue (still looking for a champ\skin to fit my name)
We just need a blue skin for Rakan
: A Noxian Tale II. May or may not be canceled.
Hey Kitty, I am really sorry for forgetting this fic. But overall I think that people should read fics because they enjoy them. I have been with you since your first tale, and I enjoyed it despite you killing all of the important people in Demacia. But, with your most recent chapters, killing J4 and Shyv, just too much for me. I can't help but feel that you are antagonistic towards Demacia and all who reside in it, and want Noxus to look like the best place ever. Now that isn't bad in moderation, but writing Demacians as morons or "apes" (your favorite word for Garen) just isn't fair to the people who like those champs or factions. When you write a fic, generally you want to stick as close to the lore as possible, or else you give an OOC warning at the beginning or tell people it's an AU. But I digress. as LostFrost said, I think you lost your purpose in writing. Before you did it to have fun and because it made you happy. I could tell and I could see past your portrayal of Demacia. Now not so much. Don't get me wrong, as long as you like your fic it is a good one, I just don't think I'm the appropriate audience for it. As a guy who likes Demacia and the champions in it, I wouldn't read this fic if I didn't know you. Not saying its bad, but I just wouldn't be interested. I read this as a favor to you, because you weren't confident in your writing. I hoped that my reading it made you confident enough to find a fanbase that would enjoy your work, like Noxian fans. Another thing I have noticed is that you can be very defensive of your writing, let me just say that everybody isn't going to like your writing. I know a guy who despises my Jhin/Jinx fic, but we still talk and are quite friendly to one another. People have different tastes and that's fine. The trick is to write a fic that you enjoy, because that is how you motivate yourself to keep going. Write yourself the story, and see how many others like it as well. Take care of yourself Kitty. This won't be my final message, but I and others have pushed you to finish your first tale, whether you finish your second is up to you. I will still pop in from time to time to see your progress.
: Roast your Summoner's Name!
TyrekGoldenspear sounds like the name of a cringy RPer who has a godlike OC that can do no wrong, and named himself after his OC so that he can feel good about himself.
: I know your feel http://i.imgur.com/t9Icn2V.png[/img]
Does me knowing about and supporting LF in every Vayne game I could count me as an accomplice?
Dr Mercy (NA)
: It could do without the cheese.
Nah man, just put lettuce in it to make it healthy.
: Nope but I'll look closely for it.
Well, 10 mins later and I got nothing. Rip. What is it?
: OMG I need to go through and clean my bookmarks QQ I keep missing people; I'll read it late tonight Tyrek. I promise <3
That is totally fine. Enjoy your time gardening!
: Ok, got it. And you might not have seen my last question (it was an edit), but did you notice the Easter egg?
Nope but I'll look closely for it.
: Haha maybe sometime in the future, I'm online for League at really weird times right now. I'll be out 'till late tonight QQ It's a REALLY big garden... carrots and onions suck to weed. Might likely need to wait 'til 9 Pacific to read it. zzz Edit: have you found that Nami works better with Xayah than Rakan?
Yo Frost! I actually wrote another chapter if you want to see.
: Hmm, Nami does work pretty well, but my favorite part of the Xayah and Rakan duo is their joint VO. I'm a bit of a sucker for it ... the lines are all adorable. (And that's why I incorporated a few of them here.)
Yeah all those line references are adorable.
: It actually hurt a bit to write that part, as with the tragedy in Part 3 of Katarina's Legacy. I don't like killing characters (unless they're the bad guys, then I'd be happy to). Glad you liked it though! Also, did you notice my little Easter egg?
Yeah you did good. Btw I am trying to get back to my old habit of a chapter a week, so don't forget to kick me next week if I get lazy lol.
: The Elementalist Tales: Lovers' Leap
Oh my god Blade. You almost broke my heart with Rakan's fake death. Good story.
Soräkä (NA)
: Spa Soraka? ;D
: Flashing at the right time is important
: Riot shouldn't listen to the community, kinda
Glad to see posts like this getting attention. All I gotta say.
: How to trigger Gameplay with 4 words
I only like fighting Yas as Azir.
: Are Dawnbringer Riven and Aetherwing Kayle from the same AU?
If so then I really like the choice of costume for this universe's fighters for justice. :^)
aspects1 (NA)
: well that seems... slightly unbalanced...
It sounds that way, but it's balanced because of new cards coming out that can completely screw them. Like Time-Space traphole. If you opponents special summons monsters from the hand at once, shuffle them all into the deck, and you take damage for each one. Old classics like Bottemless Trap hole work great too. If you can bait your opponent into putting all their monsters on the field they will be helpless if you suddenly get rid of them all.
aspects1 (NA)
: i know what those are, but what are these "pendulums" look it up it shows how strange the game has gotten white is like fusion, but means their levels have to add up black is like fusion, but their levels are the same
White = Synchro. Black = XYZ. Pendulums just allow you to special summon as many monsters as you please from your hand whose levels fit between pendulum scales you set with pendulum monsters.
: I'm a Dolphins fan, I am use to being a loser. This is just for fun.
Dolphins fan? Mira you gotta switch to a good team. Like the Panthers.
: @riot don't listen to anyone but azir mains
Uh. You do realize there are Azir mains who see his mobility as an issue right? Myself included.
: Please Bring Azir Out of Dumpster
This isn't the way to solve the problem. These troublesome champs need to be brought down, we don't want to bring yet another broken champ back.
: Don't give in yet Order!
Will do. Will be stronk.
: Riot is a hypocrite
Because they already started on Evelynn?
: That's literally what he does and nearly always did! Azir is a control mage with high DPS, he isn't a burst mage. Sure you can burst people now, but that's due to thunderlords. I prefer him as a DPS mage rather than a burst mage. We already have a load of burst mages, but how many DPS ones do we have outside of Cassiopeia, Ryze and Azir?
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