: Continuing the insulting eh? I clearly implied the lethality buffs are the only reason he was pushed over the edge, and the new nerfs should bring him back to normal. You still haven't given me facts regarding your argument. So any further reply that includes insult(s) or alike without any argument will be ignored.
You should really engage in some self reflection when the mere act of describing you is an insult in your eyes. Oh no the silver that wants to tell me Khazix is only broken cause of some 2 day old lethality changes is going to ignore me, what am I going to do without his silver insight lmao. Never change the world would be too bright a place without you.
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: Tldr Shyvana is my main champion and is an unhealthy stat check. Next strawman?
What? I already explained how completely devoid of substance your entire post is, what makes you think I give a shit what you think about shyvana lmao and how would that change the fact that you pulled a few random favorites out of your anus, licked the shit off, and presented them to me as the epitome of good design cause I don't know I jerk off to Ahri so she must be the best designed champion in the game. Thanks for the laugh buddy. Hahahahah fiora, well designed, hahahahahaha. hahahahah fucking ahri be touted as the apex of balance hahahahahah fuck im dying
AhmCha (NA)
: Fizz feels extremely feast or famine to me right now
So what, you want famine or famine and feast or feast. The idea that Riot can parrot this idea of feast or famine in a fucking competitive dota clone being a negative for the game and people just going, yep he's got a good point der, still blows my mind to this day.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Riot in the dev blog "Talon may be struggling so we are thinking about buffing items".
This is their balance teams bread and butter and it's how they keep themselves employed, constantly breaking their own game with 0 foresight put into their decisions + complete apathy from tencent.
Wygol (EUW)
: Why do AD Champions get to build Lifesteal and regain huge chunks of health in burst
Cause people and really most of Riot (based on the fact that Lucian, Jhin and Kalista even exist) forget league at it's core was a DoTA clone where adcs are suppose to be hypercarries.
: Why "bloated" champions are good for game health
tl;dr "champs I play are balanced" "champs you play aren't" I love how you equate maximum mobility and utility with balance, jesus christ just kill me now
: Direct matchup has nothing to do with general viability.
This has nothing to do with viability, which is a garbage term for garbage players in general anyways. You can't go around telling people x is totally just a poor mans y when x is the hardest counter in the game to y.
: extremely well constructed argument you have there. Oh wait. GIve me some counter arguments, or go away, nobody likes people who just insult opinions on boards.
Hahaha you want me to destroy you with facts when your only contribution was a garbage "he's not really OP I'm a fedora wearing hipster trash" hahahahaha good joke kid.
Verdade (EUNE)
: Not really, that would be Zed and Varus
"1 + 1 = 2" "Not really" Sure
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: We were experimenting with some range changes for this patch, but opted not to go with them and go for damage nerfs, despite testing quite well. The idea was that if we are pushing LB towards more of a kite mage direction, we would retain long change ranges and have them do less damage, but if we were pursuing more of an assassin direction, we would probably shorten the chain range quite a bit (as that would allow us to give her more damage).
Verdade (EUNE)
: Is Xerath poor man's Vel'koz?
It's funny cause Xerath is one of Velkoz's hardest counters.
: Am I the only one who thinks Jhin deals a little too much damage right now?
Jhin has been a top tier adc since his release. You think an adc gets to be top tier for an entire season cause they're balanced? lol.
: he has changes on the PBE. But they are very slight, only addressing the extra power he got from lethality buffs. He's fine otherwise.
If you think Khazix is fine you have no idea how to play league of legends.
: I hope Warwick doesn't get the Yorick treatment
What? Aren't we still in the full on jerk off mode where the sheep splurge over how awesome riot is and how certainlyT totally isn't the creator of yasuo kalista and new cait cause a champ they never played and will drop in a week after getting dumpstered in silver got reworked.
: Jhin, the Master piece of Riot game
Love the champ that does more burst than Draven with more utility than most mages. Too well done lmao he needs a massive overload in stats to make up for the fact that he can only auto 4 times (good thing gypsylord is his designer than cause his passives put certainlyT's to shame), resulting in what riot would call awkward "gameplay patterns" that are totally unsuitable to the general balance of the game (namely the need to one shot squishies later in the game else you just become a ranged pick bot). Hence the near god tier pick level he's enjoyed since release.
: The day Riot decided to make games shorter.....
League is the FPS of the DoTA clone world. Mechanics and reaction > macro play. You don't need to to think to micro your way to diamond with Yasuo and its why he'll never be changed, Riot wants the game to be like this. They want you to get a massive boner every time you use yet another moblity creeped ability, they want you to make a montage of every champ that can jump 90 thousand times in the span of 15 seconds, they want you to scream at the top of your lungs DID U SE DAT OUTPLAY OMGUR when you play this game. Things like actually winning a game get in the way of these fantasies which is why towers and objectives are a joke and mobility/damage/shield creep are in full throttle.
: I am not certain why Riot puts true damage on every champion now...
Because Meddler's only contribution since he was hired is the word fantasy. He's obsessed with it, he masturbates to it, he's probably going to write a book when he retires titled how I totally made league great again by fantasy fantasy fantasy. If you've been following his posts you'll know he thinks it's the only thing that matters in game design. So how do you implement fantasy? Well according to meddler you do this by forcing powerspikes no matter what happens in game. Pesky variables like creep score and kill score undermine fantasy by changing player contributions in individual games based on how well they're doing in said game. This is a big no no in meddlers mind, you don't pick Fiora to get shit on, you pick Fiora to fantasy shit on other people. So how do you do this? % hp damage, true damage, %damage reduction, free shields, huge steroids and probably complete immunity. All of these things scale well regardless of your item situation or your enemies, so you're given x powerspikes at y times every game no matter what. Fiora will always do unmitagatable damage, Camille will always burst you down and her shield forces her to be a good duelist, Darius will always get 800 ad after 5 autos so you'll never be able to fight him for long as a melee, and you can run down the list of recent champs vs old and see the massive difference in free stuff they've got in their kits (Warwick for example can get a 300% bonus AS, he's literally given an ability that makes items obsolete). It's really about removing player agency and empowering the pick of the champ to the point where you feel like you're playing more a game of hearthstone, where your champion pick and counterpick is more important than actually playing the game itself, than a DoTA clone. It's really terrible game design and leads to stupid power creep situations like we're in now where Riot's trying to balance out %hp damage and true damage with more free shields IMO but I don't work for Riot.
: We,The Community, Are Primarily The Ones Responsible For The Current State Of The Game, Not Riot.
This is so fucking hipster it's sad. If the jews didn't wanna be baked in ovens they shoulda just stopped being greedy gnomes hoarding that jew gold amirite. Fucking stupid as fuck.
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Rioter Comments
: Nid is useless
or aurelion sol
Guanxi (NA)
: Might as well change the name "support" to "assassin".
wahhhh i got hit by abilities and took damage wahhhhhhh
: Tank {{champion:31}} is still very strong, the only damage item I buy is {{item:3027}} and is only if my lane match up isn't something super bad for Cho, and some times I don't even buy RoA and just build full tank. Tank Cho works fine, and if you are having trouble with tank Cho then maybe you are building him wrong or something.
Sigh. You're in silver. You know what I played to get out of silver last season? Ghost smite support singed. Clearly my success with ghost smite support singed means he is very strong and if you can't make it work in diamond + then you must be building him wrong or something.
Rioter Comments
: So RIOT what is your plan to stop the 3-5 man gank bot and get the tower + FTG at 6-7 minutes in?
Their plan is to do what they've always done when one of their policies that they worked really really hard on and knows totally makes the game better is hated by everyone, cover their ears and go LALALALALALACAN'THEARYOULALALALALALALALALAKEYSTONESAREGREATLALALALALALALALA
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Rioter Comments
: wut?
you know who riot fearless is?
Rioter Comments
: When are we ever gonna fix creepblock and autopathing?
when you buy another 50 hext tech whale boxes
Wráthful (EUNE)
: Disable katarina till u find a fix for her, better revert this rework.
Riot learned nothing from Yasuo. Literally nothing. Even the stupidest kid will stop licking the stove when it's turned on after the umpteenth time but oh no, not riot games, they pride themselves on being incapable of growth.
: Revert the jungle changes PLEASE
You know fearless is just going to add more plants. He can't even get out of silver playing the most influential role in the game what makes you think he has the ability to fix the jungle? His last attempt was but what if we added plants ;O all while riot's 2 man balance team being paid top dollars to take 10 dmg off jayce's e gave a standing ovation.
: Instead of nerfing the OP junglers
They put a silver who goes around making excuses for his rank in charge of the jungle. Clearly they don't give half a fuck.
Rioter Comments
: Remember when Riot used to regularly do double IP weekends?
I also remember when riot was a small indie dev with a shitty dota clone that they couldn't possibly induce you to play unless it was free, or before tryn and co decided to cash out with tencent, or when they tried to tell us lowered ip gains was for our benefit, or everything hippalus has ever said period which can really all be summarized as "will this make us more money? no? then we're not doing it fuck you instead i'm gonna increase champ ip costs lower ip gains and introduce paid rng garbage to really milk the whales fuck you we're for the community".
: just remove rengo's clense
I think rioters working on the reworks would rather kill themselves then admit even indirectly that their idea was bad.
: What if Kassadin was reworked into an anti-mage Skirmisher?
Riot: So does that mean we should give him %hp damage reduction, 2 magic damage shields and some true damage just in case?
: Despite Rito's effort to make competetive games short and exciting
It's cause Riot refuses to recognize that by trying to shorten game length through early game snowball they indirectly incentivize risk aversion and turtling.
: @meddler Can we get your public opinion on damage creep?
Riot has never addressed damage creep and they never will cause what are they going to say? yeah we damage creeped the game through the roof and even though it's stupid as fuck, that's how we want you to play the game cause it's our fantasy for players to have this agency.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Tyrian Purple,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gXcExm6L,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-21T23:11:43.292+0000) > > The silver 4 with more insults that make absolutely no sense but I guess it&#x27;s the only way you feel better about yourself when all else fails. > > What does being 12 have to do with you player agencying in my thread? What does pointing out your ironic whining have to do with assumptions? I have no idea but then again I&#x27;m not silver so I wouldn&#x27;t really know how to follow your logic. Except I didn't whine about anything, I was being emphatic and coy, obviously.<_> But ofc, since you have no real reply to my counterpoints, you resort to alot of pretty reflecting. hence me not taking you seriously past your first reply.<_> And you very childishly taking jabs at peoples rank instead of addressing their posts isn't doing you any favors.
There's nothing to address other than your weak insult game. What little you've said beyond the insults is nonsense and besides the fact that I don't humor people who default to name calling, arguing with you would be like arguing with a blind man who insists that the sun is blue, it would only be an exercise in frustration.
Zedex (NA)
: What I said applies. You're complaining about having an unfun time against Katarina when their are plenty of champions that are alternatives to the ones that she counters. I don't know where you get these rabid impressions from, but just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I'm angry.
Lets not humor ourselves, you don't have the mental faculty necessary to understand enough of what I'm saying to disagree with me in any capacity beyond the usual unimaginative insults that really only silvers ever find intellectually acceptable. It really is the lowest depths of degeneracy that you can call me an angry pre teen in your first post in my thread cause clearly you disagree with some strawman you think is my position and then immediately try to lecture me on how you're totally not an angry weeb simply cause you think I disagree with you. The sheer amount of casual stupidity you've shown is quite frankly suffocating so do me a favor and fakkuofu.
Zedex (NA)
: ***
I know you don't, if you did you wouldn't be silver 5. So to summarize you're now not only being left in the dust by an angry pre teen, but an idiotic angry pre teen. lol
Rioter Comments
: Calling out someone for projecting their own failings onto others while projecting his own failings onto Riot. Interesting.
Zedex (NA)
: This is obvious, he's just angry and getting reactional upvotes from other angry pre-teens.
One thing I noticed on this forum that's a constant is that silvers are constantly projecting their own failings onto others. I know you're mad that you can't climb out of silver but don't you think you're giving yasuo players everywhere an even worse name by obsessing over pre teens?
Zedex (NA)
: Except you having problems with champions mechanics and your inability to adapt around them has nothing to do with player agency. Thats all on you, don't blame Riot.
I know you're just foaming at the mouth to get that pat on the head but understand that I can walk and chew gum at the same time and you should stop projecting yourself onto me.
: Top lane Karma is extreme cancer
Karma is cancer in every lane
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