Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=TyrinGlitch,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=dgd0wRR8,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-08-25T19:04:04.699+0000) > > Really eh? a lot farther behind on these new releases then I thought I was just hearing about it recently It's been already discussed a lot that's how it should be in every skin line , a popular champion must be there to cover for the resouces Besides Ahri Besides this is Ahri's 10th skin , not 11th , Prestiege is just a chroma with some edits , not an actual skin And even if she gets her 10th skin , there are 20+ champions in the game that got the same number of skins as her or more
Hmmm I suppose that it isn't as bad of a way of releasing skins when you put it out there like that, I would still like to see a new Kindred, Ornn or Rek'Sai skin sometime though, those champs have a lot of potential for great skins
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: Why not? 5 unpopular champions got skins , 1 popular champion has to be there to sell the skins , otherwise it would be a loss to the company Why did you decide to post that now? it's been already discussed a lot
Really eh? a lot farther behind on these new releases then I thought I was just hearing about it recently
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=TyrinGlitch,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=dgd0wRR8,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-08-25T18:52:42.867+0000) > > I really do not see Rek'sai played at all anymore, real shame aswell she's a cool champion Yeah And imagine elderwood Rek'sai Made of some old tree and just mushrooms and flowers growing on her. Like the tree in elderwood bard's splash art
Ooooh that would be really cool if that was the case!
: to be honest, that skin is hot as fk, I have a star gaurdian ahri, didnt buy the kda but I kinda want the elderwood ahri but yes, I hated it too, it really upsets me or us that riot only cares about ... of cause like we all do, understandable, but they thought a gorgeous pretty can fool us around is almost arrogant in some way. They knew community will be mad 100% yet they still released it, because they knew the fact that everybody will like it and everybody will buy it. After a while of complaining, it will be silence again. Sure, marketing, I get it, but this company is dying by doing so, since not the skin teams, balancing teams are doing the same.
Ouch that pretty on the nose there if I am being honest which is really sad
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Elderwood Kindred, Rek'sai or Ornn would've looked so good
I really do not see Rek'sai played at all anymore, real shame aswell she's a cool champion
Dynikus (NA)
: riot is releasing skins for 5 unpopular champions. Releasing 1 skin they know will sell well is a pretty good business decision, especially seeing she does fit the theme as well.
I can see the business decision out of that one actually, though Veigar is decently popular I would argue I see him around a bit more then Galio and shen at least
Blåsigt (NA)
: I think we have all come to realize that there is not equity when it comes to skins, much to the chagrin of many of us. Ahri players buy skins, simple as that. Kaisa and Irelia frequently get new skins for the same reason.
sounds about right though we have gotten some nice creative skins before, this new Ahri one just feels kinda lazy
: Money is why
wish I had something to go against that but meanwhile achievements behind a paywall as well...
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Hadhar (NA)
: I mean don't get me wrong yay for new chormas, but as a player who had hit honor 5 every time since its release AND who never plays either of those champs... this isn't much incentive. If you want to really motivate people to hit and maintain honor 5 you should make exclusive skins that can only be obtained by holding honor 5 through the end of the season. Make a line of Honorguard skins for say 2-3 champs a year and people would be much more incentivized to maintain honor 5 rather then remaking the same honor wards each year or a chorma for skins that only apply to 2 roles. Honorable supports dont really play ww or twitch :P
As much as I love my Rat boy I have to agree for a reward for maintaining honor 5 the chromas for these champs don't really feel fair to people who don't play adc or jg, I do like these skins in their base form but if I'm being completely honest I chromas seem a bit stingy for maintaining honor 5. It might of been new skins if we paid a few hundred-thousand riot points instead (though to be fair there are a lot of champions that could use some new skins poor Kindred...)
: The balance team has honestly reached levels of WTF I did not know exists this year for worlds.
They are balancing it so that they can try to get more flashy plays from worlds to draw more attention in though not caring for over all game health during the patch cycles which is a real shame because for lower tier players it’s a horrible environment for them to attempt things that aren’t in the small meta window and have seen a few long time players even in high ELO walk away from the game till some issues with the games balance are addressed
: That is exactly what i was thinking.
Yarn amumu and blitz got tossed in the fucket bucket after enough people said something maybe with enough work we could actually fix it....or give master yi and Kha Zix more buffs who knows riots kinda screwy sometimes
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: New Kled Skin
Pirate Kled would have been a much better choice or hell if they wanted to go with something Halloween worthy why not make is a vampire hunter skin {{champion:240}} needs some love man
: I'm Sure Kha Won't Be Broken At All in 8.19
it would also help if the balance team still played the game in its current state to see how things have gotten as of late with meta shifts, or need I remind everyone of those good ol {{champion:142}} one shots from full hp
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
i have a skin idea, Iron Light Lucian {{champion:236}} , basically a grey iron man type lucian, his basic attacks are bolts of light from his hands, his Q is a beam of light from his chest piece, his W is a call of explosive light from his chest piece, his E he jets forward using mini jets in his back and feet, his R he would like fire a torrent of shots from his hands, he would start off walking and then start flying with bots on, and fly faster with his really fast movement speed animation, sorry i dont have a picture, i cant really draw to good


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