: Poll: Which player behavior feels the worst to play with?
Soft-inting because its so much harder to prove. Most will just say its “just a bad game” but when i see the enemy talon get caught out for the 5th time, that excuse really isnt good enough
: Remember when this was the NB3 meme?
: > [{quoted}](name=Tyrone Lannister,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0VOem22h,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-11-23T15:41:14.352+0000) > > Hell ye just dont go out of your way to KS every single kill Unless they are dumb or make you mad in which case steal those kills and emote on em
Bro..... do you have that much free time?
: Streamer needs advice
Well as for the rune part, consider looking up some guides and writing them down for reference. Because you said that you remember pictures, draw the icons of the items as they are different enough from on another. As for improving, mentality is a big part of it. Find a role you enjoy playing and stick to it. Pick 2 or so champs that fit that role and practice them. Keep in mind that you want to play for yourself and get ahead (farm, split push, etc). Dont let trolls get to you. Hope this helps!
5050BS (NA)
: Riot. Hmm how can we make every champ want to build RageBlade
Proxy345 (NA)
: ARURF feels so much more chaotic this season.
It couldnt have something to do with damage being the highest its ever been could it? 🤔🤔🤔
: another shitpost got popular...
Which one? There’s hundreds of them?
: Dear Jhin players: It's fine to auto attack.
Jhin’s that stand in teamfights and dont auto -_-
: Ranked Rewards
: All these objectified tits lately are NOT ok.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tyrone Lannister,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=w5XcNXm2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-16T21:26:55.244+0000) > > Downvote for no Chibi Ahri 😡 Jk it does look good, how long do these statues take to ship? for me it was 2-3 days. could be longer for other people I do not know.
> [{quoted}](name=DaenrysTargaryen,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=w5XcNXm2,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-03-16T21:29:29.093+0000) > > for me it was 2-3 days. could be longer for other people I do not know. Thats not bad. I had a friend who ordered the Gnar plush and it took like a month or more toget to him
3 Tears (NA)
: Will this ever go away?
Maybe its because i play flex, but i dont feel that anymore. Probably cause Norms are taken more seriously than flex LUL
: I got my Ahri Statue
Downvote for no Chibi Ahri 😡 Jk it does look good, how long do these statues take to ship?
: Change the LP Loss system to account for AFK's outside of the first few minutes of the game...
The same reason its been for ages, premades would abuse it. Mostly Duos and Flex groups.
BlueFoxNL (EUW)
: Check my euw op gg and tell me theres no such thing as elo hell
Theres no such thing as ELO hell. There i said it
: Grasp of the Undying Grinds My Gears
Old grasp before it got nerfed was actually good
Subdue (NA)
: It exists because sometimes I'd rather ban a champion than let the enemy take it because you are last pick.
nh0ckzjt (NA)
: Every Rengar rework is fun to play <3
Def old Q. When he was reworked, i lost count of the amount of times i popped out of stealth because i was so used to pressing Q before jumping.
: Why does bard chunk me so hard with meep autos
: Which one is ur favorite rework?
As much as i hate seeing him every damn game, Warwick's rework is legit.
Slythion (NA)
: > Ryokishine: please shutup Ryokishine: later morons Ryokishine: report Yi for hate speech. Ryokishine: called me a %%%% and a %%%got so far. Ryokishine: nah, sit through the loss. Ryokishine: triple queued asshole thinks he can just command people to do what he wants Ryokishine: bronze leadership OP. Ryokishine: you're welcome, grandmaster douchebag. Ryokishine: how does this guy have friends, I don't understand. "Critically Trying to Teach and Encourage Teamwork" lmfao ok
: Kog`Maw is now the lowest winrate adc in the game
I honestly think its because of lulu that kog became so annoying to fight against
: What do you call a female Rammus
Thats enough of the boards for today
: Since nasus is being the tumor of toplane again this is how you deal with him
I like to pick either fiora or teemo and look to abuse his weak early game for everything its worth. Especially with fio, as you can outrade him easily with vital procs
Dêmon (EUW)
: Draaaaaaaaaven or ashe
Ashe late game is nasty. The problem is getting there. Draven's early and mid is where he shines. I can personally atest to the misery of playing draven into 3 full build late game tanks. Suffering
: Is Duoqueue boosting allowed or should I report it to player support?
Send it their way. Worth a try at least and if it gets a booster banned thats a bonus
tieger05 (OCE)
: Juggernauts ruined my elo (low elo)
Warwick aint a juggernaut though 🤔
Zertryx (NA)
: Who is a Good top laner currently to carry with that isnt banned alot?
I feel Illaoi isnt banned that much but is pretty stupid in terms of effectiveness
Ye ßoi (NA)
: Deathsword or Project Katarina?
Bruh it's obviously warring kingdoms
: 2018 Ranked Placements Venting post!
Had an inter who went 0/20. He had the audacity to say: Im so sorry you guys don't deserve me this game. What a tool :/ Its the Talon game if anyones curious in looking at my match history
: I suck at yasuo
Just because you can dash doesn't mean you should.
: How to beat up ornn as gp?
Early on, ya cant. Later on when you have items and farm, your barrels can start to hurt.
: kayle is a great champion and has a decent kit just like many other champions. Yet i believe that Riot needs to take a look at her again with all of these new champions out and reworks for old champions as well. Her ult is so easily countered by any CC.
Im not saying she isnt a great champ, i enjoy playing her. Unfortunately she is hell to play against, especially someone who knows Kayle well. If there's anything id change, it would be her W because overall its a lackluster ability that could be so much more.
: Why is Kayle Ult so short
I dont wanna live in a world where Kayle becomes pick/ban worthy again. That's suffering
Xcion (NA)
: Why is it...
Oh they definitely complained about Xin what
: No nerfs to duskblade planned
Another complain post. Yippie -_-
: why dont people hit the nexus?????
: Am I the only one who feels Presence of Mind is really underrated?
: Who's your favorite video game character of the year?
Rykagnar (NA)
: tfw you're yasuo and ur jungler doesn't gank within .4 seconds of taking first buff
: *Bot lane gives up first blood* ADC: gg
SKT Vodka (EUNE)
: Perma-Banned on my main account I've had since 2012
Well if you said anything racist or "kys" thats grounds for an immediate ban.
: lol this happens every time so i just don't show my champ, but this kid looked me up and banned lux when i had 5 games in a row with her and typed 'hahahaha get rekt naab' and im like k ill go my mid champ for mid since i only play lux sup lol he was pissed
Lol you know that kid had and IQ of 12
: WTH is this Ezreal jungle thing I am suddenly seeing all over the place?
: To be fair, I meant I'll int as in I'll play dumb aggressive like they wanted me to. Thanks for your input though :)
Not even in that context does that make it ok.
Jackyl (NA)
: If I want to main Jungle, what should my secondary be to maximize the chance of getting Jungle?
: Wrong, it's flavor of the year. All the boards does is shit on ADC's, for like the past 2 years honestly.
earlier this season, they were so bad that people brought ziggs bot
Eedat (NA)
: The amount of bias on this board is reaching critical mass
Pretty much dude. Shitting on ADC's is the flavor of this months circlejerk.
: Perma ban is a joke
Why type though? It clearly didnt help the team
Drugoth (NA)
: Agreed, but it's nice to explain it to people that may have a different opinion on what being a dick is. xD
The dont be a dick doctrine can apply to life quite well too :) i follow it quite diligently
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