: Sun Goddess Karma Login Screen - [Unofficial]
Can someone tell me what part of the Journey soundtrack this particular part is from?
: Maybe have his W do a 0.25 second root or something if it goes thru his E...idk Say he throws 2 ws out, then uses e*but connected to them* and as soon as e triggers (when it does the suspension/damage) it makes everything standing over the connected ws get rooted for a very very short duration. It makes sense (hes basically rupturing the rifts he made), its based around his E cooldown, its interactive, etc..
There's a small cd between his 2 w charges unfortunately, so you can't just send them both out. But I like the idea of a small root if his E hits while W is on the ground. That would be very cool and rewarding!
: His e isn't a knockup, its unfortunately just a stun that moves enemies back *think nami bubble* Confirmed by a yasuo who couldn't ult... If they wanted to truly put vel koz where he needs to be they would need to make tanks just as important as squishy adcs/glass cannons
Yeah, sadly it's classified as a suspension which is affected by tenacity. I'm pretty sure Yasuo can still ult with it though. I think Vel'Koz is fine vs squishies and tanks alike, because of the true damage. The problem is his lack of cc/reliability when he uses his E, in my opinion.
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: The buffs to her E didnt make it live from what I understand. Range on her Ult (maybe 200 unites) would be good. Also adding a slow 20% (please its roots) to it would also be good. Her Plants still die STUPIDLY fast. The HP change to them was nothing because they upped the damage everyone does to them (other then DOTS the only good change they made)
They're there in game I think, just didn't mention in the patch notes. Her E does 240 base at lvl 5.
Ahris (NA)
: Zyra's ulti does damage the instant it is pressed with no counterplay but to not be in range. The range on hit should NOT be buffed.
To be honest the damage itself isn't even that much. The majority of the damage comes from the plant buff that ensues, which you can move out of range of. The damage isn't really instant since the roots take about .5 seconds to spread out.
Yago (NA)
: Zyra's ultimate is incredibly strong for zoning, counter engaging, disengaging, and following up on an engage. Because of that, the often non-interactive gameplay of her plants, and the considerable range on her other abilities, it would be unhealthy for her ultimate to have a longer range without significant reductions in its power elsewhere.
Her Q does not have considerable range. Her E has great range, but is negated by having to walk up to QW someone. Any time Zyra tries to ult in a teamfight she has to be up close to the front line which is extremely risky. As someone who has been playing her more, I just feel like it isn't that impactful/doesn't feel good to use.
: I'm ok with a range buff on her ult, I don't play her very often (but I still have mastery 5 on her), but each time I try to ult, it's either by going flash in / using Zhonya or just dying from it. I'm also a "low elo", I might be bad, but that's literally my experience as Zyra
I'm Diamond 1 playing her in normals and flex and have a similar issue. Most of the time when I want to ult I have to flash or buy a zhonya. It's not very fun being so up close.
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: Riot should bring back old pro spectate mode
I used to love seeing someone play a champ that isn't popular, like Vel'Koz, to learn what they do. Most people don't stream/post youtube vids, so it's a great way to learn champions!
: Thank you, Boards Community. (& smol giveaway - Concluded!)
895 :D! I'm thankful for having access to a free game that I love!
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Bombae (NA)
: Plat team looking for top lane
omg can I join? You guys look so pro D:
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Sintart (NA)
: Plat Team LF Plat+ Mid & Jungle
IGN: U Just Got Slain Role: Mid Rank: Current: D2 (I don't play much ranked) Champs: Vel'Koz (best by far), Syndra, Xerath, Ekko. Can Play: Ahri, Orianna, Brand, Taliyah. Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday after 6:30pm EST. Weekends flexible.
: NightFall Gaming Club Looking For more Members
IGN: U Just Got Slain Position: Mid /support Solo Que Rank: Diamond 2 Flex Que: Diamond 5 (don't play much flex) Team Experience- I've played on a couple of teams, nothing incredibly serious. Mainly interested in meeting people and playing customs for fun.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 4
Hey Meddler! Not a big Shen player here, but I know whenever I pick him up the bonus damage on his Q is really good for last hitting when Shen gets shoved in. Since he has no wave clear it is pretty easy to just push him into tower. Nerfing the bonus damage to non-champions will take away that extra safety net, so do you plan on making it an intended weakness of Shen to nerf his already low wave clear power early game (since sunfire helps a lot mid-late) and allow him to struggle under tower?
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: [SPAM] Uknown Error has Occured
I am having the same exact problem and I don't know how to fix it :(.
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: NOW COMPLETE - [Q&A] Ask Ivern's Creators Anything!
Are you guys planning on making more Champions similar to Bard and Ivern? I personally think they're so unique and fun to play that they really shift the feeling of many games and offer such unique experiences.
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: What I hope the next Support champion is:
While the design would be cool, I'm pretty sure Riot dislikes the feeling of denying people stats. One of the reasons Nunu is extremely disliked is because his sole reason in the game is to be as annoying as possible and take things away. Riot has stated multiple times they don't like the feeling of invisible power, so a support like this might not be created anytime soon. It's always possible they have a spell focused on heal block or something similar in nature, but not a whole kit designed on denying other people.
: [Petition] Please add Custom games using Dominion map so we can play Hide and Seek again.
I loved hide and seek, it was honestly one of my favorite things to play. I was really sad when they removed Dominion effectively destroying HnS :(. I know they said it takes resources to test things on the Crystal Scar, but a custom game mode option doesn't seem too much to ask for.
: You are now on a date with your highest female Mastery Champion
{{champion:134}} tears my balls off and pelts me with them ._.
: Thanks for your reply. I feel like I understand your point of view better now. I don't find my lane experience has changed much since the update. I still have strong zoning power into good matchups with the threat of E -> combo, and just leverage my wave control in other matchups. Do you max Q right away, or get a few ranks in W first? I'm still maxing W usually. I don't see why you think the new Q feels better. The old Q did more damage for most of the game, and late game was decidedly better unless you build Voidstaff, in which case you're in the "wasted magic pen stat" quandary that feels so bad. Check it out: Late game Q, old build to new http://s33.postimg.org/xupjo9bjz/vel_Q.png Mid Game Q, assuming equal gold of {{item:1056}} {{item:3136}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3174}} vs {{item:1056}} {{item:3165}} {{item:1001}} {{item:1058}} {{item:1026}} http://s33.postimg.org/gg5bfzef3/vel_Qmid_Game.png His ult still *looks* awesome and visceral and is a huge high point of his character theme. It *feels* worse to me because, in many situation and w/out it generating and procing passive ticks, it *does less damage* until you hit his new "late game fantasy" and then only (usually) against single targets. But we're going around in circles now. I think the reward is more binary for landing/not landing abilities, whereas there was a spectrum of reward in the old kit. But then again league is tending more towards the latter, and for the worse I fear.
Damn look at you with all those graphs xD!! Well the reason why I feel like Q is better is because I'm maxing it now, so I guess that opinion is pretty skewed. But you NEED to start maxing Q in lane! Take one point in W at level 1 just to shove the wave and get a CS lead, but after that Q max is so much better. You still generate enough wave clear with W + Q , but you aren't extremely tied down to fishing for EW combos. Hitting Q when you have 3 points in it and you and you lane opponent are level 5 feels great. With such a short CD and the chance to get 150% mana back on the spell, it seems like the clear choice to max. As for his Ult I feel like having 950 + 1.25 ratio will destroy squishies and since you probably disintergrated 1-2 people in the front line, you will be melting them too. Whereas the old Ult just melted squishies and tickled tanks I feel. Lastly I feel like while a majority of damage is tied to his ult, a simple QEW QW or EW combo will destroy squishies even more effectively than before, so you aren't entirely dependent on hitting your ult.
Veraska (NA)
: I agree although I think it made support vel'koz worse next patch ' s Q buffs are going to make support vel feel better I just hope these changes don't push him overboard, I'd hate to see my favorite mage go from a relatively balanced champion to an op fotm and then nerfed into the dumpster
That's exactly why I made this post. I'm scared with all these buffs people will start really thinking he's strong and needs to be nerfed eventually. That's why I prefer having his passive activate before true damage takes place, to help bring more skill than just throwing out abilities and ulting for mega damage. I do think support Vel'Koz was definitely nerfed, though. His reliance on AP is much heavier, thus takes more items and more gold, something supp vel can't access as easily.
: I don't think people single out Vel'Koz for this, but it did make his combo less intuitive rather than more. It used to be flexible and it gave him a lot of teamfight presence. He also built differently than most mages because his ratios were low and Mpen was more effective than flat AP. Changing his ult to magic damage and making it passive-reliant means it's not as useful in a teamfight. There is no realistic way to get passive procs on more than 1 or 2 enemies, and the only enemies you can easily combo with his other skills are the tanky front-liners, who can stack health and MR and shrug off Vel's damage. Sure, if you get a Research proc on them, it really hurts, but Vel isn't supposed to be a tank shredder. Brand is more of that. It also means you hold onto the ult because you want to use it optimally. This is exactly why Riot said Taliyah's W couldn't be self-cast. Because giving it that option meant that you would save it for that. But really, I think the bigger problem is nobody asked for the changes. Vel wasn't seen as overpowered or weak even before, because he is 100% skillshot-based. Why fix what isn't broken? Vel was changed twice since release until 6.9. He was then changed again in 6.10 and PBE changes are on 6.11. He's no longer that example of balanced design.
I think he is certainly an example of balanced design. He has to land skill shots in order to get off a majority of his damage. His most powerful spell has an insane amount of counterplay. He has absolutely no mobility. Vel'Koz's design is incredibly balanced because of how much counterplay is tied in. Number tweaking doesn't mean he's doesn't have a balanced design, it means they're trying to make it perfect. Just because people are not verbal about changes does not mean they don't want them. I for one almost never posted on the boards, but I have constantly thought of small ways to change Vel'Koz so his ult feels better to use, more impactful. Most tanks don't "shrug off" 500 true damage, by the way. Vel'Koz's laser is supposed to be a huge high for him and a big game play moment for everyone around him. The previous iteration of Vel'Koz allowed Tanks to easily walk up to you, now if they've been researched they will take A LOT of damage even getting near you. PLUS you are still demolishing squishies because you do close to 1.8k damage if not more! If anything he's so much stronger in team fights now.
: It's not like he didn't have an **area of mastery** before: optimizing your normal abilities (one of which is a 2.5 second stationary channel) for maximum AoE effect. Sure, you could just "fire everything and pray," but that's not always the right answer. You're arguing that his ult does a huge amount of damage, and anyone who isn't satisfied with it just doesn't like the MYMU. First off, his ult *does less than it used to in a lot of situations.* It only outperforms his old ult if you proc passive first *and* have a lot of AP *and* the target has a lot of MR. Consult the graphs in this thread: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/L2hFPrjW-velkozs-rework-makes-him-highly-dependent-on-landing-e. It's decidedly weaker during the mid game than it used to be, and it's weaker against groups because you can't expect to hold them all still in a circle the size of your E (and, supposing you do, you're going to win that fight no matter if you're old or new vel'koz). Secondly, concerning the MYMU, I thought the itemization changes were going to be total hell for mana-hungry mages. I was wrong about that. I think the MYMU was a step in the right direction, but a pretty rough pass balance wise in terms of breaking or dumpstering some of the reworked champs (but not Vel'Koz). Overall I like the MYMU, but I consider myself one of the more vocal critics of Vel'Koz's rework on the boards. I'm singling out Vel'Koz because, of the lot, he's the only champion I'm really attached to. I've adjusted my play style with him (though I'm in a bit of a funk at the moment), and I like how it felt better before. Lastly, if you really think he needed changes to help his late game, fine. A lot of people seem to agree with you. I didn't mind being a mid-game powerhouse and then, should the game drag on and remain close (which isn't terribly often lately), transitioning to a kite mage with a formidable AoE to back up a team wombo. But I understand the people that didn't like how he dropped off. All I (and others) are saying is: **although the changes gave him a "late game," they interfered with the coherence of his kit, his itemization, and his play pattern* in a way that feels bad. Now he has four AoE skillshots but better single target damage than Aoe damage, MPen is either even better than before or useless on him, your combo is less often fluid and intuitive, and your mid-game power spike is gone in favor of being able to melt anyone who will sit still for two seconds late game. That's not what we were sold on when whoever was reworking him said "more of a footnote than a champ update."
I get you're attached to Vel, I am super attached as well and really understand where you're coming from. Vel'Koz had that "high base" "lots of mpen" niche and he felt very strong in it. But when I compare the completely different play styles of new and old Vel, I would have to choose new Vel every time. Let's break it down.. Old- Sit mid, wave clear with W, little interaction unless you can set up a combo perfectly. I almost never used my Q to harass unless it was to set up a combo. Team fights come and most of the time I feel good about my damage, but as the game progresses I slowly turn into a spam Q bot that just sits way in the back hoping to do some damage with liandrys. Plus I felt awful about building AP because my scalings on my ult are horrid while my Q feels great. New- Q max allows for more rewarding game play, more interaction, feels better to use with mana refund system, and feels better when you build AP. My passive feels pretty much the same until I actually start getting a massive amount of AP, which is when I really feel like a huge threat and feeling good about landing my spells instead of sitting in the back throwing out Q constantly. His ult feels amazing to use to me, regardless if it's true damage or not. Seeing that it does close to 1.8k magic damage alone feels so good and knowing it is true damage when 1-2 units are "researched" is great too. I guess a huge part of why I prefer the new one to the old is because I feel more impactful and more rewarded for landing my abilities. Honestly, I could see the old iteration of Vel's ult with the passive stacking, but I personally feel like I should work up towards it and not be rewarded for just using my R (which isn't too hard to position with once you play him a couple of games) and let it do all the damage.
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: Reminder : We are not giving up on solo q .
I'm so done with ranked honestly. I was diamond 2 last season and I'm currently plat 1 and using strictly solo que like I always do. I am constantly paired with duos/trios etc. which make it extremely frustrating to play. NOT to mention the fact that the enemy team sets up a 4 man dive while my team does nothing because I have no way of communicating with 3 other teammates that are on CV. It's just incredibly frustrating.
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
Hi there!!! I'm SOOO glad Riot is taking the time to read our comments and input! It really means a lot to me! I was diamond 2 last season and primarily used Vel'Koz (middle) to climb. So I know quite a lot about him. I'm an ex-Zyra main and an ex-Malzahar main (way back from season 2-4). _** Vel'Koz **_ I understand everyone's concern on the whole Vel'Koz rework. But I think Riot has an extremely good point, so I hope Riot continues to focus on his core and perhaps rework small parts of his kit and really emphasize the good parts. - **-Passive**- is quite unique. In another thread I had mentioned that in order to "learn his opponent's weaknesses" Vel'Koz can, on every third hit, lower a % of the target's MR and ARMOR, or just MR. It would make sense thematically but he would lose out on his true damage, so I don't know how you guys would make up for it. But keeping the passive the same as it is now would be perfectly fine! - **Q**- Currently the only incentive to split is extra range. Perhaps putting more damage on split and taking a little away from initial would make him more of a rewarding champion to play. - **W**- I really like the ammo system and how it provides a lot of burst when chained with other abilities. This is a pretty classic spell on Vel'Koz as well, and it feels good to use. I wouldn't really change this spell. - **E**- I never understood why such a utility spell had a .5 ap ratio!! I think it's awkward when you knock someone up but don't hit them with W. Therefore I think you should lower the damage on E but make it more powerful, such as bringing people into the center. It would still allow for peel for himself, but also make his wombo a lot more effective. Perhaps the damage can be totally removed and replaced with something else? - **R**- Another classic ability. His ultimate is quite fun to use! The main frustrating thing I run into with Vel'Koz though is sometimes when I'm a little behind, I don't feel relevant at all. Since so much of his damage is invested in a passive that focuses on leveling as well as base damage on abilities that focuses on leveling, any level ADVANAGE or DISADVANTAGE completely skews the effectiveness. Perhaps having a more balanced ultimate would help bridge that gap. Especially late game when if you're vs people with some resists and especially health as well as the same level it feels lackluster. **_Zyra_** - ** Passive**- Everyone knows it feels lackluster. It doesn't feel rewarding to use. The large delay and narrowness of the ability allows most smart enemies to clearly evade the thorn. Since Riot stated that conceptually they want the "forest to come to life" around her (WHICH I AM SOOOO EXCITED FOR) I propose Zyra spawning seeds/plants randomly near her, when she hits an enemy with her abilities, or when an enemy/ally dies. She can then interact with the plants. If Riot chooses to keep the seeds as an ability, I think her passive should link her to her cc. For example make it "Grasping Thorns" whenever Zyra immobilizes an enemy they take X damage over time from being impaled by thorns. Or have the thorns hurt them more if they move, etc. - ** Q-** I highly dislike the range nerf on Q. It is what put Zyra so behind in my opinion. Losing her range is so drastic since she has to get closer to people. I like this ability though, the delay is quite nice to play with and against. It's her only spammable ability as well. - ** W**- If you put the seeds/plants on her passive you can move the attackspeed buff from her ult onto her W, to create those highs when facing Zyra near her plants is REALLY scary. Otherwise sticking CDR onto this ability just feels awkward and makes support Zyra even more viable as well as gives her too many free stats. She is more cc focused with sustained damage with plants. Making her W enrage or attack faster would be incredibly fun. - ** E**- I personally love the multiperson bind. It feels great to combo an E and R onto the enemy team to completely immobilize them. I have no qualms with this spell. - ** R**- Another great spell to use. The main turn off is during team fights you can't really hit everyone, and if you do you're right in the middle of the fight. So the range nerf honestly really hurt as well. I might even say make the E more cc deadly and take away a knock up from the ult but create a slow field to interact with her "cc damage passive" all while allowing her plants to get in attacks. _**Malzahar**_ As a side note, Malzahar's autoattacks frustrate me like crazy. I know csing with his E is the main focus, but come on. His autoattack is just dreadful. - **Passive**- I love my voidlings! Putting an ap ratio on their attacks would make more sense, and even making them more powerful would allow Malzahar's to smartly spawn voidlings and create an army that is similar to AD Malzahar's play style. - ** Q**- This ability is so fun to use! It is a very unique ability in the way you aim it and how it goes off. The silence is what allows Malzahar to get in range and really set up his combo. The silence also is Malzahar's main "aoe damage" since hitting multiple people with it feels incredibly rewarding. - ** W**- While I do like this spell, I feel like Malzahar can live without it. Having a %health AOE damage tool is quite fun, but overall power of it might be limiting other damage sources such as his passive. I don't know what to do with the spell, maybe if voidlings stand over it they gain something like AS/damage. I don't mind keeping damage on the pool, just % health may not be the best. - **E**- I like this spell, I hope they keep the bouncing effect. Having an enemy die with it on them and then making it transfer to someone else is SO rewarding. Perhaps make the mana back a lot more for killing champions? - ** R**- another unique ability in the game! I don't know why but I love my self roots :). So this ability feels pretty balanced. It's tough to use but if done properly you can really chunk someone from 100-0. Overall a main focal point in his kit. Thanks for reading! Hopefully it spawned some good ideas. I'm always open to discussion in-game! The immobile mages are one of my favorite classes so do them justice! Can't wait to hear more about them.
: PSA - If I am mid VS an assassin and I am not an assassin, do not expect me to follow them
No but seriously...I main immobile mages and whenever I'm vs an assassin they always roam because they can't beat me in lane. If they roam twice they lose cs and a turret. It's all about getting something when they roam. Sorry if you expect me to follow a zed when all I have to escape is flash, not happening.
: 10$ RP Christmas Giveaway :D
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Dorion44 (NA)
: Vel Koz - So enjoyable if you stick with it.
I'm a Vel'Koz main that really only plays him in ranked. He is one of the most fun champions I have ever played. I can win any match up with him because I understand when to use my abilities and when not to. I truly hear Riot Meddler when he says he wants to make some "unique changes" but I think Vel is unique enough :(.
DonKeith (NA)
: Vel coz animation bug,/ ult bug
Many people have reported this bug in the past, I'm happy Riot is finally looking into it. I find his ult going off but going straight to cd for no reason. It doesn't happen too often, but sometimes you just ult and the animation goes, sound goes, but no damage and straight to cd.
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Laraso (NA)
: Can we reduce the delay on Malzahar's auto attacks?
I think they should update his autoattack speed. It's not like he's super oppressive. Malzahar has very clear weaknesses, and a slow AA shouldn't be one of them. I've played a lot of different mid lane champions and one of the main things that is frustrating when trying to play Malz for fun is having to readjust to his AA speed. I understand his E is powerful, but it's not making him super oppressive to play against. Even early wave clear with soley E and AA is sketchy until you get a couple of points in it. I don't think the AA animation buff would make him 'extremely powerful' because it's not one of his defining weaknesses. If anything it'll allow more people to play Malzahar and at least try him out without having to be frustrated. Is it a big deal? No. Will we live? Yes. But if it's unnecessary then why frustrate people?
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Enosetc (NA)
: Veigar shouldn't be an anti-mage
Hmm, I have been reading through some of these posts and just want to add my 2 cents. For those that say "just build zhonya" as a counter to Veigar, what you fail to remember is that it's hard to use zhonya when you're stunned in a wall. More often than not the ONLY reason Veigar gets to use his short range nuke ult is because he caught me on the tip of his stun. I don't think his kit is that horrible, it's the fact his stun is just so reliable and powerful. It keeps him incredibly safe during laning phase, and throughout all points of the game is incredibly useful.
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