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: Dr.Mundo needs to be addressed better than that . Old boy builds full tank and will deal more damage than any ADC . This is the tank issue we complain about all the time . Soaking damage is fine and should be their job , but if they do that WHILE dealing insane amount of damage , now we have a problem
This annoys me to no end. Tanks should not be out damaging carries.
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: Who would you like to see in next Star Guerdian team if Riot make more?
I've always thought that a SG Anivia skin would look amazing. {{champion:34}}
: Is it wrong to AFK in ranked and come back explaining you had to take a shit?
This exact thing happened to me in a ranked game yesterday. No warning whatsoever. When the Jax returned, he apologized. That was the turning point of the game and the rest pretty much went down the drain with the crap. It was in my placement games too. Thanks pooping Jax! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Sorry but this is total Bullshit! I dont care how good u are u cant continuously carry 4 trash kids to a win every other game!
You got that right, buddy. It is complete BS. As a support main, I can only do so much. Being stuck in a elo that I hate and don't belong in is disheartening. It makes me not want to play ranked at all unless I'm put into the level that I belong in. I shouldn't have to put up with idiots in every single game. It's beyond frustrating.
: I know right? but i think its a more wide spread problem, my self and just about all 30 or so people on my Friends list finished 7/10 or better with placements, and yet, we all end up B4/5? wtf is going on, last 2 years that was good enough for silver4/5
Last season I was placed in B1 and moved down to B2 in pre-season. The season before that I was placed in S3. I don't get it.
: so win 7/10 placements, get bronze 5, 3 losses due to afk's trolls, and people expect you to accept that because your mmr is higher than your average for your league, you can still climb... they fail to point out your mmr is capped at 10% higher then the average for your 'league' and that no matter what if you have the unfortunate luck to be stuck with the trolls, afks, and leavers that still are allowed access to ranked after countless times of being reported for these types of abuse. Is supposed to not get at least a little salty about their luck, considering the same people that will preach 'you can climb' typically will not have the same string of luck resulting in over 250 ally deaths in 3 games, yes a total of 250 ally deaths in 3 games.... placements are a joke, please just put everyone at B5 and ban out the troll accounts from ranked, 7 years is to much for the community to continue to accept this.
I wish I could upvote this more than once. People think it's so easy to climb up. As a support main, I think it's the opposite for sure.


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