: Nautilus lore - what's most important to you?
I'm really a support of the idea of Nautilus being a hulking monstrosity of incredible strength and unknowable reason. He just consistently shows up some where, seemingly mindlessly kills an enormous kraken, then just wanders off into the sea again. In the aftermath of his struggle there are huge swaths of devastation and those who don't consider the possibilities are terrified of the destruction he wrought. However, for those that think "What would happen if Nautilus hadn't killed that thing?" it is clear that everyone alive should be happy to have so much as their life.
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: [suggestion] Please let us resize the client
Yeah, the client tries to auto full-screen on my computer, but it gets the dimensions wrong and puts a strip along the bottom off of my screen unless I shift it around a whole bunch. The real problem is that this blocks of important things like clicking the find a match button, or changing my masteries while in a champ select
: It will be in ranked.
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: Battle Boss Blitzcrank sends skins into hiding!
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: Rewards for positive play
Dude, i'd love to have Rioters poke fun at me. I've been mostly in Team builders recently so stuff should all be props for good plays :P
Rioter Comments
: Here's the fatal flaw in your logic: Ranked queue plays to win. They are going to pick champions that are stronger and more useful, over champions that are "fun" or "stylish". If you nerf the strengths of some champs and buff the weaknesses of others, you're going to have 120 reskins of the same 6 base champion classes/roles. And you would be whining about how every champion plays the same. The pressure is not on Riot to equalize the field. The pressure is on you to discover new ways to utilize character abilities and item builds to create new counters. You don't like the meta? Break it. And if you can figure out a way to break the meta in a way that gets your team to win, awesome. But the meta has been established because it's proven to win and that's what Ranked is supposed to be all about, so I as a shitty Coop-vs-AI bitch player don't want to hear your "#Diamond1WorldProblems".
Although I can agree with the idea of find a way to make something that doesn't work work, it often just can't work...because at the very basis it doesn't. I play different champs all the time, and i've gotten plenty of shit for playing my favorite champ Nautilus "the worst jungler in the game" then go on to wreck face. How ever when i play sejuani, unless my team helps me when i get invaded at red i WILL die and i WILL be useless until around level 8 at the earliest. It doesn't matter how well i do in other things, one factor can ruin the entire early game and a chunck of mid game just because the champ is so week early levels. But when you look at the ridiculous champs like yi, no matter what he can get fed. I personally have seen a 0/4 yi jungle run into a 1v3 and get a triple just because he can hit so hard. There is absolutely no balance there and it plain old shouldn't be like that


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