Leadboo (NA)
: This seems oddly specific.
well maybe it is, and maybe it isn't (oddly charlie kelly sounding voice)
: I believe that would be highly debateable. What is it that the person was wanting to learn? If it is ways of getting around the banning system then no, that is not generally appriciated information to be shared and the post would likely be removed... but not banned. Generally it will just result in post removal unless you spam it or continue posting even after you are told to stop... then likely you will be banned, but otherwise i doubt it.
well let's just say for instance, it's like i said in my post.. that the entire reason, the only reason.. is to point out the flaws in the new ranked system. of which there are apparently many. nothing at all to do with avoiding banning or penalties from in game actions, much less teaching others how to, or alluding to that.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Because people had been moaning about him on the boards for weeks. He has a really high play rate yet his winrate is really high too. Champions with high play rate usually get lower winrates, and the opposite for champs with lower playratr because mostly mains play them. Basically means thresh is over performing.
i dont understand.. you're saying the reason he's suddenly so strong now is because people have been complaining about him?? did i misread this or something?...
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: I woud like to point out if they are new to the gmae and below 30 the can;t even play ranked . Amd if they are 30 playing ranked riot has said new account are automaticlley starting in Iron. T leas ttthat what I have seen people saying.
people can be 30 and still be new to the game.. if it's their first time playing ranked. they also 'appear' to be new, as in they haven't actually played long enough to figure out their own champs, let alone how the game works. that was my and everyone else's point likewise.. the problem with people starting in iron is, it takes 1 win to instantly rank up, and they're gaining anywhere from 70-90 LP PER WIN, with instant promo skipping even long after provisionals.. getting to silver is a cinch, because the lower you start, the faster you rank.. even if you lose 4/5 games, but play 40 games.. the 8 games you do win give you enough LP to keep ranking up until you're well into gold.. its fucking unreal how LP gains are working right now
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: His sheer utility and how often he can do his magic is what makes him strong. They're increasing the cd on his q for that reason. He can cast his q in a teamfight 2-3 times.. Should be like 1-2 times now
what im asking is why NOW. i understand thresh is a solid pick.. but not much changed since the last few patches where he had tons more counters. but now he's practically win advantage vs all - including adcs, healer supports, tank supports, and especially mage supports. recently plenty of those things had win advantage, but now he does.. get my drift? trying to find out what changed specifically
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: From one support to another; how do y'all keep your cool?
I was gonna come into this thread and tell you to stop picking mage supports, especially lux support, like the jackass troll that I am (with plenty of truth tho). But you actually play healer and 'support' champs, like I do as a plat support main (tho I prob play more tanks). I also play a fuckton of adc so I can relate to both sides.. I've seen quite a few toxic supports as well, but generally adcs are the worse ones. I can understand the temper thing too, but it's true what people say.. just mute, or even better than that.. get into a mindset where the toxic things adcs say are laughable to you. since you most likely do know better than the bad ones who are legitimately being toxic. give em the "Lol" response when they type out this big essay about how shit you are and your decisions. You'll feel better about it, and they might just stfu ;) What to do about the problem? honestly.. op.gg your team before the match starts, that's right.. all fucking 4 of em. do this during champ select after highlighting your pick. your adc first. If said adc has a 20% wr on their highlighted pick with an overall 1.17 kda.. just dodge. that game won't go well for you, won't be fun, and you'll only lose 3 LP for it. If they're decent normally, but extremely toxic in game or have a bad game.. find the person on your team that either is the smurf, the best player, or is currently doing the best and then roam to their lane.. even if it's top. once laning is over, stick to that person and get shit done. this is what i do when things go bad bot, generally even if my adc isn't being toxic. you just have to know when to rotate/roam/macro to the players who have the edge.
: Wait... Is Nunu strong now? Whenever I play him I have as much fun as I am useless
you're kidding right?.. you honest to god can't feel the same way playing him as old nunu.. who was strong in the right hand, but weak in the wrong. but like you can't play him now and _not_ be insanely useful, no matter what. so long as you've played jg more than 1 time ever before..
: I think Nunu's slow should scale slightly.
Oh, I thought this was gonna be a buff nunu thread and I was like "you out your fucking mind boi?!" and then i realized it actually has some thought into it.. as a nunu player he is insanely strong haha. i can get behind this one
: Can we change the "None" ban option to "Pass" please?
please dear god do this.. im so tired of silver players with 33% winrates in my gold+ matches who say "i don't need a ban, you'll see" or "i dont ban, stop being scared" or "why ban? im trying to _learn all matchups_" IN RANKED. And then that same person does the worst of 9 people in the match by fucking far make it so it can pass on to the next person down and remove the option to not ban
: The No.1 Reason Why People Don't Main Nautilus is...
You're joking right? I main Naut support/top and I fucking LOVE his punch animation For one, he already has plenty of anchor auto animation, so it's nice to have a bit of variety (when is this ever a bad thing?).. and for two, he's like "you're so beneath me, im just gonna smack you like a bitch rn". But honestly it looks great.. how the fuck could you play naut and not like it? Or are you one of those millenials who needs every. single. thing. to be flashy and edgy or else its HyperBoring?
: Riot has managed to make URF unfun...
there was a time when urf was fun?...
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Paracord (EUW)
: Should Rito remove "Attack move"
wat.. why not just remove their auto attacks while you're at it? how is this a real thread
Yenn (NA)
: Nasus managed to finish his Trinity Force before the game ended? Guess I'll just die
why does everyone think nasus is this invincible god now that he got a small buff.. he's still nasus, has the same weaknesses as ever. his jungle fad was a fucking joke and absolutely beyond garbage.. and top lane he gets a few more stacks, but can be shutdown EASILY before he does, or even after.. if his enemies have 1/4 of a brain in their heads cannot believe how petrified every single person is of nasus in all the games i play tho, jesus
: I'm sorry but that should not be happening unless you are where you belong. Atm this account is still Bronze, close to Silver, and I have a 67-70% Win Rate. There is no way you should be getting 20-35% win rates unless you are really that bad. Yes. My 67-70% is exceptional. But your 20-35% is exceptional in the opposite direction. It means you never carry, but only are carried. I know it's hard to internalize, but it's true.
OR unless there's something wrong with the matchmaking/mmr calculations.. which there clearly fucking are, and anyone who's played this season for more than 10 minutes can see that. you being at 59% winrate in bronze 1 and currently losing your promos means literally absolutely fucking nothing at all. in fact, it proves the points of everyone else in this thread, and every other thread talking about it atm. i was plat last season, and this season i cant get thru silver 2 and it's unreal the amount of people saying the exact same things.. other plats and diamonds being stuck in silver/gold due to matchmaking being inconsistent and incorrectly calculated. and im starting to see EXACTLY what it was that riot did wrong here.. which was tying LP gains directly to mmr and then _boosting_ LP gains immensely at low ranks (+79 anyone?). it makes sense why anything below plat is a gargantuan mess right now
: i mean thats not really matchmaking, thats a problem with how the MMR system itself works.
it is a problem with matchmaking if the matchmaking system isn't functioning correctly ON TOP of mmr issues _and_ lp gain issues. right now matchmaking isn't averaging things out properly, giving people sometimes 3 different tiers of ranks, and 1 1/2+ differences in team average. on top of that.. low ranks are getting insane amounts of lp NO MATTER WHAT, and high elo is getting next to nothing
Sonic132 (NA)
: Everyone gets placed low Bronze first game. They aren't going to make silver unless they win a lot of their placements. Even if they do, they won't be there for long if they're truly iron.
except that iron players are getting 40+ lp and skipping promos, even if they lose 40 games in a row...
: No S
lol on urf? who the fuck cares bro.
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CytheGuy (NA)
: Riot, what is this supposed to mean?
I just made a post saying the same exact thing. I don't understand their thinking at all.. it's already a bad system, and this makes it a flat out garbage almost troll like system. what the fuck is the actual point now? This even goes against EVERYTHING, that riot has stated about what they made this system for in the first place... And the worst part? Where are the 'benefits' to this ranked system now?? it literally has nothing but disadvantages and 0 (negative) fucking benefits
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: 9.4 brand ill quit the game if u nerf him again
thank god, one less cancer brand player to worry about dont let the door hit you.. actually idgaf hope it breaks your ass bones
DonnanDt (NA)
: I've always wondered why people think Teemo should use wards, you understand his ult right?
: Matchmaking needs time to properly place players.
but even if that's true.. shouldn't their still be times where the enemy team is the one that gets the 'bad team' that dies 5-6 times before 3 min, or loses all 3 lanes by 5 min? before either jg can even gank i haven't seen that once yet in 40+ games.. and the only explanation is that my mmr is insanely high for my elo, but how is that possible with massive loss streaks
: Tonight has Been either A BLOW OUT or getting BLOWN OUT. NO good games all night most are ff at 15 MINS thats right early Surrenders lol
well that's another issue all on it's own though.. the problem i'm having is why i keep getting the 'bad' team who die 6 times and lose 2 or all 3 lanes before EITHER jungle can _even_ gank, literally in 40+ games since season start.. normally id agree about being the only person who is in every game is myself, and that it's generally a coin toss, but my god.. there's no WAY it's a coincidence at this point that I have not seen ONE single enemy team with hyperfeeders/afks/griefer yet and the only explanation i have for that is my having insanely high mmr for my elo.. but how can that possibly be after that many losses?
: Op.gg is having problems with the api since the ranked season started. You shouldn’t trust anything it gives yet.
no but it is right tho lol.. all these enemy players were placed gold and some plat last season, and all my teammates placed silver last season.. that's no different than what it says this seasons on the average the question is.. how in gods name is that possible, because there's no way in hell my MMR is that high after this many losses. even if i did get to plat promos last season
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: Can someone explain how the "next win bonus LP" reward works? I can't seem to find context on it
really? no one can tell me how this works? 600+ views and not a single person understands this bonus LP thing that they suddenly have on their end game screen since season start.. and nothing from riot on it anywhere?
baka19 (NA)
: pick mordekaiser with aery and go ignite and start E max W
well i mean the picks aren't the problem so much as mechanics of laning vs her
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Saezio (EUNE)
: no clue then
dude legit told his new duo in discord he had to go and left at 5 seconds into match, no items bought.. 3 min rolls around and no remake option even the duo said to report him in all chat, cus that was fucked.. but why in gods name would there be no remake >< so tired of riots shit
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: Client Doesn't Show Stats after Completed Match
I just made a post about this myself.. except that mine doesn't even give me "skip waiting for stats" half the time anymore. And now it's starting to happen in champ select too.. I just lost LP two games in a row cus my client auto-dodged from this bullshit happening... glad to see someone had something to say in response to this though! keep it up Riot!
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: Depends how you approach it. It is opinionated for a start. So player A might think great designer while Player B goes "fuck this". Otherwise you have to look at the intent. I believe he has good intention for trying to add more flavour to the game, but I also acknowledge that flavour might be a tad too spicey. Does the spice make him a bad designer? Not imo. You could also blame another person for not vetoing the champ or a part of the champ. Let ne present a game example: You are the ruler of a land and you are presented with choices to improve the land. Progressively it gets harder to know what the right call is to keep the land flourishing. Todays choice; Keep Human Police - Pros; Empathy (may let someone starving who stole food for family go) Cons; Corruptable Implement Robotic/Cyborg Police - Pros; Incorruptible Cons; No Empathy (circumstances don't give exception) ___ Does picking one make you a worse ruler? To some yes, to others no.
except for the part where almost no one in existence thinks CertainT makes for a good champ designer.......... also what in gods fucking name are you talking about with your analogies??
Heraimish (EUW)
: You've played only normal games, the last one on 25 november??
different account dude.. wtf? literally said in my post "on the account im playing on" this is the one i happened to be logged into, so this is where i posted. what does that have to do with anything..
Rester (NA)
: As far as I know it's based on MMR relative to your ranking and whether the system determines you should/shouldnt be there. But I could be talking out of my ass too.
ok but my op.gg says my mmr is 1600 and way higher than normal for silver 2 lol why would my mmr be low if my winrate is like 60%+??
: LP gains are based on your hidden MMR and the average MMR for other players at your current rank. If you're gaining less than 20 LP that's a good sign that you're at a lower MMR than most players in Silver 2. Losing games while at 0 LP without demoting are the worst for your MMR and LP gains. As your MMR decreases, but your rank remains unchanged. One way to repair this is by earning reduced LP, which will eventually even out, but takes much longer than it takes to start gaining less LP. The counterpart to losing at 0 would be winning straight through your promos. This gives you a free win where your rank didn't increase, but your MMR did. Another option to repair your LP gains is to win up to like 90~ LP, then dodge down to around 15 LP, climb back, and rinse and repeat as much as you like, but then of course you're not moving on the ladder at all.
ok i honestly dont understand this at all.. ive won waaay more games than ive lost.. so why would my mmr be lower than my rank? my op.gg even says my mmr is at 1600/gold 3 and "much higher than normal for silver 2".. but obviously that's just an mmr estimate, and not my actual mmr... why would my mmr be lower if im winning tons of games in a row and more wins than losses?.. or is mmr itself determined by something other than wins??
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ranyhin2 (NA)
: Why does Riot prioritize player reactions for banning over actually intentionally feeding players?
Well here's an idea, since this IS indeed a major issue and cause of other people being toxic who wouldn't normally be.. How about riot ramps up the punishment for people who are legitimately caught griefing and inting? the people who really are instigating toxicity in others, really are feeding on purpose, stealing camps/cs, baiting teammates to their deaths, etc etc How about they get instant perma bans? The punishment for this _should_ be much much more severe, since it's basically "premeditated" toxicity. It's not a reaction.. that player is playing that match solely to ruin everyone else's match, and flat out should not be allowed to be a part of the community. At the very least, it will deter people from doing so
: Just /ignore all before every game. It solves a lot of problems. Then report the moron for griefing you.
ignoring people definitely doesn't solve anything at all.. let alone "a lot of problems" griefers will still grief, whether you have them ignored or not.. they'll make your match miserable, and make's people want to quit playing league because this community is the most toxic there is, and riot only punishes the people who react to the trolls
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