: They just need to HARD reset it all. So people can be in iron 4 where they actually belong :/
and then 1 week later its the same thing.. how will that help?
: Just remove all pregame systems.
they won't do this because the game has to have as many reasons for cheeselords and gimmick%%%s and people who spam yasuo akali riven and literally anything that uses conqueror to play. basically things like this and half the new reworks (irelia) are for all the 10 year olds to be consistently interested in playing.. but screw the rest of the community, the actually 'loyal' to the game and balance community. why would riot ever want to appease those people? personally im on the fence about "removing" runes.. leaning towards wanting them to stay, but 100% not in their current form. even old runes/masteries would be infinitely better. the fact that conqueror even exists (mostly for reasons above) actually makes me want to puke.
Badfield (NA)
: Got banned during a 14 day ban
sounds 100% like you did or said something bad enough that once reviewed by riot, instead of just the automated system, they decided it was perma ban worthy. since the automated system cannot perma ban, and all perma bans must be reviewed by riot, the fact that you even received a 14 day first was basically a delay and luck. maybe dont be so toxic next time? that is, on your next account.
Εlin (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=USG Failsawce,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=f5fYlERB,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-20T11:56:35.864+0000) > > Either you're lying about your winrates, or you're not getting the LP that you say you are. If you had that many games played and above 50% winrate its not possible to have mmr low enough for that unless you _just_ hit diamond > > Post on the actual account or at least the rank that you're having this supposed issue on, til then you're just making shit up. Lmao this forum is completely bonkers How do I NOT post this on my actual account? Please look at my opgg if you are that schizophrenic distrustful so you can see it with ur own eyes, which is indeed THIS account I am posting on https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Linda+de+mol And my defeat from last match; https://media.lolusercontent.com/api/embedly/1/image/resize?url=https%3A%2F%2Fi.imgur.com%2FjstcTkc.jpg&key=a45e967db0914c7fb472fd4381e6c85b&width=425&height=800 I will post my win LP as soon as I win a game. Happy now?
woah woah woah relax, no need to lose your shit buddy. i looked you up using NA op.gg (you know, the default for my region) and saw a level 1 account lol nonetheless, if you're only in silver and your LP is like that, it means you're not even doing as well as you think you are and don't belong in that elo. honestly you should stop playing vel'koz support, it's really only good as a bully occasionally, and certainly not as a one trick. >schizophrenic distrustful >completely bonkers lmao
Εlin (EUW)
: I hate Rito's LP system, get 16 lose 21 !
Either you're lying about your winrates, or you're not getting the LP that you say you are. If you had that many games played and above 50% winrate its not possible to have mmr low enough for that unless you _just_ hit diamond Post on the actual account or at least the rank that you're having this supposed issue on, til then you're just making shit up.
: Champion select is already too fucking important; why exacerbate it?
oh my god this, what in the ACTUAL fuck were riot thinking.. this patch makes me want to never play league again. riot doesnt have a fucking clue.
: Too many times you will find that the guy that went 14-2 and hard carried his team went 0-7 his last 4 games. He didn't go 14-2 because he is good. He went 14-2 because the guy who fed him was utter fuckin trash that belonged in Iron 4 yet somehow ended up in Gold.
Why did this get downvoted.. this actually incredibly accurate and happens all the fucking time.. The guys who end up going 14-2 are often kda played who are super aggressive in lane, ignore cs/objectives and are basically a hit or miss (more often miss) for carrying.
: How do I support in this blow up meta?
Ackelope (NA)
: do you understand what they're asking? i'm relatively certain this post is only asking for a cosmetic update, not a change to the actual layout of the terrain of the map itself. Personally, I'd say it's pretty unnecessary, the current map is very stylistically well-done, and holds up pretty well with that in mind.
you realize you just agreed with me, right?.. i never said anything about layout either, cosmetically nothing needs to be changed. how could it even be? this player is _actually_ saying the cosmetics/graphics are 'dated' now, which has got to be a bad joke. that was my point.
They did nerf her.. stop running up on her when she has ult.
KeZeio (NA)
: Do you guys think the map should update again like it did 6 years ago?
What?... why?... Do you even understand what it is that you're asking?
: singed doesn't need a buff, the reason he's currently behind is because of the influx of ranged top laners, that's what needs addressing
Singed is literally _dead last,_ in winrate for every single matchup there is right now top lane, included melees and even off-meta/troll picks. You know the champs that are meant to be played elsewhere like midlane, but 'can' go top, but still can be played fucking other damn lanes? Those guys beat out singed in winrate right now, and singed CANT go anywhere else but top.
: Singed needs a BUFF
Literally logged on just to make this exact post. Even if it wasn't for how strong ranged are right now, Singed is extremely weak (as in vs all melee as well), and needs a buff.
: Tanks aren't allowed to be viable in their own god damn lane.
How do you think I feel, I'm a {{champion:27}} main, and he's dead last for absolutely anything top lane related, even the troll picks. A little love from rito would be nice. But cheesemode champ metas take the priority, obviously. It's cool that those champs can be played anywhere, too, but singed can (generally) only be played top.
Manxxom (NA)
: Irelia has an excuse for using a Q on minions, it's one of her main ways of getting cs since it's one of her main damage tools, and she has a limit to it if she fails to kill the minion, or fail to kill anything for that matter (considering only champions can be marked by her ult and e) it puts the q on a cooldown. Yasuo on the other hand has a cooldown per target with his e, thank god, but his e has barely any cooldown whatsoever, and it increases in damage the more he keeps dashing, and by the fact he can use his e with his q for a target knockup if possible, is very annoying.
there's no excuse for either one of these, stop kidding yourself.
Akrid415 (NA)
: Anyone else annoyed when Yasuos / Irelias dash?
I'm annoyed by the fact that Irelia's dash is the free-est damn waveclear/easy early farm of any champ in the history of league. Does a champ like that really need to be insanely easy for low elo players to ALSO get the most farm in the entire match for literally 0 effort whatsoever as well? Cus this game needs more obnoxious pubstomp champs right?
gubigubi (NA)
: Fiora is incredibly unsatisfying and unfun to play right now. Needs buffs? A rework?
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: So basically you're saying as a rule, every person that blind pick aggressive supports/adcs is going to feed, flame, yell, whine, cry and blame everyone on the team, have very low game knowledge and are generally bad players. I main lux brand nami morgana and bard, 5 highly aggressive supports... Man guess i didn't notice i was doing those things up until now
Yes that's exactly what I'm saying.. every single part of that except for _not a single fucking thing in the entire post even LIKE it_ You literally read words that weren't even there which you wanted to read, and then came up with the highest tier of nonsensical bullshit that anyone's ever spewed directly out of their asshole. good job sir.
: You can now buy WW's passive
This game definitely needs more healing items and champions.. We don't have enough cancer in every organ and orifice of our body's yet
Verxint (NA)
: No, you can play Vayne with an aggro support. The support just makes the other laners cry on their own while Vayne exists for free. You have to adapt the lane but it makes both picks worth it.
so basically what you're saying is.. the agro support that picks with the vayne can miraculously 1v2 the other laners while the vayne just farms and basically doesn't exist til she's ready? what a shame it must be for the enemy support that they can't do this _exact same fucking thing_.. but with an actual lane-capable adc.
: ***
So the 5 adcs that have higher winrates than her, have less auto-win potential, is what you're honestly trying to tell us?
: Why would you not first pick the best ADC in the game? Champ is a ticking timebomb (along with new Kayle), if you don't end the game pre 25 minutes congrats you lost the game 90% of the time and this is assuming your bot lane doesn't int her early.
1. She's not the best adc in the game, _she's not even 5th best_ {{champion:22}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:29}} _all_ have better winrates than her. 2. Even if you were right about making it to 25min and auto winning - which you aren't even fucking close on - the biggest issue is that almost every vayne who picks this way and isn't a flat out vayne main, hyperfeeds and loses the game long beforethen. Especially in such a snowbally meta. they oftentimes cant even hold turret past 6 minutes and pingspam the jg (who already made insane amounts of effort to get the lane ahead). I see this happen on BOTH sides, almost every. fucking. time. 3. There are plenty of adcs that are more powerful than her, even at same items/timeframe.. in absolutely every aspect except a flat out one on one duel or a lucky jg skirmish. she's easy to lockdown and stop by a great deal of champions. I don't know why everything thinks she's this positively invulnerable, auto kill, auto win monster. in fact she's far from it. if anything a good twitch or jinx is the closest thing to that, and either will outperform vayne at just about any stage. 4. People quickly forget that counters exists, poor synergies exist.. lack of peel picks exist. Vayne has counters both early and late. And she should even only be _picked_ for certain matchups as well, herself. She's not a free win no matter what both sides are picking. Not even remotely close. _And it shows._ 5. The point I was making was that 90% of players (first) picking her, especially in anything below plat, have this brilliant idea (like you seem to have) that vayne is a free win, and can't possibly lose. and thus players who play other adcs, but dont often or ever vayne pick her thinking "lulz ah herd shez OHPEE nao soz gun pik fer ezz winz!" and then fail miserably cus they don't 'actually' have her mechanics down. this is the real issue i have with it. I don't know what this massive misconception about her is all about just bc of one buff, it's the same damn thing that happened with nasus (especially nasus JG), but people need to hop off her mythical nonexistant "insta-win" dick already.
Verxint (NA)
: Vayne is one of the best ADC's, this has nothing to do with them picking Vayne and probably them thinking "VAYNE OP GO FOR EVERY FIGHT IN LANE". They'd fail regardless.
That's literally what i said in my original comment... thats _exactly_ what the problem is.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Doesn't matter she is going to autowin the game when she gets 2 items.
i guess you didn't read the part where over 85% of the vaynes I and everyone else i know who do exactly what i described, either hyperfeed or hard lose lane/game and complain
: Can Executioner's Calling get another build path?
tbh it needs to be changed for adcs as well.. no point getting one into {{champion:37}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:236}} for instance.. if no one is building armor. and as an ad u cant rely on your mages (if you even have any) to always build {{item:3165}} or even tanks to {{item:3076}}... assuming you even have any. if you have none of those, you're screwed. and can't just "welp, i better pick my teammates champs for them better next time" either nerf healing on most champs except 'healer' champs (the better path), or give more GW options.
: Cant provide evidence = you’re hiding something. Nice try troll, but everyone who makes these posts either has no evidence or gets proven that they’re part of the problem by looking at their “proof” so if you cannot show anything either you have nothing or you don’t want people to make fun of you. So continue to say “I don’t need to prove anything “ because that is what guilty people with no evidence say. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Yea, I side with Bladesteel. Show your main or you're just being a cry baby that can't admit to his/her own mistakes. That's the whole point of solo queue. Self improve and get better to better win games. I too have had my fair share of inters and shit in my games, but it's not every game. A lot of games it's just cause I wasn't good enough to carry my team. If you're good enough like you claim to be(people in general), then it shouldn't be hard to carry yourself out of your elo. When I was bronze I always said it was my teams, when I was silver I said it was my teams. By the time I reached Gold/Plat, I realized that if I wanted to win games I had to self-analyze and self-improve my games. Because you're not going to get inters every single game. A lot of the reason you lose games is because of your mentality in your games. If you're toxic, you're going to lose more games. It's a proven statistic. You flame your teammates or spam ping them or belittle your team during games, it makes them play worse and makes you play worse because you're not concentrated on the game and you're not focused on what it is you should be doing. You're more worried about what your teammates are or aren't doing than just doing your job. Because I've fixed my mentality on what it takes to win or how I can win, when I go back on my alts like this one... Makes carrying games in Iron, Bronze, Silver easy. Because I've self-improved so much that I know how to capitalize on peoples mistakes and make up for the ones I make. There are a lot of smurfs nowadays though, so it's not perfect in all my games on my alts. Lol. Stop being toxic and blaming your teams. You're going to have some games where your team just ints their faces off. It happens. But it's not going to be a regular basis. Stop being toxic Self-Improve Self-Analyze Get Better And you'll win games eventually. By convincing margins.
see this is the whole issue right here. never at any point did i claim i was good, nor that i don't make mistakes/need improvement, NOR did say it was every game NOR anything about being toxic. those are all assumptions you made.. based on nothing. im not even blaming my teammates, im blaming _matchmaking_. i claimed that _the amount of one sided stomps, snowballing, and uncarriable matches are out of control._that's it. the same thing everyone has been complaining about and making thread after thread, stream after stream, reddit post after reddit post, for 3 seasons straight, and saying it's the worst it's ever been. have you even heard a single person say anything to the contrary on this topic? usually if it's a simple circle jerk, there will at least be some debate or naysayers, or people saying "ya know i dont think it's that bad", but u dont see this ANYWHERE on the internet. do you? theres no point in even reading anything else you wrote, since you and him are blatantly making things up.
: I honestly doubt that you've had “unwinnable 0/10 people that make the game impossible to win” I doubt that you’ve had “yet another unter run it down mid”. I’ve played everywhere from Iron to Plat this season on different accounts, and have never seen anyone just run it down. Maybe its you. “Im higher rank” nice try, but you’re still hiding behind an alt with no games played. Makes everyone think that you aren’t, that you’re hiding that you could have done better. Also, there have been more comebacks than last year. Games aren’t 100% one sided, if you’re a decent player. Bounties help with this. If you’re just as good as your opponent, you can get the bounty and be back in the game. If you’re trash compared to them, you can’t get the bounty, and you deserve to lose that game because you just arent good enough. Im giving advice that challenger players are giving, but because you don’t want to admit your own faults, and you lose the argument, you try to “rank shame”, showing that you know I'm right but you’re too afraid to admit it because it’ll hurt your ego. When that happens the “rank shame” is all that is left for people like you. Sorry you can’t face it.
lol and i never said anything about "yet another inter run it down mid" EVER in any of my posts. I said i had a top laner who ran it down into the enemy nonstop by 5 min, dying repeatedly and then rage quit by 5 min. didnt say inting, but inters do exist.. you know the term, so you know what they are? stop playing dumb here. do i really need to provide evidence of these matches to you? i dont recall needing to prove anything to you of all people, just because you demand it. that would be the day.
: I honestly doubt that you've had “unwinnable 0/10 people that make the game impossible to win” I doubt that you’ve had “yet another unter run it down mid”. I’ve played everywhere from Iron to Plat this season on different accounts, and have never seen anyone just run it down. Maybe its you. “Im higher rank” nice try, but you’re still hiding behind an alt with no games played. Makes everyone think that you aren’t, that you’re hiding that you could have done better. Also, there have been more comebacks than last year. Games aren’t 100% one sided, if you’re a decent player. Bounties help with this. If you’re just as good as your opponent, you can get the bounty and be back in the game. If you’re trash compared to them, you can’t get the bounty, and you deserve to lose that game because you just arent good enough. Im giving advice that challenger players are giving, but because you don’t want to admit your own faults, and you lose the argument, you try to “rank shame”, showing that you know I'm right but you’re too afraid to admit it because it’ll hurt your ego. When that happens the “rank shame” is all that is left for people like you. Sorry you can’t face it.
lol do you even realize how ridiculous the things that you're saying are? you "doubt" these things why exactly? it is so incredibly common, and posted about, and streamed about, it's not even fucking funny bud. you're honest to god trolling if you say that. and you're "plat" on another account huh? that's why you're "hiding" on one that has been steady silver since s4 right? not only that, but i wasn't rank shaming at all. nor am i hiding? still dont understand why i would hide, and i dont think you do either, but troll on. "giving advice that challengers are giving" are you challenger yourself? thats incredible. keep giving that amazing same tier advice, it's really helpful, and totally not stuff that people already know.. except for the part where there ARE plenty of games that are 100% one sided, and LOTS of challenger players are saying it's a problem too. you want to know what diamond, master, and challenger players say? if all 3 lanes lose or someone goes afk or griefs, you pray for a comeback.. cus you aren't gonna influence much. you will lose SOME games, the ones that are >>uncarriable<< but the point is to try and win more than you lose. my issue isn't with that. it's the fact that so many matches are completely one sided stomps, whether its my team doing it, or the enemy. SAME WITH _EVERYONE_, THIS SEASON, THE LAST SEASON, THE SEASON BEFORE THAT. You're not gonna sit there and tell me this is the first time you've heard this. And you're not gonna sit there and tell me that you've never had a teammate run it down, int, grief, troll, or afk. much less go 3-8 deaths before 10 min, while your other lanes are losing.. despite _either_ jg's influence.
: Show the games so people can tell you how you can improve, even when your team is “bad”. If you just want to rant and make up crap, post in the rant boards. 99% of the time people over exaggerate to make themselves look better and hide it behind a different account. When the truth comes out it shows that it wasn't “my team lost me this game” but “I contributed to my team losing by not doing ______ and I don’t want to realize it/want people to tell em im good/right and it was all my teams fault.
im still not understanding this whole "making crap up part" what exactly about what i said leads you to believe i made anything up at all? not only that but im a higher rank than you are, you're going to give me advice on how to win one sided stomp before either jungle ganks or has any influence (because even the _enemy_ jg doesn't need to, given that all lanes lost completely before 5 min)? this has been an increasing problem, that everyone, even pros, have been complaining about for several seasons. where the one sided stompfests and coin flip matchmaking are turning the game into basically a pointless simulator. but apparently _you_ know better, right? the point was that it would be nice if riot would do something about how snowbally the game is and how shitty matchmaking is, but obviously thats never gonna happen.
: > [{quoted}](name=D4M2X0,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FBUpBcLG,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-24T14:28:43.317+0000) > make {{item:3071}} melee only this isn't a good idea, there are a few ranged champions whose kits are based around the black cleaver
: You don't have any recent games....so either you're lying or hiding something.
it's almost like this isn't my main account, but the one i've always posted on.. what's this "lying or hiding something" nonsense tho? why would i or anyone do that about something like this? im hiding the fact that i lost a bunch of games in a row? are you actually serious?
: Ok, getting a little tired of the teams that lose all lanes/10 death, before 8 minutes.
welp.. just had another one where the irelia literally ran it down and died 3x and then rage quit by the FIVE MINUTE MARK, not two minutes after making this post.. And last game it was the 4-17 team that blamed me the entire game, with mid inhib gone by 12 minutes.. (care to guess who had the only 4 kills?) Honestly think im about fucking done with league, and this horseshit matchmaking where you absolutely CANNOT influence anything. /rant
Akenero (NA)
: Cc is a thing that stops them from healing you know
lol CC is literally the worst suggestion.. considering the champs that are highly defensive picks already _without their heals,_ will survive the cc long enough to then use their heal abilities. You realize it's CC that's effective vs insane squish champs, and not frontline/defensive ones (like red kayn and apparently sylas), right?
: Kayn needs his healing in rjaast to actually perform decently. Just get a grievous and its extremely manageable.
except that we had 3 players with grievous wounds, and what should have been enough dmg/burst to kill him.. but he was literally outhealing all fucking 5 of us focusing on him during teamfights, along with sylas.. i kinda thought that was obvious from my post, since i literally stated exactly fucking that already?
: Singed had a lower winrate/pickrate and he was hotfixed after a fucking day.
god forbid less popular champs get to have some glory days.. all i ever see is {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:236}} riot doesn't play favorites tho.. heavens no.
Infernape (EUW)
: I'm the opposite. I loved it now, I hate it.
: Ladies and gentlemen, I did it.
How the actual fuck did you manage that?... But more importantly.. how in gods fucking name is that master tier player in master with a 36% winrate..????
: Fuck matchmaking this season.
This please. upvote the fuck out of this.. and make more threads like it Riot needs to know they fucked up with matchmaking and continue to somehow miraculously make it worse. It needs fixed already ffs
darkdill (NA)
: Riot, didn't we tell you that there's already too much true damage?
Why not just give everyone true dmg tho? Remove physical and magic damage from the game and just give every single champ that exists flat true dmg with 0 mitigation.. since riot likes it so much and since basically everyone has it or access to it in some way or another the point in true dmg before was that it wasn't something everyone had and that's what made it a nice thing.. but now who gives a flying fuck? true dmg adds "flavor" to new kits when they can't think of better options, and certainly isn't something to simply fill in gaps to while making clueless rito programmers feel clever amirite.. facepalm
Thilmer (EUW)
: Grievous wounds as an AP champion
It's ok, champs like Sylas and Kayn gaining 75% hp literally _just for existing_ is perfectly balanced.
SIayton (NA)
: How to counter Yasuo? I have a 100% lose rate to him currently.
WreckzOG (NA)
: nothing is 'free" in a champions kit please stop throwing that word around.
His ability costs are free.. his shield is free when all he has to do is _what every single other champ already does_ in the entire game.. which is not stand still, and he gets a 'free' shield for it. his ult is even pretty damn free when any knockup at all, even dumb shit like thresh flays or draven Es are enough for it. i think you need to reacquaint yourself with what the word free actually means.
: If he were so safe. Why is his death rate so high?
because the mentality of people who would pick a champ like yasuo = players who hyperfeed til hes insanely strong anyway, or players who get ahead but then decide to 1v5 for the entire rest of the game.. actually going out of their way to fight the enemy team solo as much as physically possible, til they become hyperfeeders as well. how is this not know to all players? its known to like 95% of the playerbase already
: Morg looks like every dark wizard chick ever from any Asian MMO
it's almost as if dark wizard goth chicks have a theme.. just like angels have wings and armor and golden light and shit.. man, what a bunch of copycats tho
Kàzzy (NA)
: give your design team a raise riot
this kayle design looks fucking awful.. i dont play kayle myself, i always kind of hated the champ.. but i always really liked the armored angel look. she looked waaaay better before. this new one is just cheesy cartoony anime shit or something (from someone who watches anime lol). i cant even place specifically why i hate it, but i hate everything about it.. except the wings and the animations, which are good.. but the body, the armor.. every single thing about them look awful. the one with the skin looks great tbh, but the standard one.. just no, please no.. morgana on the other hand, looks sexy asf. gj there ritos
: Both of them have the face of neeko with slight changes, for morgana especially, its almost the same.
yea i get this too.. every time i walk out the door to do stuff outside.. every person i come across, it's like.. they're all just copying neeko!! like wtf, they all have eyes.. and a NOSE! and get this.. they all have MOUTHS TOO!! EXACTLY like fucking neeko! it's like every person who's ever played league or even _not_ played league, just suddenly decided they wanted to look just like her cmon man, are u fucking serious? get a grip, they dont look even close
: How does Brand "Support" do more damage than anyone in the game?
: Feel like this game should be called League of Remake, seems to be happening a lot
Wait... you mean to tell me you've gotten remake options in your 4v5s?? I haven't once yet this season gotten a chance to actually remake due to a person not connecting, dcing after 3 seconds, or afking in base at the beginning... Have had 4 games where we were forced to play til 15 and lost LP for it. You're extremely lucky.
: Let's boil it down to this: 1) We can parse words when discussing Tier/Division. Both mean pretty much the same thing. You're just assigning Division to sub-tiers, and I'm calling them tiers, and not segregating by category. 2) Sorry, but large gains do not continue after Provisionals in this new system. They begin at 19-20 LP. I'm up to 25 LP a win/13-15 a loss. 3) We're going to have to leave the skipping discussion to "Show me evidence." I know it HAS existed, but my record this season is better than yours, and I haven't seen it. So unless Honor level is preventing it, I won't believe until I see it. 4) My MMR in Silver IV at the end of Season 8 was an effective Gold V. (1556 by Op.gg reckoning, and yeah, I know that's approximate, not actual) 5) I'm at 100 games maintaining a 62-68% Win rate...... and I can easily snow through Silver..... As much as you try to rank shame (even though you are low elo), this is a smurf, and my Main is in its Diamond IV Promotions...... (It only has 57 games this season :S)
1) It literally IS called a division.. LITERALLY, INSIDE. THE GAME. ITSELF. Riot calls it that, THEMSELVES. It's not ME or YOU assigning them terms. THEYRE FUCKING CALLED DIVISIONS lol, not SUB TIERS or TIERS. A TIER is a TIER, a DIVISION is a DIVISION. Are you getting this??? I really don't know how else to explain this to you... 2) Sorry, but large gains DO continue after Provisionals. Just because they don't for you.. at bronze 1 after being ONLY silver 4 last season, doesn't mean THE ENTIRE REST OF EXISTENCE, doesn't have changes in their LP gains from last season.. it's literally been all over the entire damn boards, I have 3 accounts to prove it. One being plat last season, and two being new. Many friends saying the same thing, etc. 3) For one, I promise you your record isn't better than mine. I'm already in my gold 4 promos and I haven't played for the first 3 weeks this season due to my computer being broken AND played on 2 'new ranked' accounts when I did play. The accounts that skipped a >>division<< were both honor level 1 (including the main), as well. 4) Then it's more likely that it's using your rank than your MMR to calculate your current circumstance, which I seriously seriously doubt, because that's not how it works. Either way I maintain that this is the reason you're not experiencing what others have, and are actually making threads about on here.. are those evidence enough? 5) I literally both said that I'm plat (which is not low elo, incase you need that explained as well), AND that I wasn't rank shaming, but rather merely making a point by mentioning your rank and MMR. Either way, if you're really worth Diamond 4, which I'm 100% certain you are not - given your manner of responses, game knowledge, and ranked knowledge (tier vs division alone.. facepalm).. among other things I won't mention - you would absolutely be getting high LP gains, and promo skipping. Stop getting so defensive, especially when you clearly lack the knowledge, let alone terminology to appropriately debate this.
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