: Underlords is garbage, there's too much difference between how strong T1 T2 and T3 units are, so when you rng the upgrade you want early, you just win for free. Auto chess (the original mod) is so much better because close games can be decided more by the synergies and positioning of your characters TFT is really bad for item rng deciding the game rather than player skill in selecting their options to create good outcomes I think the original autochess mod will win out when Epic games releases it on PC
Don't be so sure, Riot = Tencent and EPIC = Tencent.
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Aypex (NA)
: Looking for support streamers/youtubers
nubrac is the best support player *walks out of room and listens for the chairs to start flying*
: Personality Profiling: Aurelion Sol
idk "dragon with star balls flying in circles fam" is my take
: Dota Underlords is better
Valve learned their cash-grab/fad lessons with Artifact, some devs don't learn though.
: TFT is fun, keep at it Riot, it just needs a lot of love
The mode is fun, it takes no skill and is as random as rolling dice at the moment but if they normalize items then it will be 10/10 imo.
cars3n (NA)
: the fun part is making do with what you have and using the little items and champs you have to turn the match in your favor.
You forgot the disclaimer: "That is, IF you have the rng to provide items and champs CAPABLE of making due". There is almost no skill until normalized drops.
: Considering the recent complaints: Some stuff about Items.
All just talk until it happens, the feedback existed long before launch so patience and excusing them is not appropriate. RNG should always be ridiculed and every dev dragged through the mud, its such a low-tier and lazy mechanic that even Valve learned their lesson (artifact).
: TFT= Slot Machine
truth, whether I am winning or losing I never feel like it is earned. this is by far worse than even the likes of artifact or hearthstone.
Thuban (NA)
: No, the amount of people that somehow enjoy this garbage is a problem. I had some faith in this playerbase, but after this game mode... I have zero faith. This game mode should have never happened. It's just Tencent and Riot getting into the mobile game market without being on a pocket PC. This is a sick, and probably a predatory game mode. These types of games should be banned. along with the loot boxes. You obviously fail to understand how a server works. It does not have unlimited power. Tencent is not going to foot the bill for a server cluster powerful enough to accommodate the saturation of ignorant sheep playing TFT You know, I used to think Hi-Rez was the worst publisher, but Riot has reached the level of EA, and will soon surpass the level %%%%%%ry EA has.
It's a casino as far as mechanics for sure being almost purely rng but idk how it can be seen as predatory, cosmetics are the only thing you can get.
: Yea he just got bad teammates every game for 500+ games
: Scuttles HATE Him, See how Kled Jungle could be meta with just one change
With all the buffs going around these days, I wish rito would do this tiny but massive qol change.
Heraimish (EUW)
: This buff has a really big impact on low elo. Nasus winrate in bronze, playing top so far has increased from 50,40% to 54,38%. His winrate in bronze, playing jungle this patch is 54,03% In platinum + his winrate top increased from 49,14% to 50,77% Whenever Nasus gets balanced around high elo, he becomes broken in iron/bronze/silver.
Idc what they do with champions for the buff, but they need to keep large monsters where they are as it makes Nasus Jungle a viable pick.
: Buff nobody needed any nobody asked for. Even tho he is only playable in low elo.
I asked for it, I wanted to play Nasus Jungle for a long time but he was so weak compared to other champs. This is a 10/10 update, and with the insane amounts of stun these days its not even broken.
: Does Riot just want to see Nasus in Pro player or what?
Jungle Nasus is finally a thing without being at risk of report, I like these buffs thank you. Now stay at your tower where its safe (until I get {{item:3056}} ).
Myrmiron (EUW)
: You can't hate what you can't see. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/youtubepoop/images/4/42/1385136139955.png
Nasus the Hedgehog approves, Vayne is too solw. {{champion:75}}
: You're aware that they're lowering her ults cd at max rank, when it matters, right?
You do realize Neeko is best decision for a reason right?
Dr Dog (NA)
: last time i checked neeko was already strong why buff her
As a Neeko Jungle main I can say that encouraging W is a good idea since I basically don't use it at all and just spam E Q R. This makes me remember invisibility is a thing while I'm larping as the adc to bait squishy assassins {{champion:518}}
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: Champion and skin sale: 09.11 - 09.14
boring and lame, Fortune was free in all the regions i have accounts.
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