LeonLye (NA)
: ***
If you want to try, Azir, for once, is useful
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
: Check out Yorick’s PBE Gameplay
Can you Life steal off the wall? Will trundle passive give him a ton of hp if the wall is killed?
: Check out Yorick’s PBE Gameplay
Is his ult smiteable? His ghouls?
: Check out Yorick’s PBE Gameplay
Will the turret switch from targeting ghouls to Yorick if Yorick attacks a champ under their turret?
Mizineph (NA)
: worst rework for a champ ever u just made yorick the worst champ ever to have in this game he is trash now that u are going to do that trash rework u should just take him out of the game for ever now i never play him again because of this worst rework ever in this game u made him so weak an trash now ty for makeing him trash
If he becomes another Urgot I'm sure they will buff him.
: Check out Yorick’s PBE Gameplay
I'm thinking that because Yorick takes time to set up will he be able to win any trade if he has 4 ghouls up?
: Check out Yorick’s PBE Gameplay
I hope he can be a great split pusher (seems there are few now days)
Izukuwu (NA)
: That's how its supposed to be though... If you're experienced, you should be able to be strong on a champion... Now you are gutting the shit out of azir. First nerf- Can't knockup with E. Second Nerf- Can't hit turrets with W. Third nerf- MAKES HIS ULT GO FROM 7 SECONDS AT MAX TO 3. You have no idea how many times I have kited around my wall and walled off areas so the enemy couldn't get to my team. Now i can do that for 3 seconds. Oh boy, Ill have enough time to auto 5 times with soldiers. Then the entire team is on top of me. Why do both nerfs at the same time anyway? The W nerf is fine. Can't push to win really fast anymore. But now he can't even teamfight without having to pull off a slide and glide. Think of all the people who can't even do that. It takes pretty good concentration and timing to get a good ult back into your team. Then they couldn't get away from them for 7 seconds (without flash or a blink). Now its 3 seconds. 3 whole seconds to use 2 spells. Oh boy my ADC can auto them for 3 seconds. Sorry Riot as a Azir main, you need to learn how to nerf champions. Why not nerf the damage or something? Every single azir nerf has been his mechanics. Used to silde and glide into e knockup. the cool plays. Now we have to use flash if we want to get a good ult off. 5 minutes to use your champion's ult. "5/6/7 seconds is a really long time to wait in a team fight for it to go down" Do you even hear yourself? 7 seconds?? IS LONG? Its not even like the wall covers the entire lane. You can go around or disengage. Other walls last for longer than 3 seconds and cover the entire lane. ex: Anivia W. Rumble R. Gangplank R. Karthus W. Corki passive. These are just a few that will last longer than azir ult and frankly are more useful. GP slows and damages. Anivia is a W... Not an ult. Karthus slows and also is not an Ult. Corki is basically a rumble ult. Slows damages. Rumble Ult Slows and damages. Why would you nerf azir wall? It's an Ult that is basically anivia wall.... Only thing it has different is the pushback which isnt even what you're nerfing. You are making it worse than anivia wall in terms of blocking people off. Like why? There is no point to nerf this if there are champions that can use the same blocking ability, but yet its a W. Or its a damaging ability that also blocks them off. Why nerf azir ult. You already made it so you can't trap people. Also have nerfed his damage in the past. His winrate isn't even high... You are basically nerfing him for the competitive scene. His winrate is 49.22%... That means he's balanced WOW RIOT WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED. His ban rate is 14% which is Low as well. Play rate isnt even that high. 14 games out of every 100 you see an azir. His KDA averages are even. 6 kills 6 deaths. You are nerfing a balanced champion. If you wanna nerf a broken champ. Go look at Swain with 56% winrate. Voli with 54%. Kindred 54%. Malzahar 53%. (Malz ban rate is 74%) (Ekko ban rate is 62%) (Zed ban rate is 85%) Nerfing azir when he is banned 14 our of every 100. Picked 14 out of every 100. 49% winrate overall. Don't nerf azir wall. His W nerfs are fine. Source for stats: http://champion.gg/statistics/#?sortBy=general.banRate&order=descend Azir stats: https://gyazo.com/fd44be040586a811fef873c8d2633840
Don't like the sarcasm but I agree with your point overall, I felt like Azir was meant to be able to slice a team fight in half... also as a great counter pick to immobile champs, that being said Azir has counter picks that are viable in multiple team compositions.
: Thresh’s Outplay Party
I thought I was at least a decent thresh... My eyes have been opened!
: Super Sustain Nunu
-They stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast!
Kakwane (NA)
: First
> [{quoted}](name=Explorer Ezreal,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=xVQr7ihf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-18T01:06:40.177+0000) > > First Wow you got down voted deeper than Yorick's grave!
: So will she be closer to hemi and his zone control? If so will her plants be affected by magic AoE spells like hemi's turrlets? Will she be able to somewhat direct her plants to attack or will it be like Yorick's fire and forgot ghouls?
By the way will Sion and her still have the 1 gold kill/death interaction? Not important but I like the plants vs zombies reference
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Zyra Direction
So will she be closer to hemi and his zone control? If so will her plants be affected by magic AoE spells like hemi's turrlets? Will she be able to somewhat direct her plants to attack or will it be like Yorick's fire and forgot ghouls?
: Putting the test in playtest
I want to report a bug but whenever I go login on riot support a split second later it automatically logs me off... But nice it must be difficult to balance champions for both low level play and for high level play.
: Welcome to the Aurelion Sol Q&A!
I'm thinking about taking him bot lane as a support, thoughts on that?
: April sales schedule
Sorry this is off topic but I'm trying to file a support ticket but it keeps signing me out right away and i have no idea where to go now...
: [BUG, THIS IS NOT LAG] Champions Locked in a Running Animation then Glitching to Another Spot
All animations stop working for 3-20 seconds every 1 or 2 minutes, it's very harmful to play with this bug, the champions move and all and I can see health bars taking damage and all but no animations, against a blitz it's really bad...
: [BUG, THIS IS NOT LAG] Champions Locked in a Running Animation then Glitching to Another Spot
: ive been playing her in the support role and honestly as far as ive seen with me play as her, she doesn't feel broken or busted or op ect. how she does have like 120% ad ratio on two abilities it isn't really viable to build full ad on her cause then she is an immobile squishy. as a tank shes stays in the fight longer but she isn't a true juggernaut like garen or sion. I see nothing that's out of wack crazy on her. she has counter play (ehem blitz). you can kill the tentacles when she isn't in position to punish you for going near them (when shes farming per say) and the teacles that spawn from her e are honestly very easy to dodge. illaoi also seems to be the type of champion that does require some communication since shes an immobile and during team fights completely relies on going all in since she has no escapes or efficient poke. during laning unless she takes mana regen masteries and a fairie charm she has a bti of mana problems if she wants to be a lane bully. if shes low on mana just call for a gank when she pushes up. her ult also is actually really difficult to land on more than 2 people. as long as you keep kiting her and have a decent tank in her face shes pretty screwed without a certain comp on her side.
As a support you farm...
: This seems to be interesting
Well the event itself, I don't really care too much about skins
: Pick your side - Fire vs. Ice
This seems to be interesting
: Perhaps in the champion detailed menu, give links to how to play the champion?
But these gameplay videos are nice
: Catch up on The Climb
Perhaps in the champion detailed menu, give links to how to play the champion?
: Guard the forest soul with Elderwood Hecarim
Any chance it's related to bard's skin?
: Patch 5.22 notes
Underneath the utility tree. Precision. Lv 3 has more armor pen then 4?
: The Final Boss approaches
I think it is a teaser for arcade mf


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