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SorryGeton (EUNE)
: 🔒 Perma ban for 1 game inting running down mid
Might be the first time you actually int'd but you may have been reported for it more or reported for other things.
Ralanr (NA)
: Honestly Zed's been "not strong" for a while. If he gets fed he's a pain, but not as much as he used to be. He's a bitch to lane against if you're not good at mid (or just get tilted against Zed).
I think its more that when he wins it doesn't feel like there is any counterplay. He just isn't in a good spot right now, he either feels useless to play as or you feel useless while playing against him, there really is not in between.
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: Zed has the power to delete anyone he choses if he does even decent. Usually there's only one person on each team doing well at the start, until jungle/teamplay comes into play. I guess people, usually noobs who can't ward or build qss, don't like having their only well-preforming teammate being shut down by one click
Rewt (NA)
: She is incredibly strong in low elo which im pretty sure is where he is playing at. While at higher elo she is very difficult to play. in lower elo you can literally slap your keyboard with a bag of frozen peas while playing riven and get a penta.
: Someone take a look at my match history, especially the ones counted as losses and tell me.....
first impression just from the scores is that you are probably engaging at the wrong time or staying in the fight for too long, because your deaths are kinda high.
: In 2 days it will have been 400 days since URF was in the rotating game mode...
I'd enjoy a ten ban urf. Maybe have both out at the same time and see which gets more play time?
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: It is actually pretty common for people to be a lot better at particular champs. Check where their flash is tho. People in low rank tend to play more roles and champions.
: Playing good isnt really a proof for boosting though...
no but draven had not been in his history anywhere that I could see and suddenly he switchs from a jungle/mid/top to draven only and wins every game with upwards of 20 kills and under 10 deaths for most games. That seems like a pretty good indication of someone else playing on that account.
Porocles (NA)
: We have systems that will tackle issues like this! You can also help us investigate specific cases by using the reporting tool on the post game screen. Thanks for looking out!
I was just curious because I honored them for being a good guy then saw they were boosting.
: Go to support
posted there too, wasn't sure which I should use or if there is a separate reporting function.
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: Definitely not true, at least from my experience, although i'd say you have a higher probability of getting a role other than your primary
That was a suggestion of what can be done, not a description of how it works :P
: never tested it so i wasn't sure, is there a site where it states who it works on?
: Other ADCs like {{champion:22}} etc can use Runans so it doesnt make sense why Vayne and only Vayne cant benefit from it.
Vayne specifically because her on-hit is the center-point of her kit and being able to triple its effectiveness would be absurdly broken. Besides the fact that her on-hit is % max health true damage which is already borderline broken.
: Cause it would be broken AF same with MF passive same with Caitlin Passive but for the sake of clarity it should say "basic on hit affects" meaning Unique ones from Champions are not included. but then it wouldn't include: Twitch's poison passsive Ashe frost shot passive so yea it's confusing and unclear AF
It is unclear unless you specifically look into it outside of the game, but it does work with caitlyn unless they changed that in the last couple patches.
: Auto-fill and Dodging
If you get autofilled and dodge you are guaranteed to get that same role until you play a game as it.
Vaksin (NA)
: I tried to give an example cause usually in fps games you don't pick roles u only pick modes. Still it's not an excuse to force people to play other than what they choose and next patch please riot force us to play the lowest pick rate champions too. What if you guys pick our runes masteries champs and roles and we will just spectate.
sure autofilling might suck but up until they gave us the role selection queue whoever had the slowest internet connection was forced to autofill. Now everyone has to take a turn at autofill instead of only a minority of people having to autofill all the time.
Vaksin (NA)
: They can make it an option to autofill instead of forcing us I mean they can add an option in which if you pick autofill as secondary role you get some extra ip for that game. If you ever played Call of duty or any fps game and you pick team death match mode they won't give you free for all mode in excuse to make Q time faster. we should be able to be free choosing what role to play.
completely irrelevant reference. If league threw you into aram when you selected ranked then it might be relevant.
: New que sucks.
It used to be autofill for whoever had the slowest internet connection, now it's fair and everyone autofills once in a while.
: People undereatimate how important AS is on Varus.
AS is amazing on varus, AS after your target is dead is practically useless
robothax (NA)
: so... when are we removing the DR on PD?
no ... it was and still is a dueling item. It only stops damage if you have attacked them first. If the adc is attacking the assassin before the assassin has started their combo then they already failed their burst.
: Friendly reminder that there are Varus buffs on pbe. His passive will now scale with more AS
but the passive still only activates after your target is dead, so it is still a crappy passive, its just less bad in a few specific situations.
khorney (NA)
: you have to count abilities and passives.
even counting those his is still above the average
khorney (NA)
: ohh he is on the bottom list as far as adcs are conscerned. people will still write well u can poke .... big fckn whoop. high cds high mana cost low aa range.
Actually varus beats out over half of all adc's in terms of range and he has the 3rd highest range of all adc's if you don't count abilities/passives. He is solidly in the middle of the road as far as adc's go, I would argue that he is borderline tier 1 if you actually make good use of his w.
khorney (NA)
: daily reminder varus is still weak
His passive is borderline useless and his ult is extremely hard to hit considering what you gain from a hit, those are the two things that I think need the most immediate attention. That said I wouldn't call him weak, he definitely isn't a top tier champion but he is somewhere in the middle ground and you can still do very well with him. (still my favorite champion to play)
: It would be cool if his blight passive scaled with attack speed and crit because they don't really benefit ADC or Poke Varus past the early game.
I mean it would be cool as the player but that would be horribly unbalanced unless the gutted the base amounts. Also as ADC varus about 1/3 of my total damage is usually magic damage from blight procs.
: considering what jinx has, I don't understand why he even has this passive. It's barely useful. He should just have a passive that stacks attack speed permanently based on CS gaining 10% per 100 cs or some shit.
If they keep AS in his passive it shouldn't be permanent, and personally I think AS in passive's is overused and there is a lot more that can be done around his blight theme but that is a larger scale rework then they would likely give him.
: Tbh I think his passive should just be changed into somethingdecent, scrap the minion killed thingy
I agree but it is unlikely that they will do a significant switch to what his abilities are, this change is mostly just a QOL change so his passive doesn't feel so useless.
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: it's not inconsistent. kayle's E is considered a spell effect due to the aoe effect that it applies on-hit. teemo's E is an on-hit effect, nothing more nothing less. furthermore, if teemo actually applied deathfire/rylai's/liandry's, that would be beyond stupid. EDIT: why am i getting downvoted? i literally just stated why certain things interacted with rylai's lol
yes, but is something that you shouldn't need to test or look up online to find out if it does interact. I don't imagine it would be very difficult to have an items tooltip change to give information relative to who is looking at it. As an example if a teemo looks at rylais in shop the tooltip would state that it has 100% effectiveness on q and whatever% on R. If a teemo has a rylais and anyone hovers over the item in teemos build then it says those things.
: unless most support mains want a duo on their team.
possible, even so there is still autofill so you will get supports, it will be a lot like it always has been and a lot of games will see supports who don't want to be support.
: > [{quoted}](name=UberAffe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pfVA0VuP,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-10-06T15:23:04.657+0000) > > To be fair having duos in the "solo" queue will likely hurt the queue times of flex Or having Flex would hurt the queue times of Solo.
possible but unlikely. In solo queue if you can find 10 people roughly the same mmr you have a game and the only real limiting factor is the number of players which isn't a problem until around diamond, which is why they have a true solo queue and no flex. Where as Flex needs match teams based on the average mmr of the groups it is putting on each team as well as the size of the groups. The reason duo's being allowed into solo queue will hurt flex queue is: * a group of 3 will have fewer groups of 2 to pair with * a group of 4 needs to be paired with a solo player * will likely only be matched against a team with a group of at least 3 * similarly for groups of 5 So if you are in a group of 3+ your queue time is getting increased by allowing duo's in "solo queue" and "solo queue" really isn't getting any benefits from having duo's.
: All these people complaining about Solo Queue having duo's...
To be fair having duos in the "solo" queue will likely hurt the queue times of flex
: 20ms/Ping is unplayable
High ping isn't necessarily bad, anything under~150 is playable as long as it is stable. Its changes in ping that really screw you over.
: > [{quoted}](name=UberAffe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=c5A7P00W,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-03T03:20:19.687+0000) > > actually 15, her auto gets split into 5 and each acts like a regular auto. so what's causing all that? and if each one is a full auto of damage that's super busted, man.
no each one does 23-27% AD and only the first of each 5 applies on-hits
: what's up with ashe q and runaan's?
actually 15, her auto gets split into 5 and each acts like a regular auto.
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: The ability itself should say if it does magical or physical damage. I don't know of any abilities that scale off of AP that do physical damage, but Jhin is a good example. His Traps scale off of AD (and AP I guess), yet do magical damage.
Ezreal q scales of AD and AP but deals physical damage.
: How far can you get as a Tristana one-trick
Tristana has enough solo carry/self peel potential to probably get you in to challenger if you are good enough on her. Unlike Kalista, she has a decent chance at getting back into a game if she falls behind and she snowballs much harder. A bonus for tristana is that she is rarely in the top tier spot so she isn't likely to be changed very often. The downside being that she is popular enough that most people understand how to play against her already.
: > [{quoted}](name=UberAffe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vPs5ZPjr,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-10-01T15:59:34.797+0000) > > not sure what your point is ... Read after where it says "my point is"
Thats really broad for a point and you don't really talk about it in the rest of the post. Yes, champions did get nerfed because they were stupidly strong in competition play, why is that an issue? All you say about it is that they did get nerfed. And the couple that you do talk about the nerfs you seem to agree with the champion needing the nerf. The only thing you back up at all is that "some of the designers are just shoving everything in one champion". Yes those two champions do have a fair amount of stuff in their kits but so what. Are just saying that it is a thing or do you want something done about it, if so, what?
: In the year 2016, We have only received 1-2 champions (including reworks) That have no balance issue
: who beats gnar in the laning phase
: It's not the shop that gives you the wards. It's the platform. You have to be on the platform. They assume you'd return to the platform when you visited the shop. Not stand on the staircase - why would you refuse a free heal/mana regen just for wards?
just sayin but you do heal on the stairs, you just don't get wards or the speed boost.
: Can you get anywhere as a Kalista one trick?
If you are duo queued you can probably get up high plat, maybe even diamond but after that kalista will just be too weak relative to other picks for your skill/coordination to keep carrying you.
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