Wygol (EUW)
: Hey Riot, do to Zed what you did to Fizz.
I'd like to see them do to Fizz, Zed, AND Lee Sin what they did to Evelynn. Then do to Thresh what they did to Sona. When everyone is crushdumpstered, no one is.
Sneakos (NA)
: You are missing the point... Sometimes you lose connection to the game, which is out of your control. Maybe there was a power outage. Maybe my internet just randomly cut off (even though it almost never does). Regardless of how it happened, it might take a couple of minutes to reconnect. And me missing the first 2 minutes of the game hardly affects the game. But now I am just guaranteed a loss if that happens
If you think the first five or six minutes (which is how long this actually takes) are unimportant, you've got more growing to do. Your team is, if not guaranteed a loss, considerably handicapped if forced to play with four players for several minutes, and any competent enemy team can easily turn that into a harsh lead.
: Riot is adding a way to remake games due to afks. Lets thank them in this thread.
Sneakos (NA)
: So lemme see if I got this right. My computer dies halfway through champ select screen. I now have about 2 minutes tops to find my charger, restart my computer, open league and load the game, or I lose the game, no questions asked. Not sure if I like this
If you regularly start league games with 8% battery remaining then yes maybe it is you who needs to change
Rioter Comments
: Just curious, why does Lee Sin need %HP damage when his key targets are squishies, not tanks?
Lee Sin doesn't need half the things he has (which gives him just about 2x the number of tools that nearly all other champs have to work with). He just does, because he's designed to be the best. Which also, conveniently, makes him immune to any real nerfs. And if at any point he isn't the #1 choice, he is buffed. It's sickening.
: Ithink the problem would be that people wouild switch to the warding one then ward the jungle/lanes then quickly back and switch back to better smite, so people will just use it for free wards.
Trinkets have proven that people are too stupid to use wards even when they're free.
: > [{quoted}](name=Uiru,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=HGblb9fH,comment-id=00ec,timestamp=2016-01-19T17:07:08.855+0000) > > I would like elaboration on this. The previous matchmaking algorithm was designed to keep you at a 50% winrate, which meant that if you won consecutive games your "odds" of winning the next game steadily decreased. This is, of course, complete bullshit and is unacceptable. > > Does this new initiative mean that I can (in theory) win ten games in a row, and the 11th game will pit me with equal skilled players against equal skilled opponents (ie. a 50% win chance)? Because if it is anything less than this, it needs to be fixed immediately. A matchmaking system that matches you with equally skilled players should by definition keep you at a 50% winrate.
And that is exactly what I hope the matchmaker has become.
Lyte (NA)
: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
> Most players should now be seeing more competitive (where competitive means each team is equally likely to win matches compared to the Solo/Duo Ranked queue from last season). I would like elaboration on this. The previous matchmaking algorithm was designed to keep you at a 50% winrate, which meant that if you won consecutive games your "odds" of winning the next game steadily decreased. This is, of course, complete bullshit and is unacceptable. Does this new initiative mean that I can (in theory) win ten games in a row, and the 11th game will pit me with equal skilled players against equal skilled opponents (ie. a 50% win chance)? Because if it is anything less than this, it needs to be fixed immediately.
: Average cooldowns FOR A MAGE. Can you read? Of course you are left with a poke most of the lanin phase, THAT'S THE WEAKEST POINT of any mage, especially immobile with great range such as Lux. > Lux is safe in the sense that if played right she doesn't die That's absolutely nothing for you right? Being able to survive your weakest point just because you _chose_ to is just a trash thing? Think about those champs that can't absolutely do it because they don't have her safety. Her threat is low only when you can tank her damage early game, with her range as soon as someone gets caught, JUST once by a binding, they are toast, unleash the full combo and it's done. Now she snares and damages 2 people by the same amount and if they are both squishy they die, instead of one going away because her Q dealt half damage and snared for less. And that's not true that all of the above mentioned champs are all you see, otherwise we wouldn't talk about Lux at all, seeing as we'd be getting midlane fights of those champs against each other.
Except that if you use it to poke, you're oom. Instantly. You can knock Zed down to about half HP and then you're dry, and he shoves you right to turret and either dives you or roams. Have you ever played Lux? And if so, have you played her this year? This q buff is only the beginning of what she needs to compete with the mess midlane has become. If you see Lux (and I dunno where you are but I almost never see her unless I'm picking her these days) you can either counterpick with one of several champs that make her entire game miserable, or pick an equally safe mage (there are several of these too) and farm right alongside. Except most of those mages have meaningful damage and cc, with reasonable mana costs and cooldowns. Lux can have all the range she wants, she's still a high risk, low reward pick in a lane overloaded with mobility to both dodge every move she has and get in her kill range, while outsustaining her either directly through meaningful regen/lifesteal or indirectly (it's a short list of champs who go oom faster than Lux does).
Dr Poro (EUW)
: Most important ARAM change is to increase the champ pool to all champs in game rather than all champs owned.
Who the fuck downvoted this? Having an aram only account makes you a colossal scumbag.
: No? She has average cooldowns for a mage and her mana costs are more than fine, Her maxed E is 130, which is more than her ult, but it has a reason, all of her spells have a very high range, Her E is one of the easiest things to land on anybody that isn't a Yasuo dashing on every minion every chance he can. Weaving autos is not required for bursting after you get some items (and no mage can burst until they get items so she's on the same level). You have so much range that outside people that should naturally come at you such as assassins that can dodge anything (LB, Zed, FIZZ and few others) nobody can reach you. I dare to chase a lux with blue and some cdr without having multiple gapclosers or very good dodging capabilities. You don't have to see only the bad things about her, because they are counterbalanced by her strengths and unique abilities (Shielding a whole team and having one of the highest sniping aoe damage tools on a low CD in the game.).
LB, Zed, Fizz, along with Ekko, Yasuo, and Kat are about all you see in midlane these days, so I'm not sure what you mean. They can all reach Lux from her maximum range, and if you're consistently landing 1100 range snares they're afk. You have to save q so you don't die (either that second when they move towards you or the next second when the gapclosing jungler dashes at you) so you're basically left with e poke for most of laning phase, which is going to drain the hell out of your mana and, while it's hard to miss it, it doesn't deal much damage on its own either. You move in to proc Lux's passive and you, at best, get chunked for twice the hp% you just did to them. Lux is safe in the sense that if played right she doesn't die but her threat level to you is very low unless you walk into bindings a lot. Also, average cooldowns? What? You might be thinking of midgame, when Lux gets her mandatory 40% cdr, because she absolutely needs it to function.
Totalis (NA)
: Well all of these lux buffs were really just quality of life buffs. e can be set to detonate on landing, light binding does full damage to secondary targets, and you get shielded from the moment of cast, not when it returns to you. These would have been fine, i don't know what they were thinking when they increased the slow radius on e _coupled_ with that previous buff though. And the mana cost buff on q really wasn't a buff at all if you think about it. You max it second, and they really only lowered the cost at later ranks, so until lvl 10 you won't see any difference really.
The e range was always bigger than it looked. Now it matches.
Borbland (EUW)
: She always was very strong, the last buff wasnt even that big, just people are sheeps are refuse to play what isnt played in LCS. Like Vladimir once has a nerf anounced on PBE, then Riot brought the patch. It was writen in it that Vlad was nerfed, but for some reasons Riot forgot to bring the changes, so Vlad was the same until that got fixed. Strangely, while Vlad didnt change at all most people were saying "OMG Vlad useless now" and his winrate dropped by 2-3 % while he was untouched. Yeah, Placebo effect does it all
So how high do you have to get before you stop seeing Ekko, Zed, and Yasuo mid every game?
: Yeah i knew it would happen. If something isn't broken don't fix it. Lux didn't need the buffs, underplayed does not equal weak all the time. She has no mobility but she's one of the highest ranged mages out there with not so high CD. Her burst is also pretty high, now she can instant burst 2 people easier. She has also good utility, from CC to double non stacking shield that can potential cover an entire team to a sniping AoE low CD ult that can potential steal barons and drakes.
Lux's cooldowns are horrendously bad and her mana costs are still absurd. Her "safe" burst and her "ideal" burst are also two different things; if you're close enough to weave autos in there you better be damn sure you're going to kill the target because if you don't you're dead. Remember that they're still throwing shit at you the whole time, and are able to run you down after all your shit's on absurd cooldown once that root is over.
Avious (EUNE)
: This has been requested several times. Riot is working on a new client so I think you should post this again when they begin testing it. Having said that, I believe they will ship it with this feature included.
You must be new here. I wish I could maintain that level of faith in Riot.
: I hate you and all your duo kind. Dirtbags like you guys are responsible for a good portion of losses lots of us players accrue each season. You aren't as good as you think you are and you jack up the other team's MMR. Get out of ranked. If you like each other so much, play norms duo or get married. {{champion:150}}
90% sure you're taking the piss, but just in case, almost every game has a duo on both sides. I 100% support the establishment of a true solo q, though.
Rioter Comments
: I seriously meant "Tell people to upgrade their trinket"...
"Upgrade your God damn trinkets you God damn morons" is a better tip than every tip currently in the game (with the possible exception of killing the nexus if you need 50g).
: I always win vs riven when I play {{champion:39}} . So easy to stomp. Not only do you win your lane, you can actually destroy her and deny her everything, thus making the game 5vs4. If you are good with ire this is one of the best match ups you can have.
Tell me more. Cloth 5? Start E or Q? If you're at 100% and she's at 90% with all skills ready to go, how do you approach that? Do you jab and back off or go deep whenever possible?
: To the People Who Refuse to read Patch Notes.
"What the hell are those" ~your adc who is about to be massacred by Skarner
: > [{quoted}](name=redniwediS,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vYme2HLM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-04T18:50:16.581+0000) > > Riot has already made official statements about this, so until they make a new statement the old ones still stand. What is this official statement?
The official statement is Fuck You, We Don't Care, Buy Some RP.
: League of Legends Yearbook
{{champion:40}} "If I give you a decent quote, Riot will nerf it because snappy oneliners aren't disengage."
: Cheerleader Skin Line
I like skirts as much as every single other human being on the planet but Vayne would murder the person who suggested she wear one. js. :D
: Did you know the average Anteater can eat up to 250 thousand ants in 7 days?
On my pure tank junglers I take exhaust and smite. Vayne fucking hates chain exhaust (most champs do, but Vayne gets supermad).
: Thresh isn't even overpowered. He is probably the healthiest jack of all trades champion in the game currently. His popularity is just because he works with more comps then other supports otherwise his kit is just a bunch of weaker versions of other champions. His pull is slower and requires him to be thrown into the enemy to continue CC, while Blitz has an instant pull from safety. His flail is a worse version of Janna tornado, as it doesn't knock them back/up as long as hers. And hers has a wider hitbox. His lantern is unique to his kit and I doubt that's why anyone is going to hate him. His ult is just a small box aoe slow thing that requires the enemy to walk through it. His entire lockdown requires the successful use of all his abilities while the same isn't said for Blitz or Janna. The hate for thresh is most likely people hating anything that's popular, I mean thresh has a high play rate and so does Riven so he must be overpowered.
It's a bit disingenuous when the (most recent) Janna nerfs are about her being good at more than one thing while Thresh fits into damn near every teamcomp. "We saw Janna do something that wasn't disengage, nerf nerf nerf", meanwhile Thresh isn't quite that good at disengage (still pretty damn good) but can also engage, or do whatever else he wants. You're also selling flay short; a knockback + reposition + slow that's basically unavoidable without blowing mobility spells away from him is at least on par with a 0.5s knockup. The lantern is actually why people complain about him the most! It's a dumb reason, of course; if his kit didn't have so much extraneous bullshit tacked onto it he'd be a great champion. His ult can seal off an entire area, and enemies inside it can be flayed into the walls if necessary. I dunno if you've played Blitz or Janna recently but their jobs DO require the proper use of their entire kits. Blitz needs to land a grab or he's completely worthless (Thresh isn't), Janna can screw up an entire team's plan/save enemies/throw enemies at fleeing allies if she uses her ult wrong. His play rate is high because he fits everywhere; he fits everywhere because his kit has everything in it. He doesn't have to be the #1 best at anything if he's on the short list for nearly everything. Meanwhile, Janna IS the #1 best at disengage, but apparently isn't allowed to be anything but bottom tier at anything else. (This has nothing to do with balance and everything to do with Thresh being more fun to watch, by the way.)
: > [{quoted}](name=Uiru,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E41bEILl,comment-id=00190000,timestamp=2015-09-02T01:54:20.198+0000) > > Your "arguments" have already been crushed in this very thread. You might want to skip the namecalling and get that changed. no they havent, just a bunch of bronzies and levels 7 like you trying to tell a diamond anything. you don't know shit and you main janna. stay mad nerd.
Yeah there's no way this is a forum account because I don't feel like switching to the main, you caught me bro, well done, friend request sent
: ***
And that health threshold is CONSIDERABLY higher than it would need to be for Janna to do it, which is why you occasionally see it.
: I would say that Janna had a much bigger problem of being incredibly safe while doing everything. At least Thresh tends to leap into the middle of everyone...
If Thresh is playing like an idiot as Thresh, he's going to play like an idiot as Janna. You can't balance around stupidity. Unless you want to give a resourceless champ an infinite number of escapes, then I guess you can balance around stupidity I suppose
: Because while Janna herself doesn't do fucktons of it, she makes her ADC do mega-fucktons more of it. Unlike Thresh, she is both a good user of Zeke's, and has the strongest team grantable AD steroid in the game by far. Oh, you mean my ADC has +75 AD and +50% crit? Yea, enjoy while you never get within a mile to hurt them! Janna is the peel king, as these nerfs have not changed what she is SUPPOSED to be good at, protecting her carry. What it nerfs is her ability to make picks, or grant a large team heal, neither of which are "core" to her identity. Yes, Thresh could use some changes, but lets be fair, Janna is supposed to be focused purely on the peel, and not her ability to land an insta-nado for a pick at long range.
Is Thresh not a good user of Zeke's? It seems odd to specify that Thresh can't do both of two things, and then include one thing which is one of the very few things he doesn't do. Also let's not quibble over the effectiveness of a 50 (not 75) ad shield and a 0.5s knockup compared to a 1.5s stun (enough time to kill most squishy targets on its own) followed by a knockup+reposition, WITH relevant damage attached to all of it. Obviously both have slows, except Thresh's is aoe and doesn't impact his movement (Janna's is single target and does). Janna's ult has so many different use cases that it's impossible to say whether it's "supposed" to be a huge team heal or not. If it wasn't supposed to be a huge team heal, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be a huge team heal. If you use it for that, though, you give up its dozen other potential applications, and removing it simply shoehorns Janna into one thing, reducing her decisionmaking and making her a simpler champion overall. (It's not even that relevant of a nerf. It's just not the main event at this week's thoroughly arbitrary support gutting.) Also have you seen that tornado, there's nothing instant about it. If you land a pick at long range with Janna 'nado you fucking deserve it.
brad (NA)
: are we ignoring the fact that it says draven and not thresh
The Draven line is contextually a joke, referring to the Draven buffs listed previously. In a vacuum, it was entertaining. In the broader context of the state of balance of this game, and the priorities of the team ostensibly tasked with managing it, it is incredibly depressing.
: all these janna mains defending their freelo, enjoy the nerfs virgins :^) hahaha
Your "arguments" have already been crushed in this very thread. You might want to skip the namecalling and get that changed.
: ***
Janna is better than Thresh at running away from fights. It's her only option unless a teammate is present. There are situations where Thresh can win a 1v1; not fair fights but there are more of these cases than Janna has. He deals considerable damage early when it arguably counts the most; Janna deals lol% damage at all stages. You relatively frequently see Thresh clean up 1v2 after his adc dies in a botched skirmish; you will never in your lifetime see Janna do that. And if Thresh's damage is so bad, let's put Janna on par with it and see what happens then. What? That would be absurd? Of course it would.
: The thing is, Thresh is a Utility champion. Basically all champions with Utility can be useful even if their numbers aren't high, or they build a way that compromises something else. It's fine, just means that Thresh has to be skilled to get you and kill you, especially if he has no damage or souls.
He has automatic damage and he's not going to not get souls. What does this even mean? Level 1 with 0 souls, Thresh's autos do twice the % of lifebar when I trade with him, and it gets worse as things progress. Thresh's numbers ARE high. It's the whole point of the conversation. Janna is really really good at exactly one thing and mediocre at most of the rest with what must be the lowest damage output in the game; she gets nerfed. Thresh is more than capable at nearly everything and he's the golden boy, and has bonus magic damage on top of it for literally no reason. Also, skill? Land a hook; if not you are still safe from engage (not from Janna (giggle, Janna engage), but from the other tanky supports that are so popular (which is the reason Janna's doing well, but don't tell Riot!)). "I have landed a hook, engage y/n, flay correctly, collect soul" is not a huge amount of difficulty. You would have to be horrid at either landing skillshots or basic decisionmaking to be bad at Thresh, and if either (or both) are true you would suck with most champions. Also what's being nerfed here IS utility. They aren't lowering her q's damage (it's literally impossible for it to do less damage than it currently does), they're crushing all of its use cases except for the one they're mad about, the instant cast disengage.
: I agree nerf them both, and someone alert Riot to remove impending Lux buffs
Lux is a separate thread and I'm sure if anyone cared there'd be threads about it (I haven't seen any). I am of the opinion that Lux is going to need a looot more than that to survive the apparently permanent assassin mid meta.
: Not only is pointing to rank a terrible argument, but I also wasn't talking about skill. I said Thresh is harder to play than Janna, which could be obvious even to people who have only played one game as each.
Are you talking about aiming a skillshot? Because Janna has to do that too. Except to get any real use out of it Janna needs to predict enemy locations 2 or 3 seconds in the future. Thresh might have more decisions to make but none of them are hard decisions (hit with hook or not, go in or not, flay forwards or backwards, ult or not). Janna's ult is probably the hardest skill in the game to utilize correctly; you are constantly weighing cost vs benefit of using it in any given scenario and you generally only have a quarter of a second to make up your mind. In the grand scheme there are probably only three or four legitimately difficult champions to play (mechanically) and neither Thresh nor Janna are anywhere near them. Bringing this up over and over is pointless.
: > [{quoted}](name=Uiru,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E41bEILl,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2015-09-01T22:18:36.218+0000) > > Been playing Janna since S2. > > She was a wreck then. > > Things have not improved. > > Also if you're going to appeal to winrates you've already lost, but you could at least include pick rates (except this would damage your argument significantly). you are clearly biased and can't have a say in this argument then. Janna is clearly an extremely strong outlier champion crowding out other disengage supports like nami and karma. You only dont like the nerf because you play the champion.
I was going to shred this post into little tiny bits but as it turns out I was too late.
: could someone tell me how to heal allies with thresh plz also how do i give them ad with thresh?///?
How do I pull allies over walls with Janna, how do I deal actual damage with Janna, how do I get bags of free armor if I'm not afk as Janna, are you really posting this right now? Did you read it at all?
: Like, I know it's popular to hate Thresh, but seriously, you're delusional if you think Janna can't rival Thresh as a top support in the game. Not to mention being way easier to play. Thresh is hard to play to his highest potential. It's pretty easy as Janna to press E on the ADC and outrun everyone just because you're Janna (Not that that's her highest potential, but it's still a ton of free power for no skill).
I mostly like Thresh. It's just a matter of his absolutely bonkers damage alongside his absolutely bonkers utility that is the problem. He's overloaded as fuck; his good ideas are crowded out by utter nonsense. Fixing him is as simple as either removing his ranged, ww-piercing aa (because that's fair) or scrubbing the lolmagic damage that's there for no reason. (Put it on Janna instead. Thresh is still much better equipped to defend himself.) Also that "easy" E is the only shield in the game that loses its secondary effect when broken (because fuck Janna), and outrunning people, while useful, isn't going to win games by itself. Janna is pure, distilled utility, except now they're wrecking even that. You can be a functional Janna quite easily; a good Janna is something completely different. And it's not like Thresh requires Draven levels of micro to succeed with either; did you hit your hook? Make sure to flay in the right direction and you're basically done. If not, try again later! Also, the worst Thresh can do with his ult is nothing. Janna's ult can be hugely damaging to her own team if used incorrectly. No one's saying Janna isn't great, because she is. The problem is, she's being nerfed because making plays is more exciting to watch than stopping them. And that's complete bullshit. edit: Shield comment was regarding "support" shields, and I concede Morgana (though one could argue the "shield" part of it IS the secondary effect).
Linthe (NA)
: Janna's W damages too. I have killed more with W than anything else on Janna.
I've gotten kills with W. I've also won 4v5's. Janna isn't about damage. You know that going in. The problem here is, Riot doesn't want her to be about -anything-, writing bullshit patch notes like this while much greater offenders run around untouched.
: {{champion:412}} Everything in the game for CC and more besides sustain {{champion:40}} A knockup that is usually never wound up at all and used as reactionary- Oh wait that was removed. A w that slows, E is a shield and ult pushes back while also healing. Janna, why are you so broken? {{summoner:1}} -Riot
Janna and Thresh would both be exactly as useful as they are if they dealt 0 damage. My problem is, why does Janna actually deal 0 damage and Thresh deal fucktons of it? And Janna's the one getting nerfed?
: you're lucky they barely even touched janna stop crying nerd. She deserves much bigger nerfs considerating her winrate. Thresh isn't even 50% winrate. Braum, janna, alistar top tier.
Been playing Janna since S2. She was a wreck then. Things have not improved. Also if you're going to appeal to winrates you've already lost, but you could at least include pick rates (except this would damage your argument significantly).
Rioter Comments
Elfezen (NA)
: Teenager Annie Skin
Still illegal A slightly different kind of illegal, but fo sho' illegal.
Rioter Comments
: Can people stop overglorifying previous seasons?
Supporting is better than it's ever been. Jungling is probably the best it's ever been. Actual champ balance, and the priorities of the balance team, are an absolute disgrace.
: I wish people that don't want to play league anymore would just leave in silence, no one wants to hear your whining, you leaving does not hurt the game or other players in anyway, take your attention seeking crap somewhere else and allow us to use the boards for more useful topics so the devout can help make the game better. Or continue as usual and never be taken seriously because self entitlement is cancer
Excellently well done satire; you almost had me for a moment. Bravo!
: Fuck this new Chicago server
So guys you know when salty west coasters say that the only people complaining about salty west coasters are east coasters because the west coasters aren't actually that salty This entire thread disproves that quite handily West coasters are screeching and bawling that they are now 30 to 40 ping lower than what the east coast- a FAR LARGER segment of the playerbase- has dealt with for *years*. Your coast is salty. The current implementation is as fair as possible without splitting the playerbase, which is not something anyone with friends on both sides wants. You are mad because you are not given unfair advantages anymore. Stop being shitty.
: [PROPOSAL] Change Arcade Riven splash art with her cropped image from the arcade login screen
I would be a lot more keen to use Arcade Riven if it had the happy splash.
algeria09 (EUW)
: Permantently suspended for using "third party programs"???
The odds of this being legit are low (the LyteSmites on the old boards were like Christmas morning, except they happened like twice a week) but if Riot is so sure this guy was hacking, telling him which hack he used should not reveal anything. Or maybe they did. We'll never know.
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