: New Champion Leak?
It's a typo. Obviously. It's Kanye
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: Write a haiku for your favorite champion
{{champion:223}} That's my ADC Stop trying to kill him, please GET IN MAH BELLY!
: Repeat after me...
Get ready for the unstoppable {{champion:6}} {{champion:40}} bottom lane
: was in my wow discord but this also applies in league
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: Champions You'd Like to See Reworked in 2019
{{champion:82}} is the obvious choice. He's got such an amazing concept, but feels terrible to play. {{champion:32}} is almost the opposite. Tons of fun to play, but he looks awful and clunky.
: Pyke should have assassin titles rather than support titles
Pyke is basically not an assassin. He's just roaming cc (and death is the best form of cc)
: High Noon Lucian, Thresh & Urgots Splash Art
Gotta love the Wonder Woman logo on Urgot's belly.
mack9112 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TotalJerk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tNis9hcr,comment-id=0000000000020000,timestamp=2018-08-09T17:16:12.837+0000) > > They literally had to patch him to push him more towards AD builds. Have you actually watched a high elo or pro pyke? Idk man I've never seen that build ever
I always build full resistances on Pyke. It's the only way to play him. Way too squishy otherwise.
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: Tank changes for 8.16
As a Tahm Kench main, it seems to me that these changes are only going to serve to cement his position as a top laner. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does make him a pretty garbage support. If these exact changes go through, he might even be a pretty meta top laner (and maybe also a better mid laner), but I don't think he will ever be played primarily as a support again.
: Assassins would need to be build around being a follow up to allied damage. Executing low health targets. Or as Alpha damage for their team mates to follow up on. Instead of being a 100-0 then escape class. To do this the entire damage Meta would need to be gutted. Champions would actually have to have well defined roles and not everyone could be a 100-0 killing machine. All Assassins would need to be reworked to have more utility and interactions with team mates. The line between "Diver" and "Assassin" would probably get pretty darn blurry.
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: Why does everyone use freaking Thanos logic in League
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: idk why is everyone all of a sudden pretending that old aatrox was good,wasnt the community making fun of him?the rework has issues but its way better than the old one they make him a legit darkin this time. rl what did u like from old aatrox?his lack of personality with his quite ass voice that has 0 resemblance with a darkin?his banner like wings?his dick shaped sword?his awful kit that's designed mostly for 1v1,with a q that can barely hit some1?with a weird skillshot e?the old aatrox was a mess. i see dumb comments "hE iS RiVeN 2"ye riven has spell vamp,revive on her ult,skillshot cc,building tanky etc.
Old Aatrox was not good, and he definitely needed a rework. My main problem with him now is that his playstyle is now completely different than it was before, since his focus has moved from aa to abilities. With all the other champions Riot reworked, they kept the general feel of how the champion plays the same.
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: Pyke's Passive and Gold Efficiency
I just tried him on PBE. Buying a {{item:1028}} gives him 11 AD, which makes the ratio just slightly better than 14:1. Not perfectly gold efficient, but not terrible.
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: It's time for Riot to get more employees...
Hey at least some older champions just got updated graphics... on their ability thumbnails.
: "Warwick is bot 4v5. Engage!"
Not even kidding, my normal Warwick build is almost this exactly, but with {{item:3009}} and {{item:3706}} .


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