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It's a logo, who cares? I see literally no difference and you won't either in your games. Oh yeah, the five seconds MAX that you look at it are reeeeeally gonna affect you, yeah hide this monstrosity from the children. For God's sakes. There's an appropriate time for criticism, and this isn't it. If you're REALLY that mad/care so much about something you don't even look at for more than five seconds, you need a wakeup call. Time for this to get downvoted by the manchildren crying over literally nothing.
ZER0 2 (NA)
: Riot has lowered the standards for Legendary Skins.
You're absolutely right and it's a good thing that you made this post bringing attention to it/complaining about it because somewhere deep inside they care about complaints and even if only slightly, make changes with them in mind. However I would suggest to you and everyone else to use the valuable resource SkinSpitlights to be thrifty with your money and be able to see its worth yourself before making the purchase. If only to prevent you from regretting a purchase.
Naalith (NA)
: Riot, just make a new Collection tab for Eternals. The new champions tab looks terrible
Screenshot from a few months back? What? I can log in right now and still have that same old menu.
Rioter Comments
This is the worst thing to happen to the mode, and honestly it should just be scrapped entirely at this point. No, I'm not an " ARAM account " and anyone using that flimsy argument doesn't have anything meaningful to say anyways, because that ISN'T an argument at all. It's not fun to see the same champs banned every single game. It feels bad getting paired up against an OP champ but you know that's just the name of the game, and it feels GREAT when you DO get to play as an OP champ. It's RANDOMIZED for a reason, but with the bans you can strategically erase the chance of getting specific champions. How is that randomized? It isn't, it's calculated. It's supposed to just be a fun game mode to relax, not something super serious that requires champion bans. Aram is my favorite mode, but I think I'm gonna be done with the mode now. I just came back after half a year because I quit, and I'm probably gonna quit the game again. I play every other mode, but ARAM happened to be my favorite. And now it's butchered, so thanks Riot for ruining what LITTLE i even enjoyed about your game. See ya.
CLG ear (NA)
: is NieR automata a good game?
Oh good lord yes. You'll find the most sentimentality and entertainment from the game is you're one who enjoys the thought of robots/machines being sentient and the impact that we may have on them if we were to callously destroy/abuse them. Even if you're not into that specifically, it is an overall enjoyable game with multiple endings, laughs, and plenty of good times along the way. I only got into it because I bought it for my little brother who took interest in it, so I decided why not play it. I myself would have spent the sixty bucks for this game, knowing what I know and from playing it. Would be worth ANYONE'S money, it gets a solid 9/10 on review sites everywhere and it absolutely deserves it.
: Ask Riot the Ghostcrawler edition
Mr.Rioter, would you care to take some time out of your day to answer a question of mine? How does the team over at Riot determine which champions need a new skin and what skin design to come up with next? Will we be seeing a new Sona skin soon? She's my biggest main and am hoping for something new, even though it's a greedy request since Dj Sona an ULTIMATE skin, was released recently. What is the future for Sona skins looking out to be?
: The best {{champion:61}} skin is still her winter skin.
OHHH YEAH, I got Winter Wonder in a random chest ( Thank god because I wanted it so badly ) and ever since then I've had significantly increased Orianna support success, and I proudly got a quadra-kill, ahhh memories.
: Thank You
I only signed up for League less than half a year ago and I thought the Riot Kayle skin looked great, thank you for giving us this gift!


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