: Very impressive stuff! Unfortunately I can't give an exact date (because we're not really sure of the time table ourselves), but we are looking into getting all the dossiers and rulebook materials translated into Japanese soon. We'll make them available on the website where you can download the other translated versions.
Thank you. Please order that you translate it to Japanese Rioter as soon as possible
: Must have been very time consuming translating this using only Google!
I made it because I like it even if it takes time
: If this is purely google translated it is insanely good (for google standards). Btw, why was this downvoted? Upvote it so he/she can get an answer.
I got an answer from Rioter. Thank you!
Sozan5 (EUNE)
: First of all - looks pretty impressive, so good job. Second of all, it's nice to see another Teemo main (at least I assume you are a Teemo main) who also happens to love this game. ^_^ But as far as translation goes - have you looked for a fan translation? Or maybe asked if there's someone who would do it (I reckon english is a popular language even in Japan, so it's possible the translation already exists)?
There are probably ten people who have Mechs vs Minions in Japan. Because I have to purchase from the NA Riot Store. Most Japanese give up on overseas mail order. There are really many Summoners who are not good at English. So people who can speak English will not be able to play board games, so I will not translate them.
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