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: You said that under the patch notes where they reverted Zac's ultimate due to player feedback. Take your cynicism elsewhere, please.
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: > I would argue that Yuumi needed the initial hotfix and was too weak Adding to that: Yuumi was probably a tad too weak number-wise, but her kit has proven crazy strong in some situations. She probably has the best poke in lane (even though the botlane is extremely vulnerable to ganks), is pretty much impossible to outrun, and can heal and shield everyone all the time in late game teamfights. Also, {{item:3174}} is just so strong on her, it's crazy.
: Guardian, I agree. To an extent Fleet Footwork as well, but it partially goes with what I'm about to say. The rest of those, barring Spellbook, are just a means to dealing more damage. It's like saying that CDR does not do damage. It doesn't directly, but it facilitates damage. Spellbook is on both sides of this. It can be used offensively, defensively, or for utility strictly.
If youre looking at it from that mentality, any stat gives you more damage. Helth and armor/mr let you stay alive in fights longer so you can deal more damage. Slows help you stick so you can do more damage. Sustain helps you stay alive so you can do more damage. Anything can be approached that way. If the issue is damaging keystones, keep it there. When you start trying to support your point using abstract ideas it turns into a cesspool of nonsensical nonsense. Not every keystone is damage focused, that is a fact. Every keystone is certatintly made to help you preform better in a fight somehow some way, but that is besides the point.
: Notice the word "or". According to lolalytics, Ryze is 37th place out of 59 Mid Laners in terms of total damage. Lissandra is 44th place. They're not outputting the damage you seem to be hyperbole-ing for.
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