DaddyKeem (OCE)
: Riot shouldn't ban people for flaming prove me wrong
You're r%%%%%ed, prove me wrong. But hey that's just my opinion <:)
: I think it is baiscally official that the Akali rework is an unfixable failure.
Cause the season 8 silver player is going to know what the best design decisions are
: trying new shit is not punishable though...
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 12
Hey meddler, how do you think fiora is now after the buffs?
: Why buff Darius?
Because he's a useless champion right now
: So Yorick get hammer nerf but Daruis, Fiora, Pyke, etc get buffs ? Love world balance
LOL, Fiora's been trash tier since bramblevest was introduced, Darius may feel horrible to play against but he's no where near overpowered.
Glory97 (EUW)
: That is riot's matchmaking. If you duo with somebody you'll get better opponents than if you would both play solo. This penalty exist to negate the advantage of being able to communicate better. But it's way too harsh. Because in the vast majority of all duo partners the improoved communication can in no way make up for the skill difference to the opponent. (That's why duos are performing worse in average).
> [{quoted}](name=Glory97,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=i3mJwmYc,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-07-04T21:36:35.166+0000) > > That is riot's matchmaking. If you duo with somebody you'll get better opponents than if you would both play solo. This penalty exist to negate the advantage of being able to communicate better. But it's way too harsh. Because in the vast majority of all duo partners the improoved communication can in no way make up for the skill difference to the opponent. (That's why duos are performing worse in average). Not really. Biggest reason I think is because in low elo most duos are between a completely new player and player who has some prior experience to the game. one of them is useless and the other isn't good enough to make a 4 v 5 work
DeusVult (NA)
: Pyke is the only assassin that actually works as a balanced assassin
which is why they play him as a support and not a solo laner or jungler.
: Don't ever try putting Zed in a bad spot on Boards. This is a low elo heaven who is convinced he is broken even tho every other assasssin, ap or ad, deal more damage than him.
like how you get downvoted for telling the truth. The boards aren't worth listening to half the time.
: Maybe because fiora is a retard tier champion?
your right she is trash tier
: Is mine so bad? :( :D
nah mb, the fiora one just triggered me. She's sitting at 47-48 winrate and the community decides she needs a nerf.
: ***
lul, great, its a good thing riot never bothers with the boards, because if this is their idea of balance, they should just get rid of the boards
: Community Patch Notes
Damn, good thing for this post. It finally shows why the boards should never be in charge of balance.
: > [{quoted}](name=EnergonVlada,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2wsafJ5T,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2018-06-02T15:33:08.505+0000) > > Zeal upgrades should have 25% not just because of Yasuo with IE and PD/SS, but also because adc's would have 100% crit chance with 3 items anyways. The number doesn't break anything or anyone, but it's just annoying to stare at....not like anyone can uncap the uncappable 100% crit anyways. I would have rather seen them stay at 2600 cost but lose 5% crit chance. It would also be more in line with zeal being reduced to 15% from 20%
I actually prefer the cost changes because they used to be some of the cheapest items in the game but scaled the best.
Saibbo (EUW)
: There are a lot of item that get abused by other roles not only ADCs and not by all of them but just couple of them that could synergy. Also I don't see how some of them were abused? like how maw,dd,trinity can be "abused"? there different play style for adcs they can't just build all the same 2-3 items for everygame? You may be right with black cleaver, steraks and frozen mallet, I'm not too sure about lethality some marksman are assassins, sunfire cape? i don't remember that one :< > Hyper Carry FULL CRIT Adc's like Jinx, Vayne and Tristana won't be able to 2 shot you with 2 items I mean you're not wrong their burst dmg with the zeal items were insane, but this nerf is well behind that, not only they greatly reduced the dmg but also increase a lot the gold required for that and the build path, that's double the nerf imo Before it was to easy to build for a lot of dmg, now is the exact opposite, hard to build and for decent dmg. Plus ER without crit actually completely imo destroyed xayah and sivir this patch.
Not trying to start a fight or anything, but pretty sure that was the point of the change, so that hyper scaling champs would actually have to wait till late game
: ive gotten to the point that im perm banning tryndamere every single game
I'm pretty low elo (silver 5) so I'll give my two cents for what its worth. I've never personally had any difficulty with him, mainly because he isn't actually good right now. If you want to fight against him my suggestion would be to make sure your team has some hard cc. (as in point and click). Also a problem I've seen in my elo is that if split pushing is the problem your response should be to force an objective rather than try to counter the split push by sending someone down there, either that or just keep the waves pushed so they don't come close to your tower)
: I agree with the title, but if they're not nerfing the others then leave her alone... Like, if she messes up one skill, shes completely useless. I main Bard and trash them all the time. You really have to land skills when playing as a Morgana... Not to mention the shield is very specific.
The reason this post was made, was because meddler said other enchanters were getting their shields nerfed to promote skillful gameplay.
Zawesome (NA)
: So I need to check something. Since Yasuo already has double crit chance, would Infinity Edge give him quadruple?
From what I've heard it's supposed to stack twice so you'll still be getting 100% crit
: Uhm, have you thought about that IE crit conversion to true dmg completely? I mean, with that change, the powercreep of true dmg with IE will just force tanks to build more hp than armour before hand, making last whisper sorta half assed to build since more tanks will just be stacking hp now. By no means, i have 0 idea what will happen to tanks in the meta, but I definitely do NOT see how granting true dmg to IE will make it anyhow better.
I think the last whisper changes are more for helping assassins than they are for helping marksmen, cause the true damage on ie is probably supposed to be the tank shredding item for adcs now.
: Don't forget that most assassins start {{item:1036}} so they actually only need to back with 750 g to get the dirk, while mages need to wait for a whole fucking 1300 now
Mages aren't meant to be good early because their the best scaling mid lane champions.
: 20 minute games are fine and dandy if you have a chance to make comebacks try doing that when your bot is 3/15
thats your bot lanes fault, comebacks are still very much possible. Problem is no one likes to play a losing lane and thats always been a community problem.
Ekitaih (NA)
: What constitutes an S?
Well riot has stated that they won't reveal the formula for an S. From my personal experience CS has a huge role in it (Not for supports tho) Champion difficulty (and potentially winrate) also matter. For example I've gotten an S on Azir with an average KDA of 4-2-3 (this is a 'good' KDA for Azir however) and good CSing. If you playing a relatively easy carry champion than you have to work much harder.
Azadethe (NA)
: Wtf? 1% Archangels? That makes it at most a fin 80 AP item, even after charged up...... WTF in the world are they thinking?
the change is apparently only to archangels not its transformation
: > [{quoted}](name=NotSid,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=6tzoElzq,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-09T04:44:17.546+0000) > > In Canada, we take apologizing very seriously. So it pains me to see people &amp;amp; corporate entities erroneously apologizing when there is nothing to apologize for. > > Apologies aren&amp;#039;t something you casually toss away in an attempt to absolve yourself of any wrongdoing. An apology is a heartfelt acknowledgment of a mistake, and the intent to not repeat it in the future. When nothing happened that requires an apology, but you apologize anyway, it diminishes the sincerity of actual apologies. > > I hope that Riot learns from this and does not repeat this mistake. Kai&amp;#039;sa is fine. There is no need to apologize. > > Sincerely, > A concerned Canadian. That's very ignorant. The reason they apologized was because hundreds of thousands of players made clear that there was a problem with the way they decided to portrait kai'sa based on her lore. So many reddit posts with thousands and thousands of upvotes about her perfect english voice line, bland personality, 0 sence appearance, 0 sence dressing, etc for a girl that was suppose to have 0 education, live her life like a miserable animal and fight for survival in a hell hole that could as well be 100% berserk style. In the comic, took less than 5 minutes for the void to completely kill and corrupt random adults that felt in it and she somehow survived, and also survived being a disney princess? With huge silicone boobs to go along with her V cut? This whole "omg, riot is apologizing for kai'sa looks make no sense" is pure ignorance of people that don't even realize how big that subject was just 1 month ago. If you want to act like this is something about woman body exposure in general and delude yourself, go for it. But it's 100% ridiculous that kai'sa would have makeup, a full shampoo treated hair, flawless skin and a fucking, cherry on top, v cut on her hell/void SURVIVAL FUCKING ARMOR. This is enough of that oversexualization bullshit and yes, it's a great victory to see that riot apologized because of that.
5000 upvotes against a player base of +3million in NA alone. lets be honest no one actually cares about this, people are only giving a shit because they heard a very loud minority start yelling, not because they think they should.
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: It doesn't seem like a whole lot has changed recently that would cause this to be a new thing, but it definitely seems to be something being talked about nowadays. Is this just an optimization players are making more regularly now? Has something changed materially to make this particular tactic more effective? Or is it just the flavor of the month topic on the list of things that suck that about the game? Edit: Thanks for all the responses.
Well I'd say the difference now is that getting Baron is actually completely game changing yet still so easy to do. The buff was made so powerful but its still as easy to do.
: I know this but it doesnt change the fact that shields and other areas of dmg need to be nerfed. Specifically bot lane its been problematic since last season but nothing was done.
Bot lane changes are scheduled for mid season so 8.9 - 8.11
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 23
Hey Meddler, now that conqueror has been released, how do you think it’s doing, and i was wondering if you have any changes in mind for it?
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