: Champion Reveal: Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger
Can already see it now since he has so much utility and his passive does the dmg anyways, Just take him top and build him tank (like old Naut with RoA). Build RoA + Frozen Heart + w/e other tank items and just dive in doing tons of dmg and CC.
: This has been verified and submitted to Avast for whitelisting. I have no ETA on it being implemented, though.
Just wanted to let you know apparently they must still be working on it because it just happened to me. Annoying AF
: When you're half health in the jungle and your laners flaming you for a gank
The best is when you get an ADC in your game who cries about dying because they picked Jinx (Immobile ADC against a noct / MF / Sej / Vel'koz) and blames the jungler even though i had our Mid fed more than god and I Myself was fed on my jungle. Complaining about being camped yet they placed 0 {{item:2043}} {{item:3340}} (these save lives) {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: I'm just...not having fun in league anymore
I have to agree with the having 0 fun part. I was always one of those minimum of 10-15 wards a game placed people for my team. Now with no extra warding teammates completely skip it. I always only ever have 1 pink out (for our team) and its mine, supports not getting sightstone and weaker turrets mean you die or get pushed out of lane 1 times and oyu lose turret. Then god forbid you pick a melee top laner, since the turrets range is reduced the ranged ones can literally dive you without ever taking a turret shot cus of its reduced agro range and attack range. Had a ryze last game standing under my turret and since im trying to kite him i ran out of my turret range only barely to kill minion wave with him getting stunned under it and it never agro'd him till after the minions were dead. Game is just too snowbally now and goes to quick to allow any comebacks should anyone get ahead. Quit annoying and bull.
: To be fair there was plenty of reason to put C9 at or near the bottom of that group. To claim you objectively had reason to believe otherwise would be a lie. It is great to see them coming together though. I have missed a competitive c9. Honestly this is the best c9 has ever looked to me.
Actually i can objectively argue for not completely throwing them under the bus and it would not be a lie. To say they are a terrible / bad team, they suck and will go 0-6 in group anything else is wrong and stupid of them. We have seen games get taken off even the best teams at worlds before with the exception of the SSW / SKT when they won it.
: So,,,, NA 7th > EU 1st? I don't get how C9 is doing so good in Worlds not in NA LCS. Also why Huni picked {{champion:157}} against {{champion:122}} ..
Because the current C9 didnt get together till week 6 or 7 and they had almost 0 practice time. Every match though if you go back and watch got closer and closer and they were playing better and better. The current C9 finally has about 2-3 months under their belts and are meshing finally. Thats why. As far as the pick... yea i dont know.
: What a tense game. Fnatic looked like they were winning teamfights, while C9 was winning at rotation. So I think Fnatic just wanted a game-ending teamfight, and they got one. Whoops. While Fnatic's damage was super scary, in the end C9 was in a defensible position after all. "What the hell?" Oddly enough, the big thing I was pretty impressed with was Hai's 5v4 jungle engage on the tanks that lost them the inhibitor. At least I *think* he had a bigger plan, because the only way the call makes sense to me is if he wanted to push the two tanks back to base for a head start on Baron a minute later.
he was trying to get the ori back but because of how fat the tanks are he probably just mis clicked. His thinking was most likely, "we can take this fight hurry and pick 1-2 of them off, back and defend inhib in time then push up top and get baron. Even if we lose inhib they down 1-2 people and can snag baron control / more picks." Unfortunately it took too long for the play to develop and he missed his kick.
: So long as C9 can come up with more stratagies than just the sieging team comp, they should be fine. I know the teams will look to take advantage of it next week by keeping them off {{champion:18}} or {{champion:268}} , so hopefully they have more stratagies to fall back on. If they can do that then i'm sure they will end the group 5-1 at least and maybe 6-0 if they can keep improving. In the mean time... ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ C9 take my energy༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
Who's to say they dont have more. Just if its not broke and people haven't found a way to stop it why fix it. They havent needed to show any of their other hands yet. Remember Sneaky is a beast kalista and draven player. Not to mention what ADC cant / doesnt play kog or jinx. So those are still there also.
: Yeah there game aginst ahq and fanatic was very rocky
what are you talking about... Their win against AHQ took 23 mins lol. They stomped that game. The win against IG was a little closer but over all they pulled IG all across the map with them responding slow to every move C9 made. Fntc was the only close game but it doesnt matter how close cus at the end of the day they still won.
Jocaubica1 (EUNE)
: I would understand if she was some top tier support but that guy sucks just cause he is a girl with a dick people think what ? He is the best support na ?You Americans rly are most retareded people in the history
Gotta remember that most Americans are decedent from you Europeans. Have you guys to thank for the stupidity. (dumb stereotyping and putting everyone into same category European.)
Sinatraz (NA)
: I don't wanna see C9 at Worlds this year.... even if they are better now they are far away from being a top team.
I don't know man. As a lot of NFL coaches and professionals will say to their team. You merely need to get into the dance and be peaking at the correct time. With Hai's shot calling, Incarnation coming around, Lemon stepping up his game, balls being Mr. Consistent, and Sneaky doing w/e it takes to win C9 could be peaking at the right time. AND IF they run the gauntlet and make it through to make it to worlds, they could be a VERY scary opponent for anyone to have to face.
: Petition to remove Sated Devourer and return its prior status until it is BALANCED.
So, i must say i do think this item is very very broken. For an Udyr to go 0-21-9 on masteries, and have pure defensive runes to out dmg EVERYONE because his sated dev allowed his turtle stance to double heal is dumb as fuck. Then switch to phoenix and proc it 3 times in 3 AA's...
: The thrilling conclusion to the URFitational
So, since Anivia's Egg is on like a 1 min CD shouldnt blitz's passive be like 15 secs? only seems fair.
: Stop Laughing! - LemonNation's support Veigar
So, heres the one thing i dont get. I went back and looked at the match details. Why did the tanks for the other team build Ninja tabi's over Merc treads? Knowing they have to deal with veigar stun...
Mercyz (NA)
: Sad that people cant admit your point even though tsm fairly won Their region =(
TSM Faily won region b4 C9 showed up. Twice losing 3-0 in finals to C9 and barely beating them in a very close 3-2 series this last split. Which any of those games could have gone in any direction. Problem is TSM doesnt have a predominant shot caller like C9 do so will always be lacking.
: You left out the part where they did not play TSM and dropped a game to Alliance at IEM San Jose. That's hardly undefeated.
Not that it would have mattered if they Played TSM. TSM looked a shell of itself in that Tournament.
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: The Worlds Preview Show - Quarterfinals
Im going to predict the games between the NA and Koreans will be closer then people think, probably 3-2 both series. However, whichever Korean team shows better ( like SSW goes 3-1 vrs SSB going 3-2) the one with the better record will win semi's and go to finals.
: Ugh I get so sick of hearing how GREAT & UNBEATABLE Korean teams are....
Sad thing is though, to be the best you have to beat the best and until someone knocks the Asian teams off their throne, The Koreans in particular in all the games they are dominant at, SC2 / LoL / Dota, its going to always be "BUT the Koreans will win it".
: Bandle City beatdown - Rumble teamfights at worlds
I think the power of rumble would have been better shown with varying styles. All 3 of these show the enemy team trying to run awya / make a retreat and rumble cutting that off. Think it would have been great to show one where rumble's ulti actually helped to disengage / chunk the enemy for a counter engage. IE: Balls' Rumble against NWS the last 2 team fights were ridiculous and could have gone either way but both times that rumble ulti just chunked so many so hard.
: What #LCSBIGPLAYS defined the 2014 season for you?
So i dont have the video for this play but im sure most will remember it. The first game Hai played Yasuo on this split where i believe it was Pobelter on ori who Hai killed with the jungler behind him heading towards Blue. Hai took over that game from that point and was on point with his Yasuo play.
: Gangplank needs better skins, it's REALLY hard to beat a Pirate skin and it's his **default**!
Special Forces is pretty legit in game. Splash isnt the best but love the ingame effects.
: LCS Pro Tips: Lulu
Wheres the support players for lulu tips?
: League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn
I was kinda sad and disappointed by this. Was expecting like a 3 way battle where all the sudden TF / Kha / Fizz or nami / Other mortal enemies showed up to fight. All the sudden becomes a huge 3 way batal royal.
: {{champion:236}} was op now hes not dead hes a fair champ
Naw hes pretty much dead. When was the last time you saw Quinn, Or urgot in competitive? Too short of range to do anything now.
: They turned the assault rifle that Lucian was and replaced him with a shotgun. Feel sorry for the sucker who gets close enough to him. That being said, it'll be somewhat easier to lane against him now because of range alone. Cool beans.
There will be no more Lucian as ADC... At least not in LCS and i highly doubt very often at all in Ranked. I see him now more of a top laner or mid laner (Start with some Armor pen on him and i see a very good Gragas top lane shutdown thanks to his E and the reseting cooldown with 0 mana cost). Same reason you never see a quinn or urgot at least not very often. Anything below 550 range just really cant compete with people like Jinx / Kog / Trist / Cait / Twitch (Even Ashe) who have ways of gettong 600+ range.


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