: Yeah theres counters to it, not even hard ones, invade a shacos red, theres nothing he can do about it, so he just cries and you win instantly. Shaco is a cheese champ. He's the kind of champion that should not be buffed to viability. All this nerf does is make your first clear worse so you can't clear redside before bot lane hits level 2. It also helps a bit with shaco support just taking over a lane and making it untouchable with so many boxes. Nerf is completely warranted.
I agree, I find that the single hardest counter I face as shaco is my jungle being invaded early. If my camps disappear, the gold I need to be viable is gone and forces me to farm until I can gank successfully.
: Honestly I like AP shaco
Shaco main here I find that shaco is especially weak to counter jungle in early game, as well as group dragon especially now that boxes only last 40 seconds and you can't put much control on objectives... I honestly find 40s from 60s to be too big a nerf; it has single handedly led me to opt for AD shaco. Boxes were the one and only thing that made AP shaco have a powerful edge over AD shaco, as ap shaco can never come close to assassinating someone as quickly as AD shaco. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/OwEQjy1A-last-shaco-box-nerf-too-much-60-seconds-to-40
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