: If you won't remove dynamic queue, at least fix matchmaking.
It's a circus, just another normals queue. Seriously what kind of integrity of matches is that. What's the point of making it to gold 1 when you're playing with silver 3s? This is not ranked, it's a clown fiesta.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: Poll is out on the client now.. make yourself heard. I have! Give us soloQ back, or I will quit this game october 21st.
How do you make it appear?
Rioter Comments
: You can add me too if you'd like. None of my friends play this game so I'm always up to play with some new people.
Rofl I didn't notice she was a girl. No wonder all these pizza face pre pubers are asking her to add them.
: EHHH. Bullying will go away if parents teach their kids not to be fuck wads. Ive never bullied anyone and I never will either. Because my parents raised me with manners and beat my fucking ass when i didn't listen.
Yea it would go away in a perfect world. Not all parents are good parents and not all kids listen. The good parents should teach not to bully and to stand up to bullying.
: You wont like what I have to say but idc... The anonymity of the internet allows people to be toxic because they believe there is no backlash. That is the basics of the internet as a whole. I see a comment saying you will try HotS but, honestly, just log off and walk away. If you can not take cyber bullying... why are you? It is your own fault for allowing it. It may be harsh but in reality people getting hurt by cyber bullying shouldn't be able to happen. It is partially the victims fault for 1. Going on the internet not expecting this behavior and 2. Allowing it. Taking it. What is the point of staying in this environment? Sorry but I had to rant. I find it moronic that people say cyber bullying is hurting them. It is so simple.
I agree. The only way to defeat a bully is to stand up to him. First of all it's funny that he's posting about it, at first I thought it was a troll post. They're just words coming from an unknown individual, they don't know you, they don't mean anything. Second, just mute them all/ignore. Why is that so hard? The stories about kids killing themselves for being bullied are sad. Bullying will not go away, it's in human nature. Parents should be teaching their kids to stand up for themselves and not allow it.
: > [{quoted}](name=DrunkOnEgo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HIPMEAUy,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2016-08-01T19:20:28.152+0000) > > DQ totally fks up the true MMR, especially when the difference in premades is huge, like a silver 1 duos with a plat 3. LOL Thats physically impossible.
http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2255330012/35146339?tab=overview Just saying it's impossible doesn't make it so, kid. Get your facts straight next time before spamming a post, thanks.
TheSlogs (NA)
: I think Dynamic Q and MMR are not doing their job well enough.
DQ totally fks up the true MMR, especially when the difference in premades is huge, like a silver 1 duos with a plat 3. So the system will have trouble finding another premade with exact same ranked silver 1 and plat 3 players, so the opposing team are usually higher than silver 1, but lower that plat 3. And I've seen this a lot where you often find that oddball in your game where most of you are plat/ gold and that one silver, which of course goes 0-9. I for one would want to be on the opposite team of the silver one because that plat premade will often not pick up his premade silver slack. Hence why DQ is a clown fiesta and doesn't belong in ranked.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: Riot:people who want solo queue are a vocal minority community:then keep dq and just add sq Riot:that would destroy the dq queue times since everyone will play sq Riot:but you can have some swag with this cool badge #logic{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
I don't think Riot said people who want solo Q were a minority, it's the board trolls who keep saying that. It's the PR and money that has Riot so committed to DQ.
Rivuo (NA)
: I dont think any person actually likes fighting yasuo, Except yasuo mains.
I'm not a yasou main and I actually like fighting a yasou. That's because yasous in low elo suck. I do think it requires significant experience and skill to play him well. I've only played against 1 maybe 2 really good yasuos (that I was WOW) since he came out, but I'm pretty sure they were diamond+ smurfs.
: Dynamic Queue matchmaking update
Give it up Riot. We don't want to see manipulated graphs, we want Solo Q. You keep manipulating the match making system with variables that you don't know to try to get a 50/50 chance every game. At the end of the day DQ is not ranked, it's a clown fiesta. Leave DQ for normals. The biggest issue is ranked integrity. The other day I played against a premade obvious boosted animal top, that I manhandled bad. But I didn't say anything to him. Near the end of the game since the rest of my team did horrible and we were going to lose, he said "gotta love boosted animals am I right tryn" or something like that. Implying that it didn't matter that he did bad, he was getting boosted by his premades.
: God, you're really damn mad........... From my perspective, sounds like you're mad no one wants to play with your toxic ass, leaving you to solo in the midst of all the groups. Find some friends kid, don't keep yourself locked in your dark room eating chips and slurping that mountain dew. Calling me boosted..Its a fucking video game, get a life lmao. Don't even bother responding to this; I don't want or will deal with another one of your rage infused, toxic ass posts.
Relax dude, don't have a heart attack, just enjoy DQ in ranked while it lasts. I play with friends all the time **in normals**, premades don't belong in ranked. And I drink Dr Pepper, never liked the dew.
: "love DQ?" I just wrote a comment regarding the population of SoloQ lovers on the boards, and you go off ranting about my rank....bruh. I mean, I've been on an upwards rank since I started playing the game (bronze --> silver --> gold, for each season I've played respectively) I would have probably reached Gold anyway...Not my fault I have friends, jesus christ take a better look and you would have seen I've played with every single one of them since season 3 -_- Rude people like you are why Riot refuse to bring back soloQ and why the community sucks.
Well I only commented that DQ would literally die if Solo Q is brought back side by side and you sounded pretty mad about my statement. So I had to find out why. We are "nothing" in this community (without any statistics) sounds like you're a scared boosted animal about DQ going away. Why can't you just play with normals with friends? DQ does not belong in ranked. "I would have probably reached Gold anyway..." But thank god for DQ this season, am I right?
: All of you "fuck DQ" players lmao. You do realize all of you on the boards that constantly bitch about it make up ~2% of the playerbase? You guys are nothing, and will continue to be nothing.
Typical silver/bronze response, of course you love DQ, you got boosted from silver last season to gold this season by your "Meme" friends. We're a minority? Been there done that, you're late to the party son, look at the comments and likes on dynamic Q round table YouTube video. YouTube viewers also a minority? Same thing on Reddit, look at the streamers trashing it on YouTube. Yea all of it just a minority. LOL. By the way I'm not against keeping Dynamic Q. I could care less if you wait 20+min for a game after Solo Q comes back.
Then there's the people that still think dynamic Q and champ select are together. So they're gonna vote yes to keep the current champ select. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: I don't think that removing Dynamic Queue is a good idea, either. Why can't they live in harmony?
Solo Q will literally kill dynamic queue with 20+ min queue times.
: I cant relate to half the things in your post, sorry. However I play with other Silver Vs, I dont think I would consider myself boosted, sorry.
Just because it doesn't apply to you doesn't mean it's not happening. Not everyone has friends to play with, or choose not to play with them in ranked. You can keep your dynamic queue I don't care, just give me my own solo queue. But guess what, they won't do that because you're in the minority, and doing so will kill DQ with 20+ queue timers. And they're so in love with DQ because apparently it brings in more players/revenue, don't know?
: I really don't understand why people would want to play this game alone ? You enjoy the mechanics of this game so much you wanna team up with 4 random people you've never met and play for LP? Wat ? Forgive my ignorance but I still dont understand why you guys prefer random flamer's/feeders/afkers/ trolls over people you like and trust to play well, esp in ranked. If you guys can explain why you prefer randoms over friends, esp in ranked I'd love to know. Cheers :D
I really don't understand why people would want to play **Ranked** with friends? Show off your individual skill man and be able to tell people you carried yourself to plat. People know how this game works and know a game can be carried by one or 2 very good players, so when you tell them you made plat with your premade team you know what their reaction is going to be? That's right, you **boosted animal**. You do realize that even though it's a team game, most of the time your teammates don't contribute their own share, and you have to pick up their slack, especially in lower elo. Even with premades, not everyone is going to have 3, 4 friends with the same skill/elo. So in that sense it's a solo q game where you have to perform above everyone else to gain rank. Don't kill the competitiveness of ranked by creating a clown fiesta. How can the matchmaking system get a close and enjoyable game when bronze to diamond players can queue up together and may or may not have comms, too many unknown variables to get a 50/50 game. Now, what happens when those premades boost a player to plat (intentionally or not) and then he suddenly starts playing by himself? His elo is at plat but like you stated, you don't play as well solo. Think about the match experience for his teammates having to drag this boosted animal, you think it's fun?
: I prefer to play with teammates i know and trust rather than randoms. Thats just me I guess, but I hated solo q each game would bring random players with random bullshit. >Ranked is supposed to measure your individual skill I think ranked is supposed to measure your skill, not necessarily individual skill. I get that some loners like to play solo, but I prefer playing with friends, and I play better too when i'm on comms etc. Think about it -- is teaming up with 4 random players a better indiciation of your potential? or Going into comms with friends and REALLY kicking ass. I play much better when i'm in a 5 stack, and I think most people do as well.
So your argument is for a premade 5 team? Then play 5v5 ranked teams. There's absolutely no reason why duos, solos or trios should be all included in the same matchmaking queue In ranked. How do you define the skill when there's so many variables at play in this clown fiesta? In a premade 5, some boosted animal can easily get boosted by his 4 other friends. He makes gold before the solo player, why / how can you assume the skill is the same? The solo player has higher map awareness because he doesn't have comms to yell at him to get back or watch out. The skill depends on the number of premades. Go start a new account and see how far you get on your own vs your premade squad. I know your argument is for premade 5s, my argument is that those premade 4s, 3s, etc, don't belong in the same queue because each measure a different level of skill.
: I don't understand why people play this game alone ? League is really boring to play solo , you have to deal with randoms who could be trolls/flamer's or feeders. I always play in full groups so I have a hard time understanding why people wanna play solo, esp in normals Can you solo players explain why you prefer to play games with randoms instead of Friends ?
Ranked is supposed to measure your individual skill, so it should be solo queue only. Yea in normals I would probably want to queue up with friends, since ppl make the excuse of being normals to troll, might as well troll with my friends. You should be ashamed if you queue up with friends in ranked and of the boosted animal batch that you will get.
: I know I'm going to be downvoted to oblivion, but SoloQ isn't being asked by the majority of players, only by the majority of this forum and probably high end players. I personally don't miss SoloQ, but I agree that DynamicQ isn't even near being called the perfect solution, but for context, I asked all my local friends (Silver ranking, play both ranked and normal games, which is most likely the common player denominator) and 8 out of 9 prefer the new queue. So yeah, I understand your gripes, but people screaming for SoloQ is a very loud minority, to be honest. That being said, I hope that a middle ground can be met soon, probably holding the new ranked system but limiting big time how premades can be played as to not fuck Solo players over.
Oh what a surprise, of course your friends like it, you're boosting them.
sandyxwg (EUW)
: I love dynamic que! Haters gonna hate
Yea I agree 100%. If they wish to keep their dynamic queue it's fine, just please rename it please. Just "Ranked" doesn't apply. Boosted Ranked, Individual performance doesn't matter Ranked, boosted by friends Ranked, Make gold thanks to friends Ranked, You made gold? Haha I made gold 2 months ago thanks to friends Ranked, I can keep going....
: Look, I'm no support main but saying that the support role can't carry a game? The support's power is supposed to be expressed by making the power of his allies even more present if I could put it that way, sorry if I can't find the right words. I played Tahm Kench supp one day, it takes alot of decision making in team fights, which target do I slow with my Q, when do I use my actives, when do I use my sweeping lense against certain opponents, when is my ADC in need of my W instead of wasting it like most people do on the enemy, on which target do I use exhaust? That match was intensive, an ADC will never do as much decisions as a support. In that game my team was constantly hit by a lux Q and they were constantly saved from the lux ult through my W. If that isn't the definition of carrying a game as a support, then I don't know what is.
What I meant to say is that people are just not interested in doing it that manner because they 'feel' like they can't carry as easy or at all compared to the other roles. I'm sure some can and like it, but even Xpecial said it once on his steam that it's harder to carry as a support.
S0bey (NA)
: I'm not really sure what you're asking here but you touched on something that peeves me as an active support player. Yeah- as support you don't have as much raw power as a mid laner or top laner. You don't have as much access to gold and exp and you are required to spend a chunk of that gold on stuff that doesn't have any clear benefit for your power (sightstone, aegis). But this does not make you a less effective champion than your allies by a large margin. Champions like Blitz have an uncanny ability to carry games with nothing but mobility boots. Thesh has the ability to make massive highlight reel plays and murder even the most fed carries with very little gold or exp required. Soraka, Nami, Sona, Janna can spoon feed even the most nooby marksman gold until they become useful. Playing Support, in my opinion, is not about getting powerful or vacuuming up as much gold as you can so you can carry the game. It's about empowering your allies to smash the opponent and disabling your enemies to make them blind and helpless, and you can do all of this with almost no gold in your pocket.
Unfortunately people don't feel passionate about the way the support role is supposed to be played. People don't like the the support role, hence one of the reasons the match making queue is long, why people troll the support role, and why nobody fights over the support role in normals. The support role needs to be replaced by role that people can feel they can carry with, not just baby sit the adc and ward. You described it nicely, but people are not interested in doing that.
: > [{quoted}](name=KING ATTILA,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OYpPoTnv,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2016-06-29T03:36:28.695+0000) > > Not all? True... Just an overwhelming majority of the Board community want Solo Queue. Fixed.
And the majority of the YouTube community and the majority of the Reddit community. Fixed. You know, insignificant websites.
: Not all of us want Solo-Q. Stop.
The majority have spoken kid.
: Rethinking Ranked Fives and Tuning Dynamic Queue
I'll be using the emblem to call out the boosted animals. It will be a shame batch.
: Everyone likes a good Support. No-one wants to be one.
It's the big elephant in the room. It's one of the reason the new champ select queue is long, nobody wants it. In normals, 9/10 nobody calls support or troll pick because they don't want that role. Riot needs to drastically change the role, to make it more fun and be able to carry easier with it. For example, not make it a crime to take kills, be able to make your build and farm just like the other roles. In other words the support role, should be replaced by something that people actually want to play not just baby sit the adc.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Your rank has never been indicative of your individual skill. Its a 5 person team game, the only time this statement could ever be true is when you have played an infinite number of games. Thats how statistics work. Also, the game isnt a solo game. Solo players either need to learn better teamwork, or suffer as a result. This has always been true, and why you dont see 5 man solo teams in the LCS. You *need* teamwork.
Typical silver 5 response. You don't care about leveling up because you've never experienced carrying yourself from silver to plat+ without a duo. Yes it's a team game, but guess what? Most of the time (like I'm sure you've experience in the elo hell that you are in) your team feeds, trolls, gives up, plays a champ for the first ever, doesn't listen to you to group or take objectives. Yea in the perfect world, where I can depend on my team to land their ult and what not, sure call it purely a team game. But when my team is **playing team death match** and I have twice their farm and taking all the objectives then don't act like players like you are team working and deserve the win. Get down voted kid.
: riot, why is solo queue on hold?
Actually an honest answer from Riot would be nice. It's been over 2 weeks since anyone from riot has commented on the issue. It wasn't even mentioned on the State of the Season article. Either they don't give a fock about solo Q and are hoping we forget about it, or they're afraid of the consequences if they speak.
: I have noticed literally no difference between this season and last season, and I sincerely doubt most of you have either.
Another unranked or bronze player noticing no difference, what a surprise. You have not experienced going from bronze to plat all by yourself, so please excuse yourself from commenting. Thanks.
webkr3b5 (EUW)
: How do I get feedback to Riot about solo-/dynamicQ?
I had never logged in to this board in the past 5 years I've been playing this game. I've never cared about unbalanced champions, bugs, trolls, or game play changes. But this dynamic queue only in ranked is such poor idea and I felt I had to speak up against it. I've never had such a bad experience playing ranked since I started playing 5 years ago. So sad Riot won't even acknowledge the majority of players want solo Q and find a fix, or at least put up a poll.
: New Champ Select Update
Socrates ded? 13 days dang... Put a pole up... Or.. Riot it's very simple, you have 2 options: 1) Give the option to opt out of playing with premades. (If Q takes longer so be it. It won't btw, it will kill dynamic Q). 2) OR give us back the old solo Q. (though no duo would make it better).
: What kind of an asinine reply is this? Where did you get this idea that I or any bronze player for that matter " have no desire to climb?" And what relevance does that have whatsoever to the topic at all? Answer it means nothing. This issue has nothing to do with skill level at all. So why you're even checking I have no idea. You don't have to be a pro player to have your game be ruined by a troll, jerk or other toxic person, and you don't have to be a pro player to like or dislike the way things are. If you survey all the people on each side of the subject, I'm absolutely certain there will be people of a range of skill levels on both sides. I'm really sick of this mentality. "You're a bronzie, your opinion is bad and you are bad and go die in a fire."
All you have to do is go to op.gg and see which players have played together before, or you can see the club name next to their name. You will find, at least on my elo that I'm playing against or with premades (don't know about your elo) most of the time. You have not experienced going from bronze to plat all by yourself or have you? Until then you're not allowed to say solo queue shouldn't come back. What is wrong with wanting to solo queue? I respect you wanting to queue up with premades why can't you respect my want to queue with other solos? If you, like riot, are afraid that solo queue will kill dynamic queue, then doesn't that say what the majority of people want?
: "Everyone has his own motives to want this." Ahhh the classic board poster projecting their rage onto EVERYONE! NOT EVERYONE wants what you want, or even cares. If every single person on the Board wanted the same thing, you would still not be the majority of the LoL community. It doesn't matter how many people on t his forum spam threads, what matters is statistics and data. I don't give a shit about Solo Queue, I'm more concerned with the inability to reliably get the role I want to play now that Team Builder is gone.
Wow, can you even read? ** Dynamic Queue and Champ select ** are two separate things. The argument is about not wanting to play with premades in RANKED. You only play Normals so please, you have no business posting when you don't even know the issue. Riot can keep the champ select, just give us the option to opt out of playing with premades.
: I don't understand why anyone wants this. queueing solo generally matches you with other solo players the vast majority of the time. Frankly I don't know how you can tell when there are groups on your team unless they reveal it themselves, and I also dont understand why this is a bad thing, as it will either have no impact or it will help you a little Riot is right to be hesitant to do this, as it could damage the queue experience for people happy with the way things are now.
Another bronze player liking the way things are. You like most people that are happy with dynamic queue have no desire to climb and do not know what you have to do to carry a team.
Polgin (NA)
: not sure what everyone is complaining about. Solo Q sucked hard. ever want your role taken from you cause someone called it first? or just decides to just take it then Lie during game about how you trolled when they were trolling? that was Solo Q in a nutshell, well that is if you mained support then you had minimal issues with Solo Q. pick order was the worst at least now when someone decides to just take your role your whole team knows and more chance of them being reported. love that they combined Team Builder and Solo Q to this great thing were I can get my perfered role about 50% of the time. they are working on that and for going into Solo Q without anyone else 50% is great odds for getting your role TLDR: Solo Q sucked unless you were support. too many trolls who thought pick order meant take others role.
Read some posts next time before you comment. **The new Champ Select and Dynamic Queue are 2 separate things. ** You like most people that don't care about having a Solo Queue are bronze and don't care about climbing. They can easily remove the team invite feature and leave the champ select in place, if it means i have to wait 2 more minutes so be it. Premades, especially a set of 3 or more have the power to control the outcome of the game either by making someone rage, being on skype, trolling, or duoing with their friends that are 5 divisions below them. Dynamic Queue has introduced too many variables to make it an even match. I already hated duo queue, dynamic queue is worse. Also if they want to remove champ select from solo queue, so be it, it would be a true Ranked Solo Queue because it would mean that you truly mastered the game without always getting your top 2 roles.
Retillin (NA)
: So nothing about "Fill" being basically support now?
The core problem for that is that nobody wants to support, especially in lower elo. Basically support role needs to be gone or drastically modified so that the support doesn't feel like the "ward bitch" of the team. We all been there, when your team is feeding and you can't make an impact on the game with your 20cs and 2 support items.
: New Champ Select Update
This is my first post ever on here just to show my support for **SOLO ** **QUEUE**. Most players that play ranked want to play solo because they want to prove they can carry themselves, not dependent on their duo+ partners. Dynamic Queue is very highly prone to **toxicity ** and **unbalanced **matches. The very "play with friends" concept is the problem. People play with friends to have fun they don't take the game seriously because they're just having fun with friends, hence **dynamic queue belongs in normals only**. Premades will back each other up in chat so if someone starts negativity it becomes a snowball effect, I'm sure many know what I'm talking about. I can tell you as you might have figured it out already, that the majority of players will not be happy without solo queue. Yes, your fears are correct solo queue will kill dynamic queue because simply solo is the preferred way. It doesn't mean it has to go away, its just a **fun **queue for **normals**. For some reason, from reading Socrates posts, you guys need to decide between solo and dynamic. There's a clear winner here so please don't make me uninstall this game, I enjoy the competitiveness of solo queue ranked, which is currently gone.


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