: Guess what, noone really plays Sol. They reworked him to see if players would play him more
I play sol, plenty of people play sol. just because you dont does not mean he is a champ nobody plays
: Probably be a good thing that he is changed if it is bringing literal tears to your eyes Meh, keep the downvotes incoming. It's not like I haven't had some of my favorite champs altered to where I don't play them anymore. You either go okay and don't play, or find a new champion. Crying over a champion being changed up, come on now....
all the sol mains loved sol as he was, riot even told us he wouldn't be touched. than the reworked him for no reason
: So his w still goes on CD via cc?
yea, and his w only stays out for 3 seconds, its dumb
5050BS (NA)
: I like the new Sol PS: Thats not a Poll
its a poll, except its a dictatorship
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: sol stars should crit. and rapidfire cannon should increase star range
: Nobody wanted this to happen to Aurelion
I actually despise riot for these changes, its awful its not fun because sol isnt unique anymore. nor is he viable at all.
: Plz revert aurelion sol
please god its so bad sol is literally my favorite champion this kit is totally unplayable, he loses all the things he was good at for no reason. riot please im devastated because my favorite champ is not my favorite champ anymore. he doesn't have a playstyle that works well its not healthy or fun
Pyrosan (NA)
: They just added Jinx I believe to make the 6th gunslinger
but this is on live, jinx is on pbe there shouldnt be a 6 buff on live servers
: only 5 gun slingers.
I feel you man, i got second in ranked today because I blew my money in trying to find the last gunslinger instead of upgrading the champs i already had on board. only realized there was only 5 after game :/
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: [MASSIVE BUG ON NEW VFX RIVEN] Q BUG, will cause losses
Please fix this ive been avoiding my main champ because I saw this in practice mode. Also the e and windslash look disgusting revert them.
: What aether wings kayle should be
Well done man, this really shows how little riot give a shit when reworking a champ besides push it on pbe a day after reveal. When someone who isnt a dev can create something infinitely better through photoshop
Papdi1 (EUW)
: ROX punished for banning all female supp.
So if the meta is {{champion:39}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:99}} and my team wants to ban out the meta picks we all gonna get suspended or banned for banning them cause they’re female?
: Riot - we told you this with Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox - WE HATE PRESTIGE POINTS!
I have to agree the prestige points are fucking r%%%%%ed, if your gonna sell us a pointless little chroma id be happy to pop $5/10 for 2 of em if they’re really nice. All of the “prestige” skins I was really close to getting and than riots like nope fuck you no more challenges and now youre points are gone. Its annoying I spents hours upon hours grinding for a chance to get those skins I was fucking 100 away from the Kda akali and still couldnt get it. If I was a rich little spoiled brat I would have just fucking bought it all through chests but im not im a student who needs money. Riot please fix your system. This doesnt give a sense of reward just feels like a ranked demotion when we barely miss getting the skins
: Riot you overdid the transformation things with aether wing kayle
I have to agree with you. The 3&4 are so damn distracting, I got a game as her and lost our team the game because my champ was to clustered to ult our carry. On top of that who gave the ok on a burst damage invincibility ult.
: Dark Star Cho’Gath Charity Results
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