Conqueror is bad for junglers period. Unless you're going for extended trades you're not going to use it as well as electrocute(on both versions of Kayn). Search up pro players and see what they build and just copy that.
: Team looking for JG/Mid/Adc [Perf Plat +]
Time Zone: EST Role: ADc Top 5 Champs: Jhin, Cait, Varus, Kog, Sivir OP.GG: http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Autumn%20Rain Was P2 last season, don't really wanna solo this season.
: I think its more like everyone who plays yi can do that as long as they play safe till 6. After 2-3 items he literally melts anyone and everyone with no hassles, and can pretty much 1v5. He has the highest pentakill rating of every rank by quite a large amount. He also has one of the safest tower dive potentials. To be honest chances are they just did not compare to the average Yi who often times has about 50 kills if going for straight kills, or the 32 kills + almost every dragon and a few barons, killing wards..... oh and all of this is without boots.
I was Plat 2 last season, and I've literally gone maybe my entire life without seeing a player with 50 kills. It's just not possible to have that many kills and not close the game. I'm not sure what kind of bronze sh*thole you play in but my god if 50 kill yi's are average there, it's probably the worst place in the game.
: LF gold mid laner for 5's ranked
http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Autumn%20Rain Pretty available on weekday evenings
: i went 32/0/2 with yi and didnt get an s
It also evaluates things like GPM and Kill participation. Maybe you had low farm. Who knows?
dbairddd (NA)
: Nobody takes you serious Riot
That's hilarious. Nobody takes you seriously either and you just wasted 30+ minutes or whatever writing all of that.
Swinky (NA)
: Perma-Banning should be changed to Perma-Muting
Communication is a key part of the game. Something like "ward this brush" and "buy some armor" dramatically change the pace of the game. This is why riot decided to chat restrict individuals and not mute them entirely. Even with the new ping system, there are some things needed to be said in chat. I think the biggest and most important factor is that if you're a "toxic" individual, you run the real psychological risk of losing your entire investment into the game. That's the motivation for people to control what they say. Previously, individuals would rack up thousands of games of chat restriction and still be just as degrading to the game before the restriction. Mutes aren't a solution.
jllemin (NA)
: The Strangulation of League's Diversity
Please for the love of fucking god. **Paragraphs. ** Use them. Number two, you brought up some really interesting points. One, you fail to realize why a lot of popular "Nonmeta picks" got nerfed into the ground. I'll bring up AP Rengar since you used that, but the logic works for champs like AP Yi and AP tryndamere. Those champs were popular because they had low to no counterplay. Rengar's midair double roar with guaranteed auto means that as soon as he clicks you, unless you have a knockback, you'll die before flashing due the immense damage for the double roar and the guaranteed lichbane auto. It was overpowered and played in competitive constantly. Most of your examples (including Sword of the Divine) in some sense were meta at the point of their removal. The reason why they were removed was because they **removed** diversity. In assassin metas, you need to play utility/safe AD's and hypercarries were nonviable. Keeping those items out of the game allowed hypercarries to return into the meta. Now you brought up full lethality lee sin... and I see people play it all the time. I have no clue what rank you are (assuming bronze or silver) but you fail to see what the point of balancing is. There is really no such thing as a perfect meta where any champ can be played, so riot lightly adjust champions to give others the chance to be played at every level (remember chogath?).
: The MMR rating between a high silver player and a mid platinum player isn't that great.
What do you mean by that? MMR for a Platinum player is around 1800 or so, and a silver player is around 1300. Considering base MMR is 1200. The're pretty different. And by skill, plat players obliterate silvers. Also, quick tidbit, Silver players are in the top 40-50%, plat 4 is top 6%.
: Cool second time I get chat restricted for toxic premade
I know how you feel, it really sucks. Just gotta /muteall and move on. If you ever have a job or someshit with trash co-workers it'll be the same story. Just gotta be better than that my man.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Hey support players:
In general, you'd want to protect the person with the highest damage over time. AD's even in that situation deal better long-term damage considering that the one shield isn't going to give you ~6 seconds for a second rotation of your spells. But you're probably silver, so I guess in your rank your AD's won't outdps burst champions.
: Elo Hell Exists To Some People (Picture Proof)
I wouldn't call that Elo hell. Effectively there were a lot of things you could do better. I'm only Plat 4 (Top 6%) but I do strongly believe you can easily reach silver by just understanding the fundamentals of the game. A) Pick good champions. TF is a complex champion to play and frankly anywhere under high diamond the cons outweigh the pros for the champion. Play Annie or something simple. B) Maximize CS. You claim to not want to roam, and that's cool considering the situation.. but your farm is absolute garbage. 40min game and >150 farm is absolutely unacceptable if you want to climb. Aim for 10cs/m in a passive lane like TF into Ahri, more realistically, 7-8 CSM is acceptable. Elo hell does not exist. These are cherrypicked situations that look unsolvable from the outside. Try to refresh on the basics and you'll climb.
Wenstra (EUNE)
: Summoner name change
Beginning and end of seasons! I was waiting for those too to change my name to Autumn Rain.
car4 (NA)
: Had my champion purposely banned because it would "increase our chances on winning".
It sucks sometimes. I know of a lot of Riven/Yas mains who get that. You get a 3LP dodge every day just use that.
: How to make honor level 3?
Honor level 3 here. Most of my friends are too. I think the major point is being more "vocal" in-game and calling objectives. Generally, the person who carries gets the MVP, but I got a ton from just saying "Gj top! :)" and stuff when top lane gets a solo kill or something. Just be nice and it'll come.
Presume (NA)
IGN: Autumn Rain Rank SOLO: P4 Rank FLEX: G1 Role: Jg Champ Pool: Lee, Sej, Elise, Gragas Why should we choose you: Played on a lot of teams in the past.
Talh (NA)
: LF Gold/Plat Mid & All-Role Sub | NEW Competitive-for-Fun Team
Talh (NA)
: LF Gold/Plat Mid & All-Role Sub | NEW Competitive-for-Fun Team
Rioter Comments
: Serious ranked team LF top and mid laner
Autumn Rain Superstar AD turned Midlaner I play a lot of premade team tournaments
: How to Spot a Scripter From a Scripter
"Hugging walls to dodge skillshots" What. I literally do that all the time. And I see plenty of people do it too....
: Looking to build our Organization (plat)
Holy shit dude your spelling your spelling hurts my eyes...................
: > [{quoted}](name=SUCKnDOWNonFARTS,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=5Jb3MorP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-08T20:31:25.206+0000) > > Whats the pay and do I need a suit or a tux for my job interview? 401k? what about holidays/ sick days? its volunteer work
> [{quoted}](name=MinatureBeast,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=5Jb3MorP,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-05-08T21:05:32.311+0000) > > its volunteer work I strongly believe it was sarcasm.
: Looking for Support player for DuoQ! [Plat 4]
: Looking for Support player for DuoQ! [Plat 4]
Rioter Comments
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: Platinum 4 ADC Looking for a Support duo for ranked!
Rioter Comments
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: Riot, what would be really cool in the future is more "battleship" mages
That sounds a LOT like Ryze. And you've seen him reworked 3 times. Those champions are super hard to balance. They will either be OP for competitive and balanced in soloqueue, or balanced in competitive and trash in soloqueue. The common balance point then is to make him complex so that he has a good power curve in the right hand, but like below diamond you'll never get consistent success on champs that difficult (Hello Azir), and putting the barrier to entry that high alienates a lot of players.
: Which position is most toxic in your opinion?
I've literally never played with more entitled snots than supports. You guys have a serious victim complex.
: How do you increase your MMR?
Silver players probably have no idea what it is. Honestly, MMR just increases as you win, and decreases as you lose. It dictates how much LP you gain per win and lose after a loss, and if your MMR is significantly higher than your visible rank, you jump ranks (ie. Gold 5 to 3 for example). Simply put, win games increases LP and MMR. Losing games reduces your MMR. Depending on where your MMR is and what the average MMR of your team is, you may win more LP than you lose after a loss, or vice versa (more often the former). Dodging **does not** decrease MMR, but you do get a small LP penalty. So feel free to dodge if you think you've got a solid chance of losing.
: Ryze was nerfed and you don't see my crying.
Ryze was very powerful in high-elo and competitive. Aatrox was not.
WrÆth (NA)
: Stattik shiv passive without any items bug?
Thats Warlord's Bloodlust. It's a passive that charges up and has the same icon as SS and RFC. Read what your masteries do my man.
: It's just like the "spot the difference" game. You can't really tell the difference until you look closely. It's easier to tell if you overlap the images. It's the little things that counts, but I guess I'm just one of the few who notices it more than others.
Well I guess I'm not really good at that game! But I do like the eyebrows more than the original, but I do prefer the original's lips and slight mouth opening for the effect. It's a really well done edit either way! Good work.
: Minor Dragon Sorceress Zyra Face Tweak
I.... can't tell the difference. I even pulled up the original splash to compare. What did you change?
: What happened to the solo queue vocal minority?
It doesn't really matter, I'd play in groups of 1-2 in flex queue and 1-2 in dynamic queue anyway. The biggest reason why I didn't understand the complaints is because 90% of boards are gold and below, it doesn't affect them in the slightest. If I feel like playing with friends, I flex. If I feel like playing alone or with a duo, I duo, simple. Solo queue didn't change any of it.
: could league be played on a Ps4 ?
No, the operating systems are very different. If you wipe your PS4 OS and install windows (I think there are tutorials online) or somehow run a VM (very cpu intensive) then maybe, but then you'll lose the functionality of your ps4.
Eedat (NA)
: What we call "Tanks" in gaming don't actually exist in LoL
That's why %HP damage is a thing. Keeps the tanks mortal while not obliterating carries (well, in theory). "Boards know balance"
Binford (NA)
: Swain
He's pretty good but has nowhere near a 60% winrate and probably doesn't deserve nerfs just yet. Honestly, he's a really good champ in Bronze/Silver because all he needs to do is facetank the enemy team after dominating lane and win a teamfight. Bronze/Silver players tend to have a hard time kiting, focusing or playing safe, so he basically shuts down bad players. Since >50% of the playerbase is in that range it probably inflated his winrate.
: "With Power and precision..." Riot on Ashe
I really like how Ashe is right now. I like the champion and the Q being a flurry of arrows at the same place after "focusing" on the target seems pretty accurate in terms of her design. Legit, the grand majority of boards members are Bronze/Silver and Low gold, for the love of god stop trying to rebalance/rework champions, you guys don't understand shit about game design/balance.
: Undamaged Esports Looking For Staff And Players
Age: 20 IGN: Autumn Rain Time Zone: EST Rank: Gold 3 (Last season P4) Role: ADc Team Experience: Been in teams for a while & have participated in a lot of online tournaments Skype : Yes, but add me in-game for it.
Rioter Comments
Bârd (NA)
: If you disagree with the balance proposals, fine. The E tooltip, however, NEEDS to change. The exact wording for the tooltip is currently: > Rip the spears from nearby targets, dealing X (+X) Physical damage and slowing their movement speed by 25% for 2 seconds. Nowhere in this tool tip is the bonus damage per spear mentioned. The Wiki mentions it, but we shouldn't HAVE to go onto a 3rd party website to figure out something this important. It's obvious when you play the champion, but again, that doesn't mean you shouldn't have tor read. It's like if Annie's passive said "Every 5th spell is empowered" instead of "Every 5th spell stuns units hit". Anyone who has played the champion (or played against her) knows about the stun, but to simply leave out something that champion defining is absurd.
????? > PASSIVE: While Rend is not on cooldown, Kalista's basic attacks and Pierce.png Pierce each lodge a spear in her target for up to 4 seconds, stacking up to 254 times. ACTIVE: Kalista rips all lodged spears from nearby enemies, dealing physical damage and Slow icon slowing them for 2 seconds, with spears beyond the first dealing reduced damage. What are you talking about.
Bârd (NA)
: Some proposals for Kalista
1. It's already obvious. I don't know what's more clear, the fact that it says it does X damage per spear or the fact that it's clear from the first time you played the champion. 2. No, the reason why it does scale with boots is because boots aren't gold efficient in the classic sense. The stats it provides is very low for the cost, with the only benefit being the movement speed (which makes it best in slot, so it's why people buy it every game. 3. No, scouting tools should come with a cost, like Ashe Hawkshot. It would allow her to have bot lane controlled very hard, ever see an AD carry with 8 second long-range wards? No? That's why. 4. The main objective of the sentinel isn't really to facecheck bushes fast (or they'd make any bush play vs kalista obsolete). They're to control vision in select parts of the map. If the sentinels are faster than most champions, there is a very slim chance you can dodge them and thus making them OP. 5. No. If you want to Oathsworn your primary engage (IE your Jungler or Top), you need to take the massive hit to laning. It makes sense. It's like you put a whole 30 seconds of thought into this post. Maybe try playing the champion before proposing balance changes.
: See that's the thing. how do you get out of a division when it is that division that is keeping you back? Despite how I do in my lane cause i make sure never to go jungler. It should not be causing anyone else to die as much as they do and vice versa. So when someone is mia they should call it as should I. But if they are mia and that lane is not pushing or chasing then what are they doing?
It never is, I've played in silver at the beginning of season 6, took like 10-15 games to get out of there. You're just not that good, play better.
: Common sense
Get out of silver to get better bot lanes?
: This Season = Downfall of League of Legends
Jesus fking christ dude. Maybe you need a breather or something.
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