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: Legacy Client Now Retired
Really hate the feel/appearance of the new client and it lags out sometimes even on low spec mode when the old client had problems once ever with my current computer and the game itself runs fine. Would love to see things run a bit smoother and look cleaner like they did in the old client. (potentially a setting that changes the appearance of things such as the mastery display and some other things and call it "legacy view" or something of the sort?)
Proxy345 (NA)
: How good is the low spec mode? I never used it because I have no issues with the new client.
I use low spec mode and still ran into issues.
: TBH been playing since season 2 but I actually like the new client and been using it since I first got access to the alpha client back when you could literally only play aram, couldn't access the shot, etc. Even without knowing how outdated the AIR client is I would say this is an upgrade from the legacy client. I can finally have it in full screen, access my settings, etc. Don't get me wrong I'm gonna miss the old client but I do think it has lived its life and it is time for something new to take its place.
I would love it if it was smoothed out and ran a bit nicer and didn't feel like it was a whole different game until I actually started playing a match. I've been around off and on for quite some time (mostly off until season 3) and I really enjoyed how everything worked in the old client.
: You have been able to download it for the past 5 months I think? You have had plenty of time to get used to its layout.
Why would I willingly change from my familiar client to something notoriously buggy and laggy?
: There are some nice things (patch notes in the client, replays, practice mode), but the overall User Experience is pretty terrible. A lot of the layout doesn't make sense, several icons don't make sense (what does a cup mean as far as champion stats go? Why is Darius half way between Attack Speed and Ability Power, should he build both?), if you want to chat about charts after game you've got to go back and forth and back and forth... Yes, it'll be good in the long term, but it's going to take probably another year to get to a polished state.
I really wish they would have made the new client more familiar and made changes slowly to give time to adjust... Instead I went from the nice simple familiar client to "OH GOD... What am I even looking at here?" that or making a legacy view for the new client that switches it to be more like the old one...
: I detest being forced to update to the new client.
I wouldn't complain if the layout was somewhat similar and it was as easy to read, but I can't even tell what half of the masteries are at a glance any more with the mastery layout, and my client lagged so bad I almost didn't get to lock in my champion for a match.
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: We noticed players that have League Of Legends pinned to their task bar have been crashing frequently. If you unpin it and run a repair before logging in it should fix you right up. You can run a repair by clicking the "?". If that doesn't stop the crashing it would be best to run a clean [Reinstall ]( the game.
After removing the pin and repairing the install it didn't work, so I tried reinstalling following the instructions posted there twice, the patcher kernel continuously encountered errors and crashed both times. Any clue what I'm doing wrong? EDIT: I've now tried reinstalling and removing absolutely every file possible and I'm still getting patcher kernel errors. UPDATE: By going into the installation file and opening lol.launcher.admin I appear to be getting somewhere finally. I currently have the patcher actually open and past its kernel error. I'll update this again if it works and I can actually get into a game. UPDATE2: By running CCleaner, reinstalling, and going into the install file to run "lol.launcher.admin" I actually managed to get loaded into a custom game finally. I hope this helps if anyone else was having issues with the patcher kernel.
: Having issues Patching 6.15? Click Here!
I completely reinstalled league (removed the taskbar pin and completely removed everything) after getting bugsplatted twice and now any time I attempt to open the patcher I get a patcher kernel error and I can't even open the client anymore. All this due to a serious error in the latest patch... I hope there's some kind of rollback or fix or at least removal of any leaves that were given out this patch seeing as I've only ever had my game crash and been given a leave for a game once before and there are tons of players who have received temporary bans and 20 minute waits just to enter the already 5-15 minute queues.
: Retiring Dominion
I'll admit I hardly ever played dominion, and I probably won't miss it much since I play TT when I want to just screw around, however completely removing the game mode seems dumb. Keeping it around did NOT take that many resources, and hell the people who play it obviously didn't care about the lack of balancing. If you really feel like it's eating into your developer's time that much why not just remove the aspects that make it take up the little time it does? Make it like how most "capture the territory" games work and just standing in range of the turrets captures them if no enemy players are nearby. Or make it so you attack the turrets to capture them. In both cases the one thing that probably takes the most time to work on, the capture animation, becomes a nonentity as far as workload goes. As for the map looking so outdated, clearly the players still playing on it don't care. If they did they would have been far more vocal about how poorly it looked, it was just a fun gamemode that worked well as a sandbox style map that players could make up games for. I believe at the very least you should create some kind of similar map, maybe even the same map, with some brushes around and such and no objectives to capture or anything. Just a nice open map with no vision control or anything for players to mess around on. Maybe even make some sort of deathmatch mode for it, or a juggernaut mode where one player outscales the others tremendously but is alone against the rest.
Hid (NA)
: So many Influence Points, so little purchases...
Yup. I'm at over 10k IP and every champion unlocked and all the useful runes... At least Ekko is coming soon.
MildJoe (NA)
: Who's gonna drop $100 on skins?
In total, I've probably spent more than that.
: Season 2014 is ending!
Sadly getting silver solo this year meant nothing. And I failed the only two times I got close to gold. Another victorious skin and awesome ward skin escape me on NA. {{item:3070}}
: Preseason 2015: Forging a Diverse Armory
For the love of god, don't remove negatron cloak entirely. Do with it what you're doing with chain vests, make it build from the cheaper variation of a simple MR item. Otherwise what will champion who would need moderate MR but not want to finish an item like say an abyssal scepter early on build? They would be forced to finish their abyssal scepter or invest even more gold to get a spectre's cowl just to get more than the tiny amount of MR the weakest MR item provides. That or they would have to build two and sell one back later in the game.
: Patch 4.18 notes
Fixed your latest champion, that's nice. Nerfed Kha's only useful evolution a bit, that's annoying since you made every other skill of his pointless to evolve. (Unless you go AP and build a lichbane and evolve ult like a troll :D ) Excited for all of the new skins and making randuin's actually help you survive the craziness of all the hypercarry adcs. Also pretty happy about the Akali nerf since although she's fun it's a bit annoying that she can build glass cannon and still be tanky as shit. (Next up she needs a tiny bit of a spellvamp passive nerf.) And last but not least, the Sion rework... I love it, but I'll miss the old AD Sion I used to love before every champ in the game had 200,000 escapes to run away from you with your 400 AD and 5k health in a long enough game.
: Most interesting news I think is the camera change. Seems like this is a long time coming to create visual fairness for both opponents fighting from above or below. There had long been a blue side advantage proven by win-loss statistics and it wasn't clear if it was due to terrain symmetry differences based on drag or baron, OR due to this vision problem for purple side trying to gaze down at the bottom of the screen with less perspective vision for how the camera is oriented. The UI also blocks some of that vision for purple team. I wonder how much Riot expects the blue side advantage to dwindle based on this camera change.
The reason could also be all the people who play with a locked screen that can't play worth poop on the purple side because of skillshots skewing the numbers.
: No one remember me.{{champion:6}} {{item:3151}}
Better buff Urgot.
: Pentakill's Smite and Ignite Album Out Now
They better not nerf pentakill sona's splash art tits. XD
Prisma A (NA)
: when do we get Pyramid Head {{champion:23}} ?????????
This needs to happen. It would suit his model perfectly and they could come up with some sort of creative name for it so it didn't cause any copyright trouble, just like "headhunter" (predator) rengar.
: May champion and skin sale schedule
Woo, the two skins I bought yesterday aren't on the sale list! I feel accomplished! This is seriously a great idea though and I really hope you continue with it, but release it closer to the start of the month. Like maybe the last monday of the month before?
: Champion and skin sale: 04.18. - 04.21
Where is cottontail teemo? where is battle bunny riven? ;-; Rito pls.
: {{champion:85}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:61}}
You should also post champion spotlights or guides or something, it would be nice for people who don't know how the champions on sale work. (Which is probably very uncommon, but it would still be cool.)
: Sucks that your story is getting buried under some guy who just copied the spotlight links.
Not really. His stories are amazing, don't get me wrong, but the main reason most people come here is to see the sales, and consider buying the skins or champions. So spotlight links are more relevant to the majority of people who view these posts. Although I still greatly enjoy moriuz's stories and come by for them on occasion. :P


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