: > [{quoted}](name=Unreal Ed,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jWEAxWtO,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-11T20:16:49.200+0000) > > What? How? left click an ally, and on the top left of the screen their target frame appears. on the bottom right of that frame you can see their current trinket charges.
Would be great to be able to ping an ally's trinket count and cooldown too (maybe you can, idk. Though I doubt it)
: imo i wouldnt mind this, but you ca target an ally and see how many trinket charges they have available.
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: Tooltips Update
Is there any chance that the tooltips (in their "All the details" mode) could also be a place to try to improve your performance? Basically, I think LoL should have a space to see stats about your ability performance in-game, similar to how certain items (like {{item:3190}}) or Runes show details about their performance if you want to look for it. Abilities are THE way you interact with the game, so having stats for those (like best dmg, average dmg, % hit, etc) would be extremely useful!
: New free champion rotation: Miss Fortune, Aurelion Sol, Lulu and more!
Supports kinda getting short-handed this week....
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 27
For additional health bar improvements: distinguishing damage to health and to shields. It would be really useful to be able to tell from the red "damaged" part of the health bar how much of it went thru a shield. The reason for that is that there are lots of times where I'm unsure if my shield actually took the damage or if it disappeared before damage happened. When the timing of "damage is received" and "shield disappears" are close to each other, there's literally NO way to know if your shield actually blocked it, which makes it tough to learn if our timings are correct as supports (or other shielders). The way I see it in my head is the red part of the damage on the bar being different for the part that went through shield. So, if half the just received damage did end up being shielded, the right-most half of that red damage would be a different color or have an effect, or only half fill the bar vertically or something. There is another solution for this is showing a new type of damage number on the hero instead of the health bar. It would be white and have a shield icon, similar to how crits have an icon to represent an attack was a crit. The shielded number would only appear to the attacker, the attackee and the shielder (since others probably don't need to know that number)
rema (NA)
: Riot, I appreciate you guys as a company and I completely understand that you guys are a company with a F2P game, but..$5 for a single emote is a bit much imo. I'd honestly feel a lot better about emotes if we could get them for IP/Blue essence. As a person who is sitting on 40k IP, good god Riot, give me more stuff to spend IP on! Sorry to say it Riot, but I'm gonna pass on buying these. I dont support the RP cost at all..{{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
I bet there will be emotes on the special Blue Essence shop at the start of preseason. Personally, having emotes sold for BE in there every so often but for RP the rest of the year sounds reasonable to me. The discussion of how much they should cost is something else though.
: Emotes are live!
Looking at the store, the emotes have names. That {{champion:99}} one is "Nice Try", for example. I did **NOT** understand that that was what her face was. **Emotes are great to replace typing but** images only can be a vague way of communicating. It would be great if using **emotes also made text appear** with the name of the emote. The text would look like the damage numbers and only appear very briefly above the player. I do think that only showing the image leaves it open to interpretation, which CAN be great and creative! So ideally, in the emotes menu you would choose which emotes in your wheel would make the text appears. In the future this could also allow you to make much more specific emotes since you wouldn't be tied down to only communicating something with a character's face.
Sparkle (NA)
: Yes.
Will that be when they arrive on the PBE or for Pre-Season?
Sparkle (NA)
: This is not something our team currently has planned at all (since we're doing Runes stuff) but I think this is a good idea for a quality of life change. I'll talk to some other Rioters about it. No promises though.
**Items with actives** (such as {{item:3190}} ) **should also show all their stats in the end-game screen**. Seeing our performance with our items is also a crucial step in the feedback loop that's been missing for a long time. This is especially true for supports that often need proper uses of item actives more than other champions. That and seeing gold earned with the support item is super important to estimate performance.
: Ping muting, surrender at 15, and more on the way
All the clarity for the item actives you've been doing is GREAT **BUT** we really need those numbers to show up at the end game screen! This is where the players talk about/check their contributions, so this is where the number is needed most really. Also pinging those numbers would be nice, but since it's on a tooltip idk how that would be achieved besides adding a shortcut like "Hold alt to keep the tooltip visible"
: Ping muting, surrender at 15, and more on the way
Can you also add a number with the distance that player is from the point? It'd be SUPER useful!! Sometimes you don't have much time to look at the map to check allies' distances from the ping. If you're afraid of visual clutter, the number could appear shortly and disappear. Or that number could be turned on/off in the options.
: I really want a "there's a ward there" ping
We need a "Place ward here" and a "There's a ward/trap here"
: please don't make the "on my way" pings so high pitched. It's annoying and hurts my head if I have a headache.
Regardless of the actual pitch we end up getting, it's nice that the sounds change to make you understand agreement from your team. Plus, you can always change ping volume
: I've also been a support main since I started to play the game 3 years back and from what I can tell there are a lot of problems with the role but there are also a lot of positives as well. Edit: Sorry there aren't a lot of positives at the moment. =P **Positives**: Current itemization and masteries are ideal for most common supports due to shields being insanely overpowering in 6.22 for utility and hard cc tank supports. The stacking of windspeakers with mikaels, redemption(insanely broken), locket and ardent censor can give up to 700-900 shields especially good on karma. Courage of the colossus(also broken) is very good on cc trains like alistar and leona who want to jump into a team and cc multiple targets and also gets 1-2k shields /w locket and redemption. **Negatives**: One of the problems people complain the most about is being dependent on the ADC role to do well in lane, I've personally experienced this many times and its possible to solve by adjusting the queue so support players are not the highest ranked player on the team. This won't fix the problem 100% but puts less stress on supports who feel this way. *A side note to this is that if your a support player your also in charge of supporting your whole team in the mid game and so you can always put more of your resources into a player you think can carry the game as this is the only way a support can truly "carry" a game. The itemization is extremely strong right now for supports and can be abused by the jungle because "any role" can purchase the item. We might be able to tempt fix this by making the sightstone a prerequisite to purchase certain items that are labeled as "support only". This would also make lots of supports happy since if people really want to abuse the item they would also have to purchase vision for the team and that is always a plus for supports. You can also do this and limit the sightstone purchase to one per team if it gets out of hand. *something that might be more fun to change is breaking the habit of buying a sightstone first and having more options for supports to itemize early game (maybe have 3 versions of the blue sighstone one with 5% CDR, 10 AP, 50 more HP) NOT THE FULLY UPGRADED VERSION. I feel like some of the support items should be reworked or removed like ancient coin which feels very useless compared to the other two options. The meta requires us to win lane as so getting more stats allows us to fight, however the ancient coin is a passive support item that does its job well however, you lose quite a lot in terms of gold per second using an item that isn't even useful in this meta. I think having the gold per second restored on to the tier 2 version would at least make this item useful so supports don't lose too much gold when walking around the map with no income. A problem that some supports have in pregame lobbies is the fact that a team of players want the support player to play a certain champion and don't even consider the fact if the player is even skilled or knows how to play the champion, let alone owns it. I feel this is a big negative for support players as they shouldn't have to pick something they aren't comfortable with in the first place. I'm not sure if there is a way to solve these issues but personally I've felt the pain of being the only guy on the team stuck at playing a tank support, then getting killed instantly because I don't have gold income for real tank items. Because supports must get vision and that normally leaves us with flat hp over armor and magic resist making us very squishy compared to a tank with actual gold income and itemization it is hard to play the frontline when your team is behind and their damage greatly outclasses our "support" tank items. The runes are in a very hard place for supports, especially buying those flat hp yellows. Those are 820 ip each and I've spent so long getting those runes that are pretty much a requirement for tanky supports as well as those armor quins at 1k ip a piece. The other runes that are optional like hybrid pen reds for range vs melee support battles are also expensive and it feels like the role isn't worth the amount of ip needed just to buy these runes and play a non rewarding role. This also goes into the runes that aren't useful such as gold per second and experience, which really should be looked at as I use to run gold per second in certain match ups in season 5 because it really worked well with ancient coin janna, however now the runes are useless as lane dominance has become a must. I believe a small buff to ancient coin will also make gold per second runes viable again and changing experience runes to work better when behind exp in your team (from roaming&warding) can help make these things at least somewhat viable. **More Supports**: If you want more support players then the simple answer to this is just make more support champions as there is always a flood of support players when a new support champion is released. The more options people have in the support role, the better it is for the actual player just like in every other role. Lots of people complain about the champs being played in select roles during pregame (support mf) and because support doesn't have many options compared to something like mid, top and jungle, people just simply turn away from the role overall. Better items or new summoner spell (support focused) can lead to more people playing the role because these items or spells are only usable in the support role. Even if diversity is a good thing in itemization and spells, people tend to cling more towards things that make them unique when they are the only ones in the game that can do certain things. Things like buying special items or using summoners spells can influence some players to play the role. The most obvious change you can do is just give supports one of the three final lots of the draft pick and let them always have one ban since it gives a small incentive to always get one of the last picks for yourself.
One thing you talk about several times is the current meta. **You can't make system decisions based on a meta in a game**. Metas change very quickly, sometimes simply because one pro had a standout victory with a certain character. You CAN make some small changes to try to tune a meta in a healthier direction (like introducing a new item or rebalancing an abusive one), but here we're talking about a very wide range of changes. While you can buff the ancient coin's{{item:3301}} money generation easily, the question's more "Is there a better, **non game-warping** pattern we can add to help supports make money?" The problem with the ancient coin is that it's very passive and only works in certain situations (lanes). So if you're behind in money you want to go back to lane to get money, but sometimes that's not what's the better play for the team. That's part of what gives LoL interesting decisions, but it also makes it harder to tune, as "just make Ancient Coin{{item:3301}} give out more money" can warp the game outside to a point where the question "Should I teamfight or farm?" leans too heavily on one side.
: Ask Riot: League Client Update and Death Recaps
I'm confused by what's more important than Death Recap. It's a SUPER IMPORTANT FEATURE!! It's how you know what killed you so you can improve your game in the future! Seems pretty crucial to me! And while they're certainly busy right now, it's not like the system team's cranking out visible updates every patch. So they must be working on rather small stuff, which really seems lower priority than Death Recap
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Please create Free-form Team mode: You can choose any combination and copies of teams you want! 2 Vaynes, 2 Braums and 1 Soraka? go for it ! Find the best possible team comp!
: New champ select replaces Team Builder
Wait a minute ! I'm very hype for this new Champ Select but you're just going to **REMOVE** blind pick ???? (even temporarily) That's 99%+ of the games I play !! Is it still an option as a non-team built blind queue? How long until blind pick comes back ?? Blind pick is a much faster, much more casual way to play, and I can't believe you think it's ok to remove it for a certain period of time. I totally understand/agree as to why the new champ select should replace Team Builder, but only as long you have the blind pick version ready !
: Escape the Darkness of Low Elo: Warding and You
I really appreciate the post, and think it will help players in a good way, hopefully forever, BUT I do think your conclusion of "upgrade your trinket" is a bit weird considering that's a tip that's only going to be useable for the next 1-2 weeks.
: Escape the Darkness of Low Elo: Warding and You
I think that using your **trinket should give you a bit of gold**. That'd entice players to ward **in order to win their lane**, which would help a lot, especially at low levels ! And it aligns with your own motivations of winning more clearly. To prevent players warding poorly but quickly to make a quick buck, the way it should be implemented is this: trinkets simply stack gold passively **up to a cap** and placing a ward gives you access to that gold. The cap means that players want to use their trinkets regularly in order to not waste gold, AND it doesn't pressure them into placing the ward **as soon as** it's off cooldown. In that scenario, one _potential drawback_ might be players using their trinket in base to get the little cash they need to complete an item. This might not be that big a problem, but if testing revealed it to be, it would be an easy fix: "Placing a ward **outside your base** consumes the [Stack Name] stacks and grants you x gold per stacks"
: Into the Mists: Creating Shadow and Fortune
Lore events are great, but could we please have it in a sexier format than just text? League of Legends' a game of actions, visuals, voices, but when we learn about it it's all JUST text, and it REALLY does not make me want to read it. I'm not asking for comics (though that would be great !) but little things, little bits of concept arts would be great. Or even something as simple as a portrait next to characters speaking. The wall of text really keeps me at bay from the lore.
: New Zilean passive, Q feel and responsiveness tuning, rec item pages for each role
I find your analysis of him very interesting, especially the parts about overlaps with Lulu. Here's a suggestion to help him make more distinct: > A champion that's chronoshifted can choose when he comes back to life, within a 4-5 second window (example timing) It fits with his theme of being a Time magic wizard, and it makes his ult less like a "{{item:3157}} on death" and more something that involves some skill. It also makes it a less direct comparison with Lulu's ult so it's not just "well I can have the DPS or the non-DPS version of the ADC-saving ult". In a bad situation, the player that's Chronoshifted won't really make it out anyway, but in somewhat tight teamfights, said champion can wait out for the best moment to strike. For counterplay, you could make the actually re-spawning take .25 or .5 seconds for example. Also, could you add a special sound that's only heard by the Chronoshifted player? It'd help with players not realizing they've been ulted (which happens sadly way too much)
: Starter T3 runes on permanent discount in 2 weeks
Anyone else think that it's weird that the "starter" runes we get are AD/MrP instead of AD/AP (which we DO get for quintessences)? MrP doesn't seem "starter" to me..
: Champion Reveal: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
Sooooo.... how do you "Choose" who you apply the passive to? Is this an active passive?
: Patch 5.15 notes
Sooooo.... When are the Juggernauts {{champion:122}}{{champion:86}}{{champion:72}}{{champion:82}} coming? Cause on the [article](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/gameplay-update-juggernauts) it says "There’ll be more info in upcoming patch notes"...
Meddler (NA)
: Fair question. We've been pretty quiet on Death Recap for a while, it's definitely been on our minds though. We've been doing a fair bit of work on it, and at a guess, should be in a position to release that in either patch 5.12 (the next one) or 5.13. That work's been focused on ensuring that Death Recap properly collects data more consistently and, once it's got it, attributes it to the correct unit and spell. Having said that, we don't want to over promise here. We think these changes will turn Death Recap back into a tool that feels informative and worth using, they're certainly not going to fix every issue however. Feedback on how you find Death Recap after the changes will be extremely helpful as a result and we'll include mention of the changes going out in the notes for whichever patch they're in.
> [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=QFaFUlaJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-06-11T07:56:46.351+0000) > > Fair question. We've been pretty quiet on Death Recap for a while, it's definitely been on our minds though. We've been doing a fair bit of work on it, and at a guess, should be in a position to release that in either patch 5.12 (the next one) or 5.13. That work's been focused on ensuring that Death Recap properly collects data more consistently and, once it's got it, attributes it to the correct unit and spell. > > Having said that, we don't want to over promise here. We think these changes will turn Death Recap back into a tool that feels informative and worth using, they're certainly not going to fix every issue however. Feedback on how you find Death Recap after the changes will be extremely helpful as a result and we'll include mention of the changes going out in the notes for whichever patch they're in. Well, for one it'd be great if we could see re-open it once we're alive... I still can't believe it took until 2015 for that to (hopefully) happen. But for new features here's some suggestions : 1. Showing damage totals per champion. 2. Not limiting each character's to 3 damage sources. Ideally i'd like to see every source of damage, even **Item actives** 3. Showing AD/Magic Damage/True Damage totals (maybe at the bottom). To me, **THIS** is what i use the Death recap for mostly, it informs what sort of defense i need to buy. 4. Showing more than 3 sources of damage (if i'm in a teamfight i'd love to know how much damage EACH champion did. and also turrets/dragon/baron, if the fight happened there). 5. Highlighting what actually killed me. So if i got hit by a q and a basic attack almost simultaneously, then it should tell me which one killed me. A lot of the times this info won't be super useful but sometimes it would definitely help. I would even go as far as saying that if i got killed by a creep it should highlight that his basic attack killed me (and still highlight the champion that got the kill). 6. Maybe add a bar at the bottom that shows what each part of your health was damaged by. so if i was killed by 3 abilities, Ahri's Q, Ryze's E, and then Varus Q, the bar at the bottom would be divided according to the amount of damage each ability did and in order of the abilities they hit me. (and it should show each attack of ahri's Q individually if the Ryze E hit me b4 the Ahri's ball came back). I don't think the bar should have an icon for each ability on it (that would be too cluttered) but rather hovering over a segment of the bar would highlight each ability (and vice versa) with damage numbers as a tooltip. You can also associate each champion as a color to easily see who did dmg early and dmg late. I understand that this would be a hard feature to create tho :p. The Death Recap's super important to the game. It embodies the design pillar of **clarity**, since LoL is a game of Numbers, and it's hard to keep track of them mid-fight. Apparently there was internal debate at Riot about the Jungle camp Timers, with some saying it was too info and thus stepping on the toes of **Mastery**, another design pillar. Here I would argue that it wouldn't be too much (almost) no matter what info's in the recap, because it's a tool to draw our own conclusions about what went wrong and right in a fight. It's not a replay and it doesn't tell you what you **should or shouldn't do** (although suggestion #6 gets close to a replay). The Death Recap is the one of the best place to learn about our play in LoL. Just like the behavior correction articles you've been posting, players react and learn better the sooner they get the feedback after doing something wrong. For example, I'll remember very clearly to walk out of a Fiddlesticks ult if I see in the death recap that it took out 70% of my health in a 10-man teamfight ! But there we go. Wanted to give out some suggestions and relate how important I think the Death Recap is.
Chager (NA)
: HUD Update Q&A
Now that there are icons for every stats, could you **add these icons to the shop**? There's a lot of stats, and despite having played well over a thousand games, it still takes me too much time to find CDR or mana regen (for example) in the left of the shop. For the entries that aren't stats, not having an icon would probably be fine (or you can make more. they're like what? 20x20?). Like this: http://i.imgur.com/gHphORk.jpg (and yes I got some of them set to the wrong stats, but you get the idea)
Rayven (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Unreal Eddy,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=fkxwtEEn,comment-id=0074,timestamp=2015-06-04T22:35:16.759+0000) > > Can you not see the names of champions/players on the tab screen anymore? That'd be really annoying... It's on hover. In what situations do you use that info?
> [{quoted}](name=Rayven,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=fkxwtEEn,comment-id=00740000,timestamp=2015-06-04T22:39:48.424+0000) > > It's on hover. In what situations do you use that info? To be fair, i know I've wanted that info before and been glad its been in there. But right now I can't remember, coz, if I recall correctly, player's names appear with the champion name/icon in the chat/kill call-outs respectively.
Chager (NA)
: HUD Update Q&A
Can you not see a numerical ping value anymore? or is that only on mouse-over ?
Chager (NA)
: HUD Update Q&A
Can you not see the names of champions/players on the tab screen anymore? That'd be really annoying...
Chager (NA)
: HUD Update Q&A
Any chance of adding the option to put minimap movement on a shortcut? I sometimes click on the minimap by accident when running away, causing my character to run back at the enemy team (not for long but just long enough to get caught..). Minimap movement should always be something planned, no one wants to use it as a reflex anyway, so being able to Shift-click only (for example) to move on the minimap would solve that problem. (sry I know this is only tangentially related to UI)
: It's a bit of an image overload, but I like it.
**I **agree, but it's partially cause the icons I used are just bigger images meant for something larger. They are also **all square**. If I was designing the icons, i'd make them with **colors** that evoke what the stat is, and i'd use **shapes** to make them easily recognizable. There's a reason MR is just a *blue shield*. I'd make, for example, health and mana regen the same icons as health and mana but with **a little green + **on top of it. Stuff like that (and maybe re-spacing the shop a bit) would make this much less visually overbearing.
: for lifesteal you used {{item:3155}} ? why not {{champion:412}} ? Also penetration technically doesn't increase damage, it's damage dealt (it'll play a role when it comes to damage reflection), also it's going to be really confusing when trying to explain penetration vs reduction to a newbie. And the order in which they are applied, etc. Riot's not going to spend that long explaining every mechanic in detail in game... plus it's going to be really troubling for newbies to learn this.
I used {{item:3155}} cause it's the weapon with the most "*drain*" in its image. and it's also orange like vampiric scepter. For penetration, um... sure? I didn't specifically talk about it, so I'm a bit confused why you mention it. Also the penetration vs reduction is still exactly as much of a problem with or without icons. So is the order they're applied in. For newbies learning the icons, I think it actually will **help**. You'll see the icons in the shop next to the name of all of them, either on **item descriptions **or on the **filters **of the shop. The icons would **never replace **or not be paired with text.
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: New loading page
I really think you should also be able to click on a champion and see the text of its abilities. For a lot of people it would let them get a refresher on how to fight a certain champion. It would also be a **BIG **deal for beginners, and helps them get to the part of the game where they know what they are up against (aka, the fun part of the game).
: Patch 4.21 notes
Can we **PLEASE** get icons for each stat? These would be **great** for quickly finding the items we're looking for in the left part of the shop (the categories). Because a long list of text isn't so strong in the **CLARITY** department. In fact, it would be greatly appreciated everywhere! Why does ad/ap/AS/Move speed/armor/mr get them in the corner of the UI but no other stats? in fact why don't these get shown in the shop or in the Character window?? These would be also great to add to item descriptions.
: I actually agree with this guy. They are functionally similar and a short silence feels better. There just aren't enough decent channels, and you can't interrupt spells with long cast times (lux or ezreal ult), so it just feels meh.
There's [18 Channels ](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Channeled) in the game (unless you count Lucian and Vi/Varus/Xerath. I don't know if those would get canceled) , and 7 of them last 1.5 seconds or less.... so getting that to be useful **IS** pretty damn specific indeed!
: Patch 4.16 notes
Really happy with the **Match History** additions! Great stuff! The one thing tho, am I the only one that hates the table that's now in the **Match Statistics** tab? I **NEVER** used that in the PvP Client, I always use the **graph instead**! it's way easier to grasp differences in numbers thanks to it! Riot, could we *please* have that for *Match Statistics* tab?
: Patch 4.16 notes
Art update for Renekton?? really?? Have guys **LOOKED** at Cho'Gath{{champion:31}} recently? He still his **horrible** 3d-model-based splash art! he looks **more comical than menacing**! AND he has the **oldest** splash art of any champion in the game!!
Meddler (NA)
: Developing Gnar did have a number of good lessons. Some of those we'll be looking to apply to other form/stance swapping champions where possible, though in a number of cases they're lessons more applicable to newly developed champions than modifcations to existing ones. 1. Keeping the same targeting type on a button in both forms makes it a lot easier to learn a form swapping champion and offers a smooth flow back and forth between forms. In Gnar's case this means Q is always a line skillshot and E is always a ground targeted leap. Not every champion's going to be a good fit for that approach (we've got another character that swaps stances basically, rather than forms, under development that doesn't for example) but where possible it's valuable to offer. 2. Clarity of form purpose is important, both for the player and when looking at how best to balance a champion. Mini Gnar early in development didn't have a ranged basic attack for example or particularly high auto attack damage and so struggled outside of poke situations. Identifying that Mini-Gnar should therefore be the sustained damage, kiting form, in contrast to Megar-Gnar's immediate impact, high CC, slow form, really helped give clear reasons for each form to exist and distinct strengths and weaknesses. Some of our other form swapping champions accomplish that well already (Nidalee in particular has clear reasons to be in Cougar or Human form), others less so (it's often unclear to Quinn whether she should be using her ult mid team fight for example). 3. Limited access to a form swap allows you to give each form really distinct strengths and weaknesses, since the player can't just swap back a few seconds later, thereby nullifying the problem. In Gnar's case that meant we could give him two powerful skillsets that don't overlap, given he shares CDs between forms too. 4. Itemization for two different roles is tough. Building different forms so that they can bring some item indepedent contribution (CC/toughenss for Mega-Gnar, some guaranteed damage via his W proc for little Gnar) helps with that, there's still conflict between what each form really needs though. Ultimately we've ended up with Gnar being able to use a wide variety of items depending on how tanky or damage focused he wants to be. That allows for some cool choices on the Gnar player's part, there's still a bit of conflict between form needs there though unfortunately.
> 3.Limited access to a form swap allows you to give each form really distinct strengths and weaknesses, since the player can't just swap back a few seconds later, thereby nullifying the problem. In Gnar's case that meant we could give him two powerful skillsets that don't overlap, given he shares CDs between forms too. Did you consider having mini Gnar turn into Mega Gnar by pressing **R** when his rage was full? if so, did you not use it because it was making mini Gnar too strong/versatile?
AD Yuumi (NA)
: From a thematic perspective I was sad about Gnar being able to pick up his rock while little. From a design perspective he needs to be able to pick up his rock to ensure that he isn't trapping himself by throwing a boulder right before turning small. In this case we felt the design benefits trump the thematic costs.
Id have replaced the rock with a giant **skull/bone** of some kind. I think it'd be more thematic (and cool. like he just killed something and kept its skull) and make more sense for him to get a **bone** boomerang. Rocks are pretty generic as far as *throwable-yet-incredibly-heavy* items go, imo.

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