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: First question... Has the honor insignia on your profile unlocked yet? When you initial receive a penalty, it places a lock over the insignia and you are ineligible to earn honor. That lock stays in place for a while after your punishment is over. If the lock is gone, then you are in the process of earning honor again. It's a slow process in the beginning. You will actually gain more honor from non-friends than you will from friends, and if everyone on your team honors someone in the match, you will get a little bit of extra honor in the game.
It unlocked several months ago in September.
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Sarutobi (NA)
: Ill admit i never used Support unless it was a Store issue. But it seems to me that with problems like this people like to blame that they arent getting the answers they want, so they assume they are being ignored. It would help your case if you told us what you were asking help for, as well as their response.
I was more wanting to here about others experiences and just see if mine was an anomaly or the norm but I might later post the contents of the conversation so other can see it but I'm a bit undecided on that right now.
RallerenP (EUW)
: Screenshots of ticket? (with names blurred ofc.)
Whats the easiest way to do that? I have never had to do this before.
: What has been your experience with Riot Support?
And now they have closed the ticket and a refusing to answer any of my questions. Sigh.
Tormyth (NA)
: Can I get banned for responding to being flamed with sarcasm?
Yes you can. In a recent game I ended up doing very badly 1/15/1. I was trying new things and really not playing my best because we had a dude instalock top and I had already dodged once or twice that day and wasn't feeling the wait. As the team accused me of feeding I sarcastically agreed to it. Day later boom my first ever Riot punishment a nice 14 day ban never mind I had never had an issue in the 3000+ games before this or after. When I asked the riot support I spoke with in chat who didn't understand sarcasm if he was a native English speaker (I mean hey sarcasm goes over plenty of native English speakers heads.) to explain the nuances he became immediately defensive and closed the chat. So I would be very careful about this.
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