Tutsumi (NA)
: Anyone else getting an error trying to link your Facebook account?
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KakoCuba (NA)
: When I win a game in TFT Ranked it does not give me points therefore I cannot advance in the ranked
Are you sure ur playing ranked and not normals lol it confused me too until i realized my 3 in a row wins meant nothing.
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Ryushiin (NA)
: How about when thresh throws the lantern it automatically pulls any ally inside of it by re casting the ability so my adcs don’t go ???????????????? When they jump in 1v5 and a lantern is literally right there
I can tell u main thresh lol. I honestly think that thresh mains have the biggest temper in the whole league. But your not gonna reel in a fishing line even if fish are nearby right gotta wait for them to get hooked. Plus people would just troll with that
ye ok (EUNE)
: Wasting 30-40 stacks of passive for this is a big NO, u basically lose 30+ armor that way (Im saying this because u never finish game with more than 150 stacks, and wasting that much to put urself in position to have less than 100 armor in 30+ min game is simply not worth it) remember, thresh has 16 base armor whole game, he doesn't get armor per level. Also Thresh is already S+ tier he doesn't really need this in my opinion edit: if u really hate mordekaiser that much simply ban it
I don't hate him, I think it would just be cool to have in the game. Like rakan plus xayah, or kalista bind, or ornn passive. There aren't that many special champ to champ interactions.
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