Håppy (NA)
: I'm not overreacting anything. You seem to be the one tunnelvisioning on the Cloud Dragon only - My entire post is paying attention to everything. This post, in particular, is correcting someone saying it's just Ultimate Hat.
I replied to your comment about cloud drake, not to the post itself... not sure how one would consider that tunnel visioning...? by definition the cloud drake does give ultimate ability cdr so lets not call it "correcting someone". You are up in arms about a situation that will seldum happen and blowing its power and relevence out of proportion. Can it be a strong mechanic on the rare chance that a team gets 4 drakes and 2 or more of them are cloud? sure, but let's not say that "spear of shojin still exists and will break will still make champs like jax op" just because cloud drake's soul buff gives a similar mechanic.
Håppy (NA)
: Cloud dragon soul gives Spear of Shojin effect. Autoattacks reduce cooldowns of basic abilities. Permanently.
The buff that cloud drake gives is cool down reduction on your ultimate. You have to kill 4 drakes to get a dragon soul, and 2 or more of them had to be cloud in order for you to get the Shojin effect. The chance of that happening on the regular is very slim. And when it does, the team should be rewarded for getting 4 drakes. You’re overreacting imo.
Mc Raton (NA)
: A lot of unneccessary buff on PBE
Yup, hence the annual and unnecessary buff to orianna right before worlds.
Rioter Comments
: Not Sorry, Riot. I still can't buy an Eternal even after these changes.
I refuse to even buy the generic ones for blue essence. All of those stats that this "new" achievement system will be keeping track of were literally all free before on the old client. It's nothing short of pathetic that they think they can get money off us for something that used to be free, then act like it's "hard" for them to implement.
: Also still only accessible for shitload of BE twice a year. Like. They didn't even try.
> [{quoted}](name=Velzard of Koz,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=jz00EFib,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-08-23T20:33:09.211+0000) > > Also still only accessible for shitload of BE twice a year. Like. They didn't even try. The one's available for blue essence are only the "common" ones too.. so its literally just generic stat tracking like kills, towers taken, etc... The "unique" ones that are more champion specific are still only available for RP..
Zac x Me (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wv64lhpW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-23T16:02:59.667+0000) > > So... you're going to scream unless they give you everything free. Keep in mind all those stats WERE FREE on the old client.
> [{quoted}](name=Zac x Me,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wv64lhpW,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-23T16:25:08.614+0000) > > Keep in mind all those stats WERE FREE on the old client. ^ This. Its completely absurd that they think that they can actually get money off of this.. Oh cool, you get to buy some of them for blue essence.. but wait its just generic stat tracking that used to be free (like you said). The better (more champ specific) eternals are still only available for rp and all they did was lower the price....
: So do you rush Tiamat, ala Warwick, and instantly kill the raptor and krug camps by just pressing E? I'm assuming his E procs Tiamat since I'm pretty sure Cleave's an on-hit effect.
> [{quoted}](name=Reaversal,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cYI9imn7,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-16T05:13:01.854+0000) > > So do you rush Tiamat, ala Warwick, and instantly kill the raptor and krug camps by just pressing E? > > I'm assuming his E procs Tiamat since I'm pretty sure Cleave's an on-hit effect. It does proc Tiamat
LanBox (EUW)
: Poll: TFT Champion skins?
You can’t use skins currently for a reason. They said they won’t be implementing skins for cosmetic purposes. Skins however will be used in the future when they release new decks/sets for TFT. Skins will act as new origins. They used Yasuo as an example, saying that maybe he could be using his odyssey skin, so he would be classified as an odyssey blade master and he could maybe use his windwall instead of how he currently uses his q. Not to mention some champions are already using skins such as Graves, TF, Vayne, Katarina, Draven and maybe more. I think they did this to make them look more like their origin. So if you let people use skins for purely cosmetic purposes then that’s a feelsbad moment for people who own those skins but everyone gets to use them because that’s their “base” skin for TFT.
: I like how Pyke and Warwick look amazing, but all the 'forced picks' aka {{champion:222}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:39}} look bland as hell. It kind of shows how picking them due to favoritism / wanting to make $ is hurting their creativity. Go for champions that fits the theme better, and who **deserve** it better. Oh I don't know ... maybe {{champion:91}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:102}} ?? Would be much more unique.
Yorick is not a good fit at all imo. Talon however should've been chosen and its a shame he still hasn't been.
: people call katarina a "low elo stomper"
Please don’t act like 1000 games is a lot considering you have it toggled to all servers. That being said, most of the people playing Katarina in that high of elo are Katarina one-tricks. When a champion has a high skill cap a 54% win rate is nothing to worry about considering the play rate. Not to mention if you look at the data for other champs, when someone one-tricks a champ the win rate is often much higher, somewhere between 57-60%. Now if her play rate was at 10% or more and people were doing well with her with little experience on the champ then you would have a problem. You sit here and say “the data doesn’t lie” but you are manipulating it to make it say what you want it to.
: Can we get a VO Remake roadmap? / What champions need a VO update?
{{champion:55}} needs a VO update desperately! She has so few lines and literally no interactions.
: Change unit lvl up in TFT
A Rioter said in one of the dev blogs that they wouldn't be implementing skins into the gamemode in this way. If they chose to use skins someday it would be in the using skin lines and the universe they exist in as a part of a whole new set/deck that can be played with. For example, they could include the project skin line and "Project" would take place of the character's origin. So Katarina would be listed as Project/assassin. They also mentioned that even their ultimates could change as well with whatever set is being used. In the dev blog the used odyssey yasuo as an example and that maybe he would use windwall for his ultimate instead of a tornado. Here's the link to the article https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/06/dev-design-pillars-of-teamfight-tactics/
: Do I need to relog when they activate it though or can I just stay in the client logged in waiting for it to activate
I would guess you would most likely have to relog in. I'm assuming there will be a small micro-patch that you have to install to actually activate the game mode.
: Champs need VO updates
{{champion:55}} needs a VO update so bad. She literally has no interactions and says the same few lines over and over.
Vonyalo (EUW)
: It definitely wasn't trolling. He just tried to do "strategies" in the game that has no strategy. And that's why people think he was trolling. Cause there's only one way to play the game. Everything else is considered griefing.
> [{quoted}](name=Vonyalo,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=GAbn8jwR,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-06-19T20:51:50.730+0000) > > It definitely wasn't trolling. He just tried to do "strategies" in the game that has no strategy. And that's why people think he was trolling. Cause there's only one way to play the game. Everything else is considered griefing. That entire game all Nubrac said was “I do my own thing, they do theirs.” That doesn’t sound very team oriented to me. You can call it what you want, but Riot explicitly explains that if you’re going to do off meta strategies the you need to communicate with your team and explain to them what you are doing and they have to be ok with it. If he had said something in champ select and communicated with his team things would be different. But instead, he took it upon himself to hold the game hostage and “did his own thing” without any regard to anyone but himself. If that’s not trolling I don’t know what is.
: Morde ult needs some kind of particle.
I agree! If the only counterplay to his ultimate is well timed {{item:3140}} then they need to make the channel part of his ultimate more noticeable.
: I wouldn't be against that **if** the Legendary and the Prestige one were for Katarina and Jayce
> [{quoted}](name=Sir Saltarin,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=buBW1gJ9,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-02T01:29:50.720+0000) > > I wouldn't be against that **if** the Legendary and the Prestige one were for Katarina and Jayce I would happy if Kat got the legendary, not so much the prestige tho. I'd rather her have the skin the way she does and have 8 other chromas than get an overpriced golden chroma. Especially considering none of her other skins have chromas except for the golden chroma on warring kingdoms. She definitely deserves a legendary by now and it makes me sad that Riot has yet to give her one. Oh well, I really like her new skin and I get to enjoy it in multiple different iterations with the chromas.
Rioter Comments
: sylus can use teemo's mushroom infinitely
Same thing happened when Sylas took my ultimate as Corki in an ARAM earlier today.
: Omg Rengar's fucking recall.
Oaeca (NA)
: Honestly, I'd agree with the don't re-release people if they didn't change the skin. In this case they made an entirely new skin and said, 99% of you can't get it. As a beta player I have King Rammus (Bowser Colored) if they ended up getting some deal with Nintendo to make it look super bowser-like and put it up for sale... so be it. Then you got skins like Traditional Sejuani and Traditional Trundle where you had to have the character before the VGU, those i get locking to previous holders. Like Young Ryze, kindof bothers me not having, since well that model didnt exist when i started. Black Alistar, hasn't changed a bit tho... at this point the difference between Vaulted Legacy Skins and Limited skins becomes blurry. And since someone brought up SMITE, perma-limited skins piss me off more than anything, more emotionally based than reason and logic based, but still there's no good reason for it. Sits right after lootbox only skins... I'm personally a fan of Square-Enix's stance on it with FFXIV, all of it is locked for 1 year, then everyone else who wants it after that has to use a worse method of getting it.
Just as a PSA if you didn’t already know. You can get traditional skins like Sejuani’s from hextech crafting.
KyraSun (EUNE)
: Skin ideas?
Goddess Blade Katarina (same line as God Fist Lee and God Staff Jax) Blade Goddess Katarina (same line as Blade Mistress Morgana and Blade Queen Lissandra) Basically want a legendary Kata skin. She deserves one by now imo.
: {{champion:55}} I approve of this :^) she was a total edgy badass in this new story.
: Remove position ranks. It's 10 times worse.
The quality of my games this season have never been worse! I actually was looking forward to position ranks, but I’m learning the hard way that it was a horrible idea.
: Aftershock should scale off of bonus resists and shouldn't give loads of flat resistances to whoever wants them.
My thoughts exactly! I’m so sick of seeing {{champion:3}} and {{champion:127}} every game being tanky as hell because of this keystone and still one shotting people.
: I want a Pulsefire Katarina Skin that emits a neon white glow/pulse everytime Katarina picks up one of her daggers.
Pulsefire and PROJECT are too similar in theme imo, so not sure they would ever give her a pulsefire skin
: Is General Du Couteau ever gonna factor into the lore again?
I really wish they would update Kat’s voiceover. It’s super bland and has no interactions with other champions. Maybe if they did that they could include some interactions or just normal lines that would answer that question.
: > [{quoted}](name=Unvictus,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=diGAPt1X,comment-id=0022,timestamp=2019-01-17T04:12:20.501+0000) > > I’m with you when it comes to {{champion:55}}. Her voice over is out dated by far and is in need of an update. She needs a legendary skin while they’re at it too! That's pushing it just slightly, but hey I'm all for it
I mean.. not really. They obviously wouldn't have to give it to her along with the visual upgrade. But you can't deny that she needs a legendary skin. She was often used as a poster child on advertisements for the game, been in just about every cinematic they've produced, and she has a lot of skins. Seems about time she gets a high tier skin.
: Who's on your list for an Ezreal tier revamp?
I’m with you when it comes to {{champion:55}}. Her voice over is out dated by far and is in need of an update. She needs a legendary skin while they’re at it too!
: Ok, but as it stands she is way better mid than top (due to her questionable burst nature and conqueror's stating vs mid champs) They clearly want her to be more geared towards top, which will be hard if the only thing that is keeping her damage afloat is a singular rune.
Yea these changes will definitely push her further away from top and make her practically only viable mid. Especially with the change to her ultimate. It deals more damage and gives a 90% slow to all the imobile mages, this making it almost impossible to miss your stun afterwards.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: The problem with Irelia's passive isn't bonus damage to shields
I thought the same thing when I saw the changes on the PBE.. why remove the things in her kit that make her unique? Like the damage to shields and the disarm on her ult. Instead, she’ll just be like every other generic fighter, who now has an ultimate that deals more upfront damage on hitting the wall and applies a 90% slow....
: {{champion:111}} is a balanced tank, and is actually really fun to play
Nautilus is definitely one of my favorite tanks to play. The addition of sheild bash is great for him too.
: After 500+ Games Played of Nexus Blitz With a ~60% Winrate, Here is My Feedback
I agree with just about everything you've stated! I too love nexus blitz and I hope it becomes a permanent mode, as long as changes are made and they make a conscious effort to make it a balanced mode. That being said, I think the things I would like to see changed the most is removal of the GA award, and removal of Paranoia.
Weensw (NA)
: Do you guys feel Nexus Blitz was successful enough for it to remain permanent?
I think it has potential! I found it really fun the first time it was on live servers, but not as much the second time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still fun, but it obviously needs changes if it’s gonna become a permanent mode. First of all I think the GA reward needs to go. Nothing is more tilting than losing the first event and the enemy team getting GA’s that early on. I also don’t care for the paranoia event, but that could jsut be personal preference. Also if they are going to make it permanent they would/should look at mode specific balance changes to some champions. Now that the mode has been out for a while between both of its visits to the live servers, people are starting to figure out what champions are really good and just spamming them.
: Lux needs a new skin about as much as MF needs a legendary. Hint: She doesn't.
> [{quoted}](name=Busty Demoness,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5QnHuQ9E,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-01-06T05:24:36.570+0000) > > Lux needs a new skin about as much as MF needs a legendary. > > Hint: She doesn't. {{champion:55}} does though :)
Rios240 (NA)
: Champions that need Visual updates, Legendary Skin or Ultimate skin
I’m kinda biased, but I couldn’t agree more when it comes to {{champion:55}}! The champ is so old and has been a poster child for the game ever since her release. She has so many other skins and I’m gonna be super disappointed if her next skin is anything less than a legendary skin!
: Is Nexus Blitz Balanced?
I definitely think it is slightly too snowbally. I understand that it’s a hectic game mode, but it’s annoying when the enemy team picks up GA’s after the first event and then snowballs out of control.
: W range is 600, mages' skillshots are almost all between 1250 and 1450 range, she cannot just walk up to you lmao (unless you're talon gut I guess that is why she counters him)
Their skill shots aren’t what matter lol.. no mage has the auto attack range to out-range her W. Her ability to zone just about every champ off the minion wave just for having her W up is absurd. And if honestly think that every champ should be forced to cs with abilities only just so they don’t get one shot by your dumb champ then there’s no helping you.
: Wait, who ever gets in range of her W in the laning phase? unless you are a Talon main (cause the only other melee is YAsuo and has a windwall to counter her) ? She can only EQ or QE against anyone from Gold upwards, or maybe Gold players first time in midlane but even then I really doubt anyone would be stupid enough to get close to LeBlanc to get damaged by her W
{{champion:84}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:238}}... yup talon and Yasuo are the only melee mids... You’re literally ignoring the fact that simply stepping up as Leblanc is enough to zone anyone away from minions, melee or not. They don’t have to get in range of her W, because she doesn’t allow them too. She has the pressure to starve half the roster of cs. It’s not just about the damage she deals, it’s the pressure she exerts over the lane. It’s similar to a blitz hook. If he steps up it zones people away, he may not throw out a hook for minutes at a time, but the ability being up is often enough to force people to play super safe and often lose farm and pressure because of it. You honestly can’t be that blinded by your bias to say “I really doubt anyone would be stupid enough to get close enough to be Leblanc to get damaged by her W”.
: Anyone miss the old original kit on some champions?
I really missed the old {{champion:104}}. He was always my go-to when I played adc, and now I never play him.
: Missions are blank?
Same here, none of my missions are showing up...
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 5
I have played a few games of Kat on the PBE with the removal of the delay and it feels really great! Thank you for making this change. It makes her feel so much smoother to play!
: I Play Because I'm An Addict. Would I Recommend League To A Friend?
2 made me think of Lost. Aimlessly typing in a series of numbers every 108 minutes not knowing if it’s actually doing anything.
Naalith (NA)
: I'm super split on the Ezreal rework. It still takes a lot of time to make those and it just feels like that work should be combined with gameplay changes for characters who need gameplay updates. I've been playing him to get level 7 because I get every new or VGU'd champ to 7, but I haven't been able to shake the feeling someone like Mordekaiser or Pantheon deserved it more. As long as they don't crowd out "real" VGUs I guess I'm tentatively for them though.
Pretty sure Reav3 stated that Ezreal’s was kind of a side project and didn’t take away any time or resources from the normal VGU schedule. Morde and Panth need full VGU’s, so them doing Ezreal didn’t take anything away from them.
: > Gunblade is a staple for many hybrid champions Literally only built by Akali. Jax nor Kayle builds it.
{{champion:55}} builds this item first every game. She’s significantly weaker without it.
: She either needs to be able to proc her passive on her own (toplane only), get ad scalings or get % hp damage to atleast stand a chance against shit like Ornn who get 50% hp damage and just build full tank while outdamaging you to work top or jungle. Or a combination of it. The only way to deal with tanks right now is building botrk, but by the time you got that it's already too late. only favourable matchups is against skirmishers afaik, beat a riven in lane earlier and i remember 1v1ing jax early back when i actually jungled her. I've asked for ad ratios for months, riot doesn't want her out of the support role.
What if she could proc her own passive if no other allies are within a certain range. Maybe if Riot sees that as an issue, they could have it do less damage if she self procs it. Idk, just a thought.
SSW Talon (EUW)
: blue side gets more lp, loses less but has an MMR disadvantage red side gets less lp, loses more but has an MMR advantage. the reason you get less lp and lose more on red side is actually because of the MMR advantage you get.
But the reason there is a MMR advantage in the first place is because blue side has an unfair advantage due to camera angle. From what I’ve seen with my own LP gains and losses I’ve always gotten more and lost less when I’m red side.
: Correct me if Im wrong, but dont they compensate for the advantage by goving red side a slight mmr advantage? I could be wrong. Im probably wrong.
No you're right actually, at least at one point that's how it was, and unless i missed something it still is a thing. If I recall, red side also gets a little more LP for wins, as well as losing less LP for a loss. That being said, I personally still hate how much of an advantage blue side has and I would like them to actually do something about it, other than putting a bandaid on it.
: omg shes so weak.. desperately needs cc or any utility. especially in this meta. shes bloody outdamaged by tanks and anyone
She definitely doesn’t need cc. IMO her daggers need to fall faster as the game progresses so she doesn’t die instantly while she waits for a dagger to drop and deal its damage. The removal of her shunpo delay would help a lot as well so she feels smoother to play.
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