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: Am I the only person who disagrees with the opinion that tracking enemy junglers by cs score is a skill? How is doing math while pressing tab "tracking" the enemy jungler? You put 0 in-game effort into gaining this information, why should you be able to deduce his early game route? The only reason why you got his cs number is because he showed on the map. Actual tracking involves you poking your head in his jg to see if his camps are up or taken while using wards / vision plants. I think it's a fine change thats a huge improvement for spectators and for players to gauge the number of camps taking between junglers.
Because it is a skill lol and it is a huge part of the game. If i look at the enemy jg and I see 5 i get way more info than just the number 5. I get what camps they cleared so I know which are up for one and for second I know what his path will be after he backs because of what camps will be up based on his score.
: Checked your match history. First of all, Gold V is not high gold. You're basically silver at this point. (And according to, your MMR equals that of a silver 3 player. Hence you're apparently not consistently playing well, but varying A LOT in performance.) On one hand you are right. Your teammates were all silvers while the enemy team had a couple golds and a couple silvers in your recent matches. That's nothing special, however. How would you ever rank up if you cant beat players on your own division or (slightly) above? I couldnt find any matches where you faced any platinum players. The average rank of your opponents is silver 1, where the lowest rank was Bronze and the highest ranks were Gold V. What's the problem here? You're getting teamed up with people in silver because the game would demote you if it was possible, while your opponents are usually silver as well with the occasional gold V player (In other words your own rank), giving you a chance to climb should you be able to beat them. I honestly couldnt find any players above Gold V in your most recent games, but then again i only checked your 5 most recent games. You had a pretty good win streak going before that, so i dont see what the problem is.
I was gold 2 like a month ago is the problem.
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: Riot Hosted Tournament (Silver 3 - Gold 1)
Fof whitera msg me in league im not putting my email on a forum, is this even a legit thing?
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: LF jungler (Gold+) to try out for Flex team
: Bronze Players to Grow and play regularly with
HI, I am WhiteRa and I am the coach of a bronze/silver basically compete league team, if you would be interested message me on league I believe I sent you a friend request.

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