: Sad they the sold to Tencent. If a company wanted to maintain its artistic integrity, selling out to something big like EA or Tencent is not the way to go. Nice to know in the end, despite saying they are "gamers" and want to make something gamers like, Marc Merrill and co are just a bunch of greedy dicks who could give a shit.
Exactly, and you're witnessing first hand the result. Complete and utter disaster.
: Trash tier company in sheeps clothing. They are disgusting as far as I am concerned.
: Yup, finally someone agrees with me--they don't care if the game is balanced or fair, as long as they sell skins. They are not real game designers. They are...more like con artists actually. Its okay. Someday at my company, I will refuse to hire anyone who ever worked at Riot. And I will create products to compete with anything that these people, like Marc Merrill do. The level of their ego and the quality of their work, which is just having financing at the right time, is trash. If life was fair, these clowns would be homeless on the street. Fuck them.
That's because this company isn't actually "riot" this company is Tencent holdings. Tencent bought riot a while ago and all this is, is a Chinese shit company that has no interest in good games, just garbage skins. If you're wondering what else they do, these are the same stupid fucking idiots that own parts in fortnite, PUBG, they also have a % of activision blizzard and 40% of epic game store. So it's no surprise that all they do is ruin shit.
: Lets start a list of terrible decisions Riot has made, comment to add
Never capping crit. Adding in true damage which completely negates the point of defense. Making the game metabased. Putting in a autopunish system instead of just letting people say whatever they want and letting the mute button do it's job like they claim it does.
: Riot never compensates its players for issues on their end
Because rito couldn't give less of a fuck about their playerbase. Look at their attitude, they treat their employees like shit so much that they decided to walk out on them. They do absolutely nothing to make the game better despite being told repeatedly what the problems in it are from countless players. And they keep lying about the way the game actually works. They claim that they have a balanced and fair game but they have neither a balanced or fair game. It's always 100% meta based, the person with the highest meta champs on their team wins almost every time. And the most pathetic part of all of this is that they try to justify their ineptitude by blaming everyone who complains and claiming they're toxic, which is why they've implemented an auto punish system that's a complete and utter crock of shit.
: Can't play the game right now
It's not an anti-virus issue, it's a client issue, what it keeps doing to me is messing with my wireless adapter and knocking out my internet entirely. I have to disable and re-enable it to turn it back on. This is ridiculous, it's like they're trying to send a virus through and this is the effect it's having.
: so i get a chat restriction
This game hasn't been worth it in years. Shit devs accompanies by an even worse community.
RikuXI (NA)
: I feel ya man. I tend to do the same shit, mute the chat and try to keep my nose clean. I'f I'm getting curb stomped into the ground and having a bad time it's all I can do to stay calm and do my best but as soon as someone flames me for having the audacity to die in my lane I tend to loose my shit.
That's because you're human, and it's a completely normal human reaction, which is something these devs can't seem to comprehend.
KingMack (NA)
: Agreed. The chat box is simply a bait to get accounts banned, potentially allowing riot to profit twice off someone for the same products. But, we agree to a TOS, so they got us there. I disable /allchat permanently using the in-game feature. There should be similar for any chat period at the very least. I usually /fullmute all when entering a game, but I'm human, and sometimes forget. I see the first flame come down and I'm easily tilted, even if it isn't directed at me, I basically lose all hope because typically the game is lost when someone starts raging. Not always, but the majority of games in my experience. It needs to go, plain and simple.
RikuXI (NA)
: Delete in game chat? Yes please. You have emotes now so you don't even need chat to tilt someone into oblivion. Just give them a thumbs up emote when they do something dumb or miss their skillshots. Chat really is just juicy bait to get people banned and I regrettably have taken that bait at times. Big OOF by me.
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DManRimo (EUW)
: "Watch 3 pro games" mission not working
: Is not being toxic really necessary to get high Gold/Plat?
It's absolutely required to not be toxic to get higher elo, for a couple of reasons. 1) toxicity loses games that would be easy wins otherwise. 2) it's hard to get to a high elo when you get banned along the way for being toxic. 3) if you waste time being toxic all you're doing is costing yourself and your team time resulting in major game loses. Oh and on a side note if you're playing against players who talk trash just mute them, but more importantly if they're playing against you in ranked then they aren't "plat/gold" because true plat and gold players don't play against silver elo players.
: Cannot log into League

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