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: Test the Servers with Party IP!
tfw you used to play with 170 ping and you were fine, but apparently anything over 80 is bad and currently mines 110 since the move
: NA Server Roadmap Update: NA Server Move on 8/25
So um, i live in southern ontario and usually play with about 135-170 ping. My friend lives only a few kilometers away and play with 80 currently, we're both with different internet providers, but i was wondering why this would make such a difference in ping? I'm not a huge tech guy but i want to know just why this is happening?
: Riot Games API Challenge 2.0
Does no one realize why urf isn't an all-time game? It's because of the amount of resources it takes to maintain the servers, such as electricity, maintenance, etc. Sure having urf more than a 26th of a year would be cool, but regardless, i found urf become fairly boring with champions quickly becoming op in that mode. Urf can't be a normal gamemode simply because there would be too much work and time invested in the server. This includes customs, as there are servers there too. Personally, I would like to see URF (Ultra Rapid Fridays) but I know that would require a lot of work to keep up, so I'm fine how it is.
: NEW SCAM ALERT!: A scam about Bilgewater Chests is starting, DO NOT CLICK IT!
So.. I clicked on the link when I wasn't logged in on the League site, that means nothing happens to me right?
: from my point of view, you can literally play ANY champion top lane and they will be viable. That's right, even Janna
saw a smite janna top lane today. Needless to say, it didn't work out that well for them
: Nightmare Tryndamere haunts your dreams
So how are people feeling about Pool Party Zac?
: Where can I watch the Casters vs. pros match?
This is the link to the match: Have fun
Rayllum (NA)
: Patcher Freezes at 260 MB lefts and my KBps deteriorates to 0
This is really starting to bug me. I refreshed my computer, thinking that only some apps (curse, steam) would be uninstalled, yet nearly everything on my computer was uninstalled. I've been trying to re-install LoL for the past four days, and every time the install will be stopped at either 33%, 36%, or most recently, when I finally had hope, at 83%. Sometimes the home page will simply close or I leave my computer on overnight with it still staying at the same percentage. Any help?


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