Sujiren (NA)
: Pantheon fix till his inevitable rework
Just make his q give minion agro tbh. Idk if it is possible but it would make a big difference.
: Why has Cho'gath not been hotfixed
What do you mean that looks completely fine :)!.
: This is not a lethality meta. This is a "Duskblade is fucking broken" meta.
: I don't think I'm any better of a player than most of the Oriannas I fought while I was still trying to move to Lux mid from support, and even though I was very uncomfortable in the mid lane, I rarely lost lane. Here's the thing: Orianna is a _safe_ pick. She's not going to win lane in most cases, if the player is of lesser or equal skill. She just doesn't lose lane. That's what the champion is about. Why wouldn't he take Orianna mid if it's "overpowered"? Because it's almost impossible to _win_ the lane as Orianna, just as it's not very hard to _not lose_ lane as her, against a similarly skilled opponent, or even one of lesser/greater skill. Again, she's not overpowered, and Apdo never said she was. He said it's difficult to win _lane phase_ against her. The (second) best mid laner in the world can't win lane against a safe pick by someone who's Master tier with 400 LP. I don't see a problem with that, seeing as he _outfarms_ them. So, yes, it is okay, because no, he wouldn't lose if he were slightly worse at the game. Even if he were much worse, and also Master tier, he very likely wouldn't _lose_ the lane. I'll say it one more time. Orianna is a safe pick. That's why she's chosen. Not to win lane, but purely to avoid losing it.
Ur talking about your experiences in gold though. Also Ori is a very strong laner as well as a very safe laner lol. Her ability to zone is pretty insane in lane with very low mana costs and low cds.
: Except Apdo didn't say she's overpowered. He said there's no counter to her that can stomp her in lane. Two very different things. She's not overpowered, just a safe pick, as ZapMyHeart above just said.
I responded to you too fast and didn't read what you wrote, edited it earlier btw.
: A smurf isn't a good way to determine whether something's overpowered or not. If you name a champion, I can go onto my smurf and get a high win rate and KDA on that champion with no effort. I don't understand why Orianna gets so much hate. I've never had a huge problem with her overall, and watching the LCS, it's pretty easy to see that she's fairly well balanced for competitive play as well. My guess is that people don't bother learning how the champion works, and don't put effort into keeping track of her ball, and just complain that what they don't understand is broken. A magic trick seems to break the laws of physics until you take the time to learn how it works. If you look at Apdo's quote again, he says 1. He can CS more than enemy Oriannas, Taliyahs, and Syndras. 2. His only problem with those champions is that he can't just stomp the lane (and _not losing_ lane is what those champions are literally all about). 3. There are no champions that can _defeat_ Orianna mid lane. That doesn't mean you can't win against her late-game. It doesn't mean you can't outfarm. It doesn't mean you can't roam. Just that you won't defeat her in laning phase, meaning getting kills and/or taking the turret in lane phase. And lastly, maybe you should either A) put time into getting better at the champion before heading straight into ranked with him, or B) find a champion you _can_ play well already who is also fun.
Well first off I have been playing Zed since I started the game. Ive climbed as high as diamond 3 with him, but Zed has been complete trash lately (until this patch), so I have been playing more normals with friends and a lot less ranked. Sadly with a big break comes a big dip in skill. And personally I'm willing to go from d3 to plat to relearn Zed. And second he said it is difficult to win against players who play shit like Ori, Syndra and Tali because it is way too hard to kill/ make them irrelevant. Read what you are typing, the best mid laner in the world cant beat Ori's in lane because the champion is too hard to do anything to in lane. He is a better player by a large margin, but he cant pressure them because they picked a champion. It literally screams "Hey I'm not anywhere near your skill but Ill pick this and just go even with you because skill cx." And if he wasn't such a good player he would just straight up lose. Remind me how that is ok?
: Well, she wouldn't show anything on an EEG, sure, given that she's clockwork. So, I guess you're right, she's technically brain dead. "Diamond level" in ARAM. Right. That's really impressive. If she's so broken, why not play her in ranked? Maybe you can get that 13% win rate you've got going lately up, yeah? Should be pretty easy since she's so OP and easy to play.
Yeah I will. Sadly trying to pick up Zed again has brought my lp a bit too low. I should just stop trying to play a fun but hard champ and cash in on some freelo. Ive been playing her on my smurf though 80% wr out of 5 games with like a 12 kda. Sadly its just low plat mmr rn.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Isnt Lucian mid her counter ?
: She does, actually. When I was playing Lux mid, I was very frustrated that I could never decisively win lane against an Orianna. I saw many, many complaints about how OP she is, so I decided to give her a try. Several games later, I've come to realize that she _does_ need skill to play. She's probably mid-range in skill, but that's nothing to scoff at. Sure, she doesn't have a "counter" who can consistently win lane 7/0 in 15 minutes, but outfarming and roaming is effective against her. Just because 1 high elo person says a champion is overpowered, doesn't mean he/she/it is. If you put more time into learning how to beat her without worrying about getting tons of kills, you might get somewhere. She's just not a champion who dies in lane. There are others who are similar in that respect, so I don't see how it's a problem at all.
I legit have rarely played her and I can play her at basically a diamond level. She is actually brain dead if you are decent.
Rioter Comments
: Please, do not buff Kayn, Do not "Ivern" him
Don't compare Kayn and Ivern lol, Ivern was a ticking time bomb. People just didn't understand you go full support max e and suddenly you are complete bullshit.
: How long are we gonna complain about Ori?
Until she isn't completely braindead?
: It's really sad being 1-shot by an ADC as an Assassin.
Supports are a huge part of the problem lol.
: League of 1 shot - ADC 2k17
Memes and games is down the hall and the 2nd door on the right btw.
Rioter Comments
: Kayn's Darkin form is infinitely better than his Shadow Assassin form atm
I haven't tried him in ranked yet but from what I've seen he is better than rhaast when you need to deal with the back line. I've just been waiting for fights to start and sprinting through walls with youmuus to hit the back line. So far I've won 1/1 as rhaast and 3/4 as Kayn, not sure if this matters though because it was normals and most of the players were pretty bad. I feel like the Shadow assassin isn't terrible, we should give it time so pro players and high elo players can play him. Also how will riot know the difference between Rhaast and Kayn's winrates ._.
: because only the mains play her now since her skill floor is too high for how bad she is getting
: Riot, we need a pants item.
Its a general consensus that skill shots are aimed above the waist. We dont have to worry about pants here.
Sumiyaki (NA)
: Can We Please Change Katarina's Difficulty Meter?
On a side note can we change Ori's to 1, maybe even 0. cx.
: this is getting upvotes lmao
Yeah turns you want to purposely ban your teammates champ, most people wouldn't blame them for returning the favor.
: you get a time machine, as clarity no longer exists T.T
Oh shit ur right, cleanse i guess. Disco nunu will never be the same without clairvoyance though. Back when you could drop the spotlight and dance the night away.
: I get what you're saying but isn't Nunu one of the better junglers now? x)
How do you jungle with ghost and clarity though?
Meteora (NA)
: Getting your champ banned is not a get out of jail free card.
The worst thing you can do to a team mate is ban their pick intentionally. If you want to be a dick then don't cry if he ints.
: Anyone else feel Urgod stole Kayns thunder?
Its the boards, mostly tank(bruiser)/mage/support mains. Of course they will be more excited for Urgot. At the end of the day I don't think the people who are excited for Kayn really care about Urgot and vice versa.
: Why even pick an assassin to snowball with
The same reason we started playing assassins, fun. Also one tricking Anivia or Orianna may give you lp, but the thought of it is revolting.
: This is what I like to call manipulating numbers to satisfy your agenda on ADC's items being overtuned or OP. But here's the thing. Not even a mage or another ADC would have a base armor of 100 and you're surely screwed if you're up against a tank unless your name is vayne. Or Didn't even take into consideration that every champion that isn't a ADC has some form of hard CC or burst damage that tends to delete them faster then they can auto. That lifesteal won't save you from a zed that has {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3047}}. He would almost or will instantly pop your GA and then proceed to kill you after the GA is done if we are going by the "standing still" method.And he probably would run {{summoner:3}} . I could go on but that would need me to explain every single variable that in a real game that damage is reduced by a great amount. Not once in a game I have seen someone with Base 100 armor and that is it.
Im willing to bet the zed wont even get close to popping your GA with the shields/heals/cc from the support, the cc/KV from top/ jg and the dmg reduction from pd and deaths dance lol. Idk if you have ever played Zed but that shit doesn't work. The adc will stand still and auto zed 3 times and kill him while zed tries to do any damage at all.
: {{champion:432}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:267}} "boring"
: His passive can take the first tower hit so he can flash onto you, knock you up and then his ult +1 or 2 aa's will 100 to zero you.
So the yasuo you are playing against started the game with 2 full items? Damn that's unlucky. Also tower shots don't pop his shield it just hits his actual hp.
: Honestly, Support itemisation is like half the reason ADC feel so oppressive to play against
I have always thought supports were the bigger problem. Also funny seeing people talk about longer q times and autofill as if they are reasons why support items should be this strong. Sorry but there will always be autofill when support is just full of boring champs. Thanks for the downvotes in advance btw qB^).
: If you miss your Q against yasuo with the wave near your turret, you're dead. All he has to do is flash over your Q, knock you up and kill you. His passive will take one turret hit anyway.
How lol? If you are farming right next to your turret you should never be low enough to be all in'ed by Yasuo. He will just take tower agro every time he tries to hit you lol.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Thresh is nearing 40% pick rate with a 53%+ win rate...
Maybe its just cuz of the meta. You know the good ol lulu main excuse.
: I assume you deserve challenjour as well ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Yes :). I am actually probably the best player in the world, just letting faker enjoy his spotlight for a bit.
Eedat (NA)
: I dont understand why people dislike Zed so much
I hate him cuz I cant dodge skill shots in lane and don't know how to abuse a 22 second cooldown. My reason might be kinda silly but its just me haha btw.
: Oh Boy I sure love laning against Kassadin!
I think its good that there is a champ that absolutely dumpsters most mages. If you have a problem with it learn to play Talon, Jayce or Panth.
: Something that really irks me about Rhaast's passive
Well first Grevious wounds exist. Second why are you comparing a new champion to Mordekaiser. Its not only Mordekaiser's passive that is the balance issue, its his entire kit. Mordekaiser is a champion that lanes in a mostly melee lane, that has hard to miss manaless ranged poke, and a bunch of other bullshit. He needs a rework, dont compare him to a newer champion.
: How do I counter the Yi + Kayle strategy?
Just ban Kayle every game if you see it often or just don't want to risk it.
: Don't do this......
The best way to trigger them is to accept the friend request and type blocked, then hit them with that block. If they cant vent they will lose their shit.
: Now That 10 bans is live , can we please forget ARURF and bring back the original URF ?
bbQ s (EUW)
: Assassin items changes on the PBE? Rito?
Hey we heard assassins are weak so we took off damage from their items, but don't worry you can move faster now :)!
AmazoX (EUW)
: I love this community
Yasuo is one of the most popular champs in the game lol. People can hate him all they want but at the end of the day there are probably more people who like/ dont mind him. You have to remember the boards is a tiny fraction of the community made up of mostly mage, tank and support mains.
: Last Whisper Items are Essentially better than Lethality for Assassins(in terms of dmg) check it out
Don't build lethality lol, the stat is a joke. Even Zed's build is shit like {{item:3812}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3153}} /{{item:3074}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3035}} now.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Champion Reveal: Kayn the Shadow Reaper
This is good, I like this.
: Buff Rylais
Wew mages aren't perma slowing you while bursting you and being tanky, better buff it so they can again.
: The boards were aggressively spammed by Rengar mains(I heard that Rengar main reddit page came here and upvoted the topic) which is misleading for Riot, because they might think they spoke for the player base. They did not. They were especially toxic to anyone who disagreed or gave a solid counterargument. I was insulted for agreeing to the revert but balancing him a bit. So yeah screw these kinds of one sided thinking. There is a difference in blind spam and looking for a reasonable solution. Thats why a quiz would solve this issue. (on my opinion)
There aren't even more than 50 upvotes at a time on the rengar mains subreddit. I highly doubt all 500 were rengar mains lol.
: Junglers are buying Knight's Vow, Toplaners are back to being a living bait for enemy ADC
Idk about you but the shield/heal supports tilt me way harder than the adcs receiving them.
: How can you go oom with Lost chapter/Morellonomicon, Masteries, Dorans Ring and maybe 3 Manaregen runes?
He doesn't build morrelos, he doesn't take mana regen runes or masteries. He used to spam q then tp back to lane with double dorans, but he cant really do that anymore.
: I like how ekko is so interactive in lane.
So basically every mage right.
awdaf (NA)
: This is annoying
That's when you hit it with the classic Disco Nunu.
: Isn't she fairly bad against Anivia Xer and malz though'? I was under the impression that they usually steamroll her kinda hard. And she was perfectly balanced, when compared to everyone else for the longest time. However, champs have been nerfed and reworked while Ori remained constant, it has only some time ago caused her to gradually shine more and more, especially since others keep being nerfed from time to time.
I don't think Anivia has any bad match ups lol.
Cloud273 (NA)
: You spelled Zed wrong.
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