: > the enemy laner took pantheon. i all inned I feel like this kind of explains everything.
i mean i had ignite and refillable, and a wave lead. he just got away with 30 health.
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go play fortnight if this game is so bad, lol{{champion:17}}
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Kythers (NA)
: every minute of the enemy team not closing the game out is a minute for you to come back. Why is a game you have a 5% chance of winning not worth playing? See it as a good challenge
i have no problem playing those out if they are ranked. but its no fun getting rolled in normals when your teammates are toxic, or refusing to communicate.
: Stop playing league of legends if you believe every game should be an easy walk in the park or play aram that is quick or bots.
closing out games solo is too difficult now. split pushing in mid elo is all but pointless. single players dont really decide games ever. thats my issue with league. i still love it and i still think its a great game but it does have mid elo balance issues that aren't addressed because they conflict with the balance of pro play.
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: Patch 7.5 - Revisiting Aatrox
personally i really like Aatrox. he just sucks. There isn't a role that he fills that isn't better filled by someone else. he is in a similar place as ww in that he can do things well,but other people tend to be better at it. i think the best way to improve Aatrox is to make him more mobile, perhaps change his q to a dash on a low cd and remove the knock up, while also improving the slow on his e. champions with slow dps like Aatrox and Urgot are not good right now not because they are bad, they just cant keep up. I'm optimistic that riot will be able to fix Aatrox and these fixes might work for now. on a side note rito, how about you just remove the current Urgot, release a new champ and call him/her/it/z urgot? lol xd hehe
: Pretty sure Riot already came out and said they wouldn't be doing traditional skins anymore. And they haven't for a couple years now.
that is just to stop ppl from raging on their boards when ww didnt get one. with galio a traditional type chroma would be reasonable because its just a recolor and it would use the same model.
Žêphyr (NA)
: He has the aoe taunt still. That's all I've seen, though. It's kinda there just not as an ult and it doesn't do as much damage
his ult didnt and w (or his e and q) didnt realy fit together with the rest of his kit. he was an anti mage, melee tank mid laner.
JurBurr (NA)
: Are we sure this is a Galio update and not an Aatrox update cause he looks and dose stuff more like an Aatrox. {{champion:3}} or {{champion:266}}
{{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} im gonna die before i get an aatrox update.
Corseca (NA)
: When I first started playing League I was dealing with my depression and overall a feeling of loss of purpose. The old Galio's lore was something I could very much relate to and while I'm super looking forward to this new champ, I feel as though the game is losing a character that was very helpful to me and possibly to others. Any chance we could get a new champion who sort of fills that role in the future?
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