: Is it possible to win promos and completely skip a rank?
It's the easiest this season than it has ever been before. Their revert of positional matchmaking certainly had repercussions. Having a high win percentage and climbing quickly raises your MMR enough that skipping divisions is feasible.
Riff202 (NA)
: Since they cant back track a rework (riot is a company and backtracking is bad pr) i think they just wanted to balance at this point. I agree with getting rid of the "infinite revive" thing where you get a revive from ult, ga, and maybe even a zilean if their team is that insane.
They reverted Rengar, LeBlanc, and Kog'Maw. Even positional matchmaking.
: Who do you think will be TFT's 52nd champ
> {{champion:11}} Master Yi - Alpha Strike - Blademaster/x > {{champion:222}} Jinx - SMD Rocket - Gunslinger/x > {{champion:80}} Pantheon - Heartseeker Strike(s) - Assassin/Brawler > {{champion:518}} Neeko - Inherent Glamour [copy adjacent enemy unit -10/-5/-0% stats] - Shapeshifter/Wild > {{champion:13}} Ryze - Flux|Overload combo (like GP) - Sorcerer > {{champion:23}} Tryndamere - Undying Rage - Blademaster/Glacial
Exin0 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Useless Jhin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Edwzw6K5,comment-id=000600000000,timestamp=2019-07-08T15:32:10.803+0000) > > Attack Speed requires AD to be of greater effect, especially into any form of armor or additional hp that is so common. They have secondaries of Crit or On-Hit which bolster the damage output on other items (excluding problem child Rageblade). You aren't getting really good AD _and_ really good AS off the same item like AP, Mana, and CDR. Tanks may or may not for their core, but that's a class with an entirely different functionality without much overlap. > > Something like Ludens is granting that speed and damage off a one item boost which doesn't even need to synergize with anything else for a scaling output. Something like Corrupting Pot is able to give you sustain beyond any other starting item in most cases as solo. Something like Reaver is able to grant you CDR, AD, mana, and crit -- all at once and ALSO scale linearly with additional items for a good cost in the setback it might have cost you (cost was nerfed though this patch). > > ------ > > Other than that, yes -- champions like Riven are abusing the ease of access to CDR and the stats they give you for the price. On a personal note, I always find Thresh running out of mana for abusing his cooldowns, so at least there's that. Thing is with insane AS you dont really need that high base damage. Which is better deal 1000 damage hit per socond or hit 3times in same time for 300 damage? you say 1000 damage its better in comparison to 900 but caveat it there is always some on hit effect atached and not always powered damage done per hit (bc stacks, botrk proc,...) so add 3 v 1 proc
Into resistances, you're not hitting for 900 over 3 seconds to 1000 over 3 seconds. You're hitting for far less as resistance rises because the reduction marginalizes anything with less AD. That's why on-hit and crit are stats to scale with that complement eachother based on AD. Try ramming into anyone with Thornmail with all Attack Speed items, your damage is _far_ lower than with AD and AS. Meanwhile, many other items in the mage class offer the mage equivalent of AS (CDR) to the AP damage as well as the means to be able to cast it into someone with Spirit Visage and still batter them. Now say you rectify that to purchase a Last Whisper. To that end, you have equaled the ground with an extra purchase. On squishy targets, you can stack high attack speed and get away with it, sure. Even BotRK passive is minimal into resistances. And that's the thing, AD items are _very_ powerful but only because they are all building on top of eachother for a large payoff. On their own, it's a measurable climb. AP/CDR items are spikes that fulfil more than they should but less than they want to scale as, so you just stack the stat because everything else is already included. You want for nothing else.
: Why do people hate Hashinshin so much?
His attitude and personality radiate negativity. A guy talking about balance semi-intelligently but also harping on everything [other than himself] 24/7 isn't anything special. Also, nothing is auto lose or auto win other than massive outliers like pre-nerf Tahm Kench or release Xin Zhao. A lot of what he says is half sane, and half what low elo says often enough. If he says what you want to hear, then it's popular because he's a streaming personality. Especially if it's what a lot of low elo shares. Not to say if it's correct or not of course, not like I'm the balance team.
Exin0 (EUNE)
: > Personally, I don't care about the easy cap to CDR, but if you're spamming abilities because of it and your mana is still facilitating that kind of gameplay without the drawback of running out of mana -- THEN there is an overarching issue I'm hit with. i would like to point that cdr inst sole problem of mages and while i agree to put on mages mana breakes there are other champions going full cdr and without option slow them down by mana costs for example riven or thresh caping just from his core items, etc. they need to be toned down too. Also i would like to say that stacking crazy amount of attack speed is same problem as caping cdr for casters.
Attack Speed requires AD to be of greater effect, especially into any form of armor or additional hp that is so common. They have secondaries of Crit or On-Hit which bolster the damage output on other items (excluding problem child Rageblade). You aren't getting really good AD _and_ really good AS off the same item like AP, Mana, and CDR. Tanks may or may not for their core, but that's a class with an entirely different functionality without much overlap. Something like Ludens is granting that speed and damage off a one item boost which doesn't even need to synergize with anything else for a scaling output. Something like Corrupting Pot is able to give you sustain beyond any other starting item in most cases as solo. Something like Reaver is able to grant you CDR, AD, mana, and crit -- all at once and ALSO scale linearly with additional items for a good cost in the setback it might have cost you (cost was nerfed though this patch). ------ Other than that, yes -- champions like Riven are abusing the ease of access to CDR and the stats they give you for the price. On a personal note, I always find Thresh running out of mana for abusing his cooldowns, so at least there's that.
: Unpopular opinion: yes healing is too good right now, but so is access to practically unlimited mana
It's not that unpopular, and if it is, it isn't unnoticed. Just touched poorly. {{item:3165}} Morellonomicon was changed because it provided too much for mages as an early buy, but somehow the reason for changing it was lost in translation and we got {{item:3285}} Ludens / {{item:3802}} Lost Chapter which made the concept null. Although Morellos change gave it a good identity, it's old model was replaced with something similar when it was acknowledged that the prior design was not healthy. {{item:2004}} Mana pots were removed because champions could access high power spells or harass more than they should to sustain or bully, but then we got {{item:2033}} Corrupting Potion. Various bot laners and supports got mana cost nerfs alongside other changes so they wouldn't harass so hard / sustain and remain farming for extended periods of time, but then we got {{item:3508}} Essence Reaver (instead of a reworked {{item:3042}} Muramana). Nothing sticks to the philosophy of why it was slated for change to begin with. Part of that can be attributed to the nature of League being in a constant evolution of meta, but class updates and philosophy intended to target a class, should be consistent to rectify the dynamics for that class and then balance around it. --------- Personally, I don't care about the easy cap to CDR on mana champions, but if you're spamming abilities because of it and your mana is still facilitating that kind of gameplay without the drawback of running out of mana -- THEN there is an overarching issue I'm hit with on a design level. i.e. -- if {{champion:134}} Syndra rushed a {{item:3285}} Ludens for damage, I don't see why she should ALSO be able to spam the hell out of all her abilities forever to abuse the investment in damage and negate the players own consequence by a fair amount for missing or to stay in lane for prolonged periods of time. However, if you built a {{item:3040}} Seraphs [not that you would on most mages because Ludens exists], I have no issue that you can keep up casting for reduced damage in comparison. Note that this has nothing to do with Syndras state of balance or current meta choices. We do this with ADC's and their {{item:3031}} crit, I don't see why mages can't receive a larger niche product combination for their varied items that already exist. It also opens the area for expanding niches with the items. There's also a problem to run into there though, and it's that pro play and high elo will still donate {{item:1027}} blue buff to mid rather often -- so whichever laner doesn't have a nice jungler or some circumstance where it couldn't happen like counterjungling or steal, that mid laner is drastically behind and is struggling to remain in lane. So now you have to decide whether to keep it as is and consider it just an objective to fight over, or change it to avoid the massive impact it can have on lane dynamics (or nerf its effect on people without {{summoner:11}} smite). I advocate for keeping it as is, but still needs to be considered. Overall, the philosophy to carve out items for meaningful choices has fallen rather flat.
Rioter Comments
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
That would make it hard for him to fight a lot of top champions as the lane went on. Reducing the armor shred or scaling it and adding shield break might be more suited to consider. Even just straight adding Shield Break to E or W only when he is in Ultimate is a reasonable decision rather than straight break on a point and click stun. Honestly a cool idea would be that Renektons Ultimate makes his aura decay Shields twice as fast.
: Delete Zephyr
Zephyr takes the adjacent symmetrical enemy unit. Positioning and counterpositioning become important. The only item that needs to be reworked in TFT is Force of Nature.
: Neeko E is the strongest non-ultimate CC Ability in the game; on a burst mage.
Veigar Cage, Zoe Bubble, Nasus Wither, Lulu Polymorph, Galio Taunt, Morgana Bind, Lux Bind (being played for it being a one point wonder for support in pro play), Fiddledicks Fear, Nocturne Fear, Syndra Scatter, etc. There's a decent amount of powerful non ultimate CC abilities present. Looking at the entire kit is necessary as well as playstyle, not just how a single ability functions. Otherwise we would be angry about some comparison like Thresh ultimate being a weaker Veigar cage and how his is an ultimate rather than basic.
: > [{quoted}](name=Useless Jhin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Hab072cf,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-06-21T18:17:38.022+0000) > > You see, this is outright bias. There is nothing about IBG or Murumana here or its use on a champion in this comment. Just you not liking Ezreal or his mechanics. Gangplank uses the same on his Q. > does gangplank proc manamune twice on one q? and does he have an instant reposition ability? No, actually I quite like ezreal but he needs some fucking work because he's bad for the game. > Runic Echoes is the only thing that felt forced, and even then, he wasn't the sole abuser. He brings attention to items the most, certainly. But never forces it on his own. Klepto is a problem on more than him as well. He happens to be the best at bringing out issues that already exist, but would normally take longer to address. Taliyah, Orianna, Udyr, etc. were rampant as well but not as prevalent, making it difficult to see without him. Klepto was abused by Gangplank, Illaoi, Fiora, Zoe, Kennen, etc. but are overshadowed. > so you're saying that keeping ezreal imbalanced serves the game by... having attention drawn to moderately powerful but likely sub-optimal off meta builds and having them nerfed in order to enforce the one champ= one build philosophy of riot games? > The problems exist in item/gameplay health, and he abuses the existing flaws. In some form, he's a good indication of testing. ezreal is an imbalanced champion and is not a good indication of bad design other than the fact that he's still in the game in his current state
GP highlights problems in runes and items, they don't necessarily need to be the same. He has the same mechanics on Q, although I don't imagine anyone's documented using Manamune on him. Near instant reposition doesn't even have anything to do with abusing items. ----- I said what I said. He's fine until a flaw appears in game balance elsewhere. There was nothing to do with sub optimal builds, they were optimal builds, that's where half the problem was. That the flaw which already is introduced or becomes prevalent from meta shifts, is best seen on the champion who can apply it constantly but is not indicative of just his own health. It highlights that. If that flaw is not being abused by other champions to a successful output, then we see a nerf to Ezreal because it's obviously his design out of the spectrum. Like how his Ult got nerfed twice, as well as Q damage and W. But, like with Runeglaive, Echoes, Klepto, etc. practically all the items were healthier off not being in the game as they were without balance changes, due to being abused regardless by other champions outside of the items intended use. ----- Ezreals drops when crit is strong, he follows regular meta changes. Coincidentally, crit is decently well off now and Lucian and Ezreal are down in solo queue. If you want to call his safety as an ADC who relies on skillshots over AA's imbalanced for the damage he can keep dealing, you're free to do so; that's incredibly variable with only balance philosophy to use as groundwork.
: > [{quoted}](name=Useless Jhin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Hab072cf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-21T17:55:07.181+0000) > > Because IBG and Manamune/Murumana basically only built by him consistently. > > IBG has a lot of isolated abuse cases as well on ranged champions, but it's good for melees to keep to a target while still having a small damage boost. > > Manamune/Murumana in general could be renamed Ezreal's Arrow and we wouldn't care. It needs a complete overhaul to be an actual item in league of legends and not just Ezreals personal hex core. So since ezreal is an issue every other ranged champion has to lose an option? how about we address ezreal then since he's been forcing item reworks since before I started playing in 2012 also inb4 ezreal starts abusing the upfront hybrid pen and stats on rageblade and forces that to get reworked again (granted rageblade has other issues but it honestly would be ezreal who creates the forced rework)
This is outright bias. There is nothing about IBG or Murumana here or its use on a champion in this comment. Just you not liking Ezreal or his mechanics and moving on to slippery slope. Gangplank uses the same on his Q. Balance with bias is rarely ever healthy. The problems exist in item/gameplay health, and he abuses the existing flaws; which get fixed because there were flaws in what they put out to begin with. If there are not, then he gets nerfed, like he has before. In some form, he's a good indication of testing.
: So if ezreal keeps abusing items, why do people keep wanting the items nerfed instead of ezreal
Because IBG and Manamune/Murumana are outdated items for most other champions and are basically only built by him consistently. It points out the age of these items relative to everything else that has been introduced or re-introduced into the game. IBG has a lot of isolated abuse cases on ranged champions, but it's good for melees to stick to a target while still having a small damage boost and decent stats. Even then, melees aside from Ornn, Poppy, and Malphite, don't consider it much at all. The item needs an update, much like Manamune. Manamune/Murumana in general could be renamed Ezreal's Arrow at this point and we wouldn't care. It needs a complete overhaul to be an actual item in League of Legends and not just Ezreals personal hex core. BotRK and Trinity Force are among the best items in the game on basically any champion that can build them and use them, that's not limited to Ezreal in the slightest.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Surely, the only way they can actually fix things is by changing the mechanics. All these high skill champs that have rubbish win rates in lower elo or even normal play but are still pick ban in pro need to have how they do things change. Isn't this what they've tried to do to Ryze? ... although, not that this is working. How's Aatrox nowdays? Still pick ban in pro? _Shock_
> [{quoted}](name=Jaspers,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XsM8jHxp,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-06-21T08:17:44.378+0000) > > Surely, the only way they can actually fix things is by changing the mechanics. All these high skill champs that have rubbish win rates in lower elo or even normal play but are still pick ban in pro need to have how they do things change. Isn't this what they've tried to do to Ryze? > > ... although, not that this is working. How's Aatrox nowdays? Still pick ban in pro? _Shock_ The Aatrox changes in 9.9 made him playable for regular elos again though, until the nerf this patch. Those kind of changes are welcome, if it's capable of cutting professional power and adding to solo queue. Not that it cut pro play power significantly, but enough to let them shove some power in for normal Aatrox players.
: Is Ryze a late game champion?
He's an odd case. If you can unload a full few cycles on someone unimpeded in late game, you deal very high damage. Consequently, if you are very good at reading the lane and jungler, you can become a lane bully. However, you rarely will be in situations where you can unload unimpeded on a single target, nor are most players so well versed in both macro and micro to direct the lane so effectively. He has the tools, the player just has to be intelligent in using them. Technically, he falls under strong in all categories if played to the higher form of the champions capability. The difficulty in performing this to the output you could achieve off of other champions though with less effort, unfortunately relegates Ryze to pro play or those who very much enjoy him. The conundrum lies in how to make Ryzes skill floor feel like it could be capable to learn him and perform decently, and his skill ceiling feel like it isn't god mode if you spend half of your league career on him.
: This is quite literally some of the best advice on this game I've ever read. I've been thinking about this for hours and I believe it helped me win a couple of games today, so thank you. Originally I played GP simply cause I enjoyed him, and this was before his nerfs. Sometimes it feels like the enemy has to be lobotomized to actually lose lane to me, but GP is satisfying to play nonetheless. And even if I can't exactly play my lane the best, I can help other lanes with my ult. I like GP cause it feels like I can always have some sort of affect the game. But I loved the champ select advice. A quick question for you though. This probably matters way less in Diamond due to the game knowledge you have, but if you're forced to essentially blind pick into a possible counter, how do you make that decision?
Glad I could help. There's a lot that's filed under instinct or second nature, that you just begin to do as you pay attention and play, which is why you might not have seen so much of it explicitly stated before. Ideally, you'd want to hover a flex pick for someone else and ask if they're open to trade for Gangplank, Jax, or Mundo. In that sense, it's a strategy game to throw off the enemy so they don't counter pick you as easily, which is often done by the enemy as well. This is another dimension though, and something to focus on later. If someone is willing to trade with you on a pick that can be taken multiple roles like Lux, Tahm, or Neeko -- then it's usually best. The backup is to pick in an inverse order of priority counterpicks and talk with your team to switch, which would be from top to bottom (roughly) as: Support - Jungle - ADC - Top - Mid. Getting counterpicked as a solo lane can be very harmful. Duo lanes can handle it to some degree, as can a jungler. Not that it's easy to, considering a counterpick still exists, but it's mitigated. You only want to pick a solo lane early if that's a huge power pick you want to take away from the enemy and use, or if it's a very popular pick and you want it rather than them. There's also other nuances depending on which side you're on, but really, learning all the details of this game takes much longer in words. Aside from all that, if none of the prior options are available, you're stuck in pure solo queue and have to rely on your own skill with a comfort pick.
: Who is the biggest threat to Runeterra?
Relatively sure Aurelion Sol wants very badly to eviscerate the entire planet and if he ever broke free, would happily do just that. He has also been powerful enough to keep the Void at bay for millenia without too much trouble.
: What are some ways I could improve my macro play? I main GP top with some Jax and Dr. Mundo and sometimes playing Reksai jg. Most of my games on GP I feel are nearly impossible to carry vs. hard lane opponents and junglers who can get around the map easily. I've improved my mentality a lot and I rarely tilt, but many games feel out of my hands especially if I'm playing GP.
Well first is always champion select, right? There's a reason people in high elo get mildly tilted when they see matchups or their composition and the players aren't one tricks; it's because this stage is important too. It counts as macro. Now maybe in Silver and below, your mechanical skills can carry you to at least Platinum. This is feasible. But it's also, in my opinion, more difficult and certainly takes more effort. Not to mention I believe you gain a lot more traction or future progress out of macro. You'll notice most pro players aren't the best mechanical players in the world (they're still very good), but they are amazing at macro most of the time. ------ _Why_ are you picking Gangplank? _Why_ are you picking Jax? What do you plan to do with the pick? Take for example, Jax. Generally, you want him to win lane and split push. So from point A where you consider Jax, you go to point B and see how the top matchup can work for you. Point C is now, other champions they have on their team and how well they could rotate to stop you, or beat the rest of your team. Point D becomes, look at your team closer now, and understand their functions. If there already is a split pusher or your mid to late is too weak to hold, then perhaps Jax is too risky. Maybe they have a lot of bruisers on their team or a lot of peel, then you might just need a full tank. Perhaps they have a very powerful early game and can snowball before you can impact the map, or their splitpush can outdo yours. It's always relative. Gangplank is hard mode already. The champion has been nerfed enough that you need mechanical skill, experience into many matchups, and a lot of macro awareness in order to hard carry -- at any elo. He's good if you know all that though, even if a bit on the weaker side. Same thing though, why pick him? What do you want out of the pick? You want him into something that cannot easily kill you while also being able to proc Grasp or Klepto. You want to reach late game by mid game through gold and farm, then carry while ahead. That's the first goal. Alternatively, if you're confident, you can just win lane as an ideal goal -- but that's it's own mechanical and lane matchup experience dependence rhythm, different subject. You also want to be able to Ult a different lane and discourage dives. Clear waves, teamfight a bit. Overall, Gangplank fits into a lot of teams and against a lot of teams if you want to stick to learning him, but he will fail if you aren't meeting his primary objective. Gold. He needs his items, and he needs them before the enemy. Otherwise, you have to be mechanically gifted enough to carry generic teamfights, or become a split pusher. Also feasible though, you want to split normally as Gangplank a lot anyway, but not as deep as Jax might go. Gangplank wants to teamfight a bit more than Jax does, and you want to force that when you have the item lead. You also need to look at the enemy team and make your build pathing before even entering the game. Full damage, bruiser, crit, exec. calling, etc. Take the right summoner for the purpose into the enemy team, ask the same questions. When to split is the dangerous question, you have to read the map, learn to ward deep so as to anticipate how the enemy is moving, understand wave management in top to freeze effectively or break a freeze, where to leave minions so they push back into you, or as a split pusher to know when the wave will slow crash into their turret, know when to use your passive, your ult, etc. A lot of games are easier when you understand the champion select screen and what do there, then _remember_ what you decided and thought about as the game begins. You need to follow through.
: In your opinion which role has the biggest effect on the outcome of the game?
Top, mid, and jungle can macro a victory on their own. ADC has to mechanically do so unless you're like Jinx or Tristana and really want to try that macro. Support better be great at multitasking, but their roaming and warding can decide games as well. All can technically win through mechanics _and/or_ macro, but it's easier one way than the other for certain roles. It certainly doesn't make any role have an inherent advantage as much as it does the player and their own skill or knowledge. Jungle feels prevalent because players don't normally respect a jungler exists in Silver 1 and get caught in precarious positions or faulty wave management. It is a very powerful role due to the potential impact that it can cause certainly, but Mid has access to the whole map as well with more stats than a jungler. Hence why normally your Mid-Jungle duo can roam the map best if your top laner isn't in an inherently good matchup. In this sense, Jungle counts as high impact because it can affect the whole map as a pivot, not necessarily always as a direct carry. As a pivot, you are still subject to the quality of your team to theirs, just that you have more autonomy over your decisions of pressure. You'll play for top if you want to rotate around, it's a lot of macro. Say your jungler snowballs top but nobody rotates or goes for objectives. Then you're not very ahead and the enemy team has a larger chance of coming back. Not to mention, if you let an enemy top run rampant, the game hardly ends at 25 minutes unless your team is playing perfect. Their top is going to become a monstrosity that bullies your jungler and your top -- as well as forcibly pulls pressure to them while applying it. So, while a lot of the time it might seem the jungler has the most impact, it's really whose team knows how to pivot around their jungler or winning lane. This increases as you rise in elo. Now, my highest is D4, so I can't speak for the highest echelons like D2+, but as you go up -- the jungler gains a lot more respect and their free ganking is severely reduced. It becomes a lot more macro and generally you want to support your win condition. This changes with each team composition and who you are up against, but the jungler has the highest influence on it as a pivot, alongside a lane that is considered the highest priority, or the objective which lane is nearest to. Overall, the game is neatly (ideally) set in that mid, jungle, and top can be set by macroplay -- and bot can be set mechanically. But within all of that, the jungle has the opportunity to always apply pressure even when they're losing, and this allows them to pivot for any lane as a support for that lane to apply more pressure. Game is relatively complex to spell out, but a lot of it comes naturally when you've played enough. -------- tl;dr - Jungle is power pivot and thus technically has both high value pressure for a team and also less than you might think if your team doesn't know what to do with it. Mid can pivot best off of Jungle, so it usually handles right behind it as well as having high impact on pressure to open the map. Support and Top are in the same tier due to the ability not only to roam, but also pressure objectives and deep ward easier into enemy territory and provide TP pressure or backup at any point before becoming a powerful split pusher or ghosting carrier. ADC is ironically the lowest only due to lack of autonomy that requires peel and reliance on being fed. They cannot pressure alone without it, and thus are relegated to mechanically providing a win condition. In that sense, ADC is variable and can be the highest impact to the lowest. Probably why it is also the most difficult to balance. Keep in mind, all the roles aren't linearly able to line up effectively. They have a lot of details and it is a team game. But in the best terms I can give you for an answer in a simple form (even though above is better for information), it would be: ADC > Jungle > Mid > Top/Support > ADC
: Just out of curiosity, Boards user employment poll
Bit odd that engineering isn't a category of its own, or have clear subcategories.
: Why does Riot seem to hate Sylas' Q and love his W so much?
W incentivizes going in. Q does not. If Q is too strong, he has less reason to commit anything with drawbacks that can accompany it. Not that I'm supporting Sylas being nerfed, he's rarely done well in solo queue on average. But making his laning have clear windows which skilled players can exploit might give him room for solo queue power again.
: They are still building full ap which is just stupid though
He has neither the cooldowns to mana cost, nor the base damage, to function consistently otherwise. All variations at the moment are relatively useless.
Zeyphel (NA)
: Sylas WinRate mid is now 42%
Even though he was fine in terms of play rate and win rate, consequently usually being on the low side -- the presence and performance he shows in pro play is too dominant to ignore. They didn't really compensate any of his power to accommodate that other tiers actually play him, and would prefer if he was good rather than struggling to perform to regular benchmarks independently because of a top 1%.
Weensw (NA)
: Out of every single champion, who can give the best leash?
{{champion:104}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:201}}
Haziv (EUW)
: I want to make a petition : Give Shaco a mini-rework like you did for Wukong!
I mean, what can you mini rework without an overhaul? Every one of his abilities are core to his kit, he doesn't have an identifier ability or singular function like most other champs. Q is relatively iconic. W is very iconic. E is garbage and needs a rework, sure. R is iconic. So I guess tweaking his Q and modifying his E and passive. Not against it, but Shaco is rather delicate in terms of balance, and is neither outdated nor consistently performing poorly in order to warrant any priority.
Nhifu (NA)
: Gangplank doesn't scale properly. It's weird.
It wouldn't even be so bad if his late game let him stock up more barrels or recharged faster. As it is, encouraging his mechanical gameplay is nice -- but making it so limited with all the nerfed damage prevents him from really feeling rewarded for making a play as the game goes on. Many times you might hit a chained barrel in a teamfight, then just sort of sit around for a bit because the majority of your capability as the game goes on lies in barrels. Provided they have tanks and bruisers, your contribution requires more than one or two barrels to hit, and the slower gameplay feels rather thwarted in the current meta. He isn't particularly bad, just feels lackluster in late game when everyone else has caught up; especially since you give up a decent amount of direct pressure early outside of your ultimate.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ðeath XIII,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4G9VRrxH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-03T22:38:29.371+0000) > > Erron Black doesn’t hit on people tho 2 words: Cassie. Cage.
> [{quoted}](name=Eternal Torment,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4G9VRrxH,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-03T22:57:44.567+0000) > > 2 words: > Cassie. Cage. Frost: Once cyberized, you will serve. Erron Black: Serve? Or service? Frost: Never mind.
Meddler (NA)
: Thank you for the suggestion.
In relevance, perhaps his Q could be a reset that is a skillshot? Son Wukong does generally use a large pole. Having it slam down and take slightly longer, and heal based on the amount of targets it hits would encourage wider playstyles, and give more room for balance breath in his new passive. Also grants some form of waveclear, that he does not reliably have. With an Attack Speed steroid to follow up damage even if the %boost bolsters his dueling, by removing burst as well, his dueling potential is more relegated to a burst pattern regardless until something grants him advantage. Not to mention the Q is also now magic damage, which while can grant some advantage on armor stacking enemies, it has neither true scaling, nor does it synergise with what he already has or builds. In which case, he becomes the same burst champion, but worse. The trick elements are nice, but I do feel they need to stack somewhere that encourages using them for more than throwing yourself at the enemy and hopping out. It's still just glorifying a burst pattern in a different guise, but the direction is very promising. That's not to say of course, it won't work as already intended, because playtesting is integral to that sort of data, but that it seems the outcome will turn out a little less satisfying, and essentially the same mood. Just my initial thoughts.
: > [{quoted}](name=Useless Jhin,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=PquoU4E4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-03T07:11:57.913+0000) > > http://prntscr.com/njt5si wats that
> [{quoted}](name=Akali is SO HOT,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=PquoU4E4,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-05-03T08:07:14.614+0000) > > wats that Agreement. But around the day of the reveal. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Yuumi is just Lulu's E
: Nautilus main (2261000 MASTERYPOINTS!) top lane gold 4, 3 kills less then minute.
Everyone in this video is so awkward that it's not even able to be taken as a viable sample of effectiveness. There are better Irelias in Iron than that one, and the Kha was pretending he exists in two minion waves. Twice. But also, yeah, Naut buffs are nice.
RR8Rosie (NA)
: The last champ you played with is now stuck with you during an apocalypse, how long do you survive?
{{champion:24}} Neither the dreaded apocalypse nor the release of death can claim me.
: strongest passive in the game? (just the passive, ignore other aspects)
{{champion:45}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:106}}
: Who would you want to receive the Ultimate Skin this year?
{{champion:24}} - Taoist Jax {{champion:35}} - Demon Shaco {{champion:13}} - Consumed Ryze {{champion:41}} - Deep Terror Gangplank {{champion:4}} - King of Games Twisted Fate ---------------- obligatory: {{champion:202}} - Golden Demon Khada Jhin
: In your opinion who is the most Balanced Champion?
{{champion:61}} : Clear tells, animations, and timings. {{champion:19}} : Has moderate outplay potential and is consistent to his core. {{champion:110}} : Auto attack based and has no mobility. The explosive damage and passive is backloaded even. Ultimate can be a little too strong at times, but usually in check. Only time he's broken is when his Q can deal heavy damage at lower levels for free. {{champion:4}} : High punish windows, macro based, and not a powerful solo carry but can still sleeper win the game while having clear tells.
: Item Shop Cleanup
I honestly want to just suggest reworking or splitting Zhonyas Hourglass {{item:3157}} It is a key item on almost every mage, and not particularly facilitative to diversity. Some can use it better than others, but it has been built in high elo and pro play almost 100% of the time for _several years_ regardless of the changes it goes through. This isn't on a basis of: "It's absolutely broken", or "It invalidates assassins targeting this character". It's because the counterplay to the item places responsibility heavily on the enemy just from the existence of the item, and unlike Stopwatch, it is a permanent fixture every 2 minutes to play around. It actually removes interactivity from the person who builds it and places that extra level on the enemy. Which I do not believe a single item should do _to the degree_ that Zhonyas does. Stopwatch is one time, and has the interactivity on both sides because the player knows they can use it once and has to make a decision on when the best play is. The burden fall to a better degree between both players. It even encourages making a play rather than reacting to a play the enemy has to make, considering how stopwatch can be used on champions that interact with the opponent themselves and use it (Ornn, Lee Sin, Rek'Sai, etc.) Hourglass, the decision is that if you can survive or stop an ultimate, you can use it. It will be usable later anyway, and they will have to play around something that has to be forced continuously on carry champions rather than tanks or bruisers that use it for proactive plays. ---------------------- I legitimately think Hourglass should be remade for bruisers and tanks (base AD, armor, and no scaling), and new items made for mages that play off their various styles of spells. Enchanting can give special debuffs to yourself as a passive when buffing others, casting x amount (like spellbinder) can give you something like a Ryze shield scaling on base AP, an item that restores 20 (+15% AP) health over 4 seconds on hitting your next ability when charged and doubled when below one third health, something that increases your armor and magic resist by x for x seconds up to x times when you hit single target spells, basic attacks dealing 15 (+15%) AP on hit and reducing your cooldowns by .5 seconds every hit but only usable by melees, after receiving 60%+ physical damage to your hp in x seconds to gain x% tenacity - shield - MS - healing based on your bonus AP, etc. There really are countless ways to diversify mages, but we need to balance the defensive budget so niches actually exist. At least, that's how I see it. -------------- tl;dr I just think the power Zhonyas has, easily eats the defensive budget and does almost everything you want other than the occasional Banshees for very specific instances. Splitting Zhonyas into a new full item that has the passive and another defensive mage item with armor and new passive could increase diversity and interactive gameplay while also opening the way for many more interactive and new items that would make the game better or at least refreshing.
: Reksai needs some Tuning. Her Early is too strong and she falls off too fast
Not that these are objectively bad changes, but her build pathing is very vital. That her early is so good incentivizes you to invest highly into early damage before tankiness, and then makes you fall off if you didn't use that damage with the tools you have available. It's great for experienced junglers to abuse. Building tank makes it so she does not fall off nearly as hard though. However, it also means that her kit and numbers do not give you much to work with if you decide: "I want to build tank early", because then there is literally no reason to not have picked Jarvan, Lee Sin, or Nunu instead. She needs an incentive to build tank, but then she becomes a problem because of her incredible engage/gank power coupled with that vision and dueling kit. It's a very delicate balance she sits in.
: Forget Yasuo, Riven and Vayne threads
: Chain CC (i think) needs a nerf
We're oversaturated with CC at this point, you can throw CC at people with practically 75% of the roster. I more so believe there should be Tenacity item(s) that mitigate _consecutive_ CC only (perhaps adding onto Adaptive Helm), but that would break pro play wide open. Even supports buy QSS or take Cleanse because it's just so intensive on locking someone down.
: Nasus shouldn't be opressive as much as he is
He has a point and click CC that lasts 5 entire seconds. Also innate life steal, which is good to mitigate harass, but becomes very out of hand if you can't continually go in on him or harass him constantly. Just is rather safe for how fast he scales now, but certainly manageable. There are worse champions to go in on than Nasus who has weaknesses and strengths rather written out.
Cloud273 (NA)
: I don't understand why everyone is so obsessed with Anthem...
: Can we nerf Pyke's survivability yet?
If they make a misstep, not very punishable. If they take a trade knowing what their passive does, that's just cognitively utilizing the passive as part of a kit. Like how ADC's can purposely take "bad" trades if they have a Soraka, or how Olaf might like to fight some people on initially bad trades. It's difficult to target Pyke for death in early and mid game if he is not the one forcing a play, absolutely. Provided you did not pick the support(s) that can deal with him directly. Late game, almost a balloon. But considering his overall niche, it would be difficult to healthily hit anything on a champion performing within reasonable standards without some compensation. He is a powerful laning champion that translates into mid game well. If you hit his laning pattern(s), he loses a decent portion of reasonable power and is an inferior pick in almost all situations. That's not to say that Pyke isn't forgiving, because his laning is overwhelmingly safe in many situations. However, tying it to something means he would need power elsewhere put in for the sake of keeping his pattern intact; a reason to pick him besides unreliable ult bot.
sAyCo (EUNE)
: Does anybody know why they don't ban or pick Kayle in LCS, LEC, LCK, Etc..
Pressure wins games. Kayle provides none until late. Additionally, new Kayle is not on the LCS patch (which is generally a patch behind current).
: Why are most mid lane champs, handheld?
The mage item rework was so Morello wasn't always first item for everything. Now it's usually Ludens. Not the most effective of power redistribution.
: Players with broken Boards profiles
Seems to have been broken for around 3 days on my end so far.
: Annie with one of the simpest kit in mid lane and still the second highest winrate mid
The absolute best Annie mains hover around 70%. In comparison, the best of Lucians are around 80, and the best of Gangplanks are around 60. Annie is in a good spot, and isn't played because she's a gateway champion in an aged game. 450 Champions were generally meant to be so. If you want to be that person who stuck with Ashe because the tutorial made you want to only play her, you go for it. But there's a reason almost all ADC mains gravitated to Lucian, Graves, and Ezreal. You just sort of are meant to evolve, and use FotM champions from the pool when they are beneficial to you.
: Gangplank Upcoming Buffs on Patch 9.5
He could use a lot of things. His mid game is garbage now, and his late game isn't even that great. There could be faster barrel recharge, there could be lower Q costs, there could be more penetration on barrels as they scale with points in it, there could be his passive giving him more move speed or applying GW, there could be a base AD buff, etc. He has room for so many different routes to buff him and any of them would help. But his ultimate that's up like 4 times a game will maybe do something other than be AoE CC. Early barrels doing a little more is nice, but honestly doesn't help his massive dip once laning ends and how the game has left him behind after his constant nerfs.
: Shh we don't nerf mobile cancer champions that have shield that scale on pure AD while have ability to be lane bully and scale like monster in late game and carry, we only nerf the immobile {{champion:6}} shield that scale on max HP cause he only lane bully and isn't able to carry late game
Something that tanky having such a good early game shield discouraged any other pick that couldn't match it. Nothing could certainly reliably punish it even from level 1. It was too safe and consistent. I don't agree with his later game shield being nerfed, but his early needed a good hit so other champions could be used for as much of an impact as him so safely, or at least compete.
: You know i don't care about this Yoirck nerfs but it show something funny about Riot logic
Yorick split push and sustain is less interactive than Riven fighting you, even though Riven does have the capacity to split. Yorick also would remedy back with Grasp, as he did before and remain a dominant presence because of his purpose and the ultimate being the source of most of his power. That's a projection of course, but the health of Yoricks strength is more of a factor than the health of Shojin on a few outliers. Although I'm sure it's very easy to just believe that profits is what drives Yorick vs Riven.
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